Liberalism Is For the Weak, the Cowardly, and the Worthless! by High Priest Jake Carlson

There have been way too many people who have come to Satanism expecting Satan and Satanism to be Liberalism and Communism, due to the so-called "Christian Right's" oppressive standards, but Satanism is not an excuse to be a liberal.  Although, there are Christians who disguise themselves as "Republicans," Christianity and related Jewish filth are Democratic religions that have simply assimilated conservative, organic Pagan elements in their attempts to stay alive.  Christ is so ubiquitous that "he" can be anything to anyone during any period of time.  "He" bends, molds, and assimilates to stay alive, and like "his" Jewish people, "he" feeds off of "his" Gentile hosts, namely the White Aryan Race who has laid the foundation for all civilized societies.  It is the doctrine of the liberals [libtards] that harbors the blatant lie that "All men are brothers, and all races are equal."  If all races were of the same blood and could be traced back to the fictitious characters of "Adam" and "Eve," like Christianity teaches in all of its politically correct, egalitarian glory, then why does DNA-testing exist to determine which race a person's blood belongs to?  So much for the Jewish lie that "race is only skin deep" that the weak HERD like to repeat over and over again in order to feel better about themselves for being lesser-thans.

With the help of Liberalism and Democracy that the lesser-thans hide and seek refuge behind, the HERD animal always triumphs, as opposed to the superior Satanic Aryan God-Man who is kicked under the rug by a savage stampede of the weak, the cowardly, and the worthless who resent the Aryan Race for its superiority in every aspect of life. 

Friedrich Nietzsche says about this matter:  "[Democracy represents] the disbelief in great human beings and an elite society:  'everyone is equal to everyone else,'" [whereas] "Aristocracy represents the belief in an elite humanity and higher caste." [1]

"According to Nietzsche and the Nazis, who belong to the noumenalist or teleo-naturalist school of thought, Liberal institutions are therefore 'injurers of freedom' for 'they undermine the Will to Power, the freedom they advocate not being teleologically directed towards self-perfection.  Scorning the liberal self-proclaimed, 'falsely named free spirits' as an 'unfree and ludicrously superficial' type of individual, Nietzsche considered that they belonged 'among the levelers' who strive after the 'universal green pasture happiness of the herd, with security, safety, comfort and an easier life for all....'equality of rights' and 'sympathy for all that suffers.'

Socialism, Liberalism, Democracy:  for Nietzsche and the Nazis, these doctrines stand accused of having led humanity into modernity's 'era of mediocrity,' which represents the 'victory of the slaves' (and their 'petty virtues') or mob rule: 'does this present not belong to the mob?' deplores Nietzsche, adding:  'Mob above, mob below!  What are 'poor' and 'rich' today!  I unlearned this distinction.'

Indeed, despite differences in degree, not in nature, Socialism and Liberalism are inherently one and the same 'decadent' materialistic and egalitarian paradigm, producing a leveling --and hence, a degeneration-- of the nation into a herd society, which is, in Nietzsche's view, none other than 'a sum of zeroes-- where every zero has 'equal rights,' where it is virtuous to be zero.'" [2]

"We are indeed living in the 'Era of the Slave,' a purposeless age of mediocrity in which greatness is absent and perfection, an impossibility...  By imposing the Christian slogan of the 'equality of souls before God,' the French Revolution was responsible for producing the twin egalitarian and materialistic ideologies of Socialism and Liberalism, which are modern secularised versions of Christianity and which are far from achieving 'progress,' have reduced man into a 'spiritual dwarf,' a 'perfect modern slave.'  Thus did Nietzsche and Nazism view modernity and the Judaeo-Christian Western civilisation...  Christianity, with its notion of the transcendent and personal God, had ruled out the possibility of human perfection; only by 'killing' this God would men be able to overcome themselves and become gods, for 'precisely this is Godliness, that there are gods but no God!' ...  One has to choose:  either the greatness of the transcendent God or the greatness of the God-Man, the Inner God; one cannot have both, for one is always achieved at the expense of the other.

Yet according to Nietzsche and Nazism, the materialistic Liberal and Socialist doctrines of the Enlightenment were certainly not the alternative to the transcendentalism of Christianity:  indeed, although these doctrines had 'killed God' for the sake of Man, their atheist materialism, by dismissing any possibility of self-overcoming and self-perfection, has turned man into a hedonistic pleasure-thirsty lustful creature, a slave to his desires and instincts, and has therefore led not only to a 'dwarfing' of man, but also to an animalisation of man...  to the 'Last Man,' the 'lord and master' of the present..." [3]

"'Equality for equals, inequality for unequals' -- that would be the true voice of justice:  and, what follows from it, 'Never make equal what is unequal' ...  Justice speaks thus to me:  'Men are not equal.'  And they should not become so, either!" -- Friedrich Nietzsche [4]

"We do not want to do away with the inequalities between men, but on the contrary, to increase them and make them into a principle protected by impenetrable barriers." -- Adolf Hitler [5]

Although Jesus Christ is a Jewish-invented thought-form that only exists on the astral plane, as "he" never existed as a man or Jewish god-man, the painful truth that many liberals who think of so-called "intolerance" and "bigotry" when they think of Christianity, do not want to realize is the following...

1) Jesus Christ was the PERFECT LIBERAL!

2) In order to weaken and destroy the White Aryan Race, Christ taught mercy, compassion, unconditional love, generosity towards those less fortunate (whether they deserve such kindness or not), and tolerance towards our enemies.  By indoctrinating the White Race with these suicidal teachings, Christianity has made our people much more submissive, weak, and cowardly, and therefore, much more easy to control, and ultimately, easier to destroy.

3) Christ kept himself surrounded by his fan-club that consisted of the mentally-handicapped, the poor in spirit, the incompetent, rejects, cowards, misfits, the weak, the meek and submissive, societal outcasts, morons, criminals, losers, and the marginalized.

I realize that the truth about Christ's allies and his preferred company is inconvenient for many people who associate Christianity with "hate" and "oppression" at the hands of those who are stronger and more powerful, but that is YOUR problem.  Satanism rejects all who Christ would have befriended in those gospel fairy-tales.  If you don't like it, then leave it.  I refuse to continue to walk on eggshells in hopes that I don't offend the weak and the lesser elements of society.  Satanism is only for the survival and preservation of the strong, the mighty, and those who hate the Jewish people the most, as well as the destruction of any Gentile, Aryan or non-Aryan, who works for the removal of the White Aryan Race of Satan, or tries to stand in our way.

Something to understand and take into consideration is that during the time of Christ, as well as long before his time-frame, in the Aryan Pagan world, which practiced what I call primordial Nazism, which is the prototype for Satanism as we know it, today, homosexuals, properly known as the third sex, did not find themselves among the societal outcasts, criminals, or the marginalized, like they have after the enforcement of Christianity, Islam, and later, Communism.  I, myself, am third sex, which means that at least when speaking for myself and my brothers and sisters in Satan, heterosexual or homosexual, I am not speaking against any so-called "sexual minority" except for those who work for the destruction of Satan's White Aryan Race through race-mixing, and true sexual deviance, which isn't homosexuality, but people who are rapists, pedophiles, and other sexual criminals who betray the White Race by not being able to control their sexual impulses that harm one's self and others. 

During the time of Christ and long before his advent, Satanism, and therefore, primordial Nazism, was always inclusive of homosexuality and the third sex, but it did hold other people, such as rapists, pedophiles, and those who failed to adhere to the eugenics of the times, as sexual criminals.  The Jewish people who confuse the sexes of the Aryan Race have made a temporary reversal.  Initially, it was the Third Reich that accepted homosexuals, while it was Communism that criminalized homosexuality and counted homosexuals as "criminally insane."  Now, however, it is post-World War Two so-called "Neo-Nazism" that tends to reject homosexuality, while Communism now includes homosexuals as Party members because the Communists who pretend to be "enemies" of traditional Christianity, the Christianity of many of today's Neo-Nazis, claim that homosexuals are an "unpopular sexual minority."  The Jews and their Marxism have made a clever switcheroo that has left many clueless Gentiles completely baffled, while creating both Old and New Testament-styled backlashes against human sexuality.  As more and more White Aryan Men and Women awaken to our Satanic Destiny and come to their senses, balance, order, and justice will once again be restored.

It is a shame that there are people who call themselves "Satanists" who adhere to Liberalism, and are therefore, more true to Jesus Christ, the Marxist King of the Slaves, than most devout evangelical Christians are.  As we have covered in detail, there is absolutely no room for enemy Socialism, enemy Democracy, Communism, Liberalism, Political Correctness, or any other form of or extension of Christianity and Christian politics in true Satanism -- the Satanism of the literal, physically and spiritually-existing Satan. 

For the proper use of so-called "hatred" and other natural emotions that the White Aryan Race has been forbidden from tapping into when it comes to justice and re-claiming our collective Aryan throne on Satan's Earth, Satan will lead us in how to properly express these emotions in ways that are LEGAL and will not land us in prison.  Satan encourages rationality and logic, just like he advocates creativity and spirit.

In closing, earlier in this sermon where Nietzsche's death of the Jewish/Christian/Islamic false god is mentioned as a necessity in order for not only for there to be "gods but no God," which is the battle cry for the victory of Paganism [Satanism], not atheism, the promise from the Serpent of Satan, which promised eternal life and eternal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual perfection for the White Aryan Race is being addressed.  To Satan's chosen initiates and representatives of the Aryan Race, Satan gives us the spiritual formula for obtaining true everlasting life and happiness, which the fictitious and worthless King of the Slaves, Jesus Christ, claims to offer in his gospels, but with knowledge comes the realization that Christ was only offering eternal life to his fellow Jews, and that the White Aryan Race is out of reach for Christ's "salvation" if one looks deeper into the words and sayings of Jesus.  The Jews who are initiated deep within the inner mysteries of Christianity are very much aware of this truth, and they know that when Christ, the Jewish messiah comes, he will annihilate all of the White Aryan Race of Satan, and reign over the non-White Gentile slaves.  You read this correctly.  Christ even hates the Gentiles who are Christians, even if they follow every single aspect of his so-called "religion" perfectly to the letter.

Not only did Satan father his White Aryan Race and give us spiritual upgrades to our DNA, the entire fable of "Adam" and "Eve" and the Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge is an allegory about Satan being our original Guru, and our first Yoga Instructor. 

In light of the sermon above, there is something else that I must state...  Unlike the Jewish kikes and the non-White races, the White Aryan Race of Satan, like Satan and his Demons, are naturally inheritors of money, wealth, and luxuries.  However, unlike the Jewish people who owned and operated the African Slave Trade, we, as the Aryan Race, made in Satan's image and likeness, do not need any kind of slaves in order to survive and prosper.  The ownership of slaves and the servile, is a strictly Jewish trait.

The White Aryan Race is the hardest-working Race that there is, and despite some of Nietzsche's views, as well as post-World War Two "Neo-Nazism's" views that have been influenced by Christianity and even Communism, we are naturally inheritors of money, wealth, prosperity, and material luxury.  Ever since the Jewish people and their human-hating alien spooks have invaded this planet, the Jews have reversed the natural order and have claimed money, wealth, and luxury as their own, without earning or deserving it, but stealing it instead.  On top of that, the Jews rely on slavery.  One time, Satan, himself, visited me face-to-face with a message about his White Aryan Race versus the Jews and their non-White slaves, and he said very clearly, "We ARE the Master Race, but we do NOT need slaves!"

It is the JEWS who feel that money, wealth, prosperity, happiness, and satisfaction for the White Race are "tools of the Devil," as Satan is their Adversary, and we, the White Aryan Race are his people who inherit Satanic luxury as a part of our hard-working nature that is naturally an aspect of our Aryan blood.  There is NOTHING White about renouncing physical pleasures when we live a healthy balance between the physical and the spiritual.  The path of renunciation of "worldly pleasure" is of the Third World to the extreme, while the Jews live in their undeserved and unearned luxuries.  Spiritual Satanism and our National Socialism put an end to this unnatural, Jewish-induced disorderly, unbalanced living.  Satan does, indeed, lead to the straight path without a revealed book.



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