The Nazi War Against Christianity Part Three:  More Information About Hitler and the Pope by High Priest Jake Carlson

This part three of this sermon series is for the liberals who come to Satanism believing the lie that "Nazism doesn't have anything to do with Satanism" or that "Nazism is Christian."  This part of this sermon series will enable my readers to thoroughly rid themselves of any remaining doubts about the truth that Adolf Hitler was not in any way a Christian, and that he never advocated an Aryan "Positive Christianity,"  as Christianity is Christianity, which is a blend of primordial Communism with a false, Kosher, corrupted version of Paganism.  We will also see how Satan had the forces of Hell protecting Hitler every inch of the way and kept him safe and unscathed from the attempts on his life made by psychotic CHRISTIAN enemies of Satanic Nazi Paganism on several occasions.

Adolf Hitler hated Christianity so much that he was going to have the pope kidnapped and executed.  This wasn't a one-sided hatred, either.  The pope despised Adolf Hitler and Nazism so much that he was going to have Hitler assassinated.  One of the major reasons why Christianity cannot coexist with Nazism is because Christianity will never be rooted in any LEGITIMATE White Aryan blood and soil paradigm, but will always be geared towards the coming of Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the "oppressed minority groups," who, no matter how you spell or pronounce his name in Gentile terminology, is still the Jewish messiah.  There will never be a Christianity that can escape this fact.  Christianity can steal from the original Pagan religions all it wants, but it will still always remain a cloak for Judaism, including when Christ-like terms are used for the Pagan Sun God, or "the Logos."
The quotes for this concluding part three of this sermon come from Church of Spies:  The Pope's Secret War Against Hitler by Mark Riebling.

"Worst of all, Pacelli [Pope Pius XII] preached racial equality.  'Christianity has...gathered together all races, whether negro or White, into a single, big family of God,' Hartl sneered.  'Hence the Catholic church also rejects anti-Semitism.'  Speaking in France, Pacelli had condemned the 'superstition of race and  blood.' As a result, Nazi cartoonists drew a hook-nosed Pacelli cavorting with [the 1936 Negro Olympic winner] Jesse Owens and rabbis, while, Hartl claimed, 'the entire Judaized USA press praised Pacelli.'

These doctrines were dangerous because they were not just rhetorical.  The secret police found Catholics 'ideologically un-teachable' in their continued patronage of Jewish merchants.  As the SS noted, 'in exactly those districts where political Catholicism still holds sway the peasants are so infected by the doctrines of Catholicism that they are deaf to any discussion of the racial problem.'  Catholic farmers changed a sign saying 'Jews not wanted here' to read:  'Jews very much wanted here.'"

"Hartl traced the tough stance to a dark cause.  A friend from his ordination class, Father Joachim Birkner, worked in the Vatican Secret Archives, ostensibly researching sixteenth-century Church diplomacy.  Birkner was in fact an SS spy.  He fixed on Pacelli's Jesuit aide Robert Leiber, who some called 'the evil spirit of the Pope.'" pages 8-9

"In a meeting at the Vatican with Pope Pius XII, Adolf Bertram of Breslau-Faulhaber of Munich--Josef Schulte of Cologne, and Innitzer of Vienna, the pope changed the topic of the conversation to the conflict between Church and Reich.

[The pope] read out a list of grievances, compiled by Cardinal Bertram.  The Nazis had thwarted the Church's teachings, banned its organizations, censored its press, shuttered its seminaries, seized its properties, fired its teachers, and closed its schools.  The conflict portended a full-scale persecution.  Party officials boasted that 'after the defeat of Bolshevism and Judaism the Catholic Church will be the only remaining enemy.'"

"[Faulhaber stated], 'The prejudice against Catholicism won't go away,' Faulhaber  warned.  He cited Hitler's recent Reichstag speech, which had contained a chilling  phrase:  'The priest as political enemy of the Germans we shall destroy.'  Brownshirts had taken these words as a license to behead cathedral statues, use  crucifixes for target practice, and smear altars with excrement.  A mob had recently surrounded Faulhaber's own home, smashed all the windows, and tried to set the building on fire.

Faulhaber traced the trouble to the 1937 papal encyclical.  He himself had drafted the papal protest against Nazi policies..." p. 15


Here we have proof that the Christian Church was in cahoots with the Jews who were planning a world war against Nazi Germany...

'Father Leiber has told the informant that the Church's greatest hope is that the National Socialist system will be destroyed in the near future by a war,' the SS reported.  'If war does not come, Vatican diplomacy expects a change in the situation in Germany, at the latest, after the death of the Fuhrer.'  Birkner's report coincided with a plea by Pacelli for Christian heroes to 'save the world' from pagan 'false prophets,' which Hartl considered a call to resist Hitler." pages 8-9

"On 20 October Pius issued a public statement."  "Pius...stressed the 'unity of the human race.'  Underscoring that this unity refuted racism, he said he would consecrate bishops of twelve ethnicities in the Vatican crypt.  He clinched the point by insisting that 'the spirit, the teaching and the work of the Church can never be other than that which the Apostle of the Gentiles preached:  'there is neither Gentile nor Jew.'" p. 27

Some fools claim that "Hitler never terminated his membership with the Church" as if it is some kind of "proof" that Hitler "wasn't  completely against Christianity," but what these incompetents do not know, or even want to know, is that Hitler remained a member of the Church only so that he and his trusted SS elites could infiltrate, spy, ruin the clergy, and ultimately rot out and utterly DESTROY Christianity from within.  This is how Hitler used politics as a "pacifier" for the rabid pope and his men.  Although, Hitler kept his membership within the Church for ANTI-CHRISTIAN reasons, the biggest reason was for his spies to see what the Church had in mind for assassination attempts against Hitler and their plans against Nazi Paganism.

As Hitler, himself, has to say, "The Reich does not desire a modus vivendi with the  Church, but rather its destruction." -- Adolf Hitler p. 59

Many people who are too lazy to do their own research try to make the claim that Hitler represented Christian family values and that he was against things like homosexuality, and made it so that every woman's uterus were property of the state.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Hitler defended homosexuality when his homosexual Party members were loyal to the Reich and did not hide behind the Social Democratic "oppressed minority" groups and organizations.  Likewise, a woman's sex life was not in any way parallel to the Christian custom of keeping women shackled between four walls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that she had the freedom to choose her sex partners or husband or an occupation.  The enemies of the Third Reich use the fact that Nazism forbids race-mixing and promotes the raising of large, healthy families, with both biological parents being there for the children as a means to distort the reality of Nazism and paint a Christian image of it, when the claim that Nazism is Christian is as big of a lie as the Jewish "holocaust" itself.

"Some German bishops, as [Pope Pius XII] later lamented, still viewed Hitler as the defender of Christian values."  "[Hitler stated] 'Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?'  As Hitler elsewhere said, 'Our whole deformity and atrophy of spirit and soul would never have come into being, except for this oriental mummery, this abominable leveling mania, this cursed  universalism of Christianity which denies racialism and preaches suicidal tolerance.'  Pius had not forgotten the Fuhrer's vow to crush the Church like a toad; Himmler reportedly hoped to publicly execute the pope to inaugurate a new soccer stadium..." pages 61-62

Here, the Christian agent, Josef Muller, opens up about his plans to kill Hitler...  "Pressed whether he would raise the problem with his own confessor, Muller said he favored shooting Hitler like a deranged dog, and let the matter rest there." p. 69

Regarding the attempt on Hitler's life on November 8th, 1939, Hitler stated concerning Pope Pius XII, "'He would much rather have seen the plot succeed,' Hitler told dinner guests soon after.  Polish governor Hans Frank protested that Pius [XII] had always proved a good friend to Germany.  Hitler said, 'That's possible but he's no friend of mine.'" p. 76

"[Pope] Pius [XII] received London's final terms about 10-11 March [1940].  The conditions the British required to negotiate with a post-Hitler Germany included the conditio sine qua non:  'elimination of the National Socialist regime.'" p. 94

"With Hitler everywhere triumphant, Europe was becoming a pagan empire.  Deputy Fuhrer Martin Bormann had just launched the Klostersturm (Cloister Storm), confiscating religious properties, removing crucifixes from schools, and melting down Church bells for bullets.  Father Albrecht shared the deepening concern of the  pope, who feared 'the equivalent of a death sentence for the Catholic Church in Germany.'" p. 111

Truth be known, both the Catholics and the Protestants worked together with their attempts on Hitler's life and putting an end to Nazism and replacing it with Christianity.  Even if there were a "de-Judaized" form of Christianity that rested upon an Aryan Christ, it is still Judaism.  According to Adolf Hitler--the Anti-Christ--any sympathies for ANY Christianity are a sign of a mental illness.  This is why Hitler never promoted the so-called "Positive Christianity" that certain Germans were advocating.  If these twisted brains knew what Hitler had planned for Christianity after World War II, they would have given up on "Positive Christianity" much sooner.

"They [Moltke and Rosch] discussed the Nazi war on religion.  Moltke granted Hitler's 'Satanic hatred of the churches...,' the fury against the Jesuits, against everything Christian."  "According to Rosch, Moltke underlined that idea by saying:  'I want to tell you the conclusion I have come to as a Protestant Christian.  Christianity in Germany can only be saved by the German bishops and the pope.'" p. 116

As we will see, there were many attempts on Adolf Hitler's life--many made by Christians because they knew that Hitler was a SATANIC leader sent by Satan-Lucifer, himself, and that the belief in racial identity and the need to protect and preserve one's race completely negates the very foundation that the Christian religion rests upon.

"Oster had planned to have Hitler shot during an earlier victory parade in Paris.  But when Hitler arrived, on 23 June 1940, he saw the Louvre and skipped the parade.  During another march of German divisions down the Champs-Elysees in May 1941, two officers at the saluting base planned to shoot Hitler, while a third would toss a bomb from a hotel balcony.  But as the parade date neared, Hitler canceled the trip." p. 118

"Oster summoned resistance members to his office and drew a circle around Stalingrad on his military map.  He sent an emissary to Tresckow, who spoke of 'arresting' Hitler, a euphemism for killing him, when he next visited Smolensk.  Shortly thereafter Tresckow arrived in Berlin, with the result that General Friedrich Olbricht, head of the Home Army General Office, pledged to build up a secret military shadow organization capable of seizing power as soon as Hitler died." p. 143

The hatred between Adolf Hitler and the Church went back and forth, and both used spies against one another to see what was being planned.  The Vatican was the filthiest anti-Nazi, criminal spy organization of all.  "The origins of the Bavarian-Jesuit spy network--and its links to Pacelli [Pope Pius XII]--stretched back to the earliest years of the Reich.  The apparatus grew from Josef Muller's Munich intelligence deposiatives, had tipped Muller to Nazi plans, and Muller had ferried Rosch's reports to Rome.  Thus a secret and secure pipeline already linked to Pius with religious orders in the Reich by Christmas 1940, when the locus of Catholic resistance moved from Rome to Germany." p. 120

Satan watched over and protected his Chosen One, Adolf Hitler, in every way, by making sure that Hitler wasn't ever in the wrong place at the wrong time.  On top of this, Hitler is a clairvoyant and he can see into the past and future.  "[Stauffenberg] became convinced that Hitler . . . was indeed controlled by a diabolical power,' recalled Elizabeth, Baroness von und zu Guttenberg, who visited him in mid-May 1943.  'He was sure at last in his own mind that in the assassination of Hitler he would be removing a creature actually possessed, body and soul, by the devil.'" pages 162-163

Regarding an assassination attempt on the Fuhrer on 20 July 1944, "Outside the  barracks, charred bodies lay on stretchers in the grass.  Hitler's physician Theo Morrell moved down the line, doing triage.  Dead, dead, mortally wounded, dead.  He came to one prone form and stopped.  The trousers hung in ribbons down the burned legs.  Dust and wood fiber coated the skin.  The singed hair stood up like cactus spikes.  But the victim had sustained no traumatic wounds, lost no blood.  In the face masked by soot, blue eyes blazed with life.  A gentle rain began to fall.  Morrell gathered droplets in his handkerchief and wiped around the world's most famous moustache." p. 193

"'I am immortal!' Morrell recalled Hitler as saying.  'I am the child of Fate.  If I hadn't moved the briefing, I'd be dead.  You see the wood frame let the explosion escape.  This is the greatest luck I've ever known!  Now I have those bastards.  Now I can take steps!'" p. 195

In regards to the 20 July 1944 attack against Hitler, Hitler spoke, "If I speak to you today it is first in order that you should hear my voice and should know that I am unhurt and well, and secondly, that you should know of a crime unparalleled in German history.  A very small clique of ambitious, irresponsible and, at the same time, senseless and stupid officers have concocted a plot to eliminate me and, with me, the staff of the High Command of the Wehrmacht.  The bomb, planted by Colonel Count Staffenberg, exploded two meters to the right of me.  It seriously wounded a number of my true and loyal collaborators, one of whom has died.  I myself was entirely unhurt, aside from some very minor scratches, bruises and burns.  I regard this as a confirmation of the task imposed upon me by Providence.  The circle of these usurpers is very small and has nothing in common with the spirit of the German Wehrmacht and, above all, none with the German people.  It is a gang of criminal elements, which will be destroyed without mercy.  Every German, whoever he may be, has quite the same duty to ruthlessly confront these elements, and either arrest them immediately or--if they should somehow resist arrest--to wipe them out  without further thought.  The command has gone out to all our troops." pages 197-198

"For nearly nine months, [Ernst] Kaltenbrunner had probed plots to kill Hitler.  Because Rattenhuber had the job of protecting the Fuhrer, he followed the findings with a kind of mortified rapture.  In the last week, Kaltenbrunner said, the story had taken a wild turn.  The finding of Canaris' diaries, at Zossen, had confirmed what Hitler had long suspected:  that many of the threats to his life and his power traced to 'the Vatican, which Hitler . . . regarded as the greatest center of espionage in the world.'" p. 229

"In April 1945, the Nazis tried to break the man they called 'the best agent of the Vatican Intelligence in Germany.'  On the surface, Josef Muller seemed just a big-eared Bavarian book publisher, who puffed a pipe and collected stamps.  Yet since his arrest for giving Jews false papers and money, he had come to figure in a case of sensational significance.  The Gestapo claimed that Muller had plotted to kill Hitler 'using the spy service of the Catholic clergy.'" p. 1

"[As a Catholic Christian, Josef Muller] had learned a lot and unlearned a lot, Muller reflected.  He had unlearned how to hate, because he had experienced hatred in all its forms.  He had pondered the uniquely modern power to mobilize mass hatred.  It all boiled down to 'collectivism,' he decided.  The good of the group trumped the rights of the individual, regardless of the banners by which men marched.  To guard against this, Europe must find renewal in a concept of personhood that elevated the individual above the herd.  The spirit of early Christianity offered a base on which to build; for Christ had made his subjugated,  discarded, rootless disciples feel as inherently good and worthy as the emperors who decided with their thumbs whether they lived or died.  That concept of sacred selfhood, Muller vowed, would shape his own postwar political activities.  'I told Pius [XII] of my plans to fashion a new bloc from strong Christians, regardless of denomination, in order to confront collectivism.  That he agreed with this idea brought me great joy." p. 246

"By his own account, Muller felt most comfortable on the political left, because, as he liked to say, Christ had always taken the side of the oppressed.

In the end [Muller] was a quiet maker of the postwar Church and world.  His wartime interfaith efforts, which brought Dietrich Bonhoeffer to the Vatican crypt, helped spark the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, which hailed the spiritual authenticity of Judaism.  As a champion of papal transnationalism, Muller wove Catholic ideas from the German resistance into broader discourses about Christian Democracy, NATO, European unity, and human rights." p. 248

In closing, this part three for this sermon series has proven that the myth that Nazism didn't meet with extreme Christian opposition is a LIE, and that the truth is that Nazism is Satanism to the core.  We also see how Christianity and Marxism are connected, and how individuals like the Catholic-Christian Josef Muller, as well as the popes, are Martin Luther King-like figures who promote the Jewish lies of Democracy and racial equality.  With the way that they admit that Jesus Christ exalted the so-called "oppressed minority groups," over the mighty and people who do matter, even the LGBT Rights Movement is Christian, albeit, of the Christian left wing, as opposed to the wing of Christianity that claims that homosexuality is "sinful."  This is not an insult to homosexuality, considering that I'm as homosexual as they come, but this is a wake-up call for those who identify as "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual," or those who were born as hermaphrodites, to reject the Judaeo-Marxist, and therefore, Judaeo-Christian LGBT packaging, and embrace being of the PAGAN third sex, and thus, enjoy the same freedoms that heterosexuals enjoy  without getting trapped within the Judaeo-Marxist "equality" swindle.  More will be written about this subject matter in a separate sermon.

Finally, I must address "collectivism" versus "individuality."  Many people who come to Satanism with a spite against Nazism like to whine about Nazism "destroying" individuality and being collectivist.  It breaks many hearts that Satanism is not a religion that is only about the self; it is about the collective just as much as the individual and vice versa.  Every individual White Aryan person's blood-soul is a small stream that flows into the collective White Aryan "ocean," so to speak.  How one individual treats their own blood affects the collective race soul.  Satanism is organic Paganism, which is Nazism in its original form.  This form of Nazism doesn't only tolerate homosexuality; it accepts it, but it is the Jewish organizations that rally White Aryan homosexuals against so-called "hate," "bigotry" and "racism" that stand in Satan's way, and thus thwart our people from achieving freedom, neither for the collective, nor for the individual, as Jewish doctrine for the White Aryan Race of Satan is that if you recognize the concept of RACE, you are "an evil bigot and hate-monger." 

In cases like the Christian spy Josef Muller mentioned above, who claimed to have unlearned how to hate, it is the liberals and the anti-racists who pride themselves on their so-called "open-mindedness" and "tolerance" that are the most hateful and prejudiced of all, as they launch all-out witch-hunts for people who won't compromise their racial blood and soil religion for Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness.  Satanism is the White Racial Religion; it is the Nazi Secret Doctrine.

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