The MerKaBa of Gentile Third Sex Attraction Part One by High Priest Jake Carlson

The sermon below may seem pointless to many Satanists in the sense that most people are already fully aware that if it is safe, doesn't involve the mixing of races, and is between consenting adults, IN TRUE SATANISM, WHATEVER A PERSON CHOOSES TO DO WITH THEIR SEX LIFE IS UNIMPORTANT, IT DOESN'T MATTER, AND IT IS ONE'S OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS!  And as a friend once reminded me, "SATANISM DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND WHAT PEOPLE DO WITH THEIR SEX ORGANS!"

Even so, the reason for my taking the time to write this sermon is because when I was new to Satanism in the summer of 2006, I was told that, "Satan hates homosexuals," and some people who considered themselves to be "Satanists" went as far as to tell me that they "would rather stand next to a Christian Fundamentalist than next to a fag," which smacks of the old saying, "birds of a feather flock together."  "Homosexuality comes from the enemy" was another one, as well as, "Judaeo/Christianity's laws against homosexuality were copied from surrounding Pagan nations," and there was also the front page of a Christos-Lucifer e-group that included homosexuals as people who are not welcome, as the group owner considered the third sex as being in the same garbage dump as those heterosexuals who miscegenate, because like heterosexual miscegenators, the third sex must be  "sexual cripples," or even race-traitors, for not trying hard enough to "overcome their homosexual perversion and become normal."

In Satanism, while sexuality belongs to one's private life, nobody, heterosexual or non-heterosexual, is required to live "in the closet" or in the margins of society.  The same cannot be said for the trouble-makers, such as the people who think they can make a Jewish Torah-like synthesis of anti-third sex superstition with Satanic National Socialist doctrine.  Now, these people who claim to be " Nazi Satanists," but point their fingers at the Liberal/Leftist and so-called "progressive" wing of Christianity for "not being anti-gay enough" are the ones who will have to keep their psychotic opinions marginalized in the outskirts of Aryan civilization because enough is enough when it comes to Jewish Torah-like rhetoric.  SATANIC Nazism and SATANIC White Nationalism are different from the Nazism and White Nationalism of non-Satanists because in Satanism, we do Satan's will for protecting, preserving, and expanding the White Race and separating the races so that each race can prosper and evolve on their own.  However, at the end of the day, we are very much aware of the differences between our SATANIC Nazism/SATANIC White Nationalism and the more "conservative" wing of Christianity and related company who the Liberals like to equate us with out of Left-wing psychosis and hatred of all persons and things that disagree with their narrow-minded superstitions against Aryan Patriotic Nationalism.  Unlike non-Satanist attempts at Nazism or White Nationalism, we are accepting of the third sex, just like we are accepting of, and recognize the dire need for White, procreating  heterosexuals, because, in Satan's eyes, both are needed.

Even with everything I have learned in the past 10 years of being a dedicated Satanist, a few months ago, I still found myself feeling some confusion and uncertainties about a few things regarding sexual preferences in Satanism.  So, naturally, I asked Satan for answers, as well as for him to send any Demons that could help me find further answers.  The next morning, both Satan and Astaroth came to me and gave me answers.

They brought up a book I once read by the Jewess New Age author, Dr. Judith Long, that deals with some of the spiritual energy, as well as the MerKaBa, of homosexual energies.  However, the first thing that Satan and Astaroth wanted me to know is that the MerKaBa doesn't just represent individual souls, nor only heterosexuals or the third sex, but entire individual races--each race with a varying MerKaBa that represents the spiritual side of the difference between the races.

According to Astaroth, the Jewish people [Hell's number one enemy], are collectively surrounded by a 6-pointed, 3rd-dimensional MerKaBa that resonates with the lowest octave of Saturn.  This aspect of "Saturn" is the force behind the Jewish Jehovah-Yahweh-Yahbulon, Jesus-Yeshua Christos, and the Holy Spirit thought-forms; pure materialism or stolen and corrupted spirituality.  This star tetrahedron looks very much like the Jewish Star of David that was stolen from the Indo-Aryan Star of Vishnu.

See the Jewish male and female Star tetrahedrons that look like the Star of David that the Jews stole and perverted from the Aryan Sun God, Vishnu [below].


The Jewish author, Zechariah Sitchin's translation of the Sumerian clay tablets that make up The Lost Book of Enki reveal to those with the eyes to see that the Aryan Race
used to be Gods and Goddesses and we could exist in both, the earthly 3rd dimension *and* the 4th dimension of Satan and his Demons.  The Aryan Race, in particular, has a MerKaBa that is an 8-pointed, 4th-dimensional octahedron [more about this later].

In contrast to the Jewish 6-pointed star, see the 8-pointed Star of Astaroth [below].


The Serpent of Satan on the Tree of Knowledge is an allegory for the kundalini serpent that rises up the esoteric vertebrae of the human spine.  The "Fall of Man," however, was deliberately falsified in the Bible.  The "apple" that was offered to the fictional character of "Eve" is both sexuality and the ability to procreate, as well as the DNA upgrade to turn Aryan humans into Aryan Gods and Goddesses.  But, the actual Fall and subsequent curse against Satan didn't *officially* occur until the Gods and his White humans began miscegenating with Jews and other non-Whites, thus,  compromising our Aryan collective MerKaBa, forcing our kundalinis back down to the  "pit" of our spines, and making it so we were "cast down" from the 4th dimension back down to the Jewish-dominated 3rd dimension.  With the fall of Aryan man and  woman, came the fall of Satan and his Demons when they were outnumbered by the Jewish forces and they were cursed and bound [see Genesis 3:15].  Satan never accepts Jews, because even if a Jew was indeed sincere about wanting to curse their own people and help Satan and his people, they are still eternally-encapsulated in their 3rd-dimensional star tetrahedrons that resonate with the enemy, and no Jew is exempt from this pathetic reality.

Gnostic Christianity teaches that everything material, such as planet Earth and its pleasures, the human body, and sexuality, are dirty, sinful, and shameful because of their ties to 3rd-dimensional energies and the Demiurge [Jehovah-Yahweh-Saturn].  In Satanism, we do not view such things as dirty, sinful, or shameful, in and of  themselves.  In contrast, we seek to merge the pleasures of the 3rd dimension and the raptures of the 4th dimension by perfecting our physical and spiritual bodies through eugenics, selective breeding, putting anti-miscegenation laws back in the law books, and spiritual disciplines such as Satanic meditation and Yoga.  Not only will these perfect us physically and spiritually in time, but they will also rid our DNA of non-Aryan toxins from any of the mistakes that our long-past ancestors may have made when it came to breeding with outside races.  This is not "racism" or "prejudice" against the colored peoples on my part, but this is an example of how the Jews who claim to be "fighting against racism and bigotry" are the biggest  hate-mongers there are when it comes to the survival of the Race that is Nature's most endangered species, which is the very same Race that Satan has commanded that we preserve.  By picking up where Adolf Hitler and the SS left off, we aren't just replacing Aryan humans that we have lost, but with the spiritual disciplines of Satanic meditation and Yoga, we are resurrecting the Nephilim--the Fallen Ones--within us, so to speak.  This was the entire purpose of the Nazi SS and the Lebensborn Fountain of Life selective mating home in the Third Reich, which will be brought back to use in the coming Fourth Reich.

With that having been said, I must now bring focus to the main concentration of this sermon--the spiritual energy behind the third sex--and its place in Satanic Nazism.

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