The MerKaBa of Gentile Third Sex Attraction Part Three by High Priest Jake Carlson

Although Satanism/true Nazism doesn't revolve around the private lives of Satan's and the Fuhrer's followers as long as the Satanic Racial Laws are obeyed [i.e., anti-miscegenation laws], I must focus on the fact that ever since Christianity and Islam took over, kept the spiritual knowledge and destroyed any traces of the rest of their victims that it could get its hands on, unlike heterosexuals, the third sex hasn't had any decent representatives or role models for a very long time.  However, despite the fact that homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is older than time itself, and these preferences have existed together in harmony until the Jewish powers invaded Satan's Earth, and corrupted our teachings, namely the Persian Zend Avesta and the [unfortunately Christianized] Eddas, and replaced our Satanic Nazi Paganism with Judaism followed by Judaism's extensions of Christianity and Islam, the third sex has been made sick with Marxism, and, like those who hate homosexuality, these third sex people have their own guilty flaws against heterosexuality, but for both parties, it is the Jewish powers who are at the root of the problem.

As far as role models for the third sex go, according to Satan and Astaroth, their "twice-born" [risen serpent] priest-kings go back to the civilization of ancient Atlantis, where Adolf Hitler was a black magician who was the Leader of the Aryan Sons of Lucifer population.  However, it was a piece of Sumerian lore about third sex [homo/bisexual] priests of Inanna [Astaroth], who were known as "gala" priests, among other names, that really caught my attention with the help of Astaroth.

The following paragraph contains somewhat "unsavory" content for people with sexual hangups, but no harm, no foul.  It's not like the Christians live up to their much bragged about protection of their youth.

"Beginning in the mid-third millennium B.C.E., cuneiform texts document a class of priests known as gala, who were specialists in singing lamentations.  This role originally may have been filled by women--the hymns sung by gala were in a dialect  known as eme-sal, which is normally used to render the speech of female gods.  Gala also appear to have been homosexual.  According to a humorous Sumerian proverb, 'When the gala wiped off his ass [he said], 'I must not arouse that which belongs to my mistress [i.e., the goddess Inanna].'  (In fact, the word gala was written using the cuneiform signs 'penis+anus.')

Like professional mourners in other cultures (including present societies in the Near East), gala sang lamentations to memorialize the dead, express the grief of survivors, and seek the intercession of the gods for the benefit of the community.  Their hymns were believed to calm the heart of the deity by praising and pleading with it.  Indeed, lamentation became the model for all human interaction with the gods in Sumerian religion.

Gala appear in Akkadian texts (the language of the Assyrian and Babylonian successors of the Sumerians) as kalu.  The role of kalu was, if anything, greater than that of their Sumerian predecessors.  A related class of Sumerian priests were  known as kur-gar-ra.  They appear in Akkadian texts as kurgarru, usually in conjunction with priests called assinnu.  All these figures--kalu, durgarru, and assinnu--were typically identified as servants of Ishtar, Inanna's Akkadian counterpart.  As a Babylonian myth relates, the god Enki created gala to sing 'heart-soothing laments' for Inanna.  These priests also shared variant gender and sexual attributes.  In the case of the kurgarru and assinnu, Ishtar is said to have changed their 'masculinity' into 'femininity.'  Akkadian omen texts instruct men to have intercourse with assinnu to obtain luck..." [2]

Despite some of the text above, one of the things that we, as Satanists, know about Satan and his Demons, is that they do not demand us to bow before them, plead our case, and then slavishly worship them to obtain their favor.  What the text above reveals is that Satan and Astaroth BOTH were involved in the creation of third sex priests for Astaroth, which involved what this sermon has illustrated regarding a third sex MerKaBa.  This flies in the face of the Christians who hide behind Satanism in order to give their own uneducated OPINIONS, NOT FACTS, that Satan and his Demons allegedly either do not approve of, nor endorse homosexuality, or are even kind of like, "What does 'third sex mean?'  I've never heard of it" when they are fully aware of the plight of third sex Gentiles who are still being tortured and killed in some places in the world, even if they are only suspected of homosexuality, with or without any proof.

Something else that may interest some readers here, is that here at the Joy of Satan Ministries, we know that the God Zeus is the Demon Mammon.  However, he played the role of Satan when he created the Gentiles.  Although it is Greek mythology, Zeus [Enki/Odin, in this instance] is also the architect behind  the sexual MerKaBa and its magnetism in humans.  Despite this being more of a mythological legend to give illustration to the three main sexual orientations [hetero, homo, and bisexual], this is still interesting...

In Greek lore, "The first humans, Aristophanes begins, were doubled front-to-back, and there were three sexes instead of two:  double males, double females, and male -females, or androgynes.  They were, respectively, the children of the sun, the earth, and the moon.  These doubled beings could walk upright, either backwards or forwards as they pleased, and they could roll over and over at a great pace, turning on four hands and feet like tumbleweeds.  In fact, they were so strong they dared to challenge the gods.  The gods, under Zeus, decided to split them in half.

After this, Aristophanes says, humans were forever seeking their lost halves--women from the doubled female seeking women, male from the doubled male seeking men, and men and women from the androgyne seeking the opposite sex.  Whenever they found their other halves, they threw their arms around each other and yearned to grow into one.  Seeing this, Zeus felt sorry for them, so he rearranged their genitals to enable them to have intercourse.  This made it possible for men and women to have children, while men who had sex with other males 'would get some satisfaction from their union and they would take a break, then return to their work and attend to the rest of life' (191c).  Thus Aristophanes defines three categories of people based on sexual orientation--heterosexuals, male homosexuals, and lesbians." [3]

I used to believe that Satan was Poseidon/Neptune, but a few days ago, duriing this month [October 2016], I found out that Poseidon is actually the Demon Zagan/Dagon.  Sometimes Zeus is Satan when the stories of Zeus and Dionysus merge together, while other times, he is Mammon.

About the Satan-Zeus connection...

Revelation 2:12 "Pergamos. Where Satan's throne is."

"The Pergamon Altar is a massive structure originally built in the 2nd century BC in the Ancient Greek city of Pergamon. The temple was dedicated to the greek god Zeus. The Pergamon Altar was shipped out of the Ottoman Empire from the original excavation site by the German archeological team lead by Carl Humann, and reconstructed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin in the 19th century, where it can be seen alongside other monumental structures such as the Ishtar Gate from Babylon." [4]

This sermon has focused on the first Aryan civilization in the Middle East, but the truth is that the first actual Aryan civilization is found in the ancient Vedic Far East.  This is where Satan fathered his 4th-dimensional humans and created third sex priests of the highest "twice-born" Aryan caste rulers.

In Alain Danielou's work, Satan/Sanat Kumara is described as "the protector of homosexuals."  Does this mean that Satan doesn't protect heterosexuals in this day and age where the Jewish machines of political correctness are turning the tables and taking away rights from heterosexuals, families, and children?  Absolutely not!  Because of centuries of Christian and Islamic persecution of homosexuality and how Satan's original armies were made up of third sex warriors, this is why he has been a patron to the third sex, as well as to heterosexuals.  Danielou's point was that unlike the Jewish-tainted religions, the third sex isn't frowned upon in the Aryan religion of the Far East. 

The legends, mythology, and history of Aryan Vedic India were eventually transported to the Middle East, and then, Northern and Western Europe, where the Far Eastern Creator God and allegorical Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge, Satan [Sanat Kumara, Skanda, Murugan, the ORIGINAL SHIVA] became known as Enki-Ea, Shaitan/Melek Taus, Odin, Dionysus, and in certain aspects, Zeus.

Aside from the Marxist homosexuals who are helping the Jews to destabilize and destroy the Aryan Race and its civilization, there are others, such as myself, who actually give a damn and are making changes that benefit not just the third sex, but my entire Aryan Race, as a whole.  But it's not only that; we are putting our RACE *BEFORE* OUR SEXUAL PREFERENCES, OR, FOR THAT MATTER, ANYTHING ELSE!!! 

In the same way that the Jewish people have caught the Aryan peoples with "hook, line, and sinker," so to speak, with Christianity, and to a lesser, but just as deadly amount, Islam and the Jewish Noahide Movement, and have succeeded at getting our people to poison our blood with such alien creeds, the third sex, too, has largely been transformed into race-traitors who are anti-Nazi, anti-racist, politically correct pushers and carriers of cultural Marxism.  Marxism is Christianity, and in many cases, it is also Islam because while Marxism and Islam claim to be religions and/or politics of "peace," the only way they will settle for peace is when the White Aryan Race of Satan is thoroughly exterminated.

In closing, Satan wants his people to put our Race FIRST and everything else second.  Putting our Race first, also includes the spiritual hygiene that cleans out our junk DNA from ancestors who were careless in their relations with other races, as well as the collective pollution from the alien philosophies and creeds of the Jews.  The spiritual disciplines will clean and strengthen us, both as individuals, and our collective Aryan Soul. 

One of the biggest lies and cop-outs that the Marxist "LGBT Movement" thrives on is convincing out-of-the-closet third sex people that to have children through the sex act is to "go back into the closet of shame, derision, and alienation" and that it is the ultimate "sell-out" and blasphemy against the Almighty Richard Simmons to help the Aryan Race in this way.  Likewise, for the third sex to fight against Marxism in favor of one's Race is also known as "internalized homophobia" by the Jews and their Left-winged allies who claim "liberation and freedom" for us, but only want to entrap us.

The point is that when a race, such as the Aryan Race that is almost extinct, requires immediate action for survival and all there is left are gay or lesbian sexual magnetism in opposite gender situations, Satan has taught me that this is when the male and female parts attract on their own out of a "fight or flight" reaction due to the necessity for survival.  While this could lead to the woman getting pregnant, and thus propagating the species, nobody's sexual preference has been altered or violated, but rather, it is a job well done.  I am not encouraging any sexual relations that make anyone uncomfortable, but I am revealing a Satanic secret, and although I realize that it is controversial, I think people should be aware of the kin altruism factor that kicks in, regardless of sexual preference, when a magnificent Race such as our Aryan Race of Satan, has gone too far past the point of return and cannot be re-claimed.

The future depends on us, but to let everyone know, the White Aryan Race of Satan's current state of affairs will still require the Gods of Hell to step in at some point and help to reverse the damage that has been done to our people, as well as to lend some of the help for correcting what we have been tricked into contributing to the enemy in their sole purpose of killing us off.

So, this is NOT about some of our people being of the third sex [non-heterosexuals], but it is about one's merit of character and what one is personally capable of doing to help us survive.  In the case of Adolf Hitler, who had a romantic relationship with his wife, Eva Braun, but didn't have time to start and raise a family of his own, he was the father figure of an entire Nation who was on his way to being, and who will become, the Ruler of the Earth when he rises again.  Many third sex people, who are naturally impotent with the opposite gender, will be given similar posts--positions of Leadership, and also Shamans [the Aryan version], as well as posts for protecting our Aryan tribes.  This is Satan's will.  This is Adolf Hitler's will.


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[2] Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love [The anti-Marxist wing of Christians would be screaming "Blasphemy, sacrilegious!" at this book that paints the ubiquitous Nazarene as a homosexual shaman] by Will Roscoe pages 146-147

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