Christianity Is Theistic Communism Part Two:  The Location of the Jewish Kingdom of God by High Priest Jake Carlson

The Jewish people have led the ignorant Christians into believing that compared to communism, Christianity is somehow "spiritual," and "supernatural," and that Christ's "kingdom" is somehow a "spiritual" getaway from the anti-spiritual, carnal, Jewish materialism of planet Earth.  If only the Christians had the first clue about the rude awakening coming at them if they don't wake up to fight against the "second coming" of Christ, the Jewish messiah, in a timely manner.  This isn't any kind of a "threat" from me, Hell forbid, but a wake-up call to Satan's people to leave Christ, empower themselves now, and stop making excuses for an "Aryan Christ" or a "White, Patriotic" Christianity.  There is no such animal, it doesn't unite the White Race, and it has never gotten us anywhere but closer to our extinction and damnation.

Christians who think that they are "anti-communist," and claim to "fight communism" in the name of Christ, do not have the first clue that they are, in fact, rejecting and rebelling against Christ and the kingdom of God.  When I say "God," it is not to be confused with the true God, who is Satan, but, rather, the enemy, false, Jewish so-called "God/LORD" of the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud, and the Jewish version of the Kabbalah, etc.

Christianity is a religion for the stupid, the weak, the ignorant, the freaks, the deviants, the outcasts, the marginalized, the oppressed, and the other social misfits among the Gentiles, but, unfortunately many otherwise bright, intelligent, and otherwise previously strong and mighty White Gentiles have fallen for this kosher program, and literally believe the allegories, the metaphorical concepts, and the symbolism, that were all stolen from Aryan Pagan religions that predated Judaism, the first of the Jewish trinity of the Abrahamic faiths that every single Christian and Islamic denomination would later "sprout" from.  There are, however, also Gentiles who don't really take Christianity seriously anymore, but they will claim it and use it as an excuse to protest against something that they personally, and hypocritically, find repugnant, like homosexuality, and a woman's freedom to have an abortion without resorting to Jewish feminism, but the painful truth is that whether a person takes Christianity or Christian values seriously or not, ANY connections to that vile, Jewish creed in ANY way, seriously, semi-seriously, or not seriously at all, still binds and damns the White Aryan Race, and therefore, Satan, whose image and likeness the White Aryan Race was created in.

There are some people in the White Pagan communities who think that stripping all of the Judaism from Christianity would only leave the Pagan, solar religions left, that the Jews stole from all of the White Aryan Pagan Nations when forming the Christian religion, and therefore, there must be a "hidden layer" of Christianity that must be original, organic, Aryan, and "couldn't be all bad and wrong under the right conditions and circumstances," and that if it can be proven that Satanism, today, is really true, Aryan, Pagan, primordial Christianity, then maybe our people won't have as far to go to re-discover their Pagan roots.  This mentally-retarded cop-out is Jewish, not Aryan.  True White people are never stupid enough to fall for an Aryan Christ, unless their souls have been seriously tainted and warped by Christianity or any other form or extension of Judaism that was designed and packaged by the Jews and fed to our Aryan peoples to hasten our extinction and damnation.

Many so-called "anti-Semitic" and/or "anti-communist" Christians have objected to the notion that Christianity is a Jewish, communist doctrine because of a saying of Christ when "he" states, "My kingdom is not of this world."  This part two of this sermon series destroys this Christian ignorance and stupidity, once and for all.  Christian Jews, like Diane Vera, who claim to be "Satanists," let alone think that they are some kind of an "authority" on "Satanism," do not stand a chance against Satan, their Adversary, who is the National Socialist, Aryan, pre-Christan PAGAN GOD, who has AUTHORITY over any other god, and it isn't the other way around, like the reverse Christians who get their ideas about "Satan" from the pages of that goddamned Christian Bible, prefer to believe, which leaves them as rebellious Christians, and never actual Satanists.

This part two of this sermon series deals with Christian Escapist Theology, and the truth about the location of the so-called "kingdom of God/heaven."  In Satanism, "Heaven" and "Hell" are the crown chakra and the base chakra.  Heaven and Hell are METAPHORS, but many Satanists still choose to call Satan's kingdom and the afterlife that he provides for us, "Hell," although it isn't fire and brimstone, a lake of fire, the "wailing and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness," or any other torture administered by Jewish spooks.  Satan protects his own Aryan people.  Christianity has nothing to offer but Jewish lies from a false, Jewish messiah.  In all actuality, there is nothing even remotely "spiritual" about Christianity, Christ, his so-called "miracles," which were nothing more than Jewish parlor tricks, his "exorcisms of Demons," his crucifixion and "resurrection from the dead," or any of the other unoriginal, bogus lies in Christianity that were based on PAGAN, ALCHEMICAL CONCEPTS THAT WERE LATER UNITED WITH JUDAISM, AND TURNED INTO MATERIAL, BUT FICTIONAL, JEWISH PATRIARCHS, PHONY LOCATIONS, A FALSE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, AND EVENTS THAT NEVER EVEN TOOK PLACE.  The "kingdom of God" is far away from where the Christian sheep believe it to be.

The following excerpts are from Jose Porfirio Miranda's book, Communism In the Bible.

"[p. 13] As to where the kingdom is to be realized, Matthew has no doubts.  In the parable of the weeds (Matt. 13:24--30, 36--43), which is a parable about the kingdom, he says expressly that 'the field is the world' (v. 38), and at the end of the story he does not say that the kingdom will be transformed to some other place but [p. 14] that 'the Son of Man will send his angels, who will remove from his kingdom all scandals and workers of iniquity' (v. 41), and then 'the just will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father' (v. 43).

And so for Matthew too, just as for all the other known sacred authors, in the Old Testament as in the New, the kingdom is on earth.  Now, the Matthean expression 'the kingdom of the heavens' was the only one serving the escapist theologians as pretext for maintaining that the kingdom was to be realized in the other world.  Not even texts about glory or entering into glory provided them any support, for the Psalms explicitly teach 'Salvation surrounds those who fear him, so that the glory will dwell in our land' (Ps. 85:10).

Of course the Matthean circumlocution 'of the heavens' was only a pretext.  If they have not been blinded by the scorn their escapist theology holds for our world, they could have seen where the kingdom is right from the Psalter.  For instance, Psalm 74, wholly dedicated to 'Yahweh my king from olden time' (v. 12), whose rule consists in saving 'the poor and the needy' (v. 21), ends by begging Yahweh to attack all oppressors (vv. 22--23), since he must 'make salvation real in the midst of the earth' (v. 12).  And Psalm 10 proclaims, looking into the future, 'Yahweh is king eternally and for ever, the gentiles have been swept from their land' (v. 16).  They could have found the same thing throughout Chapter 32 of Isaiah, in Psalm 146, and in hundreds of other Old Testament texts.

But there is no demonstration of this blindness to equal the fact that the theologians are not even impressed by the prayer which Christ taught us and which they pray every day--'Thy kingdom come' (Matt. 6:10, Luke 11:2).  He does not say, 'Take us to your kingdom,' but 'your kingdom come.'  Where is it to come if not to the earth, which is where we are when we say 'come'?  That the escapists do not read the Psalter carefully is a frequent fault of theirs, though it ought not to be; but that they pay no attention even to the Lord's Prayer is really the height of blindness.

Furthermore, not just a part of the content, but the content of the 'good news' Jesus proclaimed, that is, the content of the gospel in the strict sense, is, 'the kingdom has come' (Mark 1:15 and parallels).  Where can it have come if not to earth?  Besides, [p. 15] Jesus says 'the kingdom of God has come to you' (Luke 11:20, Matt. 12:28); the only possible meaning is that it has come to the earth on which those to whom Jesus says 'has come to you' are standing.  Accordingly, to maintain that the kingdom is in the other world is equivalent to denying the very content of the gospel.  And to say in escapist desperation that the kingdom is 'partly in this world and partly in the other' is to launch a thesis totally without support in Jesus' teaching." [1] 

"...the conversation of the crucified Christ with the good thief demonstrates precisely the contrary of what escapist theology would like it to.  'When you come to your kingdom' in deliberate contrast with 'This very day . . . in paradise' (Luke 23:42--43).  Jesus does not deny that it is only later that he will come into his kingdom--but he wishes to have the good thief in his company right from today.  Evidently, paradise, as in all the literature of that time, is a provisional place, pending the arrival of the moment in which the Messiah comes to his kingdom--which is surely on the earth, since the good thief is on the earth when he says 'when you come.'

Well and good, but it is not to be thought that an interpretation of the Bible is a conceptual construct, which each scholar invents according to his or her mentality, and which is presented alongside other interpretations for the public to choose the one it finds most suitable.  To speak of a kingdom of God in the other world is not only to found a new religion without any relationship with the teaching of Christ (for none of the texts wielded by escapist theology mentions the kingdom); it is to assert exactly the contrary of what Christ teaches:  'The kingdom has come to you,' and 'Your kingdom has come.'  The fact that tradition has taught for centuries that the kingdom is in the other world only demonstrates that that tradition betrayed Jesus and founded another religion completely different.

...the conservatives' resistance to the elimination of private property in the kingdom of God depends on where you situate the kingdom.  This is truly prodigious inconsistency.  If the kingdom is in heaven, they accept the texts abolishing private property in the kingdom.  If the kingdom is on earth, they deny that these same texts abolish private property.  Evidently, they cannot maintain that private property persists in heaven.  But according to Jesus, what they think is in heaven is really on earth.  To doubt this they have to deny the Lord's Prayer and the central and single content of the good news, of the gospel.  ..." [2]

"...  When [Christ] says 'Happy the poor, for yours is the kingdom of God' (Luke 6:20), and adds 'Woe to you the rich, because you have received your comfort' (Luke 6:24), he is saying exactly the same thing as in Mark 10:25:  the rich cannot enter the kingdom.  Only the poor can.  (In passing, let us observe that Luke 6:20 is the original version and Matthew 5:3 the later, since Luke 6:20 says the same as Mark 10:25, whose authenticity no one denies.)  Now, what this teaching is saying, in concurrence with 10:25 and Luke 6:20, 24, is that in the kingdom there cannot be social differences--that the kingdom, whether or not it pleases the conservatives, is a classless society.

The anticommunist reaction has to abominate this, of course.  But it is worth repeating that they themselves, in their eschatological conceptions, admit that according to the Bible there are no social differences in the kingdom.  The only thing they are missing is the place, since if the kingdom is on earth they indignantly reject social equality.  ...  What they admit for heaven is, according to the gospel, on earth.

Marx did not invent classless society.  Except for the formulation, the idea is unequivocally in the most authentic and least disputed logia (Mark 10:21, 25) of Jesus Christ." [3] 

"Perhaps the most celebrated [Right-winged Christian] ojection [to communism], the one in which has marched in the most parades of triumph, is...:  my kingdom is not of this world.  And yet it is the most chimerical of all.  All you need to watch it float away forever is a Greek dictionary.  The only problem is that our Western languages, with the exception of English, do not have the exact resources to translate John 18:36 faithfully word for word.  ...

...Jesus never said his kingdom is not of this world.  It is so simple, that it is unthinkable that this text can have been appealed to in good faith for centuries in order to place the kingdom in another world when the exact opposite is explicitly taught by all the other texts of Old and New Testament..., including the Lord's Prayer, which these theologians and hierarchs pray every day.

...What happened was that the establishment, dislocating it from even its most immediate context and brandishing it as proof that the kingdom of God does not call into question the kingdoms and social systems of this world.  Let us not believe that these theologians were pining and sighing for that other world.  No, they were afraid that the poor ('of such is the kingdom of God,' Luke 6:20) would fight them for this world." [4]

From the excerpts above, we have learned that the vile, deluded Christians who say that Karl Marx was an atheist or even a "Satanist," are deliberately ignorant and clueless of reality.  Marx, a Jewish Christ-follower, was in direct contact with the Christian, Jewish powers behind the Christ thought-form, just like Adolf Hitler was in direct contact with the true, living, Aryan Pagan God, Satan, as well as his literally, physically-existing Demons -- the old Pagan Gods.  It was Christ who inspired Marx and the communist dictators to enforce classless, race-less, gender-less, and egalitarian, politically correct, nihilistic, anarchistic society.  Christians, today, who disagree with these Marxist "artifacts" are, in fact, rejecting their own pseudo-savior, Jesus Christ, the Jewish king.  When "White" Christians attempt to blend Aryan Pagan customs with Jewish customs, which this combination is the basis of the Christian faith, this is how they curse and bind the White Aryan Racial collective, and ultimately, their biological Father, Satan, which makes these ungrateful Christians a spiritual, and in many ways, material danger to the White Aryan Race, not simply because they believe this manure, but rather, for the consequences of this tying into the enemy, and the effects it has upon our people, as individuals, and collectively.

Christians are always hoping that if they "live the right way" and have the proper faith in Christ, that they will be transported to the kingdom of God upon death or the "second coming," a God and Jewish messiah who "couldn't possibly be Jewish," and that they, as Gentile Christians, will be able to claim their pie in the sky through faith and "repentance."  This part two of this sermon series has concretely and irrefutably proven otherwise.  Satan and White Nationalism/National Socialism are the only solution to this Jewish menace that faces us.

Important note from High Priestess Maxine Dietrich:

I would also like to add, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stated in 1959, during his tour of the United States, that Christianity is the foundation of communism. Khrushchev even quoted the Bible more than once.


K Blows Top: A Cold War Comic Interlude: Starring Nikita Khrushchev, America's Most Unlikely Tourist by Peter Carlson, describing the 1959 visit of Nikita Khrushchev and his family to the United States. 

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich


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