Who Really Killed Jesus Christ? Part Three by High Priest Jake Carlson

This part three will conclude this sermon for those who have stayed with me thus far.  So far, we have witnessed that if Jesus Christ had existed, it would have been the Gentile Pagan Romans who would have wanted Christ dead and would have been behind his death, as well as the fact that it is the Jews who are behind the Christian "anti-Jewish" interpolations added to the Jewish gospels to make it look as if Judaism and Christianity are distinct and separate religions when they are, in fact, no such thing.  This part of the sermon will take a brief examination of the Jewishness of Christ's character and will also look at WHY the Romans put an end to the life of Christ in this fictional Jewish fairy-tale.

The final person for us to examine is Marcion who is responsible for editing the Jewish gospels and some of fictitious Paul's epistles into the canonized form of the gospels that we have today.  Marcion is not a fictitious character, and as far as I know, he wasn't Jewish, but he still played a major role in editing the Jewish gospels and changing the Jewish originals to invent the form of Christianity that our people have been indoctrinated with over the centuries.  The Jewish people, although given epithets like "generation of vipers" and "children of the devil," fully supported Marcion's work, and later on, Martin Luther's work, because the Jews know that any "resistance" they show towards Christianity, that Christianity is promoted and advanced by the Gentile's belief that "If the Jews are against Christianity, then it must be worth defending and fighting for."

"Marcion, son of the bishop of Sinope in Pontus, joined the Syrian Gnostic credo in Rome in developing a dualistic view of sacred history.  This postulated the existence of two 'gods,' the good and gracious 'god' of the Nazarene and the demiurge 'god' of the Jews.  He taught an irreconcilable dualism between Gospel and Law, Christianity and Judaism.  The demiurge of the Jew's religion was seen as harsh and severe; therefore Jews were thrown into Hades by the Nazarene who was the 'Good god.'

Marcion established the 'New Canon of Gospels:'  an abridged Gospel of Luke and ten of Paul's epistles.  He twisted the words in Matthew 5:17 to say, "I am not come to fulfill the Law and the Prophets, but to destroy them."  Ref. www.marcion.info/

Marcion believed that Christianity had no connection whatsoever with the past, but had fallen abruptly and magically from heaven.  The Nazarene was not born nor did he die.  His body was a phantom to reveal the 'good G-d' and his death was an illusion.  This Nazarene was not the predicted Messiah.  He was a totally new and unforseen manifestation of the good god of Greek dualism.  The rest of the apostles were corruptors of pure Christianity.  The Nazarene appointed Paul to be the apostle to preach the truth of Marcion's anti-nomianism and anti-Judaism.

Marcion was the first to create a 'New Testament' and believed that the 'Old Testament' should be discarded!  The Church excommunicated Marcion because of lunacy and heresy, but even so, they incorporated his collections of Gospel texts and the epistles of Paul into the canonised, official 'New Testament.'

...Some Christian scholars point out that the anti-Semitic aspects of the epistles are from Marcion, and the pro-Jewish sentiments are original Paulinian.  There was a great influx of Gentiles into this new Hebrew sect at the same time that Roman oppression was growing and would wipe out a generation of Jews.  Therefore, the ensuing wars between Jews and the Roman Empire removed the Sadducees from history along with the small Hebrew Messianic community.  It also blotted out the righteous school of the House of Shammai.  During the wars against Rome, Jews fought against the pro-Roman Sadducee Jews.  In brief, the ensuing wars between the Jews and the Roman Empire knocked the Sadducees right out of history along with many small contradicting Hebrew sects, including Hebrew Christian sects.

The majority of arguments between the Gospels and the Pharisees were actually arguments between the schools of Hillel vs. Shammai (schools of legitimate Biblical thought)." [16]

Like many other Christians who cannot handle the fact that Christianity is Judaism, Marcion attempted to make Christianity into his own version and changed the pro-Jewish messages into a Gnostic "Pagan" Christianity [an oxymoron], which I have even seen some people who claim to be "Pagan" or even "Satanists" shamelessly claim to be pure, true, original or "primordial" Christianity.  This is a disgrace.  No matter how many conservative Pagan elements Christianity adopts, every last bit of Christianity will always be primordial Communism.  Christianity from the conservative wing is not exempt from being Communist, not even if it claims to fight Communism.  Yes, that means Christians like David Duke, Ted Pike, and Texe Marrs are Communists who hate "Communism."  If this doesn't make any sense, it is because the Jews never intended for Christianity to make any sense or have any rationality to it.  Likewise, Christianity's followers have very little rationality, if any at all.

Let's carefully examine the Jewishness of Christ's character from the mouths of the Jewish people who ADMIT that the fictitious founder of the Christian religion is actually one of their own.

"Jesus lived, taught, and died as a Jew.  He defined himself and his Jewishness in much the same way as today's Torah-observant Jews.  He conducted himself as a devout rabbi and Pharisee.  He wore a Jewish head covering, prayed in the Hebrew language, ate only kosher food, honored the Sabbath, had the mezuzah parchment on the doorposts of his home, lit a Chanukah menorah, wore the tzitzit-fringes, donned  tefillin daily, waved an esrog and lulav on Sukkot, ate matzo on Passover, and studied the Torah regularly.  He enjoyed the selfsame relationship with God shared by all Jews." [17]

"As a devout rabbi trained in the Torah, Jesus founded his sermons, parables, and aphorisms upon the same Jewish sayings and traditions that governed every aspect of his life." [18]

"What better proof can we find of Jesus' true nature as a politician and Jewish patriot than the manner of his death?  If he were put to death for blasphemy, he would not have been crucified.  Jesus was killed by the distinctly Roman form of capital punishment reserved for political rebels against the rule of Rome:  crucifixion on a cross.

Death on the cross was a punishment usually reserved for rebellious slaves, but in a conquered territory such as Palestine, Roman officials used to punish acts of insurrection or rebellion against their occupation.  The fact that Jesus died on the cross further testifies to his position as a Jewish rebel leader." [19]

Unlike the gospel of Matthew, the following contradictory verse from the gospel of John shows that it was the Gentile Pagan Romans, and not the Jewish people, who wanted Christ to die, as he was a subversive Jew who was leading his Jewish people in a revolt against Pagan Rome, as well as for enforcing an un-natural, anti-traditional monotheistic religion to replace the Roman people's Paganism, which was Satanism back during pre-Christian times when Paganism and Satanism were still synonymous:

John 11:52, "He did not say this on his own, but as high priest that year he prophesied that the Nazarene would die for the Jewish nation, and not only for that nation but also for the scattered children of G-d, to bring them together and make them one.  So from that day on they [the Gentile Pagan Romans] plotted to take his life."

Note:  Whenever any Jew, including Christ or his apostles speak of bringing any Gentiles together, they are referring to race-mixing, as any other purpose the Jews have for Gentiles of the same race who are together is to divide and conquer them.

"Neither from the Talmud, nor from any other Jewish source, is there any legitimate evidence to suggest the Jews killed Jesus.  Every story relates to another Yeshu, or Jesus, a name very common in Temple times and a period rife with people claiming to be the messiah.  All other sources are fictitious.  There remains no proof, either Christian or Jewish, of any genuine animosity between Jesus and the religious authorities of his day; to the contrary, the New Testament says explicitly that the rabbis saved the life of Jesus when it was threatened by Herod.  Had the rabbis wanted Jesus dead, they could have finished him off right then and there when the brutal king sought his scalp." [20]

At this point, when looking at the fictitious gospels and the rest of the New Testament, we now know that the Jews were not responsible for the death of Christ [as he was one of their own] and that they tried to save his life.  We know that it was the Romans who wanted the death of Christ and took his life.  Other than the crimes of Jesus Christ that we know about, namely, his subversion of the Satanic Roman Empire, what is the underlying reason as to why the Romans wanted Christ dead and killed him?

"Since the Nazarene was being killed because he was Jewish, he died a righteous death; as such, it served as atonement for sins." [21]

Something interesting is that, because of the Christ ["seed/son of David"] myth, in the Roman law books, the Romans, for 400 years, had a law that demanded the death penalty for any Jew who might be considered as being the seed of David, whether they were believed to be Jesus Christ [Messiah ben Yosef in the "first coming" or Messiah ben David in the "second coming"] or not.

And for the record, the Goddess/Demoness Astaroth [Isais/Ishtar] told the Nazi Vril Society that the Jews have been a problem and a menace against humanity long before the Christ myth was concocted.

In the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Jews state, "We shall destroy God" and "We shall forbid Christ," but the truth is that these are also interpolations to make it look like "Judaism versus Christianity" when there is nothing further from the truth.  The Jews actually PROMOTE Christianity at every turn, while other Jews promote liberalism and acceptance of things such as homosexual marriage and homosexual rights, just as a trick to fool the Christians into thinking that if the Jews are sticking up for homosexuals [the third sex], then traditional Christian "family values" must be worth defending in the eyes of the confused "goyim" [Jewish slang for Gentiles, which means "cattle"].  Once again, nothing could be further from the truth.  The Jews are behind both liberalism AND Christianity in all of its forms.

In closing, we have looked at how the Jews use the "Christ-killers" mythology when their REAL crimes are discovered, but perhaps the biggest Jewish crime of all that I have not gone into much detail about until now, is the INVENTION of Christianity to destroy the REAL God of the Gentiles, who is Satan, and by using Christianity to cut Satan's Aryan people off from him and the Powers of Hell, as the Jews needed to cut us off from our roots in order to make us easier to brainwash, domesticate, and control.

For many centuries, the Gentile God Pan, who wears horns and hooves [an allegory for male virility and Mercurial healing power], has been given the epithet of "the Devil" and the Church has equated him with Satan.  Satan used to come to me in the form of Pan back in 2003.  Although, in Greek legends, the goat God Pan is said to be the son of Hermes, in Egypt, it was the goat God Ptah who is Satan himself, and Thoth-Hermes is one of his sons, which makes it the other way around from Greek lore.

When the Jews say that they will destroy God, they are talking about Satan.  Satan is the God of Nature.  The Jews invented a Christian "god" of the so-called  "supernatural."  However, do not be fooled ever again!  There is NOTHING EVEN  REMOTELY SPIRITUAL, SUPERNATURAL, OR EVEN NATURAL ABOUT CHRISTIANITY!!!  By erasing our past and severing our Pagan roots, the Jews have been at liberty to rewrite history and replace the truth with lies.  Adolf Hitler once stated that Christianity is the biggest lie the Jews have ever told humanity.

Regarding the symbolic "defeat" of Pan and the [temporary] Jewish victory of  Christianity:

"In the 2nd century ad the Greek essayist Plutarch recorded that during the reign of Emperor Tiberius travelers sailing along the west coast of Greece heard a loud voice proclaiming the death of the great god Pan. In Christian legend, this story was associated with the Passion of Christ, which occurred during the reign of Tiberius, and was held to portend the victory of Christ over the pagan gods.” [22]

By dedicating one's soul to Satan and his National Socialist cause and by forming close relationships to Satan and his Demons, we are rediscovering our roots.  Paganism is Satanism.  "Pagan" = Satanic and Gentile.

When the Jews say that they will forbid "Christ" [which is an interpolation in the Protocols], they are not referring to Christ the Christian messiah.  What they really mean is that they will forbid Gentiles from raising their kundalini serpents and from becoming Gods so that the Jews can be the "gods" of planet Earth, and thus fulfill their messianic cause of becoming their own messiah, killing the Aryan White race, and enslaving all remaining races.  Christ is nothing more than the Jewish version of the process of raising the kundalini serpent [Jewish Leviathan] and the process of spiritual alchemy that involves transforming the human body and soul into that of a God.  The Jews are not out to destroy Christ, but the spiritual CONCEPT that was inserted by Gentiles who were writing certain scriptures under  duress.  This was the only way they could get Satanic secrets inserted into the Christian Bible for Gentiles who have the spiritual eyes to see.  This was a cry for help that was made from Pagans who were forced to convert to Christianity.  It was also artists like Leonardo Da Vinci who were crying out for help from Gentiles who have their spiritual eyes open and can see the truth that he was trying to tell.  Many Aryan artists, poets, and authors tried to let us know that Christ never existed as a person and was stolen from a Pagan spiritual concept.

Through Jewish Ritual Murder, usury, and replacing ancient Paganism [Satanism] with Christianity, Islam, and Communism, the Jews have symbolically destroyed God.  Satan is God, and his people are the Gentiles.  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion do not refer to "god" as in Jehovah-Yahweh or Jesus Christ, but to Satan and his Demons.


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