The MerKaBa of Gentile Third Sex Attraction Part Two by High Priest Jake Carlson

In July, 2016, due to my intensive studies about ho
w the White Race who has the least mixture with foreign races is the world's most hated, least-respected and least cared about minority, I asked Satan if he is absolutely sure that the third sex and others who are impotent with the opposite sex really can serve a legitimate purpose in the Satanic Nazi religion without having to live in the closet or in the margins of White society.

It was the next morning that both Satan and Astaroth woke me up and gave me answers.  I was told to take another look at Dr. Judith Long's book called "Essence:  Insights into the Energy of Homosexuality," because, even though it is a New Age book of the right-hand path by a Jewish author with a Jewish agenda, there are clues to the truth that I had missed the first time around.  For example, I had almost forgotten about the assertions that there are both male and female star tetrahedrons and the difference between the two, as well as the information and the details surrounding the non-heterosexual [third sex] MerKaBa.

This is where Astaroth informed me about the spiritual truth that each and every race of humans has their own collective MerKaBa.  Then, as for my question about where men and women who are naturally impotent with each other while finding that they feel attracted to the same sex fit into Satanic Nazism, especially in a world where the Nazism since the time of George Lincoln Rockwell has openly bashed and alienated the third sex.  This isn't completely one-sided, either, of course.  While there are third
sex men and women who are upright citizens, like the average image of heterosexuals, there are homosexual pedophiles, and homosexuals who work with the Jewish movements' plans to keep making procreative sex among the dying and hated White Race as undesirable as possible, so that there will be fewer and fewer White offspring to ensure our future.  However, this is not the third sex's fault; this is the fault of the Jewish people who are at the head of each and every decadent movement there is in existence.

Although I had been visited by Satan, himself, back in 2003, when I was new to the official religion of Satan in the summer of 2006, I came across people who were calling themselves "Satanists," but they had Christian-Islamic-Victorian values when it came to homosexuality and the third sex.  It was as if these confused idiots were playing tug 'o' war with the Jews over who gets to claim ownership over the Torah and, especially, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, because "Oh no!  It couldn't have been the Liberal Marxist Jews who work to destroy the heterosexual family who could have been the original authors of such anti-homosexual verses, unless it was only for their own people,
with just the opposite intentions in mind for us!"  Anyways, such people would use the story of how magnetic "opposites attract" while two of the same repel, and thus, "homosexuals are socially inept."  But hold on a minute...

Could this be the "final word" on the subject of the third sex?  Without looking at homosexuality from a SPIRITUAL perspective, quite possibly, but looking at it from a SPIRITUAL perspective, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  In regards to the male and female star tetrahedrons and how homosexuality is formed...

"For a male body looking out of his form, his Sun tetrahedron has a point facing forward and the opposite flat in behind him; and his Earth tetrahedron has a point facing out of the back, and the opposite flat face is in front.

For a female body looking out of her form, her Sun tetrahedron has a flat face forward and a point facing out the back; and her Earth tetrahedron has a point facing forward, and the opposite flat face is behind her.

Now, if we were to take the male and turn him so that the female tetrahedron and the male tetrahedron were ratcheted, the earth point facing forward in a male and the sun point facing forward in a female, we would have the body of a male in the energy of the feminine and we would have the body of a female in the energy of the masculine.  This would change the electromagnetic attraction of the star tetrahedrons.  The technology is now available to view the star tetrahedron energy on a screen.

To me, it made matters very clear.  Sexuality (heterosexuality and homosexuality) is an energy matter.

Energy also has the interesting characteristic of attracting and repelling other energies.  Probably the most familiar example of this to us is when the North poles of two magnets are held close together.  We can actually feel them repelling energy.

In the human being's energy, the repelling is not as strong as in the magnets, however it is there.  When a homosexual's energy is put close to an opposite se
x heterosexual's energy in intimate situations, they actually repel each other." [1]

After reviewing this material again several times since yesterday, I feel like I have arrived at a scientific-spiritual "Eureka!" but there are a few issues I have with author Judith Long's agenda.  She gives a very valid theory and/or explanation about what happens when opposites DON'T attract, but she seems to imply that third sex men are female souls trapped within male bodies, and that third sex women are male souls trapped within female bodies. 

It was the Left-winged German doctor Karl Heinrich Ulrichs who resurrected a bastardized version of the term "third sex" or "Uranian" to describe non-heterosexual men and women, and not to mention, it was this same anti-German pervert who coined the term "homosexual" in the first place, which happened in the late 19th century.  Even though he was a homosexual, himself, he tried to get the German penal code, Paragraph 175, removed from the law books because he was correct that homosexuality between consenting adults shouldn't be a "crime," he was pushing the lie that "homosexuality is a mental illness that should be studied and treated."  It was the Jewish homosexual and feminist liberation leader Magnus Hirschfeld who coined the term "transvestite" and followed in Ulrichs steps with promoting the abolition of Paragraph 175 but under the condition that it is to be treated like a "disability."  These are the anti-Nazi "homosexual" perverts, and those who had connections to them, that the Nazis sent to prison camps, NOT everyday third sex people who were loyal to Adolf Hitler instead of the fake "homosexual emancipation" Liberal Jews of the Weimar Republic.

Judith Long also used the 3rd-dimensional MerKaBa to represent the Christian and New Age superstition that "All races are really one big family of God through faith in Jesus Christ."  She didn't refer to Jesus in the book, but it still amounts to the same Jewish agenda that the marionettes behind the Christ thought-form are incessantly working for.    In a photo that was shown in part one of this sermon, we saw the 3rd-dimensional, Jewish male and female star tetrahedrons, but here is what the non-Jewish soul looks like.  Notice how it is 4-dimensional and it is an octahedron...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any illustrations for the male and female octahedrons with the Sun and Earth points, but the same applies for this 4th-dimensional MerKaBa of the non-Jewish peoples.

I admit that I totally misunderstood some of the information in Judith Long's book when I had read it for the first time.  Some of it is accurate, and she talks about the dangers that some of her case stories encountered as a result of repressing their homosexual orientations.  However, since the Jews play both sides to everything, this author isn'
t any different.  While in the majority of the book, she shows a positive attitude towards the third sex, as well as sympathy for the spouses and families of homosexual parents who had repressed his or her sexual orientation, but in the chapter that followed the one that discussed the spiritual energy of homosexuality, she said that there are ways for the third sex to become well-adjusted heterosexuals, if they wish, by reversing their MerKaBas.  As Satan has said in regards to this dangerous lie, like Christianity and Islam, this will only result in more suicides, fake marriages, destroyed lives, lawsuits, and much more trouble than it's worth instead of peace and satisfaction for everyone involved.

The fact of the matter is that the third sex MerKaBas contradict what would appear to be an obvious repelling of sexuality in the eyes of those who are still at least somewhat influenced by Christianity and other Jewish company on a subconscious level, or those who do not as of yet have the spiritual eyes to see beyond what *appears* to be obvious in the mundane world.  Those who only look at the what appears "obvio
us" see the sexuality of two men as "repelling" rather than attracting, but with what we have learned about the SPIRITUAL side of the story, we can now see why there is attraction between the same gender in the same way that those of the opposite gender attract.  The MerKaBas do the work of the plus and minus of batteries as well as the north and south polarities of magnets.  This is why homosexuality exists.

For people who want to follow the Apostle Paul of the New Testament, which is just as Jewish as the Old Testament, and feel that if the third sex is to be treated as normal and legitimate as heterosexuality, globally, then the acceptance and embracing of sex with animals and sex with children would soon follow need to grow up and look to Natur
e's wisdom.  Not only does homosexuality occur in all races of humans, as well as among Satan and his Demons, themselves, but in more than 450 different species of animals.  So much for the "Homosexuality is unnatural" lie.

In part three, I will give further detail as to what Satan and Astaroth taught me at the end of July of this year [2016] when I asked them for knowledge and for them to point me in the right direction.

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