Diane Vera Exposed:  A New York City Jewess and a Christian by High Priest Jake Carlson

In this day and age, in the age of the internet and a wealth of books and literature that expose the Christ myth, and scandal after scandal of Christian hypocrisy and degeneracy -- an enlightened age when people should just plain know better, and therefore, are without excuse -- a Christian is no longer only a person who accepts and follows Christ and Christianity, but is also anyone who BELIEVES in Christ, man or god-man.  This means that all of the people who even go as far as to say that they "HATE" Christianity and "worship Satan," but still believe that Christ ever existed, AFTER they have been presented with the truth and proof that Christ is Jewish fiction, are still Christians, whether they can admit to it or not. 

But it gets worse.  A Christian isn't only someone who accepts Christianity, but is ANYONE who even remotely TOLERATES or has even the slightest live and let live attitude towards the existence of this kosher, so-called "religion" on Satan's planet Earth [obviously, there isn't much anyone who is underage and who lives in a Christian home can do until they are free, unfortunately, and also, Satan doesn't want any of his people to put their jobs or their livelihood in jeopardy].  It is also Christian to have any sympathies for ANY Jew, regardless of whether such a Jew follows the Jewish religion or not, as Satan is the enemy of ALL Jews, and yes, Jews are a race and not merely a "religion."  Their race IS their religion.  Christianity and Islam are extensions of Judaism.  Moving on...

"In no way do I advocate persecution of hardcore Christians." -- Diane Vera, from her web page on "Counter-Evangelism."  

Well, Jewess, Diane Verawitz, what tolerance did the Christians and Muslims of the Middle Ages have towards the innocent, White Aryan Pagans who were Satanists of Satan's direct bloodline, or towards the LGBTs that you, yourself, claim to identify as?!?!  HUH?!?!  Christian "history" has been DELIBERATELY RE-WRITTEN TO CONFORM TO A JEWISH AGENDA, much to the likes of what Jewish, anti-Nazis, like Diane Vera, would prefer!

Diane Vera, a New York City Jewess, and the author of false "Satanic" websites titled "Theistic Satanism," "Counter-Evangelism Resources," and others, thinks she is some kind of an "authority" on "Satanism."  She has used Satan's Name in a positive manner, but her pro-Jewish, pro-racial integration, and anti-White, Left-winged Christian intentions and ultimate Jewish aims, have rendered her usage of the Name of Satan, useless.  To be frank, Vera hasn't done one single thing that has ever in any way promoted or advanced Satanism at all, but to the contrary, she has only painted a false "Satanism" that conforms to her own inferior, Jewish, politically correct image, which is only LETHAL to Real Satanism.  We, Spiritual Satanists, are theistic Satanists, in the sense that we know, acknowledge, and glorify Satan as a real, literal, physically and spiritually-existing Being, completely independent of Christian and Muslim teachings and superstition, but we are not the pseudo-Theistic "Satanist" drones of Diane Vera's herd of rebellious, reverse Christians and Jewish "intellectuals."

The truth is, Satanism is Nazism, which means that NOBODY can be a Satanist unless they are committed National Socialists.  Nazism is much more pro-individuality and pro-freedom than what viewing it through the Jewish distortion lenses allows one to see.  In National Socialism, and therefore, Satanism -- the real thing -- it is true that an individual can be judged by their race, but this is because each and every individual belongs to a collective Race Soul of the bloodline that they were born into.  This is spiritual and of the occult, but it determines the physical.

Vera, whether consciously aware of being Jewish or not, is caught telling obvious lies on her website when she claims that she "doesn't" come from a Jewish bloodline.  Her Jewishness is blatant in her defenses of non-religious and liberal, [but still racial] Jews, multiculturalism, and other forms of Jewish-led cultural decadence at the expense of the productive White Gentiles of this planet.  A Jew, whether they are aware of having at least some Jewish blood or not, will always put their people first and foremost, and will defend it against anti-Jewish "racism" and "defamation" coming from Satan, his Demons, and his people.  A Jew is always a Jew before they are anything else.  This can even be seen among homosexual Jews, because they are staunchly, racially Jewish before they are homosexual.  Even militant, man-hating, Jewish, lesbian, feminist bitches are still Jewesses before they are even "women."  Such Jewish men and women who have been "cut off from Israel" for violating the Levitical prohibition against homosexuality are still Jewish, no matter how much they may resent those fellow Jews who have disowned them from the Jewish people.

For someone who claims to be a "Satanist" and a staunch opponent of "racism," Vera, like the rest of her Jewish people, is the ultimate Jewish supremacist racist, as she doesn't put quotation marks around the word Jew(s), but puts quotation marks around the word Aryan(s), as if the existence of Satan's own flesh and blood, the White Aryan people, is somehow, "scientifically" less legitimate and less sound than the existence of the Jews and the other non-Whites who have been enslaved by the Jews.  ANY SMEARS OR ATTACKS AGAINST THE WHITE ARYAN PEOPLE ARE DIRECT SLANDER AGAINST SATAN, HIMSELF!  "What they do to my own, they do to me." -- Satan

On a web page that Vera has linked to her communist, Christian, anti-Nazi pages, a false "Satanist," on Gay and Satanist, claims that only laundry should be separated by color, but not the human races, and that just because Satan advocates something doesn't mean that Satanists should agree with him, which totally nullifies the point of taking Satan seriously, in the first place.  This is not a religion that you get to pick and choose which bits and pieces "feel right," like Christianity is.  This same delusional individual tries to claim that Satan is not the author of the Al-Jilwah, since this person rejects him -- the REAL Satan -- who DOES, indeed, HATE the Jewish people, multiculturalism, political correctness, and all forms of Christianity, Islam, and communism with a burning wrath.  Like Vera, this person also HATES Satan for the fact that he doesn't only judge a person by their individuality, but by their Race.  They cannot accept Satan for this, so they worship Jesus Christ and the Jewish/Christian "God," instead, only they call Christ "Satan" while they do so.  This boosts their petty, waste-of-space self-confidence.  They call themselves "Satanists," but in reality, they are Christians.

As far as the Jewish/Christian Bible goes, some deluded Gentiles have misinterpreted various contradictory scriptures in order to support Nationalism and racial separation, but what they fail to realize is that the pro-segregation verses in the Bible only apply to the Jewish nation for Jewish racial hygiene and Jewish racial loyalty laws, while all of the pro-integration and other egalitarian scriptures only apply to the White Aryan Race, as part of the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Satan and his people through racial bastardy.

Here is proof of how Diane Vera's Christian values regarding "racism" and human equality agree with the New Testament of the Christian Bible:

1 Corinthians 12:13:  For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.  [Note:  This verse in the Jewish New Testament, teaches the vicious, degenerate lie that every race of humanity comes from the same origin -- the same "God," and therefore, Nazism and the promotion and preservation of the White Aryan Race is an unforgivable sin against Christ, the Christian "God," and the so-called "Holy Spirit"]. 

1 John 2:11:  But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.  [Note:  For the Jewish people, "brotherly/sisterly love" is only for their own race and nation, for racial cohesiveness, loyalty and solidarity, but if the White Aryan Race does the same thing, out of love and protection for our own Race, Christ considers it to be the unforgivable blasphemy against the so-called "Holy Spirit," because, according to Christianity, the Jewish people are "supreme" and all of the non-Whites are to be forced into "equality" with Satan's White Aryan human offspring through Marxist revolution]. 

Galatians 3:28:  There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.  [Note:  In True Nazism, which is True Satanism, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality any more so than heterosexuality, because even though homosexual unions do not produce offspring, this preference only exists among no more than 5% of this planet's human population.  It also exists among the animal kingdom, as well as many of the Aryan Pagan Gods, which is proof that despite non-procreative unions, homosexuality is still just as natural and normal as heterosexuality.  However, it is very unfortunate that because of Christian and Muslim persecution of homosexuality, as well as the Jews coming to the "rescue" with Liberalism, and finally, Cultural Marxism and "Queer Theory," as false and make belief "solutions" to this persecution from the opposing wing of Christianity, Galatians 3:28 has become the Gospel of the politically correct, so-called "LGBT community" and "LGBT rights movement," which obliterates Satan's design for there to be strict non-negotiable DIFFERENCES between the different biological genders and the different Gentile Races].

James 2:1:  My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism [Note:  Once again, the Bible teaches equality and political correctness].

John 13:34:  [Christ speaking]:  A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  [Note:  Christ's message was only for the Jews to love their own kind, and for White Gentiles to love all non-Whites, instead of fellow Whites, in a way of universalism and suicidal inclusion that leads to race-mixing, and the extinction of the White Race, and all things Aryan.  Just to make myself clear, I am not promoting or inciting "race hatred" between White and non-White Gentiles, but I am emphasizing the importance of boundaries and the necessity of respecting them in Satanism].

Proverbs 24:23 [Old Testament]:  These also are sayings of the wise: To show partiality in judging is not good...  [Note:  The people who whine about Nazism's focus on Race and Nation, and claim that "Satan" and "Satanism" should only judge people as individuals, and not by their race, are actually tying into true Christianity -- Christianity in its purest, original form, and they are rejecting Satan, while embracing his enemies.  If more Christians were true Christians, false, self-proclaimed "Satanists," like Diane Vera, would still identify as Bible-believing Christians, instead of pretending to be Satanists].

Revelation 14:6:  Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people.  [Note:  ANYONE can be a Christian, but Satan is selective about who he lets into his religion and politics.  He will only accept Gentiles, but even these Gentiles must be serious about Nazism.  Nazism is a modern title of ancient Paganism, which was the primordial Satanism of the Gentiles during pre-Abrahamic, Pagan times.  Satanism is what is meant by the term "the Nazi Secret Doctrine"]. 

Matthew 28:19:  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...  [Note:  According to the New Testament, Christ teaches that a person can commit an unforgivable "crime" against the poop-infested, Jewish Holy Spirit, through denial of its existence, conscious blasphemy, and that Nazism and White Aryan Racial preservation are the ultimate crimes and sins against this Jewish turd, as the astral entities that masquerade behind these Jewish astral thought-forms, require that all of the the non-Whites are made "equal" with Satan's Aryan peoples, through force, through savage barbarism, rape, and other violent, and unnatural means.  The "supreme" Jews, of course, would be carefully monitoring all of this from a safe distance, to make sure that it all goes to plan, but from where they will continue to refuse to assimilate with the Gentiles.  This crime against Satan's people has resulted in various venereal diseases and other illnesses that have struck "humanity" as both Satan's and Nature's Wrath for race-mixing.  "Those who oppose me I afflict with disease..." -- Satan, quoted from the Al-Jilwah.  

Satanism is about what you have to offer towards your own physical and spiritual perfection and immortality, AND how you can fight for, defend, and serve your personal Gentile bloodline.  The White Aryan Race comes directly from Satan and his Demons.  This tends to disappoint the anarchists, nihilists, Marxists, and other liberals who wish that Satanism was a politically correct, amoral, multicultural free-for-all religion that is only about the Self].

Romans 10:12-13:  For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” [Note:  Romans 10:12-13 is the Gospel of Diane Vera and her politically correct, anti-racialist sheep who, out of wishful thinking, make the false claim that "Satan accepts all races and religions."  This is just wishful thinking on their part, and these inferiors don't even care that they are using Satan's Name to tell these lies, and flush his actual desires down the toilet.  All that matters to them is that these lies make them feel better about being inferiors and lesser-thans.  It is true that Satan doesn't judge a person by their gender or sexual preference, but he does judge a person's intentions, what they have to offer for their Race and Nation, and whether they have any Jewish blood or not.  I know, Satanism isn't Leftist, as in multicultural, politically correct, or any other form of Jewish-led cultural decadence that has been working to decimate the White Aryan Race of Satan, and the truth is painful for those who are weak or less-favored by Nature and Her kingdom].

James 2:8-9:  If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.  [Note:  This verse only forbids White Aryans from prioritizing their own Race and Nation, but not from prioritizing other races.  History has proven that the Jewish people never follow this rule, as they have always been the most cohesive, and racially-loyal tribes of the so-called "human" races.  Despite any differences among individual Jews, they are still of the same mind-hive.  Like the rest of the Christian Bible, this verse was aimed at the destruction of Satan's White human bloodline of Gentiles].

1 John 3:15-16:  Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him. This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.  [Note:  This time, the ugly, anti-White, anti-Aryan, anti-Nazi core of Christianity is unveiled.  Jews and other non-Whites are allowed to be loyal to their own races, but only the White Race will be considered as "murderers" and law-breakers if they don't lay down their lives for political correctness and our extinction.  The Jews want to annihilate every last reminder of the official Satan's literal existence, which has made us, White Gentiles, their number one enemy, in second place only to Satan and his Demons, themselves].

Acts 10:34-36:  Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right. You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, announcing the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all."  [Note:  Diane Vera and her freakish clan of misfits claim to be "Satanists," but they HATE the ACTUAL SATAN!  They reject him because they can't accept the fact that he is a WHITE, ARYAN, NORDIC, BLONDE-HAIRED AND BLUE-EYED, PRE-ABRAHAMIC, PAGAN extra-terrestrial GOD who founded and enforces Satanic Nazi Paganism, which is what is now known as Spiritual Satanism.  Like it or not, Norse/Germanic Heathenism IS SATANISM, even if some intentionally or unintentionally Jew-loving morons would like to believe otherwise.  Satan, himself, has told me, endlessly, that True Satanism is True Paganism/Nazism.  This was through actual communications, which were more often than not, face-to-face encounters, not merely "dreams" or divination sessions.  Odinist National Socialists are going to have to wake up and acknowledge the fact that Satan is Odin, and that they need to stop denying and/or ultimately rejecting Odin's Name of Satan.  Furthermore, they will need to stop considering Satanism to be "Jewish," as the very Name of Satan means ANTI-JEWISH IN HEBREW].

With the exception of the Jewish "chosen people," whom the Christian "God" loves as much as "he" loves "himself," the Christian so-called "God" judges people in a similar way that Diane Vera and other Jewish nihilists judge people -- as individuals -- and not by their race.  Like I've stated before, ANYONE can be a Christian, but Satan has much higher standards for the people that he selects.  

There are endless Bible scriptures that forbid White Aryan Racial Hygiene and Loyalty and the Pagan Nazism of the Aryan Anti-Christ.  The scriptures listed above and many more Bible passages prove Diane Vera's lies to be fraudulent when she claims that Christianity and Nazism are in any way "compatible," or that Satanism and Nazism "do not blend well."  These are her own fantasies and wishful thinking.

In National Socialism, which is Satanism, individuality is revered, but if an individual isn't willing to fight, and if necessary, die for the greater good and survival of the race that one belongs to, then they are worthless to Satan.  Other than the fact that Diane Vera's so-called "Theistic Satanism" is really nothing more than a front for Left-winged Christianity, she promotes the wretched idea that just because some of the Nazi Satanists who strive for greatness and excellence do occasionally resort to illegal activity, that the rest of us Nazi Satanists shouldn't aim to take our rightful places as being Masters of the Earth, but should, instead, settle for less, be drones of the herd, and be satisfied with mediocrity, which is the total anti-thesis of what it means to be a Satanist, in the first place.

Vera promotes the culturally decadent, Christian abomination of compassion towards the lesser-thans, those who are sick and weak, and other inferiors who hide behind Jewish Democracy, as well as the Christian, race-less altruism that is in favor of the "greater community of humanity" [instead of one's own kind], which is pure Christian Communism.  But as to be expected from this Jewess, she doesn't know the first thing about kin altruism, the selfless determination to even go as far as to sacrifice one's own personal interests for the greater good of the survival of one's own Race and Fatherland.  Since Vera claims that her vision of "Satanism" is all about "individuality" to the point that it conflicts with Nazism's focus on Race and Nation, she clearly is deliberately blinded to the reality of Nature's Laws, which are Satan's Laws, thus making her an ENEMY of Satan.  She is only a "Satanist" under certain CONDITIONS, and these CONDITIONS require that Satanism be liberal, egalitarian, pro-Civil Rights Movement, pro-racial and sexual equality, and that anything that is "anti-Christian" is only against what she calls the "Christian Religious Right Wing," but she doesn't attack the Christian Secular Left or Marxism, which shows where her Christian, Jewish loyalties really belong to.

Vera's ultimate crime against Satan is her claim that Satanists shouldn't automatically be prejudiced against the Jewish people as a whole, and that Satan's LGBT Satanists should keep trying to stand in Nazi Satanism's way.  Her claims that the Leftist, non-religious, liberal Jews should be treated as potential allies, instead of enemies, and her lie that it is just plain "stupid" and wrong to be anti-Jewish racist bigots, are direct violations against both, Nature's Laws and Satan's Laws.  Her other direct assault against Satan is her bias against his White Aryan people, with the cop-out of "Most White people are Christians," which is a shameless attempt to take the heat off of the Jewish community for inventing Christianity to DESTROY Satan's chosen people, the White Aryan Race, and to place the blame on Satan's White Aryan victims, instead.  

To make matters worse, on Vera's website, although with an anti-LaVeyan disclaimer, she deliberately promotes the Jew/Jewess, Vexen Crabtree, and its article on "Christian" Anti-Semitism:  "2,000 Years of Christian Love."  At the end of the article, Crabtree, a Jewish LaVeyan "Satanist" openly promotes Christianity by stating the following:  

"Liberal Christianity: There have always been moral people, some of them Christians, who have bemourned the actions of fellow Christians against the Jews. Thankfully, the future is bright as in the 20th and 21st centuries, liberal Christianity has become the dominant form of Christianity. Liberal Christianity abandons much of the traditions and original Christian ideas in favour of a much more deistic approach to belief and morality. Liberal Christianity is largely moral and certainly good-natured. As such, the more violent anti-Jewish readings are marginalized in favour of other, more universal, interpretations. Liberal Christianity, and especially universalism, has led to a much more moral-minded and apologetic Christianity, which is a very welcome modern trend."  

Vera supports this; she never condemned this toleration of this Christian abomination in any disclaimer.  As a matter of fact, despite the fact that it is SATAN'S will for his Aryan, Satanic Pagan religion to grow and dominate the Earth, Vera wants Satanism to remain an "unpopular, despised minority religion" that peacefully co-exists with secular, Liberal Judaism, Liberal Christianity, and Moderate Islam, which clearly violates Satan's wishes, as it is his aim to eradicate all things Jewish, even if there are some strains of Christianity and Islam that are more "tolerant," because all of these Jewish diseases need to be extracted, period.  

Towards the conclusion of Vexen Crabtree's article on so-called "Christian" anti-Semitism [linked to Diane Vera's "Theistic Satanism" website], she/he/it states the following: 

"Where is the Jewish Jesus? Jesus is described as Jewish in the Bible; he spoke Aramaic and lived in the Middle East. But how is Jesus depicted in Christian films about Jesus? Without exception, Jesus is an upstanding whiteman!"  

That's right, blame Satan's chosen people, his own flesh and blood, the White Aryan Race, for an "Aryan Christianity," an "Aryan Christ," and so-called "White privilege," when, it is, in fact, the Jewish people who promote these filthy, perverted lies, and have been leeching off of the productivity of the White Man and claiming the fruits of our labors as their own, in the first place.  Many Leftists who rebel against Right-winged Christianity come to Satanism because they think that Christianity is about White Racialism, racial segregation, and "intolerance," but if only they knew that it is Christianity that is politically correct, universalist, and all-inclusive, they would curse Satan and go running back to Christ, like many have already done, because they come to find out that they weren't cut out for Satanism, the real thing.

It is a real shame that so many White Aryan homosexuals and bisexuals of the third sex, who have had enough persecution from the Christians and related trash who claim to be "Right-Winged," or whatever, resort to secular, Leftist Christianity, Liberalism, and/or Marxism as the "alternative" to conservative Christianity, because of the misconception that Christianity, and all of the anti-homosexual superstition that it entails, is inherently a part of the racialist, politically incorrect "Right Wing."  By "rebelling" against "Right-Winged Christianity," but not Left-winged Christianity, these Marxist shock-troops think that the Left is truly "anti-Christian," when, in fact, it is actually the other way around, and the fact remains that there is no escaping Christianity with the Left communist wing.  Not the same can be said for the entire Right Wing, at least not when it is Racially-conscious and alert, and rejects ALL Christianity, instead of only rejecting the bits and pieces of Christianity that are inconvenient, but the entire thing.  Only someone who is of a completely non-Jewish bloodline can truly dismiss and utterly destroy Christianity in all of its forms for the Jewish hoax and conspiracy against the White Aryan Race that it really is.  

To the likes of these Christian kikes, Diane Vera and Vexen Crabtree, Christianity is just fine, as long as it is tolerant of unpopular, despised, religious, sexual, and racial minorities [except for the White Aryan Race of Satan that is nearly extinct].  This is pure Christianity.  Any REAL Satanist with a truly Satanic soul feels a natural, violent repulsion towards ANYTHING Christian, and towards anything else that is a product of the Jewish people, as the very Name of SATAN, IN HEBREW, LITERALLY MEANS "ANTI-JEWISH."  It doesn't matter if some forms of Christianity are more tolerant of Satanists and homosexuality than others.  We reject, attack and destroy EVERY LAST TRACE OF CHRISTIANITY, PERIOD.  The reason for this is because Christianity is a LETHAL poison and a deadly virus, both to the Gentile individual, and to the collective Race Soul that the individual belongs to.  Are poisons, toxins, or diseases tolerant, and does fighting against these things make one a "hypocrite" if we want to be more-tolerated by the general public of these poisons, toxins, and diseases, like Diane Vera says it does?  I didn't think so.  This is why we condemn and attack Christianity so strongly, and without compromise.  

Something else that is worth mentioning is Vera's natural, native distrust towards Satan and the insurance that is offered from the Dedication Ritual that is on the Joy of Satan website when she doubts the protection that Satan, himself, has to offer new Satanists, due to what she calls a "premature" Dedication Ritual, on the newbie's part.  This hesitancy is only to be expected from this Jewess, as she at least unconsciously knows that she is HATED by Satan.  One of Vera's Jewish or Jewish-friendly "worker bees" once belonged to the third sex Joy of Satan Yahoo! e-group and tried to infest it with sympathies towards the Jewish people, and it brought up how Vera has never had to deal with extra-terrestrial Greys, but only "angels," and how "What we would CALL Greys is merely a theological disagreement that we are taking personally."  The reason why Vera and her people wouldn't be harassed by Greys is not because of "saner" ritual magick training, like she claims and fantasizes about on her website, but rather, because these individuals already belong to the Greys and the Reptilians, and are never a threat to them.  Contrary to what Vera's web pages claim, there is actually absolutely nothing wrong with the Joy of Satan and its related websites, or the Dedication Ritual, unless one is, of course, a Jewish kike, or a Gentile who is a traitor of the Race that they used to belong to.  

Our White Aryan Race is still in grave peril, but more and more of our people are waking up and recognizing Satan as our Benefactor and original biological Father, and therefore, the reality that True Satanism is the Ancestral, Racial Religion of the White Aryan peoples. 

Despite Vera's wishes for Satanism to be a culturally decadent, despised minority religion, that doesn't have the same credentials for being an Ancestral Racial religion as Norse Heathenism, she will be disappointed when the real Nazi Movement comes to town, and prohibits every religion except for Satanic Paganism, once every last trace of Christendom have officially been dealt with. 

As for this Jewess' cop-out that "Most White people are Christians," the inconvenient and politically incorrect truth is that for a truly White person to be a Christian of ANY kind is to be a White Race Traitor, as Christianity is nothing more than a despicable "Paganized" EXTENSION OF JUDAISM -- Judaism for White people!  Adherence to Christianity and its superstitions isn't required to be a Christian anymore.  On the contrary, all that is required to be a Christian, is even the slightest tolerance for the existence of Christianity and/or the Jewish people on this planet [but please don't ever be stupid, always be LAW-ABIDING!].  Vera's so-called "Theistic Satanism" cannot exist WITHOUT Christianity, as her brand of fake "Satanism" is nothing more than reverse Christianity -- a "Devil" who opposes some "Creator God" -- which isn't any better than any other form of Christianity, including the fanatical, hardcore, fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity that Vera thinks she is "opposing."

High Priestess of Satan, Maxine Dietrich, and a handful of others of the Joy of Satan Ministries, are the only Satanists who have ever delved this far into exposing and destroying Christianity and communism, which explains Vera's psychotic hatred and jealousy of Maxine and the Joy of Satan Ministries.  High Priestess Maxine's website, Exposing Christianity, is the most damaging to Christianity made by any serious Satanist, to date.  Read for yourself and come to your senses today:  


Vera's web page on how to "effectively" discourage Nazism among Satanists is a shameless blasphemy against Satan, himself -- only she uses Satan's Name and his emphasis on freedom and liberation -- against him and to degrade him, by promoting Left-winged Christianity, whether she can admit to doing this, or not.  Linked to that web page is another site created by one of her sheep, and it is a senseless rant against Satanic Nazis invoking the Name of Satan in Nazism, or in other words, it is a rant against True Satanism from someone who has serious inferiority issues and intense jealousy towards Satan's chosen people.  Diane Vera shares this insane jealousy of White Aryans, as well, which can be seen by her wishes that her Jewish people were Satan's chosen people, instead of the Aryans, like certain Christian Replacement theologians and Christian Identity teachings falsely claim.  She also clearly doesn't want Adolf Hitler to be the Anti-Christ, as she wishes that the Anti-Christ was a Jewish liberal, like Jesus Christ, the Jewish messiah.  

While she may not be an adherent of the so-called "Christian Religious Right Wing," Vera is an adherent of the secular Christian Left, which is still just as much of a Christian abomination as the Christianity that she claims to be against.  The problem that lies in front of Vera is twofold:  1) She is Jewish by race, whether she can admit it or not, which means that she has been rejected and cursed by the Real Satan, and 2) She is a Christian, despite her futile protests against the so-called "Christian Religious Right Wing," thus leaving absolutely no room for her to be the Satanist that she claims to be.  More proof that Satan has never spoken to her, or let alone through her, is the fact that she cannot tell the difference between Satan and Azazel, and if confronted about this, she would probably just say that this is only a "theological disagreement" that you are "holding an 'irrational grudge' over."  Pathetic.  

Vera thinks that she has taken a successful "stab" at the heart of Nazi ideology, but not only has she failed, she has been stabbed in the heart with this sermon, and she has been thoroughly exposed for her secular, Leftist Christian agenda that she presents as an "alternative" to the falsely-titled "Christian Religious Right Wing."  She has absolutely no credibility at all, whatsoever -- only Jewish fantasies and hissy-fits about her being wrong, and being rejected by the Real and Literal, living Satan.

The following quotes are taken from White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell:

"Today's liberal intellectuals, who pride themselves on scientific method and being 'broadminded,' are the most narrow-minded, self-righteous and hate-filled bigots in the history of humanity.  No primitive tribe worshiping with its witch-doctor was ever more vicious in its hatred and suppression of heretics than today's Marxist intellectuals, anti-racists and liberals.

Their intellectual position is pure, unadulterated superstition and prejudice, and they burn us heretics in the hottest fires of their hate and lies!" pages 75-76

"The curse of 'liberal,' 'humanitarian' mankind is egocentrism, conceit.  And the chart-forgers have learned to use this human failing to destroy humanity.

It simply kills the modern liberal that there are millions and millions and millions of his kind who are worthless scum (compared to the finest breeds of his kind).  So he believes the chart-forgers and denies it -- denies it and makes a religion of that denial -- the religion of 'liberalism' and finally Marxism.  There is no reason or logic to it -- only the same old 'if you don't agree with us, we will silence and destroy you' which has been the unhappy lot of every fighter for truth against bigotry, for thousands of years." p. 83

The brain-dead Liberals [libtards] also pride themselves on "non-conformity," "rising above the herd," and "being true to oneself," but something quite amazing is how if you, in any way, show the slightest rebellion against or disagreement with the Jewish, Marxist, politically correct One World Order, ruled by Christ, the Jewish messiah [even if these libtards claim to "reject him"], or show doubt about the "Nazi Holocaust" of the Jews and the "other unfortunates" [agents of the Jews], a full-out witch-hunt is sicced upon you, even if all you did was question.  

The point of this sermon is that Diane Vera uses her politically correct "Theistic Satanism" as a front for Christian, Left-winged activism.  She can claim that we at the Joy of Satan "use Satanism as recruitment for Nazism" all she wants.  True Satanism is Nazism, and True Nazism -- the National Socialism of the Anti-Christ -- does venerate anti-herd individuality just as much as it venerates the collective Racial Soul, but you would never know this through the over-abundance of Jewish propaganda, and how the Jews scapegoat Hitler and Nazism for everything that they, themselves, are, and what they, themselves, do.

This is why Diane Vera and her Hitler-hating drones can never be actual Satanists.  They have Christian -- or just as vile -- Muslim souls that can never be rehabilitated through re-education and Satanic spiritual disciplines, as they have their minds already made up against Satan's Nazi religion, and true Satanism is completely alien to them, just like it is to any other Jewish person.  On her website, Vera denies that she comes from a Jewish heritage, but according to her writings that cater to Jewish liberals, Jewish intellectuals, and related scum, she admits and confesses otherwise.

The truth that people, like both, Diane Vera, and many politically correct "Heathens" of today, cannot accept is that True Satanism is National Socialism [and vice versa], they are Norse Heathenism, and our doctrines are completely independent of Abrahamic influences, as what we call Nazi Satanism has existed among humanity ever since Satan and his Demons mated with White, "fair," Aryan human females, which was long before the Jewish "religions" came along.  Nazi Satanism simply existed under a different name.  It is now known as Paganism, and finally, Spiritual Satanism.

From Diane Vera's "Theistic Satanism" website:  "There are some other neo-Nazis who say that Christianity should be rejected because of its Jewish origins, and who argue that Christian Identity is just a silly attempt to wriggle out of recognizing Christianity's obvious Jewish origins. However, the most natural religion for these neo-Nazis to embrace isn't Satanism but Norse Reconstructionism/Heathenism. Although Norse Heathenism isn't inherently a racist religion, and although there are also plenty of Heathens who reject neo-Nazism and other forms of White Nationalism, it is only natural for a racial nationalist to want to revive the traditions of one's ancestors. Satanism, on the other hand, can't make any such racially respectable claims  -  not even if you happen to believe that Satan is a blond and blue-eyed humanoid (as the Joy of Satan folks believe). Thus, neo-Nazi Heathens are as likely as neo-Nazi Christians to see Satanism as 'culturally decadent.'""culturally decadent."

Diane Vera, we, at the Joy of Satan do not "believe" that Satan is a blond and blue-eyed humanoid, we KNOW he is from personal experience.  For those of us who let him come to us on his own and without any expectations, he has revealed who and what he really is.  Since you have never had this experience, and you are a Christian who calls herself a "Theistic Satanist," you will never know the phrase, "Seeing is believing."  The Joy of Satan, on the other hand, does.

Vera has made a direct attack against Satan and his White Aryan people, over the simple fact that she cannot reconcile who and what Satan is, with her being a Christian Jew.  SATANISM IS PAGAN/HEATHEN AND WHAT IS NOW CALLED NAZISM!  So stop persecuting Satan for his Race -- the White Aryan Nordic, blond-haired, blue-eyed, humanoid Race of extra-terrestrials who DO spend time in communication with their Chosen Satanists!  The fact that Vera can't handle the Real Satan and that she doesn't seem to care for his Aryan humanoid appearance, shows that SHE is the true racist, in the negative connotation of the term.  If Satan had the appearance of a Negro, or some other so-called "oppressed minority" that Vera supports, she wouldn't make such an irrational, hate-filled statement against Satan's appearance.  

Yes, it must have been so-called "White privilege" that has kept Satan hated by his own White Aryan people who have been victims blinded by Christianity for all of these centuries through Jewish brainwashing and Jewish-led conversions of White Aryan Satanic Pagans to Christianity.  Right!

Quote from the Jewish Talmud:  "The Gentiles shit before their God."  

Satan is the original biological Father and God of the White Gentiles of this Earth.

Vera is tragically very big with would-be third sex ["LGBT"] Satanists, because most people with homo or bisexual preferences/orientations have been brainwashed by the Jews to oppose Nazism, in much the same way that the Jews have brainwashed many Nazis into having traditional Christian values about homosexuality [whether certain Satanists can admit that such values are Christian or not].  Vera claims to be a "lesbian-leaning bisexual," but despite the way she denies being Jewish, she still prioritizes and defends her Jewish identity way before anything else, in the sense that she prioritizes her Jewish identity above her sexual identity.  The third sex portion of the White Aryan Race that subscribes to Liberalism, Marxism, and/or "Queer Theory" really needs to wake up and stop opposing Nazism.  The Nazis who oppose homosexuality also need to wake up because to oppose homosexuality [or heterosexuality, for that matter, obviously] is to oppose your own White Aryan Race and its unity.  Being against homosexuality and the third sex, fearing its normalization, and keeping it locked in the "closet," is what breaks up families, because, such familial disharmony and repression drives people into reckless, dangerous, anti-family, hedonistic lifestyles as an "escape" from traditional, oppressive Christian family values.  Like anti-heterosexual, anti-homosexual = anti-White, so remember that the next time you feel like "gay-bashing."

However, as can be seen in the endless contradictions within Jewish toilet paper -- the "Holy" Bible -- Jesus Christ is pro-LGBT, as long as these people belong to the Left wing, oppose Nazism, and are submissive slaves who live reckless, degenerate, culturally-decadent lifestyles.  They don't even have to believe in, or accept Christ on a conscious level, in order to tie into Christian energies.  This is one reason why I more often than not refer to homo/bisexuals with their Aryan Pagan title, the third sex, instead of LGBT, etc., as the third sex is part of Aryan Pagan heritage, while "LGBT identities" and "LGBT communities" are Jewish inventions for undermining and destroying the White Aryan Pagan family, which is the foundation of Satanism.  The Jews, through their "masterpiece" of Christianity, are ultimately responsible for the dissolving of White Gentile families, while most homosexuals are not. 

And finally, more proof that Vera is a Christian are her assertions that "Satan" is the Lord of our "fallen nature," and that he is "the God of this world, and nothing more," which are lies that come straight from that goddamned Jewish/Christian Bible.  Again, she cannot handle the Real Satan, as he represents the Gentiles, and she is not a Gentile.  This is why Satanism -- THE REAL THING -- is so foreign, alien, and repugnant to her and her politically correct way of life.  I realize that I have resorted to some uncivilized "name-calling" within this sermon, but in this case, it was warranted because I am simply telling it like it is, and someone had to expose this Jewess who uses Satanism and Satan's Name to promote Left-winged Christianity and Christian Liberalism, as if these are "alternatives" to hardcore Christian fundamentalism.

Satan forbids all things that are culturally-decadent for his White Aryan people, which means that Vera is once again wrong about Satan representing our "fallen nature."  She has it backwards.  Satan is about his people physically and spiritually ascending to perfection, becoming Gods, and re-claiming their rightful places as Masters of the Earth.  Vera wants to convince our people that it is "okay" to settle for what is less than perfect.  This is why Satan wanted me to expose this Jewish broad with a Left-winged Christian agenda.

Now, for the pesticide to deal with the pestilence of Diane Vera and her "worker bees" infesting Satanism with Left-winged Christian agendas:

1) If you know how to create a website or a blog, explain how Nazism is the only salvation for Gentiles, as well as how True Nazism -- the real thing -- is True Satanism.  

2) Diane Vera, on her website, wrote the ultimate Leftist Christian cop-out when she stated that when a Nazi movement attains power, it will most likely be dominated by intolerant Christians, or intolerant Odinists, and not by Satanists.  However, this is only her own wishful thinking.  Wake White Christians up by proving the complete and utter Jewishness of ALL forms of Christianity, and remind everyone at every turn that, although fictitious, Christ is of an exclusively JEWISH origin, as is the "heavenly father" and the decadent "Holy Spirit."  It is also a requirement as a Satanist to wake the neo-Pagan Gentiles, such as the Odinists, up by explaining the parallels between True Nazi Satanism and the pre-Christian, Aryan Pagan religions, as they are the same thing.

3) Explain how all things Christian are a racial threat and a racial poison that the Jews invented to destroy Satan's White Aryan human bloodline, and tell why, as a Satanist, you will not tolerate the Christian secular Left wing -- the kind that Vera promotes -- or its activism, any more so than you will tolerate hardcore, Right-winged Christian fundamentalism -- the kind that Vera claims to "oppose" -- within the Satanist scene.  Clean up Diane Vera's Left-winged Christian mess and remove her influence among Satanists by teaching that she is WRONG about true Nazism being "oppressive" and "against freedom," homosexuality, and a woman's choice to have an occasional abortion, etc., and finally...

4) Give strategies for effectively eliminating Liberalism, political correctness, multiculturalism, race-mixing and other Christian anti-Nazism from the world of genuine Satanists.

Whether or not she can actually admit to it, Diane Vera is at least partially-Jewish by race [which is made obvious in most of her writings concerning Jews and "Satanism"], and she uses her fake version of "Theistic Satanism" and "Satan's" Name to push and promote Left-winged Christianity.  This, in and of itself, is an incredibly Jewish tactic.  Satan once told me how both Liberal Christianity AND Conservative Christianity are working together from behind the scenes to destroy the White Aryan Race.

None of this matters to Diane Vera, other than the destruction of Satan's Chosen People -- the White Aryan Race -- and the exaltation of the "downtrodden" outcasts [which is who she is leading] that Jesus Christ, in the fictional Jewish gospels, befriended, aided and abetted, and personally saw to make "superior" to their superiors.  If more Conservative Christians actually followed Jesus Christ's footsteps, Vera, and those who she inspires with such Marxism, would realize that Christianity is really Jewish Liberalism, and that White Racialism, is, indeed, Satanism, as we, the White Aryan Race, were born from Satan, himself.

Diane Vera's websites on "Theistic Satanism" have actually been holding back all who believe and KNOW that Satan is real.

The bottom line, in regards to the teachings of Diane Vera's so-called "Theistic Satanism," is summarized in The Christ that Failed by Jake S. Wheeler:  "...the World Council of Churches declared:  'Every human being created in the image of God is a person for whom Christ died.  Racism, which is the use of a person's racial origin to determine a person's value, is an assault on Christ's values, and a rejection of his sacrifice.'"

Although she pretends to "oppose" Christianity and its message, the above quote is the Gospel of Diane Vera and her clan of culturally-decadent freaks and misfits pretending to be "Theistic Satanists" who "oppose" fundamentalist Christianity, but in reality, only oppose Pagan Satanism, while promoting Left-winged Christianity, reverse Christianity, and activism for other Left-winged, anti-racialist, communist causes.  Vera worships Jesus Christ in the guise of a black goat, hence her racially-bigoted bias against the True Satan-Lucifer's White Aryan Nordic humanoid appearance and true nature.