Jewish Control of Third Sex Rights Part Three:  Systematic Emasculation of White Aryan Males For the Jewish "Kingdom of God" Section B by High Priest Jake Carlson

Any "criticism" of homosexuality and the third sex within this sermon is not intentional, but I merely state the obvious concerning how the Jewish people have used and abused homosexuality as 1) to lower the White birthrate, and 2) to forge a meekness GENO-TYPE among their non-Jewish, White slaves.  Satan and the Anti-Christ have no problem with homosexuality any more so than heterosexuality.  It is what the Jews do with it that is the problem, and nothing else.

It almost seems taboo to talk about the Jewish people who plan to annihilate the third sex once the third sex who are currently under Jewish command have finished running Jewish "errands."  This is due to the fact that the entire "LGBT Rights" movement is owned and controlled by the Jews from top to bottom, and how the Jews rely on the lowering of the White Aryan birthrate through non-procreative sexuality, while through "reverse discrimination," White heterosexuals are gradually being made into a persecuted minority, in order to keep pure Whites as a hated minority that is loathed far more greater than any other so-called "persecuted minority" in history, as the Jews know that we are a constant reminder of their Adversary, Satan. 

The Jewish people, and those others whom the Jews have succeeded at enslaving, exist for only two main reasons:  to destroy Satan's Aryan human population and to prevent us from returning to our divine state of Godhood, made perfectly after Satan's image and likeness.  The Jewish "masterpiece" of Christianity and Islam has pulled this off for a sad amount of the population.  It has produced a worthless Jewish man named Jesus Christ the Nazarene, who serves as the thought police, to replace Aryan spiritual knowledge and White Civilization with a Jewish one-world, Communist slave state where non-Jewish White people will no longer exist.

To the untrained eye, and/or for those souls who are still somewhat more influenced by Christian values than others, it would appear that the Jews *LOVE* homosexuality for White people in the same way that they love race-mixing for Whites, due to the fact that homosexuality doesn't produce physical offspring, and that the Jewish-invented "gay lifestyle" that comes as part of the "package deal" of the "gay identity" is often destructive for one's self, and everyone else one comes into contact with, not to mention the fact that there is an overwhelming effeminate nature in the majority of the Jewish-controlled attitudes that so many homosexual men display these days.  This Jewish-invented meekness through Christian and related Jewish indoctrination is what this section of this sermon is about.

The reason why the majority of Christians are still White is because the Jews concocted the Christian religion FOR White people to destroy our population through race-mixing, celibacy, and the Inquisition speaks for itself, as it was only White people, both hetero and homosexual who were being targeted and persecuted.  Although there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, Christian tradition, which has absorbed the Old Testament death penalty for homosexual behavior between consenting adult men, before, during, and after the Inquisition, indirectly encourages homosexuality as part of its "secret doctrine," as long as it is within the context of lowering the White birthrate and turning men into effeminate slaves of Christ.  Of course the village idiot could try to argue that the opening of so many Christian Church doors for "out and proud" homosexuals in recent decades could be "the result of Jewish infiltration," but the truth is far more strange than fiction for those who are without Satanic understanding, as the Jews never "infiltrate" Christianity; they ARE Christianity. 

The Jews don't care what happens to the third sex whom they have running Jewish errands; they just care that the enslaved homosexuals serve their purpose of disrupting White unity in the same way that they use anti-homosexual Christian values to divide and destroy the family units of those who have third sex members.  The Jews will do everything they can to disrupt the balance of homosexual and heterosexual normality [both are normal and natural], but by discouraging heterosexual procreation and promoting non-procreative homosexuality, instead, as a cultural norm, once again as an act of genocide against the White Race by lowering our birthrate, the Jewish, so-called "gay agenda" to create a society that is devoid of the birthing and raising of White Aryan children from White Aryan heterosexual parents is being revealed as the kosher conspiracy that it is to murder us in the name of "freedom," "liberation" and "equality."

Since the majority of Christians are still White people who have yet to wake up from this Jewish insult against the White Race, this is why same-sex marriage was pushed by the Jews:  to divide and conquer while the Jews keep moving forward with their establishment of the kingdom of God.  This is why the Jews incessantly promote so-called "marriage equality" for us, but rarely ever for Israel.  Although I will not criticize the third sex people who have chosen to marry each other, as I may one day take advantage of this opportunity, myself, I will say that with some rare exceptions, in ancient, pre-Christian, Pagan tradition, which is Satanism as we know it, marriage was mostly a heterosexual institution that was created to preserve the species.  This was more of an "occupation," so to speak, than joining two families together simply out of the mushy-headed romantic love between two people.  This is not to say that romantic relationships, heterosexual or homosexual, are "inferior" to traditional Pagan marriage, but I am simply stating the time-tested purpose of the marriage contract, that is, the survival of the White Aryan Race of Satan, until the Jewish people came and destroyed it by introducing Christianity and Christian "marriage."

[For the record, since romance is a major part of life for human beings, and Gods, alike, while the marriage contract during pre-Christian Pagan times was to uphold the continuation of White Aryan families, people were free to have romantic relationships "on the side" if their marriage contract was for procreation and child raising-only.  I understand if this is confusing to some.  I know that with the replacement of Pagan values with Christian values, such a concept can be difficult to wrap one's head around.  Even I, myself, am new to this reality of our Pagan History].

Christianity teaches that the fictional character of Jesus Christ befriended the outcast and those whom their families had rejected and who reject their families, as well as the freaks, and the mentally deranged and retarded.  Christian teachings also contradict themselves concerning homosexuality.  Although it teaches that homosexuality is a "Hell-worthy trespass" that is worthy of the death penalty, both for Jews and Aryans, alike, it also dehumanizes heterosexuals and lays curses against heterosexuality to lower the number of Whites that are born.  According to Jewish teachings, while a homosexual will not be punished for his lusts, as long as he doesn't act upon them, or at least "repents" before "the lord" if he does act upon them, Christ teaches that heterosexuals [as long as they are White] will burn for all eternity for adultery, fornication, premarital sex, and any other natural, human longings that we, as the White Aryan Race, have biologically inherited from Satan and our Gods who birthed us.  Heterosexuals are subliminally taught to despise their own sex drives and instincts that secure the future of our existence.

The following Bible verse sums up the Jewish "gay rights" movement, par excellence... 

"Do not let the foreigner joined to the Lord say, 'The Lord will surely separate me from his [sic] people,' and do not let the eunuch say, 'I am just a dry tree.'  For thus says the Lord:  'To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths, who choose the things that please me and hold fast my covenant, I will give thee, in my house and within my walls, a monument and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off. . .  These I will bring to my holy mountain, and make the joyful in my house of prayer; their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.'  Thus says the Lord God, who gathers the outcasts of Israel, 'I will gather others to them besides those already gathered.'"  Isaiah 56:4-5, 7-8

Now, as far as Christianity and its castrating, emasculating effects upon White Aryan males are concerned, the Jews have been trying to create a "meekness gene" to make us more prone to accepting Liberalism, Feminism, and Marxism, which are the outcomes of the Christian disease.  Christianity teaches that the poor in spirit and the meek shall inherit the Jewish kingdom of God.  By continuously introducing this alien, degenerate creed into our Aryan blood--especially the homosexuals that have been duped by Liberalism and Marxism into believing that "hate" and justice are sins against the Marxist Utopian "human family of all creeds and colors," regardless of race or caste, a meekness gene is then forged, and from this point on, the White Aryan people who are under this Jewish curse, begin turning the other cheek to anything that goes against White Aryan interests, in favor of the non-White slaves of the Jews who already badly outnumber pure Whites.

In this day and age, when one thinks of homosexuality, pink hair, glitter, "Pride" parades, drug and alcohol abuse, sexually-transmitted diseases, Liberalism and Marxism come to mind.  This is not the way it has always been.  Thousands of years ago, the typical homosexual was a fighter on the battlefield, and ultimately a Creator, a Protector, and Hero of, not some imaginary Jewish-concocted "gay culture," but ARYAN CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION.  Even if all of this present generation's third sex population were to pass away with the rest of the non-Satanist population who fails to achieve Godhood, there will be homosexuals born to the future generations, as we will never go away.  Birth defects and diseases will be cured in the future through Aryan spirituality and eugenics, but homosexuality is not something that will ever disappear or be "bred out."  Same-sex attraction is even common among our Aryan Gods, and if it was "wrong," or "unnatural," then they would have stopped it a long time ago.  Only those who are still at least somewhat influenced by the Jewish religions of Christianity and Islam, etc., would desire otherwise. 

I have always been curious as to why the Jews hate homosexuality, both among Jews AND White people, and yet, at the same time, they push it and promote it, day in and day out, for the White Aryan Race.  The reason why many liberal Jews have been promoting homosexuality since the 1950s, is for White population control, AND the creation of a meekness gene through ENFORCED Christian indoctrination combined with effeminacy in men.  Christianity, no matter which flavor it comes in, is just as Jewish as so-called "anti-Christian" Marxism.  Some people have a very difficult time understanding this, however, because they mistakenly thought that conservative, anti-Marxist Christianity was "at odds" with Liberalism and Marxism.  The Jews need every so-called "goyim," or "cattle" of theirs to be the perfect slave.  This is WHY the Jews push THEIR version of homosexuality, in conjunction with Jewish Marxist teachings and Sermon On the Mount Christian pacifism to turn the third sex into deranged fools and liberal idiots who waste their Satan-given talents and creativity on Jewish Marxism and the Jewish kingdom of God, instead.

For more about the Jewish version of "homosexuality" that is pushed by the Jewish alien beast, see:

It is a real shame that the third sex has been severed from its Aryan Pagan Warrior consciousness in favor of Jewish slavery and Christian pacifism.  I have had many third sex people in my life, and I have only been able to count a few homosexuals that would even own a gun inside of a safe for when the Race War occurs, or for personal protection, in general.  Likewise, most of the homosexuals I have known are the type of people that would rather go to the grocery store every night on their way home from work, instead of being survivalists who buy groceries in bulk, so they will last for a long time, and the food and water would be stocked up on, in case of horrific weather, the Race War, or other emergencies.  This is utterly pathetic.

Getting on to the "gay" Christos gene, here are some quotes about the Nazarene "Les-bi-gay" meekness gene from Jewish author Tom Kuna-Jacob.  "YESHuallah" is the author's name for Jesus.  "Eunuch" is a code word for celibate or gay...

"And one of the races of humanity -- and the foundational race upon which humanity is based and upon which the cornerstone, YESHuallah Christos, has been laid -- is the bisexual les-bi-gay genotype." [1]

"And YESHuallah makes it very plain in Matthew 19:12 that some 'keepers of the bed' -- the original Greek, and also the original Aramaic, meaning the term 'eunuch' (or caric in Hebrew) -- that is, that some gay or impotent or celibate men, guardians of harems, or even just protectors of women and children -- are 'made so from their mother's womb' (genetic disposition -- race, or at least, geno-type); while some are 'made so by other men' (that is by socialization) and 'some make themselves so for the sake of the Kingdom' (that is, by choice for a good reason -- G-d's Kingdom).  Moreover, YESHuallah concludes, 'Let him accept this who can.'" [2]

" resist and oppose Les-gay and small group civil unions, then you have set yourself as one who opposes Jerusalem, and there will be inflicted on you by G-d those calamities foretold by Zechariah 14:12 and 17."

["And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth." -- Zechariah 14:12 and,

"And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain." -- Zechariah 14:17]

"Clearly, Leviticus and Romans and Jude were not, and are not, the final word of G-d on the issue of Les-bi-gaiety and must be interpreted by reference to the whole Scripture, as Isaiah 28:10-13 says, 'line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.' [3]

The contradiction between those books' vicious homophobia, and YESHuallah's and Ezekiel's clear affirmation of Les-bi-gay civil unions can only be resolved by taking Ezekiel 20:25; 16:48-63 and 2nd Peter 1:20 into account.  By those books we see, from Ezekiel, that God deliberately gave some laws in the Old Testament that 'are not laws, and are impossible to live with,' and that Sodom and Samaria shall be restored at the same time that Jerusalem shall be restored, but by a different covenant [model of marriage], 'for I [G-d] am not bound by my covenant with you [Jerusalem]' Ezekiel 16:61, and from Peter that neither straights nor Les-bi-gays are permitted to interpret Scripture privately as justifying only their private preferences in domestic-life." [4]

"...YESHuallah closes his comments in Matthew 19:12 on the Les-bi-gay orientation by saying 'Let him accept this who can.'  That is, let him be Les-bi-gay or celibate who can.

Hence, by the words of YESHuallah Himself, anti-gay ministries like Exodus International, and pro-gay ministries like Dignity, are each partly right and partly wrong.  Those Les-bi-gays (and celibates) who have made themselves so for the sake of the Kingdom, or who have been made so by men, can, with great effort, make themselves 'straight' if they cannot tolerate their sense of shame [not guilt] at their orientation.  But those Les-bi-gays 'so from their mother's wombs' are so genetically and can never become happily merely straight, but, at best, only can [and should] be bisexual, or, better, chaste and celibate, or best, in a heterosexual monogamous marriage -- to spread the Les-bi-gay gene of meekness throughout the human species." [5]

“Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.  Let anyone accept this who can” (Matthew 19:11-12).

Tom Kuna-Jacob says that Ezekiel "contradicts" the anti-homosexual texts that exist within the Judaeo/Christian Bible, but he is wrong.  In addition to the charge of "inhospitality," Ezekiel also applies the term "abomination(s)" to the list of Sodom and Gomorrah's "crimes," which is still "in tune" with Leviticus 18:22, which calls homosexuality an abomination. 

Either way, the Ubiquitous Nazarene, who, according to his own mythology, is bisexual, can either be a typical Jewish liberal gay rights leader, or he can murder third sex people and think nothing of it like many of his followers from the opposite wing.  Christ is so ubiquitous that he doesn't remain confined to the scriptures.  As
Tom Kuna-Jacob pointed out, certain contradictory statements in the Bible consider "Les-bi-gay" people to be under the protection of Jerusalem, and that curses are laid upon anyone who opposes Jerusalem and its Jewish King, Christos.  The members of the leftist Liberalism of the modern "gay rights" movement have minds that are much more narrow, and close much quicker and tighter than even the "fringe" of the Far Right Wing.  I am not criticizing homosexuality, but I am unashamedly asking such narrow-minded "gays" to know how to return the open-mindedness and acceptance that they are asking for, instead of keeping it only one-sided.

Tom Kuna-Jacob's book, Hitler As the Anti-Christ of This Age, teaches that Adolf Hitler is the Anti-Christ of the end of this Age, that he is the Seventh Mystery King, and that the Eighth Mystery King will be the final Anti-Christ, but that this "final age" -- the end of the world -- won't happen for billions of more years.  This is not true.  We are at the end of an Age, Adolf Hitler is the Anti-Christ, but he is THE OFFICIAL Anti-Christ.  The Eighth Mystery King is actually the Seventh Mystery King [Adolf Hitler] re-elected by Satan.  The book goes on to teach that Hitler "hated" homosexuals and tried to "have them exterminated" to kill off the meekness gene of YESHuallah [Jesus] Christos.  This is a crock.  The only third sex people that Hitler had sent to prison camps were the ones who the Jews had orchestrated against Nazi Germany.  There were many "Les-bi-gays" who the Jews had given the sole purpose of destabilizing and destroying the Third Reich, and this is why they had to wear the "pink triangle" or "black triangle" badge.  Hitler couldn't have cared less how a man enjoyed his sex life, provided that the anti-miscegenation laws were obeyed, and that it is between consenting adults.  The reason WHY certain third sex people were prosecuted under "Paragraph 175" has been omitted by the Jewish gay rights leaders, especially since the 1950s--1960s onward, and thus, through such Jewish brainwashing and the mixing of half-truths and wild exaggerations with shameless lies, many third sex people have once again become valuable Jewish tools against Nazism, and the White Race, in general.  The Christian pedophiles were also prosecuted under "Paragraph 175," but history has been re-written to make it look as if it was "innocent, blameless homosexuals" who were "so badly mistreated" under the Third Reich and the fake "holocaust."

The point of this sermon and the quotes provided, is that this Jew, along with other Jews, ADMIT that the Jews who approve of homosexuality only do so because, as admitted by the above author, it is believed that homo-bisexuality is an actual *RACE* and/or a GENO-TYPE that can "spread" a meekness gene, as well as lower the birthrates of the White Race.  They believe that single, celibate or homosexual men are "blessed" with the mission to destroy the White Aryan Race, and that homosexuals in heterosexual, monogamous relationships are even better, so they can spread the meekness gene and increase the number of effeminate, submissive White slaves to be killed by the Jews, once these slaves have served their purpose, which is the ultimate insult to Satan, the God of the White Aryan peoples.

The meekness gene is not confined to the third sex, but the third sex population currently carries this gene like a plague, due to Jewish successes of the Christian, Liberal, and Marxist MEMES being indoctrinated into the mass minds of these people from the time they start looking for answers to *why* they feel different from straight people when it comes to which gender they are naturally attracted to, and only Jewish, Marxist-concocted answers are available as "alternatives" to traditional Christian fundamentalist rhetoric.

The purpose of this Third Sex Thule Society 666 website is to wake these third sex people up, and to re-claim them for our White Aryan Race of Satan.  The information on this website will also be of use to the future generations of both, the third sex, and heterosexuals, alike.  I highly recommend everyone to print and distribute the information on this and all other Joy of Satan and related websites, in case the Internet ever goes down.  The future of our Race depends on it.

To conclude this sermon, it is a sad fact that many people who are born with the third sex orientation are born connected to the three-dimensional, anti-spiritual, mundane world of Jehovah-Yahwehland and the six-pointed Jewish star tetrahedron, MerKaBa, that represents Jewish-Saturnian energies, due to the meekness geno-type and Liberalism's Marxist memes that said individual(s) had ties with in previous lives.  This happens when a third sex MerKaBa, which is the homosexual ASPECT of a person's soul, finds a pregnant woman to carry him/her for approximately nine months.  These individual souls that belong to third sex people had ties to the Judaeo-Marxist enemies of Satan from before the time they are born.  However, many of these people can be re-educated and reclaimed for our magnificent White Aryan Race without them having to change their orientations like Christianity wants them to do.

For more about the third sex MerKaBa, see the three-part sermon: 

Satan accepts homosexuality just like he accepts heterosexuality.  It's just that many third sex people will have to work diligently at permanently parting company from the Jewish curses against homosexuality, the curses that come with the Jewish-concocted "gay identity" and the self-loathing "gay lifestyle," and join their heterosexual White Aryan brothers and sisters in Satan who have rejected all forms of Christendom, including Cultural Marxism, which is secular Christianity.  The only difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is who an individual feels like sharing their sex life with, and this, in reality, is only a minute, and insignificant "difference."  Sexual orientation is NOT to be equated with Race, Nation, or culture, like that Jew that is cited above believes. 

Never forget that the Christian message is that Jesus Christ, who teaches the White Aryan Race to unconditionally LOVE our enemies, is the liberator of the outcast, the slave, the loser, and basically everyone who wants to continue living on the Island of Misfit Toys, so to speak, instead of being healthy, contributing members of White Pagan causes, which are of Satan.

Whether it is affecting heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual White Aryan men, to successfully overcome the meekness GENO-TYPE that can also be spread through sexual encounters by the mingling of auras and sexual fluids, Christianity and Marxist religion and their principles must be thoroughly pounded out of their victims, and for each new generation, these people--women included--must never be exposed to anything that resembles the Jewish religions or politics, i.e., Christianity, Islam, Liberalism, and Marxism.  These people must be reverted back to their Pagan origins.  Satanic Pagan religion and philosophy, as well as Left-hand Path, Satanic meditation and Serpent Yoga must replace the Jewish brainwashing, and eventually, the meekness gene will be a distant memory and tragic lesson learned.  One day, it will long since be bred out for good.

Even the most hard-headed conservative Evangelical, "born-again," Patriotic Christian fundamentalist male, who despises meekness in a way that is similar to Satan's hatred of meekness and unnatural effeminacy, needs to get it through their heads and realize that as long as they have any ties to Christos or Christian-like beliefs, he is gradually being emasculated and turned into an effeminate sissy slave of Christos.


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