Jewish Control of Third Sex Rights Part Three:  Systematic Emasculation of White Aryan Males For the Jewish "Kingdom of God" Section A by High Priest Jake Carlson

The problem is two-sided.  On one side, the Jews have poisoned White Nationalists and National Socialists into adding homosexuality and the third sex to the category of cultural decadence and Race-traitors.  On the other side, the Jews have poisoned many third sex people by luring them into the politically correct, anti-White "LGBT" fold [trap] like sheep, and once these unfortunates are caught and trapped, in the name of "freedom" and "liberation," no less, they are then programmed like the extraterrestrial Greys and the Jewish people to destroy everything Aryan.  Thus, the Jews use the culturally decadent "LGBT community" to preserve Christian values against homosexuality.  The Marxist LGBT community and Evangelical Christianity cannot exist without each other.  The Jewish gay leaders of the LGBT organizations always keep this fact secret and hidden from their enslaved LGBT "goyim."

If there are anti-homosexual non-Christians, such as atheists, agnostics, Pagans, or Satanists, this would be because Christian values and so-called Christian "morality" have mutated into such a contagious and deadly "strain" that people don't even have to be Christians, or even ever be exposed to Christianity, in order to cling to Christian values.

Although Dr. William Pierce had many beliefs about homosexuality and the third sex that are in common with "born-again" Christian fundamentalists' views on the subject, the bulk of the following quotes are true for the most part, and since they are mostly true, the LGBT population of this present age had better get their act together, or they will have the same fate as the Jews, the incurable Christians, Muslims, and Cultural Marxists.

The link between the "LGBT Rights" movement and Cultural Marxism is clearly based on an unnatural unmanliness and effeminacy in men and man-hating, unnatural manliness in women.  This war between the sexes prevents the sexes from  complementing each other, which is another clever way the Jews have found to decimate the White Aryan Race by lowering the birthrate of our heterosexual brothers and sisters.  Here are Pierce's excerpts...

"A few days ago I was looking through a batch of pamphlets and leaflets published by various groups at Portland State University, which Mike S. brought here from Oregon.  Some of the material was published by a homosexual group calling itself 'Men's Resource Center,' and the interesting thing about it was that, if one skipped over the explicitly homosexual statements, the material read just about like the great bulk of the garbage published by non-homosexual, White, liberal groups which is continually coming across my desk.  That is, it has the same general tone, the same general feeling.  It all reflects basically the same sick and perverted way of life, whether it is from some Christian group appealing for funds to fight racism in South Africa or from a local so-called 'fair housing' group in Fairfax County, which puts out a monthly mimeographed bulletin.


...One occasionally runs across the same jargon in nearly all these publications, [homosexual] or [non-homosexual]:  the compulsive use of such words as chairperson instead of chairman, the breathlessly respectful references to the so-called 'third world,' and so on.

But, more than anything concrete or specific that one can point to, this material all smells alike.  I suppose that a connoisseur can distinguish something subtly different in the aroma of [homosexual] publication, but anyone can smell the same general stink that comes from everything written by White liberals, [homosexual] or not.  It is the stink of decay, the stink of death.

I used to have a theory about the relationship between liberalism and homosexuality.  It was based essentially on the non-masculine character of liberalism.  That's a hard concept to put your finger on, and I'm not really going to try to explain it tonight, except perhaps with a couple of examples.  National Socialism is a masculine 'ism.'  Fascism is a masculine 'ism' there is a boldness, a forthrightness, an assertiveness about them."

"And please note the distinction between the term 'effeminate'--which I mean as essentially the negation of 'masculine'--and the term 'feminine,' which is the complement of 'masculine.'  Masculinity and femininity are both healthy, though certainly different, characteristics.  Effeminacy, on the other hand, is a profoundly unhealthy characteristic.  And liberalism is an essentially effeminate 'ism.'  And I mean, specifically, White liberalism.  Jewish liberalism is an entirely different thing.  Actually there is no such animal.

As I said, I used to have this theory, but it has a couple of weaknesses.  For one thing, it became apparent that, although the great majority of [homosexuals] are liberals, a great many liberals are not [homosexuals].  One can almost, in fact divide White liberals into two neat groups:  the members of one group, whether [homosexuals] or not, display in their personal behavior the essentially unmanly attitude toward life which is a fundamental characteristic of liberalism, while the members of the other group tend instead toward a hard-nosed, aggressive, non-effeminate posture.

Those in the first group are the hand-wringers, the bleeding hearts.  They are the ones always babbling about 'love,' the ones Jimmy Carter was able to con with his big smile and his platitudes during the recent election campaign.  They are the mush-headed liberals, the saps, the ones who are perpetually participating in so-called 'workshops' and 'rap sessions' and 'encounter groups' and 'sensitivity seminars.'  They wear their neurotic guilt and their self-hatred on their sleeves.  It's almost as if each of them has a sign on his back saying, 'I'm White.  Please kick me.'  Those are the ones who fit my theory.

But there are also plenty who don't.  They're the ones who'll kick back if you kick them--provided you're White, of course.  There's nothing mush-headed about them, nothing fuzzy about their thinking.  They know how to get the job done.  And that job is the destruction of America, the destruction of Western civilization, the destruction of the White race.

They worked to bring about the pardoning of draft-dodgers, and now they are working for the pardoning of military deserters too.  They have re-written the public-school textbooks, so that they're now full of Black leaders of the American Revolution, Black cowboys who won the West, and long, tear-jerking eulogies about St. Martin Luther King, how much we all owe him, and how we ought to hate ourselves because a White man finally got fed up with him and shot him.  And they're scheming now about how they can cancel vital defense-oriented research programs and prevent the development of new weapons for our armed forces.


So, now if we take an overall view of liberals, we can see this one, outstanding characteristic which they all share, whether the soft-headed or the hard-headed variety:  they have all rebelled against their own natural role in the world.  Some have rejected their natural sexuality; they are the [homosexuals].  All have rejected their racial role as the natural masters of this earth.  For some this racial rejection is turned against themselves personally; they are the soft-heads, the guilt-ridden hand-wringers.  Others, the hard-heads, direct their hostility outward, against Western political and social institutions, and against cultural norms, against White rule or White dominance or the maintenance of White racial quality.


Then one notes the striking liberalism of all the Christian churches in recent decades, and one may be inclined to jump to the conclusion that liberalism is Christianity run wild, a sort of compulsion to carry out the Sermon on the Mount:  'The scum shall inherit the earth.'" [1]

Dr. William Pierce is right about most things, but he is wrong in his general, Christian-like assumption that *ALL* White third sex individuals are White Race-traitors who hate themselves, their Whiteness, the Whiteness of their fellow Aryan man/woman, and that they were once heterosexuals, but "betrayed" and "rejected" heterosexuality for a so-called "perverted and unnatural homosexual lifestyle choice."  While it is true that like with heterosexuality, homosexuality has its perverts and degenerates who fight against Nature and against all things White, there are other homosexuals of the third sex who people like Dr. Pierce quickly and conveniently look the other way for, so they won't have to deal with the fact that they are most definitely WRONG about their feelings towards the entire third sex being bleeding heart, Liberal "contragenics."  On the other hand, Dr. Pierce is completely correct and is right about the softness and effeminacy of today's Feminist LGBT rainbow flag-waving community that the Jews have molded with their hands like silly putty.  The fact of the matter, however, is that unlike the Jewish people, not ALL third sex people can be judged the same way, as a "collective  unconscious" for the third sex does not exist, despite what the self-identified queer folk like to claim to the contrary.  Is there a collective unconscious for people who are naturally left-handed?  Nope, I didn't think so.  It is the same story for people who are naturally attracted to the same or both genders.  Big deal.

In the Gospels, which are just as Jewish as the Torah and Talmud, Yeshua-Jesus Christ teaches that while there are some homosexuals ["eunuchs"] who are born homosexual, there are others who are made that way by other people through conditioning, brainwashing, extreme child abuse, or other confusion, and then, that there are those who are celibate, and/or cut their nuts off, literally, or figuratively, for the Jewish Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God = the death of every last White Man, Woman, and child.  This is the ultimate offense against Satan, the Father of the White Race, and it is the ultimate aim of the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and related religions and the politics that they come with.  Satan has left planet Earth for his people to rule over, but if they no longer exist...???  Then, with the White Aryans being exterminated, the Jewish Kingdom of God can manifest on planet Earth with all of the remaining races as the slaves that serve the Jews day and night.

Just to clarify, just because the majority of today's White Nationalists and National Socialists have been duped into adopting Christian-like views towards ALL third sex people that individuals like William Pierce held, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with homosexuality in and of itself, or that ALL White Nationalists and National Socialists are anti-third sex, especially considering the fact that more and more White Nationalists and National Socialists are coming to Satan.  Likewise, the effeminate homosexual who doesn't care about his White Race, and doesn't deserve to be considered part of the White Aryan Race, needs to thoroughly study White History and awaken to their destiny for our Race, which is destined to be the Rulers of the Earth.  Devotion to Satan = devotion to his White Aryan Race, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The fact that Satan is the owner of White Nationalism and Nazism, and that more of his people are coming to him, proves certain Jewish and Jewish-friendly individuals in the "Satanist" scene *WRONG* that Satanists will always be a "despised minority" among Nazis.  Satan is the Founder of Nazism...GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!!!  Although the Third Reich lost a temporary battle [but not the War] due to being outnumbered by traitors, liars, and other scum under Jewish control, the Fourth Reich is Satan's vengeance for the Third Reich.  The Fourth Reich is Aryan Pagan Satanism, like the Third Reich, but we are completely outspoken about our Satanist agenda, even in faces of Christian adversity that would threaten our position of power.  Satan is with us.  Satan is GOD!!!

Contrary to the Jewish propaganda concerning the members of the third sex population who the Jews have suckered into joining their "LGBT" fold like sheep, the third sex isn't a "community" or a "tribe;" it is not an ethnicity, a race, nor an identity or culture.  Homosexuality is merely an orientation or a preference, and nothing more, that belongs to no more than 5% of the world's human population.   The perpetuation of the "persecuted minority" mythology for homosexuals is used by Marxist Jews and their lackeys to desensitize White men and women and to prepare the way for the Jewish Kingdom of God where the "scum inherit the Earth."


[1] Excerpts taken from "A World Gone Mad:  A Cosmotheist lecture by Dr. William Pierce given on January 30, 1977 at the office of the National Alliance in Arlington, Virginia [From his book Cosmotheism:  Divine Aryan Consciousness -- From Man To Super-Man pages 159-161] [In brackets, I substituted William Pierce's word "queer(s)" with "homosexual(s)" as not to offend certain individuals].