About Satanic Nazism Part Two:  The Nazi Supermen Are Satan and His Demons by High Priest Jake Carlson

This part two of this sermon series is dedicated to the weak and cowardly morons I have come into contact with who do not want to believe that Hitler was a Satanist and was in contact with Satan-Lucifer.  This is also for the idiots who can't handle the fact that Satan is the Pagan God Enki/EA who existed long before the Christian version of "Satan" was ever dreamed of.

Evidence has been shown that Adolf Hitler made a contract with Satan in 1932.  Hitler wrote his desire to be
the Aryan Leader to rescue Gentile humanity from the clutches of International Jewry to prevent the Jewish goals of annihilating the Aryan race and the enslaving of all remaining Gentiles.  Hitler signed his name in blood [see photo above].  In Hitler's time, not much was known about Satan from a  non-Christian, Pagan perspective, so at the time, Hitler thought that he was supposed to give his soul to Satan-Lucifer in thirteen years after writing the contract.  Hitler's supposed suicide was chosen for the Satanic New Year, Beltane, April 30th, 1945, which would be exactly thirteen years to the day of signing the agreement with Satan.  However, Satan had other plans for Hitler and other Nazis.  The bodies of Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun were never found.  More about Hitler's escape and survival will be covered in a separate sermon.  The point is that Hitler did not end up committing suicide on the date that he promised to give his soul to Satan because Satan is not the soul-collecting evil one which is Jehovah-Yahweh.  Satan had other plans for Hitler and the Nazis, considering that Satan himself was their Superman.

As for the authenticity of Hitler's contract with Satan that was written on April 30th, 1932, we have to look at what happened.  Prior to 1932, like many great, Satanic Aryan souls, the world didn't quite understand Adolf Hitler, and for a long time, his luck was not in his favor.  However, immediately after Hitler dedicated his soul to Satan and Satan's will, his luck began to change, and he quickly rose to power, as he was in complete accordance with Satan's desires.

There are still Jews who know the truth about Hitler, the Nazis, and Christianity, but to keep the Jewish plague of Christian Identity alive, they try to convince the deluded followers of this kosher program that Hitler and Nazism are "Christian."  The sad thing is that Christ
ianity has contaminated many of our people's blood to the point that they accept these lies.  Let us examine the facts of Adolf Hitler and what the Nazis believed and put into practice.

"Alliances could be formed with the Master of the World...who reigns over a city hidden somewhere in the East.  Those who conclude with a pact [a Dedication] will change the surface of the Earth and endow the human adventure with a new meaning for many thousands of years." [1]

"We must also beware of the notion of the 'Unknown Supermen.'  It is found in all the 'black' mystical writings both in the West and in the East.  Whether they live under the Earth or came from other planets...do these 'Unknown Supermen,' evoked in pagan and Satanic rites, actually exist?"  "It seems that Hitler shared this belief, and even claimed to have been in touch with these 'supermen.'" [2]

'The new man is living amongst us now!  He is here!' exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly.  'Isn't that enough for you?  I will tell you a secret.  I have seen the new man.  He was intrepid and cruel.  I was afraid of him.'  'In uttering these words,' added Rauschning,' Hitler was trembling in a kind of ecstasy." [3]

[Hitler speaking] "The air became stifling so that I could barely breathe.  The noisy scene of the Treasure House seemed to melt away before my eyes.  I stood alone and trembling before the hovering form of the Superman (Ubermensch)--a Spirit sublime and fearful, a countenance intrepid and cruel.  In holy awe, I offered my soul as a vessel of his Will." [4]

"Adolf Hitler was possessed...by Lucifer himself." -- Max Dominick [5]

"...Hitler's God-Men would have been
none other than the legions of Lucifer..." [6]

"...Hitler rightly believed he had established communication with Lucifer, from whom he openly coveted possession." [7]

"Apollyon is the fallen angel that inhabited Hitler..."  [8]

And who is Apollyon?  The Demon Abbadon/Apollyon is mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Jewish New Testament, and he is said to be the "Angel of the bottomless pit."  "The bottomless pit," or abyss, is a metaphor for the three lower chakras:  the solar plexus, the sacral chakra, and the base chakra.  However, geographically, ther
e is an interior to planet Earth, and the openings to the hollow earth are at the polar regions.  When I asked Satan if this place was real, he showed me a vision of this dimly-lit world below our world that contained streams with sparkling green water, tunnels and caverns, and there were peacocks, which are Satan's sacred bird, everywhere.

Apollyon is also Enki, who the Jewish Talmud has recorded to be Samael, the Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge, and the Devil, who is Satan, the Enemy and Adversary of the Jewish people, and the Creator, Father, and Liberator of Gentile humanity, as well as the God of the Aryan race.

"...Enki and the Anunnaki were the Fallen Angels of the biblical texts. Who else would be the ruler of the "Bottomless Pit" but the Lord of the Abzu!" -- E. Vegh [9]

Depiction of the Far Eastern Enki/Satan who is known as Sanat Kumara and Rigden Jyepo/Iyepo who reigns from the inner Earth kingdom of Shambhala

Enki, whose name means "Lord of the Earth" or "King of the World" [an epithet of Sanat Kumara, which is a Far Eastern name and anagram of Satan], is also the Lord of the subterranean realms of the hollow earth, and is known by the Tibetans as Rigden Jyepo/Iyepo.  Enki's Abzu means "abyss."  In other words, Enki, who is Satan, is the Lord of the abyss, which the deluded Christians believe to be their version of "Hell."  While the *official* Hell, which is not a place of torment, is in the constellation of Orion, which is in outer space, the Abzu, or inner Earth, contains a "Hell" that was a home away from home for Satan and his Demons when they still resided on planet Earth.  The hollow Earth, namely the Far Eastern subterranean cities of Agartha and Shambhala, is the birth place of the White Aryan race.  Due to the inner earth being devoid of light from the Sun that shines upon the external Earth, the Aryan race is naturally more pale in complexion.  The "Central Sun," which is supposed to be a ball of prima materia at the center of the Earth and worshiped by the inner Earth's super-human inhabitants, is also called "the Black Sun."  Metaphorically, this is both the solar plexus chakra AND the source of light and life within the Earth.

Enki/Satan, the Lord of the abyss, took his Aryan humans to the hollow earth for refuge during times of planetary catastrophes and war on the Earth's surface.  There are still surviving colonies of Aryans who currently reside within the Earth's interior, especially under the Gobi desert and below the Himalayas, which is where human beings who achieve immortality go to until they can be taken off-Earth by Demons.  Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who was an initiate of the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian Societies, wrote about these Aryan God-men in his book Vril:  The Power of the Coming Race.  These humans basically survived in underground bunkers, "cauldrons," and caverns during catastrophes on the Earth's surface.  The immortal Aryan survivors of Atlantis still reside beneath the Earth's surface.  Although considered "science-fiction," the Nazis recognized the truth that Bulwer-Lytton's story was trying to relate, and they named the Nazi Vril Society after the subterranean Aryan Supermen, the Vril-ya, who survived Atlantis in Satan's designated area for them below the Earth's surface.

I must add here that the FALSE "Hell" that is allegedly inside of the Earth, which the Christians and Muslims believe in, is NOT of Satan!  These sections of the hollow earth are inhabited by many extra-terrestrial greys, and the creators of the Jewish people, who have accepted the names "Jehovah," "Yahweh," "YHVH," and "Moloch" -- the reptilians.  I have no doubt that enemy Nordics reside there as well, considering the many near-death experience horror stories that former atheists who have turned to Christ, the Jewish bag of excrement, have related about the Christian so-called "Hell" being at the center of the Earth, and being a "lake of fire" or a place of "fire and brimstone" and eternal torment.  These places are NOT of Satan, and Satan and his Demons have NOTHING to do with such places.   Everything that the enemy is and does, has been blamed on Satan and his Demons, who have been endlessly slandered and lied about to keep their own creation, the Gentiles, and the offspring of the Gods, the Aryan race, away from them at all costs.

For more about the true and false Hells, see:


More about Enki/Satan, his Aryan peoples, and the hollow earth:  "[Some] researchers suggest one faction of the Anunnaki, under the direction of Enlil, escaped off-planet until the flood-waters receded. While others, with the assistance of Enki, (ki meaning subterranean I might add) escaped within the world-wide mining tunnel system, now known as the Agharti [Agartha] tunnel system." [10]

"After the cataclysm that made Hyperborea uninhabitable, perhaps 6000 years ago, the inhabitants migrated to the region now covered by the Gobi Desert and there founded a new seat:  Agartha.  People flocked from all directions to this 'center of the world,' which enjoyed 2000 years of brilliant civilization.  Then another catastrophe occurred, its cause unknown:  the surface of the region was devastated, but Agartha survived underground."  "The Aryan people migrated in two directions:  one went north and west, hoping to return to their Hyperborean homeland and to conquer their lost territories.  A second group went south, to the Himalayas, and there founded another secret center in underground caverns [Shambhala]." [11]

When HYPERBOREA began to sink the Hyperboreans are said to have burrowed with huge machines gigantic tunnels into the Earth’s crust and settled under the Himalayan region. The subterranean realm is called AGHARTA and its capital SHAMBALLAH. The Persians call this land “Aryana” the land of origin of the Aryans.

...Karl Haushofer [of the Vril and Thule Societies] claimed that Thule was actually called Atlantis and – contrary to all other researchers of Tibet and India – he said that the surviving Thule-Atlanteans were separated into two groups, a good one and an evil one. Those who called themselves after their oracle Agharta were the good and settled in the Himalayan region, the evil ones were the Shamballah who wanted to subjugate humanity and they went West." [12]

"The symbol of Thule was the Swastika counter-clockwise." [13]

"Hitler especially sought to discover the entrances to the subterranean world Agartha and to get in contact with the descendants of the Aryan 'God people' from Alderbaran-Hyperborea." [14]

"Hitler wanted to build an outer 'Agartha' or 'Aryana...' and Germany should be its home. During the existence of the “Third Reich” two large expeditions were sent by the SS to the Himalayas to find those entrances." [15]

As for Karl Haushofer's conclusion that "Agartha is good and Shambhala is evil," I have to disagree because, Satan, who is the Aryan God Sanat Kumara, resides in Shambhala.  Personally, I believe that Agartha and Shambhala are interchangeable.

In this sermon, we have discovered the connection between Enki/Satan, the Nazis, the Hollow Earth theory, and the Aryan race.  Satan called the shots for the Third Reich, including the escape and survival of Adolf Hitler.  Satan and the Antichrist are both giving orders to Satanic Nazis to this day, which will establish the Fourth Reich.  More about this will be covered in a separate sermon.

In closing, I must state that to my knowledge, Satan and most if not all of the Gods of Hell, have left their underground home and have returned to the constellation of Orion.  This is what Satan has indicated to me, but I can't state this as a 100% fact yet until he tells me more about this.  There are, however, surviving colonies of Aryans and humans who are now God-men who have achieved immortality who currently reside below the earth's surface until Demons can take them off-planet.  Our Nordic Gods have underground bases, but so does the enemy, namely the extra-terrestrial greys and the reptilians.

While Adolf Hitler orchestrated the breeding of the Man-God, a mutation of the current German Aryan stock into immortal beings of light through selective breeding and spiritual disciplines, such as meditation and yoga, his visions and subsequent orders to carry out were given to him by Satan and his Demons who were the original Supermen who gave birth to the Aryan peoples through intercourse with human females who "they saw to be fair," meaning White or pale.  The politically correct versions of the Christian Bible that came after the King James version substituted the word "fair" with "beautiful" to erase the racial references to Satan and his Demons mating with racially White females.  The deliberate assault on the racial aspect of Genesis 6:1-4 in the Torah, is a Jewish attempt to manipulate the Aryan collective unconscious and to pollute the Aryan soul by encouraging racial compromise through race-mixing and it is a Jewish attempt to delete Aryan history.

Christ, the fictitious Jew, was supposedly "tempted by the Devil" and their fictitious exchange is, "Again, the devil took [Jesus] to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.  'All this I will give you,' he said, 'if you will bow down and worship me.'  Jesus said to him, 'Away from me, Satan!  For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only'" (Matthew 4: 8-10).

In regards to this fictitious exchange between Christ and Satan, Hitler wrote the following which confirms his Satanism:  "Thou shalt worship the Superman, the Elite of the Race, the Lord of all the kingdoms of the earth and the glory of them, and Him only shalt thou serve." [16]

In this case, and many others, Hitler's Superman wasn't merely the new mutation of the Aryan race, but was Satan himself, whom he modeled the new humanity after.


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