The Jewish Version of Homosexuality:  Lies, Hypocrisy, and Pedophilia by High Priest Jake Carlson

Let me first start off by saying that despite the flawed views of the Christian author that I am citing for this sermon, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with homosexuality, just like there is absolutely nothing wrong with heterosexuality, but many people cannot grasp this, as this is way over the heads of those who are still trapped within the confines of Christian sexual morality.  However, the point of the citations of this Christian author that are contained within this sermon is to show the hypocrisy among the Jewish people and how they cannot leave what is natural, such as homosexuality, alone, and how they always have to ruin a good thing by perverting it.  For the Jewish people, as we shall see, homosexuality and pedophilia are synonymous.  This is not the case among the White Aryan Race.  Every race has its perverts, but the Jewish people are completely at one with every sickness, filth, and perversion.  This is their trademark in much the same way that the Jewish people, themselves, are synonymous with urine and fecal matter.  The Jewish people are of a completely different origin and species than the White Aryan Race of Satan.  The Jewish people are not human beings.  They are not animals.  They are monstrosities who were created by the enemies of Satan to destroy everything that Satan holds dear, the Aryan people the most of all.

As we can see, according to both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible, the Koran, and other Jewish doctrines, the Jewish people are against the White Aryan Third Sex, as we are still just as much of Satan as Aryan heterosexuals are, but the Jewish people have been inventing perverted and unnatural forms of homosexuality and heterosexuality in the same way that they promote both homosexual and heterosexual pedophilia and race-mixing.  In the case of homosexuality, this perverted form of homosexuality is from the Jewish attempt to create a so-called "gay culture" as something separate and distinct from Aryan culture as a means to destroy White Aryan civilization.  The Jews have succeeded in tricking many would-be Aryan Third Sex people into believing that Jewish Liberalism [Marxist Communism] and membership within the "LGBT community" are "alternatives" to oppressive, restrictive Christianity.  This is just as much of a Jewish lie as Christianity, itself.  Obviously, it is not just the Marxist homosexuals who are to blame, as it is also the Christians who preach against homosexuality that keep the Third Sex thinking that Liberalism, Democracy, and Marxism offer an "alternative" to Right-winged Christian fundamentalism.  What these deluded Third Sex people who buy into these Jewish lies do not realize is that Marxism and all other forms of Communism are nothing but Left-winged Christianity, and in many cases, Christianity without the traditional Christian Christ, but still Christianity, nonetheless.  This means that the Third Sex Liberals need to wake up just as much as heterosexual Conservative Christians.  If both groups of people do not wake up, we will not have a future, and the Jewish people will own us as their bar-coded, micro-chipped cattle, regardless of which side we were on.

The ultra-Orthodox Jews work to hide any incidences of homosexuality among their own, but the truth is that this faction of Jews who ultimately call the shots for ALL of the Jewish population are against homosexuality, not just for the Jewish people, like the deluded Christians believe, but they are against homosexuality for EVERYONE including the Aryan race.  Since homosexual relations do not lead to the birthing and raising of children, I can see where some of the Christian paranoia comes from regarding our race dying out, but they never stop to look to Nature without Christian lenses.  If they did, they would see that homosexuality is just as natural and normal as heterosexuality.  The Jews cannot accept Nature, let alone Satan.  They pretend to be against homosexuality among their own, but supportive of it among the Gentiles, but this is just a cover for their inability to accept homosexuality in a natural way.  This is also why the ultra-Orthodox Jews consider the Gentiles who are against homosexuality as "righteous Gentiles."

In the year 2006, there was going to be a Jewish "gay parade" in Jerusalem, but it was canceled because the ultra-Orthodox Jews threatened to put the
"Pulsa D'nura" (blows of fire) death curse on the organizers, supporters, and police at the event.  Here is an excerpt about this event cited by author Michael Hoffman in his book Judaism Discovered.

"In a November, 2006 press release from [a] rabbi, which some Rightist Catholics were promoting to embarrass Leftist Catholic bishops, the rabbi boasts, 'I am just returning from Jerusalem, where I represented over 1,000 Rabbis in a coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims who have--for the first time--defeated an effort by homosexual activists to organize a World Pride parade through the Holy City.'

What the goyim don't know is that the homosexual parade was defeated because certain Israeli rabbis threatened to put a black magic spell on the Judaic homosexuals, the pulsa d'nura curse, in which, by sorcery, 'angels' from hell are called upon to kill the intended victim within a year.  This is the Kabbalistic voodoo that 'stopped the homosexual parade.'  Furthermore, the parade was opposed not because it was homosexual, since certain rabbis have a record of routinely molesting boys (and each other in their ritual baths), but because it gives away a hidden reality:  the profoundly homosexual nature of the culture fostered by Orthodox Judaism generates homosexual tendencies in Talmudists who, in modern  times, often come out of the closet and parade as part of an openly 'gay' Judaic movement that sprouts in the rabbinic capital of Jerusalem, seriously threatening Orthodox Judaism's pious image as strictly heterosexual.  That is why the parade was obstructed.  Homosexual Judaics were manifesting their orientation in public, for the world to see, not because rabbinic Judaism has an ethical objection to sodomy -- Talmudic adherents may sodomize little boys under the age of nine and have anal intercourse with their 'meat from the butcher shop' (the Talmud's name for a Judaic wife), as they please." [1]

Despite author Michael Hoffman's perverted Christian logic and enemy bias, the truth that he was trying to get across is that the Jewish people DO allow homosexuality among their own, but they have a heterosexual supremacist image to maintain, as the Jewish holy texts, especially the written and oral Torahs, state that any Jewish men who are caught engaging in homosexual behavior are to be killed -- both men -- the giver and the receiver.  For centuries, the Jews have denied that homosexuality even exists among their people, as they claim that homosexuality is a Gentile Pagan "excess."  The Jews have been working to cover their tracks when homosexuality is present within the ultra-Orthodox faction of the Jewish people, while the ultra-Liberal Reform Jews openly practice, tolerate, and encourage homosexuality, but only a perverted form of it on their own terms, such as pedophilia and a politically correct, multi-cultural LGBT community, as opposed to just letting the Aryan Third Sex population be.  If any Jew supports something that in and of itself is not wrong, such as homosexuality, as well as heterosexuality, there is always a catch, as the Jews are not a natural people.  They always have ulterior motives. 

As of June 26th, 2015, the Jewish lobby pushed Third Sex marriage through, but the expense is that the only reason they did this was to create a distraction while forging the path for legalizing and "legitimizing" pedophilia "rights."  This is all in the Jewish Talmud and the Jews are doing what they do best -- putting the Talmud in action to destroy Aryan civilization.  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have also been coming to life right before our eyes, as well as behind our backs when we aren't looking.  People who have intelligence and who pay attention to world affairs and to their surroundings can see this, while the HERD of human SHEEP deny this and consider us to be so-called "conspiracy theorists" because they can't handle the inconvenient truth.  As for Third Sex marriage, which used to be a Pagan custom in Aryan society, we have to reject the Jewish version of it and re-claim our Aryan heritage, as the anti-Pagan Jews are promoting a Leftist kosher version of "same-sex marriage."

Getting back to the point of this sermon...

The Talmudic anti-sodomy laws of the Oral Torah that are intended for the Jewish people to follow differ from the Biblical anti-sodomy laws that are intended for the Gentiles to follow via Christianity in the following ways:

1) Homosexual intercourse is permitted between Jewish men and boys under the age of nine.

2) The Talmudic halachic [accepted Jewish law] loophole permits so-called "accidental sodomy" between Jewish members of the same sex.

3) Oral sex performed by a rabbi on a male infant during circumcision is mandatory.

4) The Jewish belief that the Jewish people are incapable of homosexual feelings lets any Jew off the hook when they perform homosexual sex acts.

5) The promotion and celebration of an all-male homo-erotic "culture" that hates women isn't only tolerated.  It is enforced.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Jewish Talmud that permit Jewish pedophilia:

"...Intercourse with a boy under nine years old is not considered a significant sexual act..." Babylonian Talmud Ketubot 11b

"...A child less than nine years old the object of sodomy" (even if he has been sodomized). Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 54b

Unlike with the White Aryan Race of Satan, the Jewish people cannot differentiate between homosexuality and pedophilia, and it is pedophilia and not homosexuality itself that the Jews are pushing and promoting in the name of "gay rights" and so-called "equality."

Here are some excerpts from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, cited by author Michael Hoffman in his book Judaism Discovered:

'...for many years, (Talmud scribe) Yaakov Yitzhak Brizel...sodomized ultra-Orthodox boys.  The greatest rabbis knew -- and did nothing...

'At the age of 11, Moisheleh, the strongest fellow in the Talmud Torah (school for ultra-Orthodox boys), went up to Shaiya Brizel and said to him:  'Kid, I want you [to] know that your father is not the holy man you think he is.  He is a homo.

'...Brizel was a scion of the Brizel family, which founded ...the mysterious organization that imposes moral order on the ultra-Orthodox ghetto...Had the father, Yaakov Yitzak Brizel...contented himself with homosexual relations with adults, it is reasonable to suppose that we never would have heard his son's story.  However, in his book, The Silence of the Ultra-Orthodox, published a few weeks ago, the son claims that for decades his father...sodomized yeshiva students.  He committed the act in empty synagogues during the hours between prayers and in other places.  The greatest of the ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Landau and the halachic sage Shmuel Halevi Hausner of Bnei Brak, knew and kept silent.'

'...The proud father with the look of an honored rebbe, who observed all the
commandments from the slightest to the most important, used to pray at a certain yeshiva with the young boys.  There, claims Shaiya Brizel, he hunted his victims.  When the head of the yeshiva discovered the true reason that the respected Torah scribe was praying fervently at his yeshiva, he did not contact the police...Before the publication of his book, Shaiya Brizel met with the yeshiva head.  'You are right that we covered up for him,' admitted the man.  'I and a few other rabbis...I was busy trying to calm things down and hushing up the affair so that it would not get publicized.'

'When Rachel Brizel, the daughter of a good Bnei Brak family, married an arranged match from the glorious Brizel family, she had no idea that she was destroying her own life.  After six months, she caught her husband having sex with another man.  In that case, at least it was with an adult.  Shaiya Brizel relates that some of the boys with whom his father had relations sent letters of complaint to their own fathers; in the discreet ultra-Orthodox society they had no one else to whom they could complain.  When she read these letters, my mother went out of her mind,' writes Brizel.  'Every such letter made her want to demand a divorce.  Again and again batteries of mediators, the Brizel rabbis, would show up, whose job it was to calm her down so that, heaven forbid, she would not destroy the good name of the Brizel family.  They could live with the fact that one of their own had raped minors, but for them divorce was an impossible situation.'

'...Twice, once during prayers in a synagogue, and once during a Gemara (Talmud) study hour at Rabbi Eliezer Shach's Ponevezh Yeshiva, ultra-Orthodox men who were strangers to him touched his (Shaiya Brizel's) sexual organ, presumably on the  assumption that he followed in his father's footsteps.  The first time, he made a fuss, only to discover that the only thing that interested the people there was to hush the whole thing up.  The second time, he made do with a whispered warning to the man.  Shaiya Brizel is now 36 and the father of three; he works as an accountant.  His father, 65, was forced to leave home several years ago and return to his elderly parents' apartment.  Shaiya wrote this book after a suicide attempt in June.'

'Ha'aretz has been unable to obtain a response from Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Brizel.  At his parents' home, a woman replied:  'We don't care.  Shaiya is a liar and there is nothing more to be said.'  Ha'aretz also requested the Brizels' response through the Eda Haredit activist Yehuda Meshi-Zahav.  By the time the article went to the press, there was no response through this channel either.  Several weeks ago the father responded to the women's magazine La'isha, saying that he would sue the publishers, which has not yet happened.  It is unlikely that it will happen.  Shaiya Brizel was ready to put off publication of the book, on condition that the family sue him in a rabbinical court, in which the affair would be aired.  He has said that no one in the family was prepared to take up the challenge.  In the conversation with La'isha, the father said that he was indeed a homosexual, 'But I have had treatment and today I am no longer like that.  All this is behind me.'  In reply to a question as to whether he had sexual relations with minors, he replied:   'Perhaps I will talk about that some other time.'  He accused his son Shaiya of being 'the only one who is after me.  He has destroyed my life...He wrote this only for the money.  He wanted money from me...Because of him I separated from my wife.' Shaiya's sister, Rivka Hubert, spoke with great anger to the La'isha reporter about the fact that her brother had revealed the names of the persons involved, and declared:  'We deny everything it says in the book'  (End quote from Haaretz). [2]

I must interject here that anyone who claims to be an "ex-homosexual," or someone who "used to be a homosexual but is no longer a homosexual" cannot be trusted, and such claims are not only impossible, but have not even the smallest grain of truth, considering the fact that sexual orientation is something that doesn't change, and no one, not even Jews, can be converted to a different sexual orientation.  To state anything different means that the liar who is lying about their sexuality has absolutely no credibility, and therefore, cannot be taken seriously.

In addition to the Jewish lies and hypocrisy concerning "homosexuality" that have already been detailed in this sermon, while the ultra-Orthodox Jews ironically have a problem with consenting non-Jewish adults engaging in homosexual behavior, as the Jews make clear regarding the pending Noahide Laws that non-Jews are expected to adhere to, even the ultra-Orthodox Jews have legal loopholes when their own act upon their homosexual urges.

Like I have already stated, the Jewish people are NOT a natural people.  Their very existence goes against Nature.  Satan punishes this people with rare and freakish diseases, as this is the race that Satan hates.  Just to give another example of how the Jews live against Nature, the ultra-Orthodox men can only have vaginal intercourse with their wives if it is through a hole in a sheet that covers the wife so that the man doesn't have to look at her.  Jewish females are not any more natural than the Jewish males, either.

"The legal loophole the rabbi-lawyers have created for homosexuality is found in [the Babylonian Talmud] Sanhedrin 54b:

Translation and commentary:

The Gemara draws certain conclusions from what was stated above:  If someone unwittingly perpetrated sodomy upon a man, and also allowed himself to be sodomized by a man.

Rabbi Abbahu said that the law is as follows:  According to Rabbi Yishmael, the offender is liable for two sin-offerings, one sin-offering for violating the prohibition of 'You shall not lie with a man in the manner of a woman,' and a second sin-offering for violating the prohibition of 'Nor shall there be a male prostitute of the sons of Israel.'  These two separate prohibitions derived from two different verses, and so a person who violated the two prohibitions is liable for two sin-offerings.  According to Rabbi Akiva, the offender is only liable for one sin-offering.

'You shall not lie with a man in the manner of a woman' and 'You shall not allow sodomy with a man in the manner of a woman' are two different readings of one and the same verse, and therefore a single prohibition obligating a single sin-offering." [3]

More homo-eroticism that is acceptable among Jewish adults is how two Jewish bachelors are allowed to sleep in the same bed under the same sheet.  The Jewish "excuse" that is made is the age-old lie that homosexuality doesn't exist among the Jewish people, as they believe that homosexuality is an Aryan Pagan excess.  Christians like David Duke, Ted Pike, Texe Marrs, and Michael Hoffman turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this fact that is way too painful for them to accept, because according to Christians like these, the same Jews that are promoting race-mixing among the White Aryan Race are supposedly promoting homosexuality among the best of the White Race so that we will die out, as homosexuality doesn't lead to the birthing and raising of children.  Christian logic such as this is called STUPIDITY!  The "White" version of Christianity only sees what it wants to see, such as the secular, Liberal Reform Jews who seem to be encouraging homosexuality for the "goyim," but this brand of Christianity fails to see that the Jews are playing both sides against the middle with the ultimate goal of outlawing all homosexuality except for their own.  What the Jews are against is information about this inconvenient truth being published for the "goyim" to see, as it uncovers a hidden fact that is off limits to the White Aryan Race.

The major irony in all of this is that every single religion or politic that is against homosexuality, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism, and the religions and politics that mimic these when it comes to being against homosexuality, actually indirectly ENCOURAGE homosexuality by segregating the sexes and forbidding sexual intercourse between the opposite sexes until marriage, while the religions and politics that do not discourage or let alone, forbid homosexuality, just let it be what it is and accept it as a natural part of the human and animal experience.  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism, and related creeds are against Nature.  Homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is natural, normal, and is to be accepted as the natural and normal trait among Gods, humans, and animals that it is.

The ultra-Liberal Reform Jews who seem to be "promoting" homosexuality are not really working in favor of the Third Sex.  A gay Jew can never be considered Third Sex, as the Third Sex is strictly White Aryan humanity who were born with a homosexual orientation.  The Jewish people can never be anything more than part of the politically correct and pointless "LGBT" community, and it is the Jews who RECRUIT Marxist "gays" for the Jewish Communist LGBT cause, as the multi-cultural LGBT Rights Movement is anti-Aryan and it is anti-Satanic to the stinking core.

By inventing an LGBT community, the Jews have been forming the formerly Aryan Third Sex into a multi-cultural, less than mediocre humanity, as well as making the Jewish-invented LGBT community a safe haven for the misfits, outcasts, morons, freaks, the meek, the weak and the cowardly, and the other losers that Jesus Christ of Nazareth of the fictitious Jewish gospels kept himself surrounded by at all times, as these social misfits and weaklings make the best Christians.  The attacks "against" Christianity from the Liberals are not attacks against Christianity in any way, nor are these attacks against the teachings of the original Jewish Communist Jesus Christ.  These attacks from the Left are against the conservative and organic traits of Aryan Paganism, also known as Satanism, that Christianity has adopted and absorbed over time in its attempts to survive.   Most Liberals are completely okay with Jesus Christ, but they are only disgusted by his conservative, Right-winged fan club of Christian fundamentalists.  It is conservative Paganism that these Left-winged misfits are against, not Christianity.  Like Democracy and Liberalism, Christianity exalts the weak, the meek, and the cowardly over the strong and the powerful.  This is a rejection of both Satan's and Nature's principles.

The sad truth is that the would-be Aryans who claim residence within the politically correct, Jewish-invented LGBT community are forfeiting their Aryan identity by selling their souls to Jewish causes in exchange for a kosher sexual identity, and they are therefore, no longer a threat to the Jewish powers that be.  This faction of White Aryan race-traitors are just as much of a wasteful burden being carried on the shoulders of the superior Satanic Aryan humanity as the mentally retarded, and when the time comes, these agents of the Jews will be disposed of properly [legally], in the same way as the Jewish people, and the incurable Gentile Christians, Muslims, and Communists.  Nature always eventually rejects the unfit.  Although this may seem cruel to the Liberals, this is a fact of life.

My final words for this sermon are that the Third Sex = the Satanic Aryan population who are attracted to the same sex and/or both sexes, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, because like heterosexuality, the Third Sex also permeates all of Nature.  Satan is the God of Nature.  On the other hand, the LGBT, or the kosher, politically correct, anti-Aryan "lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-sexual" community is Jewish and is a perversion -- an anti-White mockery -- and exploitation of the Aryan Pagan Third Sex.  The so-called "god" of the Jewish-invented LGBT community is not Satan, but is none other than the Jesus Christ of the Sermon On the Mount and Liberal Christianity.  To put it another way, there is a very large difference between the Aryan Pagan Third Sex population and the Jewish-owned and controlled LGBT community.  Only you can decide between the Aryan Pagan God Satan or the death of the White Race at the coming of the Marxist Christ who will liberate all of the lesser-thans and the marginalized and exalt them over their Satanic superiors.  After all, Christ preferred the company of the outcasts and the marginalized, as opposed to those who follow the path to become Aryan God-men/women which is the Satanic Will To Power.



[1] Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman p. 79

[2] ibid. pages 672-675 [excerpts from Ha'aretz, February 1st, 2000]

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