Who Really Killed Jesus Christ? Part Two by High Priest Jake Carlson

I have divided this sermon into separate parts to make it easier for those who read this but are short on time and can't read everything all in one sitting.  This part of the sermon takes a deeper look into the editing process that went into creating the Jewish gospels of the New Testament that eventually shaped what became an attempt to complete Mission Impossible:  "Separate" Christ and Christianity from  Judaism.  This is a conspiracy and "optical illusion" against the Gentiles who used to be Pagan, but have been Christianized by the Jews under extreme duress.  This event in history is no different from the Inquisition, which was a task that the Jews gave to the Catholic Church, which is the root of Protestantism.  The Inquisition did NOT end with Protestantism, as both Catholicism and Protestantism are and always have been owned and controlled by the Jewish people from behind the scenes.

Ultimately, regardless of which humans are accountable for the death of the fictitious Christ character, the Christian Bible puts the ultimate blame on "god" for sending his "only son" to earth to die for the "sins" of the world.  From a true Satanic perspective, if this had really happened, Christ's death would not matter.  It would be anything from worthless to being a good thing that he's dead,  meaning the phrase:  "his pain, your gain."  Moving on...

The original Christianity was pure rabbinic Judaism and it did not allow any Gentile converts.  Then, there was a "shift" in this form of Judaism.  The fictitious Jewish rabbi who "founded" Christianity seemed to change his race from Jewish to Aryan Pagan Roman and became an obstacle to the Jewish Pharisees instead of their leader.  From this point, the Jews of his time became his enemies who eventually had the Romans crucify him.  Since Christ is fictitious, he can be anything to anyone, but this sloppy story-telling and sloppy editing still doesn't change the original Christianity that existed before it viciously STOLE from Gentile Pagan elements in order to create a Trojan horse -- a Jewish-Gentile Pagan hybrid -- a new religion for the Gentiles.  In order to complete this task, someone had to edit the Jewish gospels and put in a Gentile twist every here and there, but still leave the fact that Christ is the Jewish messiah, the King of the Jews, and not the Aryan Pagan Anti-Christ of the Gentiles.

This raises the question:  Who edited and changed the contents of the Jewish gospels in order to use them to break down and destroy the Satanic Roman Empire by forcing the Romans to convert to Christianity?

The following is partially true, but certain important facts were purposefully left out by the Jewish authors:  "[The Sadducee Jews] opted for joining the Church.  These Jews, in their zeal to be accepted by their newfound community, set out on their own personal crusades to blacken everything about Jews and Judaism."  "To prove their loyalty to their Church masters, these turncoats encouraged the Church to use a heavy hand towards [the Pharisee] Jews.  They inspired public debates and instigated many pogroms throughout history, so it wasn't always the fault of Gentile anti-Semitism -- Jews also stoked the fires of hatred against their own people." [7]

"The editing [of the Gospels] done to purge the crimes of the Romans and to delete references to Jesus' rebellion against them was an intricate and difficult job.  Part of it was left incomplete.  Remember, thousands of manuscripts were circulating around.  Not all could be completely purged.  Flashes of accuracy remain.  [For example], "We have found this man subverting our nation.  He opposes payment of taxes to Caesar and claims to be Messiah, a king."  This statement in Luke indicates that corrupt priests delivered Jesus to his oppressors, the Roman administration, because he was a rebel against Roman rule pure and simple.  Because it is so different from other statements throughout the rest of the Gospels, which take great pains to make Jesus non-political, it is an obvious piece of real history that slipped through, contrary to the intent of editors pushing Paul's [Gnostic] concept of a strictly spiritual Jesus." [8]

In the above quotes, the Jewish authors stated that the Sadducee Jews "opted for joining the Church" and tried to impress their Roman Church "masters," but in reality, the Jews NEVER joined any Christian organizations, let alone "infiltrated" them, such as many deluded Christians believe about the Catholic Church and the Vatican.  The Jews STARTED *ALL* Christianity, all of its sects and denominations, all of their Churches, and all of their organizations.  This is how the original gospels were invented, and it is also how both additions and subtractions were given to such texts.

The Jews invented every aspect of Christianity; they never "infiltrated" it.  As long as Christianity exists, there will be Jews present, as the Jewish people and Christianity are eternally bound together, as Christianity and Communism are the "battery" source of Jewish power in this world.  Even Jews who you would never guess to have anything to do with Christianity are still tied to it, as all Jews are of a hive mind, like the alien greys, and they are all spiritually bound to each other and to their tools to control the Gentiles.

In part one, we took a look at the fabricated verses of Matthew 27:22-25 which proved to be a much later insertion that was designed to make the Jewish people look as if they played a significant role in "killing" the founder of Christianity.  In part two, here, we are examining not only some very important interpolations to take note of, but the Jewish fiction contained within Jewish fiction that ultimately proves who would have been responsible for the death of Christ in the fictitious Jewish gospel narratives.

"We are told that the Sanhedrin, consisting of the seventy-one greatest sages in Israel, condemned Jesus to death.  Yet there are suspicious rewritings evident in the descriptions of the trial.  In the Gospel of Mark we read that members of the Sanhedrin like Joseph of Arimathea, "a prominent member of the Council," risked everything to ask Pilate that Jesus' body be removed from the cross.  ...This detail shows that even in the Sanhedrin Jesus had many supporters." [9]

"We are forced to accept that history has been altered.  This trial, so damaging to the reputation of Jews for millennia, was most likely wholly invented by the writer of the Gospel of Mark, and then copied by Matthew and Luke to implicate the Jews in the murder of Jesus, when really it was a Roman affair from beginning to end.  Based on the traces left in the text, the trials were almost certainly fabrications designed to indict the Jews and exonerate the Romans." [10]

In the next quotes the Jewish authors ADMIT who REALLY killed Christ in the Jewish fiction of the gospels.  It isn't who we have been forced to believe...

"Importantly, Peter's testimony of the Jews actually killing Jesus [in the Gospel of Peter which was left out of the Bible] directly contradicts the New Testament.  ...All four Gospels are adamant that, whatever role the Gospels insist the Jews played in agitating for Jesus' death, it was most certainly the Romans who actually crucified him.

"Indeed, the New Testament goes so far as to tell us explicitly that not only did the Pharisees not kill Jesus, they actually tried to save his life."  "Only by willfully ignoring the established facts about Jesus' death could Peter have come up with his anti-Semitic falsehoods." [11]

"If Jesus was such a devout Pharisee and rabbi, then, why would the Jews want him dead?  The truth is:  they didn't.  The rabbis had no problem whatsoever with Jesus.  Indeed, they rightly thought of him as one of their own, one who espoused core teachings with which they all fundamentally agreed." [12]

It is now important to examine another character who is Jewish fiction within Jewish fiction.  One time in the Satanic Gay Community e-group, there was a deluded member who joined and started posting favorable comments about Judas Iscariot because this character, who the deluded idiot believed was real, was the apostle who supposedly "betrayed" Christ.  While I have no problem with people who blaspheme the Christ character, I had to ban the moron who was posting their garbage [reverse Christianity, not Satanism] because when I corrected them, they expressed that they were not interested in knowing the truth about Christ the Jew, but instead, wanted to revere the Jews as "Christ-killers" instead of what the Jews really are:  CHRIST-INVENTORS AND CHRIST-GIVERS!

In Christian art, Christ has been given false Gentile physical characteristics while Judas Iscariot, whose name means "Jew," is given the evil, classical hook-nosed appearance of a sneaky Jew.  This is a subliminal message that Jews are responsible for "betraying" an Aryan Christ and having him sentenced to death.  There hasn't been any bigger of a lie that has hit humanity until the Jews invented the lie about Nazi "gas chambers" and the Nazi "systematic extermination" of the Jewish people.  The "Jews killed Christ" hoax is fiction within fiction, and is a conspiracy that was designed to cover up other Jewish conspiracies against the Gentiles, especially, Jewish Ritual Murder, criminal banking, and extreme usury.

Let us examine the character of Judas Iscariot...

"Many scholars now believe Judas Iscariot never existed in the first place, and was written into the story solely to incriminate the Jews.  Among others, leading Christian scholar Raymond Brown matter-of-factly writes in The Death of the Messiah that many scholars believe that Judas never existed but was a symbolic figure.

The first and most compelling reason to think so is the simple fact of Judas' name.  That the apostle whose very name literally means "Jew" is the one to turn in Jesus seems contrived in the extreme.

Also, if Judas did exist, it is shocking that Paul never mentions him throughout all of his works.  Paul revels in the death of Jesus, modeling his entire spiritual-philosophical system after the events of the crucifixion.  If a man named Judas were involved, he would have certainly used such a story in his proselytizing.  Yet he does not even mention the apostle who allegedly betrayed Jesus above all others.  This glaring omission seems utterly baffling until we consider that Paul's epistles were written before the Gospels.  It seems very plausible that the story of Judas took root only after Paul's death.  He gives it absolutely no mention because Judas hasn't yet been invented.

Giving further credence to this concept are the number of early Gospel iterations in which Judas is missing, despite being present in later Gospel versions.  These scenes, too, bear clear marks of substantial rewriting.

...Among the most convincing indications that Judas was fictional is his biblical precursor.  Most Christian readers will be unaware of the Hebrew Bible story of Ahitophel, King David's treacherous adviser.  Yet the similarities between Ahitophel and Judas are glaringly conspicuous.  These shared elements point to a deliberate attempt to make Jesus look like David, the first messianic king, and to cast the Jews as traitors responsible for the murder of Jesus." [13]

"...Virtually every detail about Judas' story indicates it was devised after Jesus' death and developed into a tool for using anti-Semitism to define and promote Christianity.  Even the notion that the Romans would need the help of a traitor from Jesus' disciples seems to contradict the New Testament's repeated assertions that Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem with giant throngs of people awaiting his entry." [14]

In the above quotes, the Jewish author admitted that Judas is fictitious, but he couldn't do the same about Christ.  When Jews tell any kind of truths, they either twist the truth, or they do not provide the entire truth.  This inability to tell an entire truth without ulterior motives is one of the Jewish people's racial characteristics.

The final Jewish character who is a fictitious character within the fictitious Jewish gospels is Barabbas whose story was blended with the story of Christ and vice versa during the editing process of the Jewish gospels, since not all of the original pro-Jewish statements could be erased.

"The New Testament relates that when Jesus was crucified, a Jewish convict named Barabbas went with him.  From all four Gospels, we learn that Barabbas took part in some kind of rebellion against Rome.  For that reason, when Pilate gives the Jews an opportunity to release one prisoner, the Jews call for Barabbas' release.  As Mark tells the story:

Mark 15:6-11:  'Now it was the custom at the festival to release a prisoner whom the people requested.  A man called Barabbas was in prison with the insurrectionists who had committed murder in the uprising.  The crowd came up and asked Pilate to do for them what he usually did.  'Do you want me to release to you the king of the Jews?' asked Pilate, knowing it was out of self-interest that the chief priests had handed Jesus over to him.  But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have Pilate release Barabbas instead.'"

"...Barabbas' appearance in the narrative seems staged and unbelievable.  Why would such a beloved character show up so late in the narrative?"  "There is something odd about the Barabbas tale from the beginning."

"The architects of the New Testament were saying that when the Jews had a chance to choose between a man of peace, Jesus, and a brigand who wanted rebellion, they opted to free the brigand.  They saved the rebel against Rome, while the peaceful Jesus, who had promoted a spiritual revolution was put to death."

"Hyam Maccoby goes even further, hypothesizing the story of Barabbas is actually a remnant of Jesus' own true story."  "He [Barabbas/Jesus] was a Jewish rebel against Rome beloved by the Jewish people for his devotion to them.  This is a fascinating interpretation on the part of Maccoby.  He believes Barabbas is the Jesus whose political rebellion against Rome incurred the wrath of the legions and who was therefore sentenced to death by crucifixion, while the Jesus who is crucified for his rebellion against Judaism is the product of the Christian retelling of an embellished story."

"Whether Barabbas was kept in the story because his is the real story of Jesus or not, Jews had no control over who lived or died.  The Romans never granted them that kind of power.  The Jews remained an occupied people with no other power than to obey." [15]

In the above paragraphs, we can see that in some cases, Barabbas is Christ, and in other cases, Christ is Barabbas.  This was a very clever Jewish hoax.  The Jews make it sound as if they were "helpless slaves" in the Roman Empire, but this is not true considering they held positions of control in high places and they ultimately enslaved the Romans.

This sermon will be concluded in part three...