The Saturnian Gay "Pride" Flag Exposed! by High Priest Jake Carlson

This sermon does not cover the history of the six-rayed Gay "Pride" rainbow flag, but is about how the Jews use this symbol.  Like the "pink triangle,"
that the Jews tell their LGBT slaves to adorn themselves with as "the courage to survive in the faces of 'hate,' 'bigotry,' and 'oppression,'" the Jews also use the rainbow "Pride" flag as a symbol of eternal "victimhood" in the name of "liberation."

Christianity's condemnations against the "passive" partner in the homosexual sex act contains some irony in a tragic sense, because for Gentiles, although homosexual behavior is forbidden [except within the Catholic pedophile church], Christianity and the Jewish Kingdom of God DEPEND UPON WEAKNESS, MEEKNESS, FEMINISM, AND UNMANLINESS!!!  Although these traits are not inherent in every third sex person, the Jews who control the Marxist LGBT Rights movement have been creating third sex Gentiles in the image of a bisexual, meek, suffering, exploited, downtrodden, marginalized Jewish bachelor, Jesus Christ.  The Jews then spread this spiritual parasitism among their third sex Gentile hosts who originally only wanted to acknowledge that homosexuality was a part of them that isn't to be repressed or ashamed of, but because of Jewish brainwashing, have demanded that homosexuality, or "queerness," be their entire race, nation, and identity that is to be pushed into the faces of everyone, and vilify all who object, NOT to homosexuality itself, but to this militant sho
ck troop Marxist revolutionary subversion of White Aryan Pagan society, culture, and Civilization.

The weak, meek, and the submissive outcasts, deviants, and marginalized make the best vessels for the Jewish scum-bag "holy spirit" that totally annihilates all differences between the different genders, races, castes, creeds, colors, and nationalities at the coming of Christ.  Like the fictional Jewish character of Christ, his Jewish people always befriend the outcast and turn them against the worthwhile portions of
society--White Pagan Civilization.

Like Romans chapter 1: 24-27, the following verse from the Jewish New Testament attacks the freedom that was White Aryan pre-Jewish Paganism, which is Satanism.  It attacks any Gentile heterosexual who doesn't accept the Jewish-invented birth control tactic of "one man/one woman marriages."  However, this verse also clearly attacks homosexual behavior among Aryan men, but without using the word "homosexual" or even "sodomy."

"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind..." -- 1 Corinthians 6:9

"Arsenokoitai," in Greek, means male-bedders, which has been a
pplied to the "abusers of themselves with mankind" described in 1 Corinthians 6:9.  This is the "active" role, or the "top" in the homosexual sex act.  Likewise, "Malakoi," in the same verse, is the Greek term for the male who takes the "passive" role during homosexual intercourse.  Some interpret "Malakoi" as "effeminate" or "unmanly," but a man's masculinity, or lack thereof, more often than not, has very little to do with their private life.

Homosexuality and meekness are not inherently related, but through Jewish social conditioning, the Jewish people have found a loophole to keep the third sex trapped in the Jewish Kingdom of God through secularized Christianity, which is just as deadly to Satanists as bible-thumping Christian fundamentalism.  The minds of Liberals close much tighter and much sooner than the "bigots" and "haters" of the s
o-called "Religious Right Wing" that they claim to be liberating the "oppressed" from.

The numbers "3" and "6" tie into the Saturnian Jewish forces, the Jewish "God," the Jewish people, Christianity, Islam, and Marxism, etc.  "3" and "6" are not to be confused with the SATANIC "666."  "6" signifies imperfect/incomplete man.  "66," like the 66 books within the Christian Bible, represents slave labor of the "goyim" [Gentiles] under a Jewish Utopian one-world government of Christ.  "3" with "6" signify the merging of all races and nations together into one big "happy family" of Jesus Christ.  On the other hand, "666," which has a completely different meaning, represents the White Aryan MAN-GOD and the New Aeon of Satan.

There are seven main major chakras in the human soul, and their colors are:  base-red, sacral-orange, solar-yellow, heart-green, throat-blue, sixth-indigo, and crown-violet.  Today [2/8/2017], Satan made me think about something I've never considered thinking about.  The Gay "Pride" rainbow flag only has SIX out of the seven colors of the chakra system.  The colors of the Gay "Pride" flag are:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.  This means that the kundalini serpent that the Jews have forged for the Jewish gay movement goes from the throat chakra directly to the crown chakra, totally skipping and disregarding the sixth chakra [indigo].  The Jews behind this design for "gay liberation" intentionally created a portal to Saturnian energy to keep those "out and proud" LGBT people and their supporters trapped under th
e three-dimensional material world of Jehovah-Yahweh-Christos-Allah-Muhammad, totally devoid of the Satanic potential for true physical AND spiritual perfection that would otherwise be the birthright of all Gentiles.

Today, Satan told me that the six instead of seven chakra colors for the Gay "Pride" rainbow flag and the sixth chapter of 1 Corinthians verse 9 are somehow linked.  That scripture says that the third sex, whether the "active" or "passive" partner, are both denied access to "heaven" unless they "repent" from this so-called "unnatural" behavior.  Some Satanists who are still Christians when it comes to homosexuality like to "turn the tables" and focus on the homosexuality of Christ and his followers so they won't have to give up their traditional Christian values about homosexuality.  These hypocrites, then try to apply their anti-homosexual Christian values to Satanism, instead.  Even so, in Satanism, it is extremely unwise for there to be hang-ups surrounding the sex lives of consenting adults, unless race-mixing, rape, or pedophilia are involved.  Besides, many husbands and wives perform the very same sex acts that are attributed to homosexuals in the first place, but we don't hear about that very often, nor do we need to.

The truth behind the "can't go to heaven" myth for the third sex is found within the Marxism of the LGBT Rights movement, itself.  "Heaven" and "Hell" are code words for the upper and lower chakras, with the base chakra where the kundalini serpent of Satan resides coiled and dormant.  For many people with hang-ups and enemy indoctrination, including the equality crap that is spouted off by Marxist revolutionaries, if their serpent ascends, it will either get trapped somewhere around the solar plexus chakra, or retreat back down in the base chakra.

Satanism is true Nazism, and many of today's Nazis unfortunately have Christian biases against homosexuality, even if some of these Nazis with Christian values are Atheists, Agnostics, Odinists, or even Satanists.  Christianity is a virus that can strike any person, even if they have never been exposed to Christianity or related Jewish scum.  THAT IS HOW THE CHRISTIAN CONTAGION WORKS!!  IT SPREADS LIKE A PLAGUE!!!  In true Nazism, both heterosexuality AND homosexuality are not only  tolerated, but are welcomed.  However, it is the re-population of the Satanic White Aryan Race on planet Earth through the sexual union of White Aryan men and women  that is in dire need of **ACTIVISM** UNTIL ORDER AND BALANCE ARE RESTORED AND JUSTICE IS SERVED!  This doesn't mean that the third sex will be unimportant in the Fourth Reich if they don't procreate, but it is simply the price to pay for the fact that Satan has made it a Law of Nature that no two people are equal with one another.  I can accept this.  Can you?

Here is how a self-identified "Queer Christian" has created a prayer to outline each color of the Gay "Pride" rainbow flag that is designed not to "liberate" like it claims to, but to keep White Gentile third sex victims of this Marxian creed trapped in Jehovah-Yahwehland, away from the spiritual realm, and without hope for physical AND spiritual perfection through our God, Satan, the true Lucifer.  Notice the Marxist equality and racial diversity scam that is supported by Christ, who DOES, in fact, support and represent the Marxist LGBT Rights movement.  This is so typical of any Jewish movement, or any movement that is at least given the Jewish kosher seal of approval.  Any TRUE Satanist will find the following to be just as repulsive and degenerate as "born-again" Bible-thumping Christian fundamentalist fanaticism.

"Rainbow Christ, you embody all the colors of the world. Rainbows serve as bridges between different realms: heaven and earth, east and west, queer and non-queer.  Inspire us to remember the values expressed in the rainbow flag of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

Red is for life, the root of spirit. Living and Self-Loving Christ, you are our Root. Free us from shame and grant us the grace of healthy pride so we can follow our own inner light. With the red stripe in the rainbow, we give thanks that God created us just the way we are.

Orange is for sexuality, the fire of spirit. Erotic Christ, you are our Fire, the Word made flesh. Free us from exploitation and grant us the grace of mutual  relationships. With the orange stripe in the rainbow, kindle a fire of passion in us.

Yellow is for self-esteem, the core of spirit. Out Christ, you are our Core. Free us from closets of secrecy and give us the guts and grace to come out. With the yellow stripe in the rainbow, build our confidence.

Green is for love, the heart of spirit. Transgressive Outlaw Christ, you are our Heart, breaking rules out of love. In a world obsessed with purity, you touch the sick and eat with outcasts. Free us from conformity and grant us the grace of deviance. With the green stripe in the rainbow, fill our hearts with untamed compassion for all beings.

Blue is for self-expression, the voice of spirit. Liberator Christ, you are our Voice, speaking out against all forms of oppression. Free us from apathy and grant us the grace of activism. With the blue stripe in the rainbow, motivate us to call for justice.

Violet is for vision, the wisdom of spirit. Interconnected Christ, you are our Wisdom, creating and sustaining the universe. Free us from isolation and grant us the grace of interdependence. With the violet stripe in the rainbow, connect us with others and with the whole creation.

Rainbow colors come together to make one light, the crown of universal consciousness. Hybrid and All-Encompassing Christ, you are our Crown, both human and divine. Free us from rigid categories and grant us the grace of interwoven identities. With the rainbow, lead us beyond black-and-white thinking to experience the whole spectrum of life.

Rainbow Christ, you light up the world. You make rainbows as a promise to support all life on earth. In the rainbow space, we can see all the hidden connections between sexualities, genders and races. Like the rainbow, may we embody all the colors of the world! Amen." [1]

The "Queer Christian" Jewish Utopia outlined by the above prayer's author is the changing face of Cultural Marxism.  There are many weak people who call themselves "Satanists," but are opposed to Nazism because they find it to be a stumbling block for their meekness, and desires for the oh-so "oppressive" White Aryan Race of Satan to go extinct while they offer their bleeding heart compassion to Liberal institutions that teach the lesser-thans how to revolt against White Civilization.  These people that are "Satanists" only by name, but not through theory and practice, will not experience the raptures of Satan's Kingdom on Earth.  On the contrary, they will writhe in agony in the presence of the real, living Satan and his Chosen One, the Anti-Christ.

In light of this sermon, with the revelation from Satan that the Jewish people who push the Marxist gay liberation movement are working to keep the third sex and their supporters trapped in the strictly material realm of Jehovah-Yahwehland, is it any wonder why the Jews also promote the most dangerous and reckless lifestyles, habits, and addictions among the White Aryan portion of the third sex more than anyone else?  Of course this unhealthy atmosphere that reeks of Jehovian death and destruction is the resulting backlash of Christian oppression that teaches the third sex that they are going to burn and suffer in a lake of fire for all eternity without any hope, so why bother living productively?  Some Christians even teach that it isn't the denial of, nor the blasphemy against, the "holy spirit" that is the unpardonable sin, but homosexuality.  Something that even many Satanists who still have an occasional Christian "cramp" in their side about homosexuality forget is that it is these Christian teachings that program many third sex people to live dangerously and spread disease through what has been labeled "the homosexual lifestyle," where promiscuity and drug and alcohol abuse have been singled out by millions as a political statement, and even yet for some, they believe that they are getting in touch with the "spiritual" through these disastrous practices.

While it is perfectly fine to lay blame on the third sex individuals who are consciously working for the destruction and assimilation of the White Race into universal bastardy, many others are well-meaning people who were the victims of Jewish brainwashing that the Jews presented as the only "alternative" to Christian oppression.  It is the Jewish people who are hiding behind these human shields, teaching the third sex to be perpetual "victims" of the White Male Patriarchy that are to receive the blame, not the third sex who can be given the chance to wake up.

Proof of many third sex people's infection with Jewish materialism can be seen by the many homosexual men who come to Satanism expecting this religion to define Satan the way he is defined in the Christian [Jewish] Bible or how he is portrayed in Anton LaVey's "The Satanic Bible."  These people expect Satanism to be all about sex and "phallus worship," black masses, and other forms of rebellious, reverse Christianity instead of pro-White Aryan Pagan Satanism, which is spiritual, it focuses on the spiritual, and it seeks to enlighten Satan's Aryan people.  If people are inclined to indulge in their own fetishism, it is to be done only on their own time, and only within the confines of a community of those who enjoy the same thing.

SATANISM IS NOT ABOUT DRUGS, ADDICTIONS, DIRT, FILTH, DARKNESS, DEVIANCY, EVIL OR PERVERSION!  SATANISM IS LIFE ITSELF!  If this reality doesn't set well with you, then Satanism clearly wasn't meant for you.

The point is that the Jewish, Saturnian curses of "3" and "6" have taken their toll upon this portion of the White Aryan population more than most people realize or even want to know.  If you are against helping the third sex live as citizens among White heterosexuals in a National Socialist society, without anymore chaos and confusion, then you are just as responsible for the collapse of White Civilization as the homosexuals that you hate.  We have to work together.  It is only the Jews who benefit from our pitting ourselves against one another by seeing homosexuality and heterosexuality as categories of separate groups of people, as if something so insignificant as sexual preference could be equated with race or nation.  THIS IS THE LIMIT.  GROW UP.  WAKE UP!!

Last but not least...  The third sex at large, for the most part at the current moment, is not a threat to the Jewish powers that be because there are the third sex who are either 1) pacifist, effeminate degenerates who passively sit by idly allowing the death and destruction of the White Aryan Race of Satan, or 2) the outspoken crowd of LGBTs who are not so idle about the death and destruction of the White Aryan Race, but work actively alongside the Jews to kill us off.  What we need to do is wake these lost souls up, rehabilitate them, and teach them how to channel their destructive/transformative/shamanic powers into the death of the Jewish people, once and for all.  Peace can only be established on a planet Earth that is devoid of our enemies.  It is either us or them.

Although many third sex people's THREAT BUTTON against the Jewish Saturnian powers has been disabled for many centuries, due to Christian [Jewish] oppression and the Marxist rebound, the third sex can be reawakened and join their heterosexual brothers and sisters in Satan.

Like heterosexuality, homosexuality has a unique function.  Although, the excremental personality of Aleister Crowley is not a figure that Satanists of today should look up to as a role model, due to the fact that rather than choosing Satan, he chose to attempt to live the life of a non-Jewish rabbi, we can still learn a great deal from him.  The problem for Crowley was that he was a victim of the time in which he lived and a lack of knowledge.  However, it cannot be denied that in his studies, experiments, and travels, he learned lots about what is considered Satanism, such as Pranayama [Yogic breathing exercises] and Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Tantra.  Crowley's  downfall was for the fact that by not being unconditionally aligned with Satan's desires, his use and abuse of the Powers of Hell [Demons], and drug use, he was an open channel for the enemies of Satan at all times.

On a lighter note, here is something that Crowley found out about human sexuality that Satan has confirmed for me to be true a long time ago.

"[Aleister] Crowley...came to believe that the power of heterosexuality lay in reproduction, whereas the power of homosexuality lay in the shamanic experiences of transformation and death/rebirth.  Related to this, he viewed heterosexual relations as extending outward (as to children) and homosexual relations as creating a circuit or loop of magical energy or power.  Crowley continued to experiment with homosexual magic, as he did with heterosexual magic, for the remainder of his life."  "[In Crowley's] poem 'Hymn to Pan,' read at his funeral...the essence of Crowley's experience with the sacred [is expressed]:  "...Pan!  Io Pan! / I am thy mate, I am thy man, / Goat of the flock, I am gold, I am god. / Flesh to thy bone, flower to thy rod." [2]

And just to clarify, the above spiritual experience and sex magick isn't only reserved for the third sex; heterosexuals are also entitled to it as well, and without having to "switch" sexualities or participate in homosexuality in any way in order to experience it.  I just wanted to make this clear. 

To conclude, once more third sex people start coming to Satan, dedicate, study White History, and get committed to daily meditation, they will be an explosive threat to the enemies of Satan once again, and there will no longer be any Christian qualms from National Socialists who have Christian leftovers in their psyches concerning  homosexuality.  Prior to the arrival of the Jewish people and Jewish concocted religions and politics, anti-homosexuality was as alien to the White Aryan Paganism of Satan as anti-heterosexuality.



[2] Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit by Randy P. Conner, David Hatfield Sparks and Mariya Sparks p. 116