The Nazi War Against Christianity Part One:  The Myth of a "Christian" Nazi Germany by High Priest Jake Carlson

The Jewish "holocaust" is make belief.  In the Jewish people's eyes, the REAL crime of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis was the fact that they were demolishing Christianity [which has kept our people trapped for too many centuries], and not just destroying it on the surface, but uprooting Christianity from its Jewish roots, which in turn destroys every other aspect of Christianity, including its Communist cousin.  The Jews were not able to handle the de-Christianization of their enemies, the White Aryan Race, so they declared war, forcing Adolf Hitler into a war that he had no desire to have any part in.  Then, after the Nazis and the collective White Aryan Race lost this temporary battle [that being World War II], the Jews had to negate and defame all of the good that Adolf Hitler did for our people, and create the Jewish fairy-tale of the Nazis having a systematic program of "genocide" to "exterminate" the Jewish people and "the other unfortunates."  Truth be known, the Jews were making false accusations of "genocide" at the hands of the German people with a six-million figure since World War I, BEFORE the Third Reich.  It was with World War II that the Jews "solidified" and "crystallized" this kosher lie within the minds of all non-Jews.  The Jews have enslaved various "persecuted minority groups" who they have under their control, by convincing them that the Nazis had a systematic "genocide" program against them, too.  The truth is that everything the Jews have accused the Nazis of cannot even compare to the crimes against the White Aryan Race at the hands of the Jewish people.  They work to cover their fingerprints, but not all of Whitey is nearly as stupid as the Jews would like us to be.

The Nazis were on their way to eliminating every last trace of Christianity and Communism from the White Aryan peoples, with the help of Nordic extraterrestrials--our ancestors, Satan and his Demons--and they were about to restore Aryan Pagan Satanism for planet Earth, the way it was before the arrival of the Jewish people and their clever inventions of the Christian and Islamic diseases.  What made the Jews declare war against Germany, and what made Adolf Hitler so "guilty," was not "genocide" or any of the other vicious lies and false accusations made by the Jews and their liberal fan club, but the fact that the Jews recognized Hitler to be the prophesied Anti-Christ, literally, because unlike Christ, the Anti-Christ, who NEGATES Jesus Christ, is not a liberal DemoCRAP redeemer of the Marxist, so-called "oppressed minority groups," like Christ is, but he is the enemy of all things Jewish.  He is Satan's Chosen One, which is why the Jews are terrified of the return of Adolf Hitler, the Beast 666.

What made the Anti-Christ the greatest threat to the Jews was the fact that by adding the emphasis on the triumph of Satan and his Demons and the bloodlines of their human offspring by prohibiting race-mixing and ridding the Aryan blood of foreign, alien influences, such as Christianity and Islam, as well as reinstating our ancient Pagan eugenics, he was giving the greatest upgrade to Satanic existence and the Satanic Aryan Pagan racial religion since Satan and his Demons existed on Earth.  Adolf Hitler took direct orders from Satan and his Demons, and he and other top-ranking Nazis were ridding our people of all things that Christianity stands for, whether the Christianity is liberal DemoCRAPic or conservative Republican.  This is why the Jews took action against Nazi Germany, and are still trying to kill off our best and brightest with their programs of genocide against non-Jewish White people.  Everything the Nazis have been falsely accused of doing to the Jews and "the others" is nothing compared to what the Jews have done to us, Satan's White Aryan, human offspring.  The Jews have always been sucking the blood from Satan's people, ever since the Jewish race "hatched," for lack of better words.  This is why there will never be peace on planet Earth as long as the Jews still co-habit this planet with us.

Things were headed towards peace for our Aryan peoples, but the Jewish people and their "oppressed minority groups" declared war against Germany and White Aryan humanity.  Here are some very important quotes that reveal the reality of Nazi policies against not only the Catholic and Christian Churches, but against Christianity, itself, root and branch.  It is one thing to only have a spite against the Churches and Churchianity, but when one recognizes the Jewish hoax and plague that the Christian *RELIGION* itself is, it is a completely different matter, and it is when one becomes a true threat to the Jewish powers that be.

The citations for part one of this sermon are from the book The Nazi War On Christianity by Bruce Walker.

"Hitler told Martin Niemoeller in 1934:  'Jesus Christ was only a man, and a Jew to boot.  Why shouldn't I, who am more powerful than Christ, and who am able to be much more helpful than he -- why shouldn't I have the right to establish a new dogma for the Church?'  Hitler went on to say:  'I must, therefore, eliminate any kind of sickness, and I consider the sentimental feeling for Christianity as a kind of mental sickness.'" p. 16

In other words, unlike certain lower-ranking Nazis who were weening off of Protestantism and hadn't yet been initiated into the Nazi Satanic Secret Doctrine, Hitler considered ANY wing or aspect of Christianity to be a mental illness.  Hitler also thought that the whole Protestant "Positive Christianity" movement came to the same Jewish outcome as any other form of Christianity, liberal/leftist or right-wing.  He knew that any Christianity that made an attempt to be "anti-Semitic" is not only impossible, but is the height of ignorance and hypocrisy.  To Hitler, Pagan Christianity that is anti-Semitic, is still a mental illness.

"Ludendorff, one of the earliest Nazi supporters from the days of the Beer Hall Putsch, wrote in the forward to his wife's book, Salvation from Jesus:  'Christianity, as my wife has most [convincingly] demonstrated, has destroyed the will of the German people, nay, of all peoples wherever it has penetrated.'  His wife, in that book, went even further:  [Christ] was a false prophet:  he became involved with drinking.  In fear he went from Jerusalem to Bethany."  "He uproots man from race, people, and custom.  He was a jew and thus the source of every evil.'

The German Nordic Religion, which was also embraced by the Nazis, also repudiated Christianity:  'Dr. Felix Fischer-Dodeleben, author of The Outline of a German Nordic Religion, entirely repudiates the divinity of Jesus.  He attacks the Old Testament in its entirety, and...the New Testament.  The virtues taught by the Cross are a stumbling-block to Nazi youth.'" p. 19

Notice how in this next quote, the Nazis perform the unforgivable sin against the Christian faith--the denial of the so-called holy ghost--in reverence of the Germanic Aryan Blood instead of Christ's blood, which is the complete Satanic opposite of Christianity, the religion for slaves, the meek, outcasts, and the so-called "oppressed minority groups."  "Nazi professor Ernst Bergmann at the University of Leipzig described Christianity thus:  'Christianity is especially alien to the German nature because it is the creation of a pre-eminently oriental mind and rests upon the sacred writing of the Jews.  It contradicts, almost at every point, the German sense of custom and morality.'  University Nazis in Keil wrote in 1935:  'We Germans are heathens and want no more Jewish religion in our Germany.  We no longer believe in the Holy Ghost; we believe in the Holy Blood.'" p. 20

Note:  While today's neo-Pagans would deny any connection to the Satanic Pagan religion of Spiritual Satanism, which is the Nazi religion and is the Nazi Secret Doctrine, THE TERM "HEATHEN" IS AKIN TO THE WORD "PAGAN," AND "PAGAN" = SATANIST!  When a non-Jewish White person lives their lives as a Pagan who is against everything that is Jewish, they are declaring that they are in accordance with Satan's wishes.

In the copy that I own of The Myth of the Twentieth Century, although the text is altered with Christian interpolations, Alfred Rosenberg is made to look like he is contradicting himself by writing about "Negative Christianity" versus "Positive [Pagan] Christianity," but he later renounced EVERY form of Christianity because he realized that a Christianity that is anti-Jewish and pro-Aryan is a damnable Jewish lie, hoax, and pathetic fiction.  Concerning Rosenberg's renouncement of "Positive Christianity," "Some Nazis said that Christianity was irrelevant.  Others went further.  Alfred Rosenberg, Nazi theoretician, said that there was no place for Christianity in any form.  His ponderous tome, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, not only called for banning crucifixes from churches but also from village streets, and also for banning medieval images of Christ as the Lamb of God.

"Myers his book [The History of Bigotry in America]:  'A host of books issued in Germany ridiculed Christian concepts.  To the question it asked, 'Did Jesus ever live?' one book replied 'We say no.'  This book derided the New Testament ethics as fit only for 'morons and idiots.'  Another book declared Christianity 'a Utopia born of the true Jewish spirit, to destroy people and turn them into will-less slaves.'" p. 25

In this next quote, Hitler declares that he is a Heathen, which is an Aryan Pagan, and therefore, a Spiritual Satanist.  Out of all of the "Satanisms" that are out there, Spiritual Satanism, which is Pagan and National Socialist, is the only Satanism that is, indeed, Satanism, and is in accordance with the real and literal Satan's desires.  "A.S. Duncan-Jones, the Dean of Chichester, in his 1938 book, The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Germany, notes that before taking power Hitler said:  'I insist on the certainty that sooner or later, once we hold power, Christianity will be overcome.  Of course, I myself am a heathen to the bone.'  Duncan-Jones also writes of the Nazi position on Christianity 'The complete opposition to Christianity is plain.'

Raymond Freely, a professor at the University of San Francisco and a Catholic priest wrote in his 1940 book, Nazism versus Religion, that:  'Nazism will seek to exterminate Christianity if Nazism dominates Europe' and later that:  'Nazism is waging a death struggle against both the Catholic and the Evangelical or Protestant Church.'

Michael Power, in his 1939 book, Religion in the Third Reich, wrote:  'There has probably been no more curious persecution in History than the attack made by National-Socialism upon the Christian Churches.'" p. 26

"[William Harman] Black, in his 1938 book, If I Were a Jew, describes Hitler's attitude toward Christianity:  'It is apparent on all sides that since his rise to power there has been a persistent and deliberate effort to de-Christianize Germany, and in this process both the Catholics and Protestants have been attacked and victimized by the Reich, which offered a substitute for Christianity, the neo-paganism of present-day Germany.'" p. 28

There is a great big Jewish-perpetuated lie that Adolf Hitler was a devout Christian--a Catholic--and if not a Catholic, then a Protestant.  This lie also branches out into other lies, such as the lie that Hitler only hated Protestantism slightly less than Catholicism, or the other way around.  The truth is that Adolf Hitler, the Anti-Christ, was able to see through every facet and every prism of Christendom and he even despised the aspects of the original Pagan religions that were stolen and Christianized because once something is Christianized, it is stained with Jewish excrement.

The so-called "neo-paganism" of the Nazis is a code word for the revival of Aryan Satanism, as Satan is the leading Creator God in all of the original Aryan Pagan religions.  This fact is a pain in the hind end for the so-called "Satanists" who are really diabolatrists who need to believe in Jesus in order to believe in Satan.  That is not "Satanism."  That is Christianity, albeit, a "dark and forbidden" and "rebellious" form of it, but it's still Christianity, nonetheless.  If a Satanism isn't Pagan, then it isn't Satanism at all.  Likewise, if a person can't stop being a Leftist or Liberal, they don't have any hope of becoming a Satanist who takes Satan seriously and is willing to work in accordance with Satan's desires.  Using "Christian Right-winged American Patriots," or C.R.A.P.'s as an "excuse" to be a Liberal or to think that Satanism should be a Marxist creed like the secular Christian Left, makes the individuals in question just as unable to grasp objective reality as it is for the mentally retarded.  This is why Christianity holds the retards in such high esteem.

"The actions of the Nazis against Christianity were manifest in the early actions of the Nazis.  The New Standard Encyclopedia of 1934, scarcely after the Nazis had come to power, noted that 'attacks on the clergy and suppression of Catholic organs was frequent.'  Krzeniski writes that when they came to power 'The Nazis became increasingly bold.  Passive opposition became less frequent, since more and more to it had to be atoned for in blood, in prison sentences, beatings and confinement in concentration camps.  The iron hand of Nazidom came down heavily upon both Catholics and Protestants.'" p. 34

The previous quote gives correction to those misguided fools who are anti-Catholic, but hate Protestantism any less.  The same goes for the Catholic Christians who hate Catholicism less than Protestantism.  It is all a Jewish swindle.

"On March 14, 1935, the Nazis arrested or put under house arrest 700 pastors for reading the manifesto of the Provisional Church (another name for the Confessional Church) which denounced Nazi racism.  Another 5,000 pastors were visited by the Gestapo.  Soon after that, as the Dean of Chichester observed:  'The determination of the pastors to read the manifesto remained unbroken, with the consequence that a wave of arrests followed.  The concentration camp was now used more freely, instead of mere house arrest or confinement for a few days." p. 37

There is a Jewish-concocted superstition that the Jewish Soviet Union and other Jewish Communist regimes were "against" Christianity.  The truth is the Communists hated, and continue to hate, the White Aryan Race and exterminated us simply because of our Satanic racial identity.  They couldn't care less which religion we followed, but since it was the Satanism of the day, Paganism, the Jewish Communists made us suffer far worse than the White Christians. 
Another thing...  Where was Christ or the so-called Christian "God" when more than 100 million of his followers were viciously worked to death, starved, tortured in the same way as the Inquisition, and savagely murdered?  Some "God."  In the following quote, we will see that it was Nazi Germany that was the destroyer of Christianity more than any other movement or religion.

"What sorts of things did Christian clergy endure early in the Nazi regime?  In 1935, Schuster wrote:  'Recourse was had to a veritable reign of terror, the history of which cannot yet be written.  Throughout Germany, orthodox pastors and their congregations were harassed by secret police and bands of S.A.  Even funeral processions were broken up, and violence was witnessed even in the very houses of worship.'" p. 38

Note:  Although wooden crosses were popularly used by the PRE-Christian Druids, a Satanic racial religion to represent the powers of the Sun, as well as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, the only cross that remains Pagan, and not Christian, is the equal-armed Iron Cross, and the Swastika, with both being Satanic Nazi symbols that fight tooth and nail against Christianity and Islam.  The Nazis worked to remove crucifixes everywhere, as the doctrine of Christ poisons our collective Aryan soul, and is a tool used in spiritual warfare against Satan, against Adolf Hitler, and against the Satanic Pagan religion.

"On November 4, 1936, the Nazis ordered the removal of crucifixes from schools in the Oldenburg area on the grounds that these were 'symbols of superstition.'  This order was rescinded only after Nazis were faced with determined local opposition.  Then, in what would become a typical practice, despite rescinding the Nazi prohibition of these 'symbols of superstition,' in December 1936 Nazi bureaucrats simply removed crucifixes anyway in Munsterland.  When Christians replaced them in some schools, they were arrested by the Nazis." p. 40

Here, we learn that the Nazis taught the school children that Jesus Christ is "that swine" and "that Jewish tramp."  The Nazis also engaged in deliberate Satanism by smearing excrement on church altars and church doors.  This Nazi practice is deeply rooted in the Satanic religion that opposes everything Jewish.  As for Christianity being "materially helpless," this is another LIE!  The Christian Church contained all of the wealth and power, and served as the KGB of the Middle Ages.

"The racial ethic, represented through the [Nazi] Party and the police, armed with all the force of the...State hurls itself against materially helpless Christianity.  The situation has become wholly intolerable through the fashion in which State forces are employed...In Halle, a high functionary of the Storm Troops referred to Christ as 'that swine.'  School teachers have repeatedly referred to Jesus in their classrooms as 'that Jewish tramp.'" p. 42

"Nazis smeared excrement on church altars and church doors, desecrated shrines, and threw statues of saints into dung piles; and when synagogues were not available to  attack and loot, churches were often the target with Nazis yelling:  'Down with Christians and Jews!'  In many places, historic church feast days and holidays were banned and even the display of religious flags and banners was outlawed; often Nazis cordoned off areas necessary for church pilgrimages and offered free beer and sausages for secular events that deliberately coincided with church festivals."

"The Nazis entered their reign hostile to Christianity, and although they sometimes tried to mask that animus from the outside world for political reasons, this hatred became real persecution almost as soon as Hitler came to power.  Although those who maliciously intend to somehow weave the threads of Christianity through...Nazism may find exceptions to the rule..., consider that thoughtful critics of Nazism at the time were universal in their general perception:  Nazis hated Christianity, persecuted Christianity and considered Christianity...the greatest enemy of Nazism." p. 49

"So what happened when children entered the Hitler Youth?  Did this Nazi organization accept Christianity?  Was it indifferent toward Christianity?  Or was it hostile to Christianity?"  "'All we Hitler people can still only look with the greatest contempt on those young people who still run to their silly Evangelical or Catholic Churches in order to vent their quite superstitious religious feelings.'  Those effectively in the Hitler Youth were told that ordinary Christians were 'faith fanatics' and Protestants and Catholics had 'superstitious religious feelings.'  The Hitler Youth was intended to pound Christianity out of children." p. 54

"What sort of things did the Hitlerjugend [Hitler Youth] teach about Christianity?  Power reports that the lines handed out to Hitler Youth teaches which he saw included:  'Christianity is a religion of slaves and fools.'  'How did Christ die?  Whining at the Cross!'  'The Ten Commandments represent the lowest instincts of man,' and 'Christianity is merely a cloak for Judaism.'" p. 56

So much for the LIE that the Hitler Youth taught the children to hate the Jews "for killing Christ."  Nazi Germany, and especially the highest-ranking Nazis knew that SATAN is God and that Christ is lower than excrement to be flushed down the toilet.

What we have learned from the Third Reich so far in this sermon is:

1) Jesus Christ never existed as a human being but as a Jewish-invented thought-form on the astral plane, and it is Adolf Hitler who is the Anti-Christ who is preventing the Christos, Jewish OR Aryan from ever manifesting as a human being, "divine," or just as a man.

2) Christianity is a Jewish and foreign/alien religion that redeems the meek, the slaves, and the so-called "oppressed minority groups" while dethroning Satan and destroying his Aryan peoples.

3) If a person is going to be against Christianity, they can't just pick and choose which aspects of Christianity are "okay" because they were stolen from older, Aryan Pagan religions, as it is IMPERATIVE to be against the whole goddamned thing, as it has to be hated all or nothing, and...

4) Adolf Hitler and other leading Nazis' "crimes" were not "genocide" of the Jews or the "other unfortunates," but for working to destroy the Christian virus that has poisoned our White Aryan Racial blood for too many centuries.  Nobody in world history has been as determined to destroy Christianity and Islam as Adolf Hitler, the Anti-Christ.

We have also learned that it was German compassion towards the Jews and their slaves that was responsible for the Jews winning World War II.  That is the weakness of our White Aryan Race; we tend to give our enemies the benefit of the doubt, as well as waste time, money, energy and resources on the non-White races, with the majority cheering for the underdog instead of prioritizing our own.  After the fall of pre-Christian Aryan Paganism, the Jewish people and their colored allies have been the only people who have been given the entitlement for racial purity, racial loyalty, and having religions that are friendly to one's race.  Although the Jews provide White Aryan women to satisfy mobs of their colored slaves through enforced race-mixing, it is still only the White Aryan Race of Satan that gets attacked, smeared, and ruined for saying "No!" to the Jewish genocide programs against Whitey.

Although the Jewish author feeds the reader with lies that Nazi Germany "embraced" Protestantism, the following quote is quite telling of how the Nazis despised Christianity and everything and everyone related to it...

"Hostility toward Christianity, however, had not been eliminated but continued, based on its links with Judaism.  One German Christian leader, Friedrich Wieneke, overheard the dinner prayer of some German soldiers at a military rest center in 1941 in Zakopane, Poland:  'Peace will only come when the last Jew hangs on the last bowel of the last parson.'" The Aryan Jesus by Susannah Heschel p. 101


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