The Nazi War Against Christianity Part Two:  Hitler and the Pope by High Priest Jake Carlson

The lies from the secular, liberal end of Jews try to claim that Pope Pius XII was either "silent" during the the fictional Jewish "holocaust" or that he was even a "Nazi sympathizer."  The truth, however, is that Pope Pius XII, like Pope Pius XI and all other popes down through the centuries, were Jew-loving proto-Communists, and during the Third Reich, Pope Pacelli [Pius XII] worked insidiously to aid and abet the Jewish people in every possible way, providing them with false identification cards in various countries and hiding Jews in the Vatican, as well as hiding the Jews with false identities in the homes of both Catholic and Protestant families.

There is a great big lie that has also sprung from those who tell the truth that Adolf Hitler and the Popes were sworn enemies.  The false claim is made that the popes rescued Jews from being systematically "exterminated."  It's the same old lie of Nazi "genocide" of the Jewish people and "the other unfortunates" being told, but with a new face to cover the lies with certain aspects of the truth, in order to create as much confusion for Satan's people, the White Aryan Race, as possible. 

The Jewish "holocaust" isn't only a myth; it is an IMPOSSIBILITY!

See for yourself:

The so-called "concentration camps" that the Nazis sent criminals, traitors and enemies of the Third Reich to, were not "death camps;" they were prisons and housing facilities.  For example, during World War II, when the Jews were deported to these homes, the Jews were kept safe, but since the Nazis lost the temporary battle of World War II, the Jews shamelessly added to the "holocaust" LIE [with the six-million figure and all] that already existed DECADES BEFORE the Nazis even came to power.  The "concentration camps" were the SAFEST places for the Jewish people in all of Europe during World War II.  However, since the Jewish problem was being kept under control, at the end of World War II, the remaining Nazis were physically TORTURED and forced into giving false confessions.  This was a modern-day witch-hunt that happened because the Nazis underestimated the Jewish people and their allies.

While it was true that Pope Pius and his minions stepped in to prevent European Jews from being exiled, the lie was born that the pope was "saving the Jews from being sent to 'death camps' to be 'exterminated.'"  The pope despised Nazism, as it totally opposes Christianity, both Catholic and Protestant, as it was the first PAGAN anti-Christian movement to be born on European soil since the Roman Empire's attempts to defend itself against international Jewry and the Jewish plague of Christianity.  The Satanic Nazism of the Third Reich was the greatest threat against the Jewish takeover of planet Earth, and it terrified the Jews to the extent that they declared World War II against the White Aryan peoples.  Unlike many of today's Christianized would-be Nazis who think they are genuine Nazis but really aren't, the Nazism of the Third Reich was thoroughly at odds with ANYTHING that even resembled Christianity.  This fact is inconvenient for the liberals who try to link Nazism with Christianity, as they do not have a leg to stand on.

This sermon will examine the myth that Adolf Hitler and Popes Pius XI and Pope Pacelli [Pius XII] were on "friendly" terms, as well as the psychotic superstition among liberal leftists that Pius XII was a "Nazi sympathizer."
  Any references to the Jewish HOLOHOAX in the quotes below, are in reality, references to RELOCATING European Jews to HOUSING FACILITIES TO KEEP THE JEWISH PROBLEM UNDER CONTROL, NOT "EXTERMINATION CAMPS."  With the Jewish plot to kill off the White Aryan Race, the Jews of Europe had to be kept under control, which was the purpose of the housing facilities that the Jews were shipped off to.

The quotes for part two of this sermon come from the book The Myth of Hitler's Pope:  How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews From the Nazis by Rabbi David G. Dalin.

"For Jewish leaders of a previous generation, the idea that Pope Pius XII could be smeared as 'Hitler's Pope' would have been shocking.  At the end of World War II, and for decades thereafter, Pius XII was universally acclaimed by Jewish leaders, including renowned Noble Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein; Chaim Weizmann, who would become Israel's first president; Israeli prime ministers Gold Meir and Moshe Sharett; Rabbi Isaac Herzog, the chief rabbi of Israel; and Dr. Alexander Safran, the chief rabbi of Romania.  Jewish public figures showered Pius with praise for the actions he took in defense of the Jews during World War II." p. 14

"Time and time again, throughout his many writings and lectures, [Cecil] Roth pointed out that during eras of rampant anti-Semitism, the popes in Rome were often the only world leaders to raise their voices in defense and support of the Jews.  'Of all the dynasties in Europe,' noted Roth, 'the papacy not only refused to persecute the Jews...but through the ages popes were protectors of the Jews....The truth is that the popes and the Catholic Church from the earliest days of the Church were never responsible for physical persecution of Jews and only Rome, among the capitals of the world, is free from having been a place of Jewish tragedy.  For this we Jews must have gratitude." p. 19

"As the 1930s progressed, [Pope] Pius [XI] came to regard Hitler as 'the greatest enemy of Christ and of the Church in modern times,' and compared Hitler to an Antichrist.  'The persecution against the Catholic Church in Germany,' he declared, was Hitler's work, 'wholly and solely his.'  In one of his annual Christmas addresses to the College of Cardinals, he vigorously denounced both Italian and German Fascism and described the Nazi swastika as 'a cross hostile to the cross of Christ.'  On March 12, 1937, Pius XI issued his famous anti-Nazi encyclical Mit brennender Sorge ('With Burning Anxiety').  Addressed to the German bishops and read in its entirety from the pulpits of all of Germany's Catholic churches, Pope Pius' encyclical produced an angry response from the Nazi government in Berlin." p. 38

"The Jews mourned Pius XI's death.  On February 11, 1939, the chief rabbi of Paris, Julien Weil, addressed the following public homage to the pope's memory:

'The death of his Holiness Pius XI moves me deeply and painfully.  Judaism wholeheartedly joins the universal veneration that surrounded the august Pontiff, admiring and honoring him as a servant of God, a true apostle of social justice, peace, and the human fraternity.  On numerous occasions, Pius XI denounced with luminous firmness and clarity the pernicious errors of racist paganism, and he condemned anti-Semitism as irreconcilable with the Christian faith and as an instigator of iniquities and odious violence.  I am sure that I express the feelings of my fellow Jews in saluting with respect the great figure of Pius XI and in giving in our prayers a religious expression to our homage of regret and gratitude toward this great servant of the God of justice and love." pages 41-42

As stated in the above quote, Paganism is inherently a White Aryan Racial Religion.  This is the Satanism of the Satan who literally exists as the God of the White Aryan peoples.  Any Paganism that isn't based in blood and soil is Christian Communism, not Pagan Satanism.

"The February 1939 issue of National Jewish Monthly, a leading American Jewish periodical published by B'nai B'rith, featured a picture of Pope Pius XI on its cover and devoted an editorial to praising his courageous opposition to fascism and anti-Semitism.  'Regardless of their personal religious beliefs,' wrote the magazine's editors, 'men and women everywhere who believe in democracy...have hailed the firm and uncompromising stand of Pope Pius XI against Fascist...paganism, and racial theories.'  The editors quoted a statement made by Bishop Bernard J. Sheil of Chicago:  'I glory in the fact that the first international voice in the world to be raised in stern condemnation of the ghastly injustice perpetrated upon the Jewish people by brutal tyrannies was Pope Pius XI.  I am proud and happy to unite my feeble voice with the powerful voice of this illustrious pontiff in denouncing these ruthless tyrannies which lay the cruel lash of persecution upon the defenseless backs of God's children--whatever may be their race, religion, or nationality." p. 43

The leftist-liberal Jews have created lies that the Catholic Church sided with Nazi Germany, and that the Reich Concordat that was signed in 1933 is "proof" of this, but reality tells a different story...

"Recent scholarship has confirmed the contention of Pius' defenders that in signing the Reich Concordat the Vatican did not intend to confer moral legitimacy upon the Nazi regime.  Professor John Conway of the University of British Columbia...says:  'The conclusion of the Reich Concordat with the new Nazi regime in 1933 is...not to be seen as a sign of the Vatican approval...but rather as an attempt to control [the regime's] unpredictable revolutionary fervor within some legally binding framework.'  German historian Konrad Repgen agrees that for the Catholic Church, the concordat 'was not an alliance but an instrument of defense.'

Surely there is another factor to consider when it comes to the myth of Hitler's pope.  Why did Pacelli [Pope Pius XII] never meet with Hitler?  Neither in negotiating the Reich Concordat nor as a papal nuncio nor as pope nor in any other role did Pacelli ever speak with or meet with Adolf Hitler.  During Hitler's much-publicized visit to Rome in 1938, Pacelli (with Pope Pius XI) very publicly snubbed the Nazi by refusing to meet with him and by leaving Rome for the papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo.  No one accuses Nevile Chamberlain of being 'Hitler's prime minister' because of the Munich Agreement, and no one can fairly call Eugenio Pacelli 'Hitler's pope' for trying to secure the rights of Catholics against a dangerous regime that he despised." p. 62

Left-winged Liberalism and Cultural Marxism, which are extensions and continuations of the Christian left wing, point the finger at the so-called "Christian religious Right Wing" because of a small handful of "racist Christians" who were pro-segregation and anti-integration, as well as the Christian Identity creed that plagues the modern Ku Klux Klan.  The failure to do the necessary research is incompetence on the part of liberal promoters of racial equality because all it takes is a double digit IQ and some literacy to be able to see how so-called "racism" or racialism is NOT "Christian," but organic PAGAN!  Satanism is Pagan.  In the next quotes, we will see that true Christianity supports the Jewish lie of racial equality and that it fights against the White Aryan blood with doctrines that are hostile to the Aryan soul, and admits where racial pride and awareness really do come from...SATAN-LUCIFER!

"The Supreme Head of the Catholic Church, which faithful to its divine doctrine and to its most glorious traditions, considers all men as brothers and teaches them to love one another...  The Supreme Pontiff at this moment feels in his fatherly heart...the necessity for all men of remembering that they are brothers and that their salvation lies in the return to the law of love which is the law of the Gospel." pages 55-56

"In 1937, of course, the successor to the Apostle Peter issued the encyclical Mit brennender Sorge, a condemnation of National Socialism drafted by Pacelli [Pius XII] that stated, in part:  'In March 1935, in an open letter to the bishop of Cologne, Pacelli called the Nazis 'false prophets with the pride of Lucifer.'  That same year, speaking to an enormous crowd of pilgrims at Lourdes, he assailed ideologies 'possessed by the superstition of race and blood.'  At the Cathedral of Notre Dame two years later, he named Germany 'that noble and powerful nation whom bad shepherds would lead astray into an ideology of race.'  The Nazis were 'diabolical,' he told friends.  Hitler 'is completely obsessed,' he said to his longtime secretary, Sister Pascalina."  "Meeting with the heroic anti-Nazi Dietrich von Hildebrand, [Pacelli] declared:  'There can be no possible reconciliation' between Christianity and Nazi racism; they were like 'fire and water.'" p. 65

'Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State...and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God..." pages 66-67

As for the fictional "Nazi atrocities" and the Pope's alleged "silence" during the fictional Jewish "holocaust..."

"When [Pope] Pius XII's revisionist critics attack the pope's 'silence,' they do so while ignoring the fact that Jewish leaders and Catholic bishops in Nazi-occupied countries strongly advised him not to incite the Nazis to further atrocities.  When Clemens August von Galen, the bishop of Munster, wanted to speak out against the persecution of the Jews in Germany, the Jewish leaders of his diocese begged him not to, fearing that even greater persecution would result.  Pinchas Lapide quotes an Italian Jew helped by the Vatican who escaped the Nazi deportation of Rome's Jews in October 1943.  He stated unequivocally twenty years later:  'None of us wanted the pope to speak out openly.  We were all fugitives and we did not want to be pointed out as such.  The Gestapo would only have increased and intensified its inquisition....  It was much better the pope kept silent.  We all felt the same, and today we still believe that.'" p. 79

"The pope had to weigh his words so that he did not jeopardize the lives of the thousands of Jews hidden in the Vatican; in Rome's many churches, convents, and monasteries; and in Catholic churches and institutions throughout Italy.  He had to speak without endangering the lives of Catholic clergy, religious, and laypeople who were trying to save Jews.  And, of course, he had to speak without provoking the Nazis into sending even more priests to concentration camps." p. 80

"In the summer of 1944, after the liberation of Rome but before the war's end, [Pope] Pius [XII] told a group of Roman Jews who had come to thank him for his protection:  'For centuries, Jews have been unjustly treated and despised.  It is time they were treated with justice and humanity, God wills it and the Church wills it.  Saint Paul tells us that the Jews are our brothers.  They should also be welcomed as our friends.'" p. 93

"The Holy See has always entertained the firm hope that the Slovak government...would never proceed with the forcible removal [deportation] of persons belonging to the Jewish race.  It is, therefore, with great pain that the Holy See has learned of the continued transfers of such a nature from the territory of the republic.  The pain is aggravated further now that it appears...that the Slovak government intends to proceed with the total removal of the Jewish residents of Slovakia, not even sparing women and children.  The Holy See would fail in its Divine Mandate if it did not deplore these measures, which gravely damage man in his natural right, mainly for the reason that these people belong to a certain race." -- Pope Pius XII (p. 98)

In closing, m
ost people in the world who know anything about Jewish history, as well as the history of the Christian and Islamic faiths, are aware of whiny Jews complaining about Christian missionary efforts to convert the Jewish people to the Christian religion.  These Jews pretend to be victims of Christian history, when it was the Jews who concocted the Christian religion in the first place.  Here is proof that the Gentile Christians who sheltered Jews had no intention of encouraging the Jews to accept their own messiah...

Regarding the allegation that the Catholic Church's rescuing and sheltering of Jewish children during World War II amounted to forced conversions of the Jews to Christianity, "...In March 1946, Dr. Isaac Herzog, the chief rabbi of Palestine, met with Pius XII to ask what might be done to turn these Jewish orphans over to Jewish families or philanthropic institutions, so that they could be raised in a Jewish environment.  By all accounts, this meeting went exceptionally well:  The pope promised Rabbi Herzog that he would inquire into the situation, and the chief rabbi 'expressed his profound thanks,' both for the pope's promise and for the heroic work done by Pius and the Catholic Church to rescue and shelter Jews during the war.

Herzog noted that Pius XII 'worked to banish anti-Semitism in many countries,' and concluded with an invocation:  'God willing, may history remember that when everything was dark for our people, His Holiness lit a light of hope for them.'

On March 31, 1946, the Palestine Post reported that Rabbi Herzog 'told of his audience with the pope, who had received him on a Sunday early in March.  Their conversation...was mainly on the subject of the 8,000 Jewish children in Poland, France, Belgium, and Holland who were [being] brought up in monasteries and by Christian families.  He had the Vatican's promise of help to bring those children back into the Jewish fold.'  The pope must have come through on his promise, because Rabbi Herzog 'continued to praise his conduct toward the Jewish community throughout the pope's life.'

The testimony of other Jewish leaders confirms this assumption.  Dr. Leon Kubowitzky of the World Jewish Congress said in 1965:  'I can state now that I hardly know of a single case where Catholic institutions refused to return Jewish children.'" p. 113

"Speaking to the leadership of Australia's Jewish community in Sydney on November 26, 1986, [Pope] John Paul II...declared that 'no theological justification could ever be found for acts of discrimination or persecution against Jews.  In fact, such acts must be held to be sinful.'" p. 149

"As it is in 2005, so it was in the 1930s and 1940s:  The papacy was and is a friend of the Jewish people." p. 161

The thing to remember is that, regardless of whichever form it takes, Christianity is nothing more than a mixture of Communism and Kosher Paganism, blended together by the Jewish people for White Aryan consumption.  This sermon will be concluded in part three...

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