About Satanic Nazism Part One:  Reality Check by High Priest Jake Carlson

"We are Nazis." -- Lilith

"There is no such thing as 'blind hatred' towards the Jews." -- Astaroth [Dictated to me, personally, on July 7th, 2007]

"Do you understand now the profound significance of our National-Socialist movement?  Whoever sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement doesn't know much about it ...  It is even more than a religion:  it is the will to create mankind anew."  -- Adolf Hitler [1]

Satan and his Demons, who are of the Nordic-Aryan race of extra-terrestrials, were the first Nazis, and they passed the teachings of primordial National Socialism down to their human offspring through the old, original, pre-Christian Pagan religions, back when "Pagan" literally meant "of Satan," or in other words, before "Paganism" became politically correct in the Christianized, Marxist, egalitarian form that is available for all people today as opposed to being only for the greatest of the great and the mightiest of the mighty like it used to be.

Satanism is a collective label for all of the original Pagan religions that existed before they were Christianized.  There are different sects and denominations of Satanism, including versions that are politically correct, which cancels their residence in the category of Satanism.  Diabolatry, or so-called "Devil worship" that worships Christianity's non-Pagan version of a fake Satan, for example, is just a rebellious form of Christianity, not Satanism.  The same can be said for atheistic, symbolic so-called "Satanists."  Anything that incorporates the Jewish Kabbalah, which curses Satan and his Demons as being the "Qlippoth" on the Jewish version of the Tree of Life does not have a place in Satanism, either.  "Satan" means Enemy and Adversary in Hebrew, which means that anything Jewish, which includes Christianity, Islam, and Communism, are excluded from Satanism without exception.

As one author points out, "Excluding devil worshippers and fashion Satanists, religious Satanism further divides into a typology of three primary, identifiable  subcategories:  (1) Satanism as a religion of nature; (2) Satanism as initiatory elitism; and (3) Satanism as Eurocentric heathendom." [2]

We, at the Joy of Satan Ministries, which is Spiritual Satanism, belong to all three of the subcategories outlined by the author above.  We live in harmony with Nature and Natural Law and we are planet Earth's stewards.  We are initiatory and elitist, in the sense that we recognize that Satanism isn't for everyone, and that only the best of the best and the mightiest of the mighty will survive.  We include Satanic disciplines such as Vril/life-force enhancing meditations and Serpent or Kundalini Yoga to aid us in shedding our former selves, and keep reaching ever-new heights of physical and spiritual self-overcoming, perfection and freedom.  We are also Eurocentric heathendom, in that, we who are White Aryans, recognize that Satan, the Nordic-Aryan God, is our biological Father, and we embrace our Indo-European heathen heritage.  Satan/Enki [the All-Father Wotan] created all of the Gentile races, but he and a White human female gave birth to the Aryan race.  Satan wants us to preserve this, just like he wishes for the well-being of all other non-Jewish races and Nations, as well.  Christianity and its offspring of Marxism are what has enforced racial tension and has placed the Indo-European Gentiles at the BULL'S EYE of Jewish hatred, and has marked us for extermination.  Satanism celebrates racial pride and awareness and the ruthless removal of all who stand in our way.

"A core belief of...Nazi Satanism concerns the advent of a new elite of supermen who will sweep away the inferior masses with their "slave religions and moralities" and so usher in a new aeon of planetary evolution." [3]

At the Joy of Satan, through daily Satanic Power meditation, and regardless of sexual orientation, each person only staying within one's own ethnic group, we are restoring the Natural Order; the Satanic Order.  With the Aryans staying true to our race, breeding only with our own, and raising our Vril power through daily meditation, we are giving birth to the New Man; the Superman, the Ubermensch, prophesied by Friedrich Nietzsche and worshiped by our Satanic Leader, Adolf Hitler.  The alien Jewish creed of Christianity will be removed from planet Earth and outlawed, globally, and the Christians who cannot or will not leave Christianity for their own reasons, will be segregated from the new development of superior humanity, the God-men, and will be left by themselves to pass away, and Christianity will die a bitter death with the incurable Christians, Muslims, and  Communists.  The ones that will be swept away are the Jewish people and the system of race-mixing that they have forcefully installed with the help of Christianity, Islam, and Communism.  All of these Jewish creeds and programs will be dealt with harshly, and once and for all.

"Common to all Nazi Satanist groups is an utter contempt for the values of Christianity and liberal society.  The highest praise is reserved for the warrior spirit, heroic courage and pride of pagan barbarian peoples, especially the Teutonic and Celtic natives of Northern and Western Europe, prior to their conversion to Christianity.  Nietzsche is regarded as a prophet for his celebration of the Anti-Christ and denunciation of Christianity as a 'religion of slaves.'  The...weak, humble and guilt-ridden nature of Christian morality is constantly held up to ridicule.  Its secular heritage is held responsible for the prodigious growth of an inferior humanity composed of racial inferiors and fearful weaklings who claim the protection of democracy and liberalism against the fierce and powerful.  Most of mankind [those who are without] [are] regarded as a wasteful burden upon the planet.  The Jews and Christians are regularly pilloried for promoting a pacifist, materialist, cosmopolitan society (the...New World Order) in which a homogeneous and blinkered one-world citizenry obediently consume standardized products for the profit of the plutocracy.  The erosion of all gender, racial, national and cultural differences is seen as a grave threat to human evolution, which, it is claimed, can only progress through struggle and war." [4]

"According to [David] Myatt [Order of Nine Angles], '...National-Socialist Germany was a practical expression of Satanic spirit:  led by [Hitler] who was able to utilize acausal energy and 'earth' it to achieve political goals...NS Germany was a burst of Luciferian light--of zest and power--in an otherwise Nazarene, pacified and boring world.'  The Third Reich was such an affront to Nazarene domination that it had to be 'uprooted from the psyche of the West' by inventing the guilt-laden myth of the Holocaust.  But Myatt argues that the period of Nazi rule has opened a nexion for acausal...influence; its archetypal energy has been stored and awaits further use.'" [5]

[Regarding Satanic Nazis] "Taking their cue from LaVey and Aquino, these neo-Nazi groups combine Satanic rituals and magical invocations with Hitler worship and Nazi ideology.  The Nazi Satanist attack on Christianity...reiterates Nietzschean notions of the Superman and...the survival of the fittest found in National Socialist doctrine."  "When Nazi Satanists perform their...rituals with Hitlerite references, they embrace a dark will to power...  In this cultic milieu, the trappings of Hitler and Satan both represent charged symbols for elitism combined with anger and aggression toward the 'New World Order,' capitalism, Christianity,  democracy...[and] in general ['the herd'].  The swastika and Third Reich imagery join black candles, skulls and magical pentagrams in a tableau of ritualized transgression and exclusion from the rest of society." [6]

We, at the Joy of Satan, do not take our cues from these imperfect leaders of modern Satanism.  We take our cues from Satan, himself, his Demons, and his Chosen One, the Anti-Christ.  Unlike David Myatt's Order of Nine Angles, we do not put our lives in danger, and we are law-abiding citizens.  We recognize that Myatt had some good ideas and we understand the points that he was making, but we know that it is Satan's will for us to keep reaching higher heights through Satanic meditation.  Satan also does not want his people to have to serve any prison sentences for trying to overcome our current level of humanity.  We also realize that our war is "out there" and is spiritual, which for the time being, makes our warfare against the Jews and their programs spiritual, which means that our current fight is on the astral.  This is perfectly legal, but secrecy still applies for our own safety and well-being.

Rather than hiding from and literally avoiding the rest of society like the one author mentioned above, we do keep to ourselves, but we work towards elevating those of our people who are worthy of learning the truth about Satan, the lies of  Christianity and related Jewish filth, and the pending Jewish New World Order and One World Communist Government that is ruled by the Jewish Utopian Noahide Laws.  Those of our people who are currently Christian or currently liberal, but will learn and understand the truth before it is too late, will join us and work at perfecting their minds, bodies, and souls, and work to inform, teach, lead, and elevate the rest of worthwhile humans from the Gentile peoples who were meant to wake up.  Satan has put a priority on the White Aryan race, however, because the Jews have nearly destroyed us with their kosher religions and revolutions, and we are currently Nature's most endangered species.

From the Jewish New Testament of the Christian Bible:  "For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.  For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female:  for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.  And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise" (Galatians 3:26-29).

The doctrine of Galatians 3:26-29 is the ugly core of Christianity.  In the Satanic Pagan religions, which always practiced at least some form of primordial Nazism since the dawn of civilization, the differences between race, biological gender, and culture were never encouraged to be abolished and merged together as one, politically correct race, gender, or culture.  That was the work of Christianity, which sought to bring an end to natural human diversity and replace it with the perfect slave of what the Jewish people and the deluded Christian and Muslim Gentiles call "god."

A people without a race, gender, or culture of their own, are no longer a people at all, but are now bar-coded, soul-less, Jewish-owned cattle that serve the Jews day and night.

As Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, "If the Jew, with the help of his Marxian creed, conquers the nations of this world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of the human race, and the planet will drive through the ether once again empty of mankind, as it did millions of years ago.

Eternal Nature takes inexorable revenge on any usurpation of her realm."

In this statement, Adolf Hitler, referring to Jesus Christ and his Marxian creed, such as what is found within the Sermon On the Mount, was reciting the true anti-thesis of Christianity.  Any person who thinks they are a "Satanist" but has a problem with Adolf Hitler, ultimately has a problem with Satan, himself, and they have an attack of rage every time they can't make Satanism into their own image, as they cannot accept the real thing.  As Savitri Devi once pointed out, the Gods, who are now known as Demons, can never be de-Nazified.

Whether a person is a Satanist or not, exposing and attacking Christianity or Islam in and of themselves could get a person a slap on the hand at worst, but if a person goes for the Jewish roots of these Jewish conspiracies against humanity, then the person is considered a threat.  The Joy of Satan is the legitimate Satanic organization that is attacked the hardest because Satan, himself, along with his Demons, and the Anti-Christ, have selected us to be their spokespersons and lead the way.  The enemies of Satan, who are naturally our enemies, as well, cannot tolerate this.  We are the greatest threat to Christianity, Islam, Communism, and all other Jewish conspiracies against humanity since the Third Reich.

Satanism is only for the strong.  Weaklings and cowards will writhe in agony in the presence of the real Satan.  Any Satanism that isn't Pagan National Socialist [Nazi] is not Satanism at all.  Likewise, any National Socialism that isn't Satanic Pagan isn't National Socialist at all.  Only the strong, the intelligent, the wise, and the bold can handle this fact.  The Nazism of the Third Reich had the success that it did because it was blessed by Satan, himself, from the very beginning, and Adolf Hitler's Movement was born from the Satanic Order of the Thule Society.


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