Christianity Is Theistic Communism Part One:  Christ Prioritized Communism Above All Else by High Priest Jake Carlson

"When your [king David's] days are fulfilled and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your seed [reference to Jesus Christ] after you, who shall come forth from your body, and I will establish his kingdom.  He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever" (2 Samuel 7:12-13).

"The prop of humanity in the person of the supreme lord of all the world of the holy seed of David must sacrifice to his people all personal inclinations." [1]

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star." -- Christ, Revelation 22:16

When Christ sacrifices his personal interests in favor of his Jewish race and nation, it is considered admirable and heroic by the Kosher Konservatives, as well as the secular liberals who claim to be against conservative, Right-winged, evangelical Christianity, but when Adolf Hitler, our Leader, the Aryan Anti-Christ, does the same for Satan's White Aryan Race, but in the name of Satan, it is considered by the same worthless fools to be the highest crime against the wretched "Holy Spirit" of Christ, and is to be blamed for all of the evils in the world.  What Satan has been through, Hitler has also been through, and the Jews then add insult to injury by turning Satan's and Hitler's own Satanic, White Aryan people against them.

Whether some of the more "Patriotic," "born-again," evangelical Christian Bible-thumpers like it or not, the so-called "Aryan Christ" is the same exact king of the Jews as the Marxist leader of the Jewish people in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Christianity is theistic communism.  Other than the "Marx" in the title of "Marxism," Karl Marx is not the founding father of Marxism.  The Jewish-invented thought-form of Christ, however, is.  Regardless of how organic, Aryan, Pagan, conservative, anti-liberalism, "anti-Semitic," as well as anti-racial equality, anti-sexual and anti-marriage equality certain forms of Christianity have manifested over the centuries, Christianity has no way of escaping its Jewish, communist, politically correct, egalitarian heritage, no matter how much certain clueless morons try to deny it and make excuses for a conservative, Right-winged, "White, Patriotic," "Aryan, Pagan Christianity."  One could attempt to argue that Christianity existed long before communism, and this is only true as far as the terminology is concerned, but the fact of the matter is that Christianity is pure communism, it always has been, and it cannot escape communism, and even atheistic, so-called "anti-Christian" communism cannot escape Christianity or being Christian.  They are one and the same.  Without officially being labeled "communism," communism has been in use and practice since the birth of Christianity, and the Christianization of the White Aryan peoples, Satan's Chosen People, that the Jews have as their number one target to destroy.

According to the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, to reject communism and embrace Nazism, is to reject Christ and sin against the "Holy Spirit," which Christ, in the Gospels, says is the one and only unforgivable sin against Christianity that automatically sends a person to their damnation upon death.  I write this on "Good Friday" of Easter weekend 2018 because Satan's people, the White Aryan Race's White Nationalists and National Socialists, need to stop making excuses for a "White, Organic, Christian" America or likewise for Europe and a "White, Christian Western Civilization," because these Christian abominations and blasphemies against the White Aryan Race, are the Jewish people's attempts to destroy us, so they can ultimately destroy Satan, and claim his planet Earth for themselves, with the seed of David, Christ, the Jewish messiah, as their leader who fulfills the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  What White Aryan Americans and Europeans must do NOW is reject Christ, his so-called "Holy Spirit," and ALL Christian values, whether liberal or conservative, restore eugenics and the anti-miscegenation laws, develop the powers of our minds and souls through spiritual disciplines, such as Left-hand path meditation and yoga to clean out our DNA, individually and collectively, of any foreign, alien toxins, engage in ruthless spiritual warfare against the Jews and all who they have under their control who were not destined to be salvaged, unite under Satan-Lucifer's black magick Swastika, and the flag of He who was Chosen by Satan, and re-claim our Aryan Pagan heritage and our rightful places as Masters and Mistresses of this Earth.

Most Christians are actually unfamiliar with the contents within the Christian Bible because they are either too lazy to read it, or they are too afraid of finding something in it that terrifies them, and contradicts what their criminal, child-molesting preachers, ministers, televangelists, or other despicable Christian leaders have taught them.  This sermon proves once and for all, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Christianity is communism, and that the ENTIRE Christian New Testament, is, indeed, a proto-communist manifesto, whether a Christian finds themselves on the political Left or the Right, taking into consideration all of the contradictions within both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible, that can suit any person or cause, and any argument that they might have.  Because it is a Jewish lie, the Bible's contradictions can suit liberals, conservatives, and everyone in-between.

Unbeknownst to many, communism isn't always inherently atheist, but even the atheist branches of communism are still Christian, which pisses many people off who cannot accept this fact.  Likewise, not all forms of communism are liberalism or Leftist.  Christianity and Islam were created by the Jews in such a way that either can cater to any Gentile who falls for these plagues, whether they are liberal-Leftist, or conservative-Rightist.  Even the most conservative of Pentecostal or Southern Baptist evangelical Christianity, and the most radical, Jihadist, Sharia Law-enforcing Islam, are still communist.

The following excerpts are from Jose Porfirio Miranda's book, Communism In the Bible.

"[p. 6] ...the five establishment pretexts for their unscrupulous crusade against communism are mere divisionary maneuvers:  identifying communism with materialism and atheism, accusing us of chasing mode and fashion, imputing to us a lack of spirituality, alleging we care more for human beings than for God, and attributing to us a greater preoccupation with structures than with persons.  It is time to drop all these side issues and concentrate on the fundamental fact:  the Bible teaches communism.

[p. 7] 'All the believers together had everything in common; they sold their possessions and their goods, and distributed among all in accordance with each one's need [Acts 2:44--45].'

'The heart of the multitude of believers was one and their soul was one, and not a single one said anything of what he had was his, but all things were in common. . . .  There was no poor person among them, since whoever possessed fields or houses sold them, bore the proceeds of the sale and placed them at the feet of the apostles; and a distribution was made to each one in accordance with his need [Acts 4:32, 34--35].'

Luke's normative intention stands out.  There is no question of a special lifestyle that could be considered peculiar to some Christians in contrast with the general mass of Christians.  His insistence on the universality of communism from a literary point of view is even a little affected--pantes hoi pisteusantes (2:44), all the believers, all who had believed in Jesus Christ, all Christians; oude heis (4:32), not a single one said anything was his; hosoi ktetores (4:34), whoever possessed fields or houses, whoever had anything.  If they wanted to be Christians the condition was communism.

The anticommunist commentators allege that this is Luke's personal point of view, and that the other New Testament writers fail to corroborate it.  The argument is invalid, because none of the other writers describes the life of original Christianity, and hence there is no document upon which one could base an attempt to give Luke the lie.  But let us suppose (not concede) that some other New Testament author were to differ with Luke; how would this justify the persecution (styling itself 'Christian') of a social project that is explicitly and repeatedly promoted by one of the principal authors of the New Testament?

We shall see that the hypothesis is false, for Jesus himself was a communist [p. 8].  But let us place ourselves hypothetically in the worst possible position:  that only Luke teaches communism.  With what right, indeed with what elemental logic, is it thereupon asserted that communism is incompatible with Christianity?  ...the anticommunists who call themselves Christians are alienated and are merely claiming Christianity when in reality they are being moved by an anti-Christian motivation of which they are unaware...  If at least the Lucan part of the New Testament teaches communism, how is it possible to maintain that communism is at odds with Christianity?

[My note:  Notice how this communist, Bible-believing, Christian author ADMITS that anyone who is against communism, including Christians who claim to be "against" communism, are being moved by an anti-Christian force or spirit, or in other words, it is not Christian, but Satanic to be against communism].

Let us suppose (not concede) that there are parts of the New Testament which lend footing to the projection of social systems different from Luke's.  Well and good.  That some Christians today may prefer these other parts of the Bible to Luke's is their affair.  But with what right do they deny the name Christian to what the Lucan part of the Bible teaches emphatically and repeatedly?  The origin of the communist idea in the history of the West is the New Testament, not Jamblichus or Plato.  The banner the communist groups and movements marched under--from the Weitling (1808--1871), in whose procommunist organization Marx and Engels were active in their youth (cf. MEW 17:485)--was the New Testament, not The Republic or the Vita Pythagorae.  The ruthless oppression of communists in the name of Christianity for the last seventeen centuries is a farce, and the most grotesque falsification that can be imagined.

A second anticommunist allegation against the texts we have cited from Luke is:  The communism of the first Christians failed.  It is flabbergasting that sermons, documents of the magisterium, books, and bourgeois public opinion should brook the notion that this is an argument.  The Sermon on the Mount failed too, but this does not deprive it of its normative character.  In the clear intention of the original report, communism is obligatory for Christians.  This is not modified, not in the slightest, by the fact of a failure of the original communist intent.  What should concern us is to find out why it broke down, and bring communism to realization without committing whatever error caused the first Christians to break down.  This would be the only logical conclusion [p. 9] if our objectors had the flimsiest desire to be guided by the Bible.  What our objectors have done is make an antecedent and irreformable decision to disagree with the Bible, and to this purpose they bring forward every pretext, even if it tramples upon the most elemental logic.

To cite that initial failure is pure pretext.  It is as if we told ourselves we were eliminating the Ten Commandments because they failed in history.  The establishment theologians confound the normative with the factual--and they confound them deliberately, in order to be able to disagree with any biblical teaching for which they have no taste.  This is anti-Christianity, disguised as 'Christian civilization' for the purpose of rejecting the gospel.

[My note:  Regardless of what any know-it-all Christian smart-ass who says that communism is "anti-Christ," Christianity cannot be separated from communism, and communism cannot be separated from Christianity.  Both culminate in the extermination of the White Aryan peoples, and slave labor for the remaining Gentile races on this planet, with Christ as the ultimate Jewish, communist dictator].

...The communism of the first Christians failed because the first Christians were very few.  But today we Christians are the majority in the West and the principle force in the world.

[My note:  When Christianity or Islam fail in any place in the world, communism is always set in motion to take its place, and when communism fails, Christianity is set in motion to take its place.  However, those who have the spiritual eyes to see, know that this is nothing more than one Christianity replacing another Christianity, because communism is Christianity, itself, with or without theism.  It is the Jewish people's ultimate goal to enforce global communism, which is global Christianity.  Most comatose "White" Christians fail to see that the spirit behind the brutal, Jewish-enforced slave labor of communism is the same exact driving spirit behind Christ and Christianity, but in many instances, both wear different masks as to fool a Gentile onlooker].

There is a third charge made against the communism of the first Christians.  But the reader has already perceived that this whole cascade of objections, one replacing another as each turns out absurd, is only a series of emotional symptoms proceeding from the objectants' instinctive repugnance to the message of the Bible.  The third objection runs as follows:  the communism of the first Christians was optional as can be seen from Peter's words to Ananias, 'Was it not still yours if you kept it, and once you sold it was it not yours to dispose of?'  (Acts 5:4).  One would love to know what cohesion there is among these objections.  First they were saying that Luke is lying; then that he is not lying, but that the project collapsed; and finally, not only is he not lying, but his report is so reliable that they are going to use Acts 5:4 to beat communism.  It is plain to see that the so-called objections are just irrational reactions, the spasms of an uncontrollable visceral revulsion.

[p. 10] Still let us examine the convulsion as if it were an objection.  It is astonishing that there was ever considered to be any validity in this third charge.  Let us take, hypothetically, the worst possible position.  Let us suppose (falsely, as we shall see) that according to Luke, communism was optional.  I answer:  But you combat it as if it were evil!  According to yourselves, the Bible (merely) recommends it; so you prohibit it!

'Optional' ought to mean that we Christians may opt for it.  Nevertheless you persecute, as seditious, criminal, and anti-Christian, whoever opts for communism.  I have never seen anything more distracted and demented.  To forbid communism they bend all their efforts to prove the Bible recommends it.

But the hypothesis is false.  According to Luke, what is optional is not communism, but Christianity.  Peter does not tell Ananias that he could have come into the Christian community without renouncing the private ownership of his goods.  Nor could he say such a thing after it was explicitly emphasized that the Christians 'not a single one said anything was his' (Acts 4:32).  Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit by pretending to become a Christian via a simulated renunciation." [2] 

"Every one of you who does not renounce all he has cannot be my disciple" -- Christ (Luke 14:33).

As we have learned from the quotes above, Christians who claim to be "anti-communist" and/or "anti-Semitic" are the biggest hypocrites, and all of their kicking and screaming doesn't change the fact that in order to be a Christian and a Christ-follower, strict, unquestioning obedience to the Jewish people and communism is a REQUIREMENT!  The true message of Christ is that one must prioritize obedience to communism even before obedience to Christ, "himself."  However, Christ is the ultimate proto-Marxist, not just in the Sermon on the Mount, but throughout the entire Bible, including those passages in the Old Testament that supposedly refer to "him."  So, for the White Aryan Race, choosing between Christianity or communism is a lose-lose situation because there is no difference between either one.

The Jewish people who know that Christ is their own fiction, but go ahead and claim that "he" wasn't their messiah only say this to confuse their enemies, the White Aryan Race, who stand in the way of the Jews and the manifestation of their kingdom of God on the true God, Satan's, Earth.  The Jews also spread this lie to give Christ a more "Aryan, Pagan" disguise, as to make "him" appear to be worth defending against the so-called "anti-Christian" Jews, in the eyes of the comatose White Race.  The Jewish people, being the predatory vampire parasites that they are, feed off of Gentile psychic energy towards BOTH, the coming and the second coming of this Jewish king, a FICTITIOUS IMPOSTOR who unites the stolen and corrupted Paganism with Judaism, which is the equation that creates Christianity.  Even the most "anti-Semitic" of "Christians" desperately need to wake up and recognize that Satan isn't their Enemy or Adversary, but is the Enemy and Adversary of the Jewish people, and that he only becomes the Enemy and Adversary of some Gentiles when they won't give up on the Jewish abominations of Christ, Christianity, communism, multiculturalism, and race-mixing.

In the name of communism, although a fictional character, Christ prioritized his Jewish race and nation above all else, but in the name of Nazism, it is an unforgivable sin against Christ and his vile, worthless "Holy Spirit" to prioritize the White Aryan Race that was made in Satan's own image and likeness, and rescue it from extinction.  It is high time for Satan's Own to really hit the Jewish excremental "Holy Spirit" where it really hurts the most, through White Pride, White Racialism, White Racial Loyalty, White Survival, and National Socialist Spiritual Warfare against the Jewish people and those who they have control over.  These attacks against Christ and the excrement bag "Holy Spirit" are the ultimate offense against every last trace of Christianity, and they are the key to our survival and expansion.



[1] Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion [Texe Marrs and Henry Ford edition] p. 234

[2] Communism In the Bible by Jose Porfirio Miranda pages 6--10

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