AIDS:  The Secret Jewish Genocide Plot Against White Homosexual Men by High Priest Jake Carlson

There are plenty of books and articles out there that speculate about the origin of the AIDS virus among the Black African population [as the Jews also hate Blacks and use them as slaves programmed to destroy White civilization], so what I am going to do in this sermon is expose the true origin of the AIDS virus among White homosexual men in the United States, since the truth about this has only seen the light of day in small, limited amounts.

While all non-Jews are hated by the Jewish people, the White race has been at the BULLSEYE of where the Jews vent their relentless, fanatical, psychotic, and genocidal rage the most, for as long as the Jewish people have existed.  This is the reason why the Jews exist in the first place; to exterminate the White Aryan race, as we are the direct descendents of Satan and his Demons.  Although homosexual relations do not produce physical offspring, Nature has also provided that a relatively small percentage of animals and humans, alike, are non-heterosexual, because in Paganism/Satanism, which is Nature's religion, homosexuals have other areas of expertise that leave the homosexual much too busy to birth and raise children.

White homosexuals [who undeniably, have traditionally offered Pagan/Satanic civilization creativity and leadership in the Arts and Crafts, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Religion, Spirituality, and Warrior skills, among many other areas of Aryan culture that form the basis of human life itself], are hated by the Jewish people just as much as heterosexuals.  Unlike what many deluded Christians believe, not producing offspring through heterosexual relations does not exempt a person from being at the BULLSEYE of Jewish hatred.  Because homosexuals are creative by nature, and they have a unique balance of the male and female polarities within their souls, thus making their spiritual energy a threat to the Jewish powers that be, the Jews have brainwashed many gays into helping the Jewish people to destroy Aryan culture with liberalism, as the Jews have seductively presented Marxism with the illusion that it is an "escape" from the traditional, "conservative" wing of Biblical Christianity's hatred of homosexuality.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  Christianity and Marxism come from the same Jewish "cloth" and work together behind the scenes for the same Jewish goal; the removal of the Aryan race from planet Earth.  Even the Christianity that has assimilated some Aryan Pagan concepts in its efforts to survive, kills us in the end.  Nothing good can ever come from ANY aspect of Christianity!

Like the Jewish conspiracies of the Christian, Muslim, and Communist programs that the Jewish people have encompassed all of the "heavens" and the earth to hide their involvement with, there is another conspiracy worth mentioning in this sermon; a Jewish conspiracy against White homosexual and bi-sexual men, who the Jews would use to spread this conspiracy to the heterosexual population through bi-sexuality and blood transfusions.  That conspiracy is spelled A-I-D-S!

While the AIDS virus is a threat to everyone, no other group of individuals on this planet has been blamed more for this disease than the homosexually-oriented population.  If a person is confused about why the Jews have these "brotherly love" Communist organizations that cater to "homosexual causes," including "AIDS activism," but that the Jews secretly hate homosexuals and want them killed along with the rest of the White peoples of Satan, the reason is because the Jews are not only currently brainwashing homosexuals into using their creativity against the White race, but because the Jews are covering their tracks, hiding their involvement with the Christian and Muslim persecution of homosexuals, thus lowering many of these gay people's defenses into trusting the Jewish people who have been brainwashing them with the lie that the Jews are "brothers and sisters" who share a "common persecution" from the Christians.  Once again, this is to fool the Gentiles.  The Jews concocted the Christian "religion" and enforced it upon the Pagan Gentiles under "convert or die..."

Christianity, a Jewish "religion," teaches that homosexuality is an abomination and an abnormality in the eyes of the Christian [Jewish] "god" and that it "goes against Nature."  In the Torah, Jewhovah/Yahweh says that homosexuality [whether it's among Jews/Israelites or Gentiles] is to be punished with the death penalty.  In the New Testament, which is just as Jewish as the Torah, homosexuality, and people who are not bothered by it, are said to be worthy of the death penalty, and that homosexuality violates Nature's laws, is a sin that is just as grave as stealing and murder, and promises that the homosexual's soul will live in eternal punishment and torture [the book of Jude in the New Testament makes this clear].  Not even the dumbest of the mentally handicapped can deny that the anti-homosexuality of the New Testament is aimed at a Gentile Pagan audience.  In other words, the Christian Bible, another Jewish hoax and conspiracy -- a Book of Jewish Witchcraft -- forbids homosexuality for the Gentiles, due to its occult power, despite the many White racialists, who have been touched by Christian  "morality" in some way, and would rather believe the contrary, thus denying reality in order to coddle their Christian superstitions.

Christians use the explicitly anti-gay and anti-Pagan Romans 1:27 from the New Testament, which is just as Jewish as the Old Testament, to try to claim that AIDS is their "god's" or Nature's wrath.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  AIDS is 100% MAN-MADE by the Jews, just like the Judeo/Christian Bible is.  AIDS was fully pre-meditated and was created also in part to make the Christians [think Anita Bryant] believe that so-called "Bible prophecy" was in action.  Keep in mind that the late 1970's was a time when many homosexuals were coming out of the proverbial "closet," practically en masse, so the Jews used this event as the backdrop for the "fulfillment" of the Bible scriptures that are against homosexuality.  The Jews have also succeeded in covering their tracks by pretending to be against Christianity, thus fooling as many clueless "goyim" as possible.

The AIDS virus began in a LABORATORY and was formed into an experimental hepatitis B vaccine trial that was given by Jewish doctors and their cohorts to homosexuals, using them as test subjects, in the "gay ghettos" of America's largest cities.  Gays were offered a "solution" to hepatitis B through an experimental hepatitis B vaccine.  Within months of receiving the "experimental" vaccine, White homosexual and bi-sexual men began mysteriously dropping dead like flies from a "new" epidemic that would later be called AIDS, after being known as "gay cancer," "GRID," and "the gay plague."

The book that I am citing for this sermon is "AIDS and the Doctors of Death:  An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic" by Dr. Alan Cantwell.  The book contains many left-winged lies, such as the lie that Jewish Communism is "Anti-Semitic" and putting the blame on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis for what the Jewish people and the Communists are guilty of.  Most authors, both Jewish and Gentile, mix lies with the truth.  This is the only way Gentiles can get their books published by the Jewish-controlled press when it comes to anything concerning "controversial knowledge."  However, I will never forget that it was in the year of 2003, that Satan, who was coming to me in the form of Pan, started communicating with me, and he found Dr. Alan Cantwell's books for me about a Jewish doctor who invented the AIDS virus in the United States.  I had no idea of the implication of this event at the time, as this was three and a half years before I dedicated my soul to Satan [I dedicated on August 28th, 2006].  I have chosen to make the truth about AIDS public at last, as now is the time.  The information in the following quotes that I am providing for this sermon are reliable and accurate for those who want to know what actually happened...

"Most people are unaware of the gay experiments that immediately preceded the mass deaths in the gay community. But the details of the vaccine trials, and their effects on the health of homosexual men, are recorded for posterity in the annals of medical science."

"Dr. Wolf Szmuness [a Soviet-trained Polish Jew] was the mastermind who planned the hepatitis B vaccine trials in gay men.  He was professor of epidemiology at the Columbia University School of Public Health, and chief of epidemiology at the New York City Blood Center in Manhattan."  "According to Allan Chase (Magic Shots, 1982), Szmuness was a newcomer to the American medical and research communities.  He was born in 1919 in Poland, and trained in the Soviet Union...  He joined the New York Blood Center in 1969."

"There was a complete agreement that the AIDS virus had been "introduced" into the United States through the male homosexual population in Manhattan, sometime around the years 1978-1979.  The negative testing of old (pre-1978) blood for AIDS virus antibodies had supplied that proof."

"In January 1979, a few months after Wolf Szmuness began his experiment, purple skin lesions began to appear on the bodies of young white gay men in the Village area of Manhattan. The doctors were not sure exactly what was wrong with these men. During the next thirty months, Manhattan physicians encountered dozens of cases of a new disease characterized by immunodeficiency, Kaposi's sarcoma, and a rapidly fatal lung disease, known as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. All the men were young and gay and promiscuous. Almost all were white. All died horribly. Within a few years, AIDS would become the leading cause of death of young men and young women living in New York City; and The Big Apple would be the epicenter of the new plague with the highest number of AIDS cases in the country."

"In March 1980 the CDC supervised additional gay experiments in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis and Chicago. In the fall of 1980 the first West Coast case of AIDS appeared in a young man from San Francisco. Six months later, in June 1981, the AIDS epidemic became "official." No one could understand why large numbers of young, white, previously healthy homosexual men were dying mysteriously in Manhattan, San Francisco, and Los Angeles."

In light of these facts, it is obvious that the homosexual population has NOT been judged by the fictitious Christian [Jewish] "god" or any other being(s) except for the Jewish people who are the enemies of Satan and his peoples.  The Jews are the people who have been cursed by Satan with more diseases than any other people, as the Jewish people are against Nature [see the Al-Jilwah].  The Jews suffer plenty, but their removal is still yet to come, but our spiritual warfare is setting things in motion.  Homosexuality is a part of Nature and it's kingdom.  As a matter of fact, many of Satan's Demons have bi-sexual feelings, as bi-sexuality is the illustration of a perfectly balanced human soul.  Bi-sexuality is a very large part of the animal kingdom as well.

I recently watched a movie called The Normal Heart [very Jewish movie, unfortunately], which is about the homosexual community's reaction to the AIDS crisis during its early years.  A man who had died of AIDS in a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, was placed inside of a large garbage bag and thrown out into the dumpster.

The dialogue in the scene from The Normal Heart where the man's partner who died of AIDS was thrown into the trash is:

"Ned, Albert's dead.  His mother wanted to see him in Phoenix before he died.  And this was the last week when it was obvious [that he was dying of AIDS].  So, I got permission from Emma [doctor] and took him to the airport.

When we got to the airport, the pilot refused to fly the plane, so I refused to get off of it.  ...  So, finally, we had another pilot, and when we take off, Albert just loses his mind.  He doesn't recognize me, doesn't know where we're going, that we're going to see his mother in Phoenix--nothing.  He just becomes...

When we land in Phoenix, when we get to the hospital where his mother had fixed up the room real nice, Albert is dead.

The hospital doctors refused to examine him and give him a cause of on his death certificate.  Without the death certificate, the undertakers will not take him, and neither will the police.

Finally, some orderly come in and stuffs MY Albert in an over-sized Glad garbage bag and puts him in the alley with the rest of the garbage.

He's gone, he's gone..."

Christian logic, that is based upon what the Bible literally teaches about homosexuality, doesn't feel that such instances even matter, because in the eyes of the Christian [Jewish] "god," Christians are exempt from the "Love thy neighbor" crap if that neighbor is a homosexual [see Leviticus 20:13, which does NOT only apply to the Jews/Israelites, but Gentiles, too].

While the Christians and Muslims have been rightfully blamed for their disgust and animosity towards homosexuality, it is the Jewish people who have been calling the shots all along, while they hide behind the "curtains," controlling their masterpieces of Christianity, Islam, and Communism, from behind the scenes.  The Jews hate everyone who isn't Jewish, including the puppets that they use in order to destroy our Aryan race and civilization.

Like with Jewish Ritual Murder, with the AIDS virus that was blamed on the homosexual population, the blood of multiple millions of innocent Gentile lives is on the hands of the Jewish people.  This includes the lives of infants of heterosexuals and young hemophiliacs who received AIDS-tainted blood from blood transfusions that contained blood from AIDS patients, as the Jewish-run blood banks knew that they were giving out AIDS-tainted blood, but they refused to develop a blood test and clean up the blood banks, which resulted in massive lawsuits against the blood banks.  Homosexuals would once again be at the receiving end for the blame from this Jewish-invented virus that was destined to become a disease that affects all Gentiles.

While I was growing up, I was taught the Christian lie that homosexuality is a "filthy, disgusting perversion" that can give a person AIDS just from THINKING about it, let alone "acting upon" it.  This lie that many other people have also been forced to believe has been debunked by this sermon.  AIDS is a fully pre-meditated JEWISH MAN-MADE disease.  Like in the 1993 HBO movie And the Band Played On, which was about the AIDS crisis, "Patient Zero" stated, "Remember, if I have this gay plague, someone gave it to me" which means that "Patient Zero" was a victim, not an intentional victimizer, since the Jews had told the public for the longest time that AIDS "is not sexually transmitted," and of course, they played the same game concerning whether the disease is blood-borne or not, as well.  The Jewish invention of the AIDS virus was genocide and was bio-warfare, plain and simple.

As an Aryan Leader for Satanists, I will say this:  We, as Spiritual Satanists/National Socialists, are NOT Christian in any way, shape or form, nor do we agree with anything that the Christians believe about things like homosexuality.  Truth be known, there is no such thing as a Spiritual Satanist, a true National Socialist, who is against homosexuality, as we recognize that homosexuality has its place firmly rooted within Nature's laws, as does heterosexuality.  Satanism and the Satanic government, which is National Socialism, support homosexuals just like we support heterosexuals.  It is many homosexuals who need to wake up and stop serving the Jews and Marxist politics that are completely at odds with Satanism and Satanic government.  Marxism, which is the doctrine of Yeshua/Jesus Christ/Iesous Christos, the Jewish Messiah, is designed to annihilate the White race of Satan.  Now is the time to wake up, not later, as anytime later is too late [today is July 9th, 2015].  I'd hate to see fellow homosexuals who could have become Satanists/National Socialists, but were too lazy or cowardly, have the same fate as the rest of the people who try to stop Satan's Kingdom from manifesting on its home which is planet Earth.  Take care of yourselves, each other, and work for Satan and the destruction of his and our enemies, the Jewish people and their Christian, Muslim, and Communist programs.

The AIDS conspiracy against White GBLT people is finally exposed!




AIDS And the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic by Dr. Alan Cantwell

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