The Pending Noahide Laws and the End of the Third Sex Part One by High Priest Jake Carlson

The Jewish powers that be are working for the end of Gentile heterosexuals, for obvious reasons, but this sermon mostly concerns the Gentile third sex, due to so much information that isn't publicly available when faced with what seems to be the obvious--that the Jews are "working for homosexuality."  Make no mistake, despite what *appears* obvious, the third sex is being hunted down by the Jews, as well, through the destructive Jewish-promoted and Jewish-enforced version of a "homosexual lifestyle" that is spoon-fed by the Jews and their supporters to those of the third sex who have been enslaved by the Jewish people and the Jewish Marxist agenda, not to mention by the hatred towards, and disapproval of homosexuality that is generated by Christian love and the "peace" of Islam to create Christian and Islamic violence against the third sex.  After taking these facts into consideration, it is pure stupidity, mental retardation, blindness, leftover Christian values, and wishful thinking, that make a person unable to see that it is only an ILLUSION that the Jews are "working for" the third sex.  The Jewish version of "homosexuality" and the White Aryan third sex are naturally unrelated and incompatible.

It is kind of ironic that the Jews and their Christian and Islamic programs are so strongly against homosexual activity [unless it involves pedophilia], considering that with the exception of the Jewish Kabbalah, where YHVH has a wife, the fake Jewish god is otherwise a male bachelor who despises women, the women are off-limits, "homosexuality" runs rampant in the Vatican, in the Christian Churches and Muslim mosques, Christ is a bisexual character, and the opposite sexes are severely and strictly segregated, but nonetheless, this sermon focuses mostly on the Jewish Noahide law concerning "forbidden relations" that prescribes the death penalty for Gentiles who are "guilty" of homosexual behavior under a Jewish, Communist, one-world, Noahide theocratic dictatorship.  I will be writing more sermons about the pending Noahide Laws that affect every Gentile, but this sermon is for the Third Sex Thule Society, as well as re-education for heterosexuals who still have any remaining leftovers of Christian or related values concerning homosexuality, as well as any difficulty with letting go of them.

For information about the pending global Jewish Noahide theocracy that our Reverse Torah Rituals and Auras of Protection are preventing, see:

any years ago, in one of the Satanic e-groups, there was an individual whose "Asatru Odinist Satanism" was actually Torah-based Christianity.  In regards to homosexuality and the Noahide Laws, the idiot said that the Jewish prohibitions against homosexuality are only for the Jewish people to adhere to, while homosexuality is to continue being enforced as the law of the land for the White Aryan Race, apparently, which I assume, would be in order to harvest the "les-bi-gay" meekness gene, as well as to lower our birthrates, since the White Aryan Race of Satan is the obstacle that is standing between the Jewish people and the manifestation of the Jewish messianic kingdom of god on Satan's Earth.  This Christian "Odinist" moron was most likely a Jewish infiltrator who was trying to poison the White Race with evangelical Christian values [Judaism for White people], concerning the third sex.

There was absolutely no phenomena of anti-third sex attitudes, nor hatred towards women, in the ancient pre-Christian Pagan world *before* the Jews "hatched" [so to speak], arrived on the scene, infiltrated Gentile cultures, and tampered with everything natural and Pagan.  Pre-Christian hatred of the third sex and women can be accurately considered as Primordial Christianity and Primordial Islam.  Traditional Christianity and Islam have, for the most part, succeeded with its goal to make homosexuality hated by people who formerly had no issues with it, and/or were at least totally oblivious to it.  This, in turn, has made the third sex afraid of all things heterosexual, and as far as Christianity's and Islam's unnatural hatred towards women, militant feminists are afraid of natural motherhood, and the natural Pagan family and home.  This psychosis and unnatural division among heterosexuals and the third sex, as well as hatred between the different biological genders, is a product and symptom of the presence of the Jewish people on planet Earth, and these vile Jewish alien scum take great pride in their handiwork.

Before the coming of Christianity and other Jewish traditions, there was never any such thing as a Pagan religion or a Pagan politic that discouraged homosexuality, whether among men or lesbian women, in the first place, as long as the third sex respected "mating season" in order to keep the White Aryan population alive.  Cornelius Tacitus' writings have been altered and misinterpreted, and the Eddas have been edited by Christian monks.  On the contrary, unlike what Jewdaized, re-written "history" asserts, the Germanic tribes never discouraged homosexuality, let alone penalized or persecuted it, nor imprisoned or killed the third sex.  Homosexuality was a non-issue among Aryan Pagans, globally.  Christianity's teachings against homosexuality and the third sex are a reaction to this.

"To appreciate the extent of the revolution wrought by Judaism's prohibiting homosexuality and demanding that all sexual interaction be male-female, it is first necessary to appreciate just how universally accepted, valued, and practiced homosexuality has been throughout the world. The one continuous exception was Jewish civilization — and a thousand years later, Christian civilization. Other than the Jews, "none of the archaic civilizations prohibited homosexuality per se," Dr. David E. Greenberg notes. It was Judaism alone that about 3,000 years ago declared homosexuality wrong." [1]

The Jewish people are a distinctly alien race who hate humanity.  So far, this sermon has proven that what is known as homosexuality, in and of itself, wasn't rejected, criminalized, or hated among humans during pre-Christian, Pagan times until the Jews arrived on this planet and infiltrated and subverted the White Aryan peoples, prior to destroying these great Nations.  As for the way the Jewish religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam insidiously, and sometimes blatantly "encourage homosexuality," it is not the Gentile version of homosexuality, but the Jewish version that is encouraged.  The more that a person cannot tell the difference between the two, is the more Christian or Islamic fundamentalism that a person carries within their soul, even if they have consciously rejected these fake "religions" since the beginning.  The disapproval of the third sex is a symptom of Christian love and Islamic "peace," which are products of the Jews, but most people who have souls that have in some way "brushed wings" with traditional Christian values, whether they are Christians or not, would never know this because of the Marxist Jews who have given sanctuary for the Jewdaized, Marxist LGBT community.  Because of the Jewish pushed and promoted version of "homosexuality" being the only model of third sex people for Christianized Gentiles to see, it is sad that the result is that most people know next to nothing about the Gentile third sex and the role that they played, and once again will play, in White Aryan culture and Civilization.

Many Jews, whether religious or irreligious, claim to be detached and non-proselytizing when it comes to the desire to enforce the unnatural laws that the Jews are required to follow onto the Gentile populace, but in regards to the still-somewhat controversial issue of homosexuality among those who still suffer from Christian blood poisoning, the quotes from the Jewish people behind the Noahide movement that are provided within this sermon will set you on the right track.  

In the Jewish people's own words:  "Leviticus 18:22 is an often-quoted prohibition involving homosexuality:  "You [males] shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; it is a to'eviah (abomination)."  This verse unequivocally prohibits homosexual activities as an abomination to God."  "The source verse that prohibits homosexual activity by Gentiles is Genesis 2:24, which obligates a man not to engage in any sexual activity other than with his permitted wife." [2]

Did you see that?  The Jews ADMIT that Genesis 2:24 is a prohibition against homosexuality that applies to the Gentiles!  This means that the individuals who feel that the Jews are "working for" third sex sexuality are, in fact, wrong.  The Jews who push THEIR version of "homosexuality" do so as a means to an end of sexual freedom for all Gentiles because they let the sexually-repressed Christian evangelical scum use Christian values to "clean up" after the Jews are finished wreaking havoc on sexual freedom.  So much for Diarrhea Verawitz's Jew-loving claim that the liberal Jews are the "staunchest opponents" of a Christian theocracy, and are "potential allies" of "Satanists and other unpopular religious minorities."  Could she be any more blind???  Any true Satanist who KNOWS Satan personally knows and understands that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, no questions asked, because ALL Jews are deeply cursed and intensely hated by Satan and the Powers of Hell.  There are no exceptions.

The imbecile with the Torah-like Christian values that I mentioned from one of the Satanic e-groups, was aware that the Jewish people hold standards where certain laws only apply to Gentiles, while other laws only apply to the Jewish people.  In other words, what's good for the Jews and is bad for the White Race is what is to be enforced by the Jews in the fashion of true Talmudic hatred of all things Aryan and of Satan.  This is definitely true, but Satanists and Pagans with Christian values, who believe that the Noahide Laws' prohibition against homosexuality only applies to the Jews, but not to the Gentiles, are a wasteful burden upon the shoulders of REAL National Socialists--Nazi Satanists who are not bothered by the third sex--as we can plainly see that while in the words of rabbinical filth, Genesis 1:27-28 [stolen from the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, which predates the Old Testament] only applies to the Jewish people, while Genesis 2:24's prohibition against homosexuality does, indeed, only apply to the Gentiles.

[Genesis 1:27-28 (for the Jews):  "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply...

Genesis 2:24 (for the Gentiles):  "There shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife:  and they shall be one flesh"].

As the rabbis continue... 

"A male is forbidden to engage in anal intercourse with another male..."  "All types of same-sex erotic contact are forbidden...  Orthodox Rabbis agree that homosexual acts bring harm upon a person and that professional counseling should be available to help individuals overcome same-sex attraction..." [3]

Like the Christians, the Jews of JONAH [Jews Offering New Alternatives for Homosexuality], and others, offer services to make a homosexual become a heterosexual.  The relationship between Christian fundamentalism and ultra-Orthodox Judaism should be obvious.  If the Jews of the Noahide movement were to have their way, all out-of-the-closet [unashamed] third sex individuals would be court-ordered to go through "conversion therapy" to "cure" them of their same-sex attractions.  When this reparative therapy fails, the third sex is to be killed by decapitation, even if a person is only suspected of homosexual practices [except when pedophilia is involved], with or without proof.  Everything that Nazi Germany has been accused of is what the Jews have always been guilty of and have framed the Nazis for in Jewish "history" lessons.  The Jewish people project everything they do, and everything they are, onto their White Aryan Pagan enemies.

And here is an obvious example of the Jewish version of "homosexuality."  Showing the evil and the hypocrisy of the Jewish people, Talmudic pedophilia is permitted, however, because according to the Jews, "If the male who inserts his organ is younger than nine years old, this does not fall within the Torah's definition of "sexual intercourse" with a male..." [4]

Although pedophilia is just as much of a heterosexual disease as it is a homosexual disease, Jewish-promoted homosexual pedophilia is an example of the JEWISH version of "homosexuality."  Other than the self-destructive and White Race-damning, Jewish-invented "gay lifestyle" of the Jew-loving mainstream "LGBT community," the only loophole that the Jews allow for Gentiles who are of the third sex to experience "homosexuality" is homosexual pedophilia and inter-racial relations.  The motivations behind what the Jews do, and what they are about, make little sense to many of us, as Gentiles, because the Jewish people are completely alien and severed from Nature and Natural Law.  Their motivations are inhuman and against Nature, in favor of the Christian [Jewish] and Islamic [Jewish] god's law.  Any homosexuality outside of pedophilia, the Jewish synagogues, the Christian Churches, the Muslim mosques, and the kosher "gay lifestyle," however, is, indeed, forbidden by these hypocritical Jews who have the nerve to dictate what is "ethical" versus what is "unethical" in their sick and perverted perspective. 

This law against homosexuality applies to the Gentiles.  The Jews allow homo and hetero pedophilia because it is a form of sexual trauma for the child that develops blockages in the chakras that prevent the kundalini serpent from permanently ascending.  In turn, this is one way that the meekness gene can be produced.  The purpose of the meekness gene is to create the perfect slave who becomes severed from his or her Satanic Gentile Identity.  This is also one way that pedophiles, rapists, serial killers and other psychotics are created.

For more about the Christos meekness gene from the words of a rabbi, see:

For more about the Jewish version of "homosexuality," see:

Some rabbis claim that sexual intercourse is impossible between women, so therefore, the death penalty doesn't apply for lesbians, while other rabbis make contradictory statements.  Regardless, third sex women still have the unique third sex MerKaBa star octahedron.  The Jews want to kill this off, after the lesbian man-hating feminists of the mainstream LGBT community complete their Jewish assignments to destroy White Civilization.  [Note:  Christ was a feminist, which is a major disappointment to "Patriotic" Christians].  The Jews still consider lesbianism to be an abomination.

"It is forbidden for females to practice lesbianism, and this is considered an abomination, as it says, "Do not perform the practice of the land of Egypt in which you dwelled; and do not perform the practice of the land of Canaan ..."  The Sages explained the practices of the land of Egypt:  "What would they do?  A man would marry a man, a woman would marry a woman..." [5]

As we can see, third sex marriage or civil union licenses are not the invention of the Jews and the Jew Rothschild's choice, Barack Obamanation; they were provided to third sex couples long before the coming of Jewish subversion and the mixing of Whites with other races in ancient White Aryan Egypt.

Now, the Jewish law concerning sex with hermaphrodites:

"An androgyne (a person born with male and female genital organs) is considered a male in the context of homosexual relations, and therefore any man who commits anal intercourse with an androgyne is liable for a capital sin, and the androgyne is likewise liable (regardless of which is the active or passive partner)." [6]

Our White heterosexuals don't have it any better than the third sex, when all is said and done.  Heterosexual "sins," such as "adultery," "fornication," and sex before marriage, so long as these "sins" lead to the future births of healthy, happy White children in healthy and safe environments, are forbidden under the same Jewish scare tactics that are used against the third sex, concerning the hereafter.  For the record, anal sex between Gentile males and females is also strictly forbidden with the death penalty under the Noahide Laws, due to the stimulation of the kundalini serpent in the base chakra that is a byproduct of anal sex for those who know how to raise and direct this energy, via this powerful method [but, it isn't meant for everyone, and there are many other ways to successfully stimulate and raise the kundalini for heterosexuals]. 

The only difference between heterosexuals and the third sex is the positioning of the MerKaBa star octahedron, and therefore, the spiritual energy that determines the gender or genders that one is attracted to.  Hetero, homo, and bisexual orientations are perfectly natural and normal until the Jews tamper with them and manipulate them.

To be continued in part two: