The Pending Noahide Laws and the End of the Third Sex Part Two by High Priest Jake Carlson

Just for clarity, whenever I use the term "the third sex," I am only referring to Gentiles, as this is the Far Eastern Aryan Pagan title for "gays," "lesbians," "bisexuals," and "transsexuals" that existed before Jewish subversion.  The Jewish LGBTs are outside of our sphere of Satanic protection.  The liberal Leftist Jews may be pushing and promoting a perverted version of "homosexuality," such as homosexual pedophilia, shameless, irresponsible, animal-like promiscuity and self-destructive hedonism, "gay culture," "gay identity," drug and alcohol addiction, disco "music," dangerous, risky sexual behavior, the blurring of the different genders, Judaeo-Marxism, and the meekness gene, but it is the OTHER Jews [ultra-Orthodox], who are secretly keeping the unique power of homosexuality for themselves, while working to outlaw it, in its natural form, for the Gentiles.  I know this reality is inconvenient for the clueless Christian who wants to go on fantasizing that the Jews adore homosexuality for Gentiles, and that they are actively "working for" the third sex.  These people only see what the Jews want them to see, instead of use their Satan-given ability to see beneath the Jewish surface. 

Heterosexuality has its own unique power, as well, obviously.  I only stated that homosexuality has its power, as well, because with the Jewish-led destruction of countless sacred Pagan texts and libraries, so much knowledge concerning the third sex has been lost and replaced with the Christian and Islamic lies that homosexuality and bisexuality are "abominations" or that they "go against Nature."  The ultra-Orthodox Jews put on a show to make it look like they promote and encourage homosexuality and bisexuality for everyone but their own people, even though they put many of their own liberal LGBTs in high places within the Jewish LGBT Rights movement, but the truth is that these Jewish kikes keep all of the knowledge and power of homosexuality for themselves, and practice it secretly at the top.  The lower-ranking Jews, let alone the Gentiles, are forbidden access to this knowledge.  Even so, the lower-ranking Jews will only be too happy to join their superiors at the messianic moment to exterminate Satan's White Aryan people, and to enslave all remaining Gentiles of the Earth.

In the words of a rabbi, here is how the Jews behind the Noahide Laws, who have the final say in the matter of sexuality for Gentiles, really feel about the third sex, if these Jews were to have their way.  Notice how the Jews create the problems in the first place, just so they can provide the solution:  Jewish control and Jewish takeover.  This rabbi bashes the LGBT Rights movement for "normalizing" homosexuality, but a crucial piece of information that he is purposely withholding is that the LGBT Rights movement is led by Jewish "gay" leaders, and that it is a Leftist CHRISTIAN, and therefore, JEWISH movement.  This is why it is so important for Gentile families to be inclusive of their third sex sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters, just like they are for their heterosexual children and siblings.  The Jews thrive on the division of the Pagan family unit.  Such division is what gave birth to the Jewish-owned and controlled LGBT Rights movement in the first place. 

Straight from the mouth of a dirty, filthy rabbi:  "In striking contrast to the revulsion toward incest and bestiality, there is a widespread tendency to be lenient toward homosexual behavior and to vindicate the desire for homosexual relations.  Millions of men and women set up households on such a basis, and though they are not considered examples of peaceful, healthy living by everyone, they often show a surprising stability."  "Earlier [Pagan/Gentile] societies also had homosexual elements, and they formed a key part of the workings of the society as a whole.

Why should something on this level be forbidden?  The Seven Laws do indeed forbid homosexuality [yes, for Gentiles], on the same level as the other offenses...and no one can legislate any change to permit them.  The Torah makes a particular point of forbidding homosexual marriage contracts to the extent that it praises those non-Jewish societies who refuse to register such marriages as upholders of the law.

What form of kindness is so missing in such relationships that the Almighty would set His face against them entirely?  Even in times such as ours when the practice of homosexuality is widespread, large sections of society feel as much disgust for this practice as for incest and bestiality.  Advocates of homosexuality try to portray their opponents as backward or ill-educated, but most ordinary people are not taken in.

When people become aware of homosexual behavior in their midst, the revulsion they feel is against the improper use of kindness.  Two men may feel that they want their capability for love to be used for each other, but the Seven Laws tell us that this is misplaced love.

When love is misdirected in this way, the sexual partners never find their "address" in heaven [my note: see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10].  Their relationship remains empty of all the transcendence that correctly addressed love receives from above.  Homosexual lovers become mere objects in each other's sight.  They increasingly use each other, they become irritated and annoyed with small things, and the object of their affection starts to wear out and to lose its attraction.  They place a premium on "fresh" relationships because the beauty of youth is all that can console the lovesick partner for the shortness of his time on earth.

Many have noted that the special poignancy so often felt by homosexual partners and described in their literature derives from an inner realization that they are indeed playing an "end-game"--their relationship goes no further than themselves.  ...The homosexual participant never has children to live after him, nor does he enjoy a relationship that has its being in something eternal, something above the fading of his promise and the wrinkling of his skin.

Few men are more pathetic than the aging homosexual, uninteresting even to other homosexuals, abandoned to loneliness as the parade of new material passes by.  All the effort and trouble of married life and the raising of children is sound investment compared with the loss suffered by those who choose the "different way."  In the end, all the societies that encourage homosexuality will likewise fade and decline." [7]

The above excerpts are a prime example of why the Jews promote Talmudic pedophilia [both hetero and homo] for Gentiles, as well as the fact that most Jews, despite their superstitions, are rabid pedophiles, themselves, considering that pedophilia and all other perversions come naturally to the Jewish people, which is also why the Jews accuse their Gentile enemies of everything that they do and everything that they are, all while blaming their god's evils and perversions on Satan, their Adversary.

The Jewish psychology in the above quotes is part of the package deal for a kosher "homosexual lifestyle" that the Jews promote and spoon-feed to their Gentile enemies, in order to replace organic third sex Pagan living that is healthy, safe, and sane
.  However, with the way the Jewish people incessantly promote *their* version of "homosexuality," in the faces of a Christianized White Race, it is somewhat understandable that ALL homosexuality is seen as a sexual deviance, even though it isn't a deviance in and of itself.  Even those of our White Aryan peoples who claim to be against the third sex the most, know somewhere deep down within their souls that homosexuality isn't unnatural, immoral, or wrong, but it is very difficult for them to admit this.  However, being against homosexuality and being against what the Jews have been and continue to do with it are two entirely different things, but the Christianization of our Satanic Race has blurred that difference for many well-meaning, but confused people.

I don't know how many would-be third sex people who currently adhere to the false identity of "LGBT, etc." are aware of this, but the Jewish LGBT Rights movement insidiously includes pedophilia "rights" as part of its parasitic, anti-human agenda [all in the name of "human rights"], because the Jewish "gay rights" leaders take the typical Jewish approach that sees pedophilia as a sexual "orientation," in the same way as heterosexuality,  homosexuality, and bisexuality, that should be "embraced," rather than criminalized or repressed.  This is all part of the Jewish version of "LGBT+" Rights, not the third sex.

As you can see, if they were to have their way and win, the Jews behind the Noahide Laws, who would have the final say in the matter of human sexuality, have what seems to be a very different approach to the third sex than the liberal Jews who actively, incessantly promote their own perverted version of "homosexuality."  These ultra-Orthodox Jews want ALL homosexuality that doesn't fit within their perverse way of life to be wiped off of the face of this Earth.  This goes for heterosexuality, too, of course.  I'm simply stating facts about the third sex that most people are, for the most part, unaware of.  For example, it doesn't take any explanation in order to understand that heterosexuality is natural, but because of the Jewish religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and their related hypocritical teachings, it has been taught that not the same can be said for homo and bisexuality.

The reason why I am placing any of this emphasis on homosexuality and the third sex is because there are many modern National Socialists and White Nationalists who erroneously agree with the Jews and traditional "White," Patriotic, evangelical Christianity, when it comes to the third sex.  This isn't White Racial survival; this is stupidity.  Homosexuality, when left on its own, without Jewish interference, is just as natural and normal as heterosexuality, especially with the third sex, who, although are small in number when compared to their politically correct, Leftist LGBT enemies, are willing to put their White Aryan Race first and foremost.  The Jews have been at liberty to put their race first and foremost, so why don't we do the same and stand together against the Jewish takeover of planet Earth and the destruction of White Civilization and Aryan culture?  One major part of the problem is that the Jews have seen to it that the third sex adopts a false "gay identity" and destructive "lifestyle," as well as forge an imaginary "gay culture" that all become the core of one's existence, instead of one's Gentile race and culture being that core, thus making them "LGBTs" who propagate the meekness gene of Christ, instead of Pagan third sex Leaders and Warriors of Satan.  "Gay Identity" or "Queer Identity" is the Christian Identity of the Marxist Left.

Moving along with the Jewish agenda to abolish the third sex...

"Male homosexuality (meaning here homosexual practice) is prohibited by the same biblical verse '...and cleave to his wife...'"  "Those who have sought to legitimate homosexuality have done so on the grounds that it constitutes a human sexual 'orientation.'  A response to this must refer to the concept of the human being in biblical or Noahide theology."  " speaks of an orientation, or impulse or inclination arising from the bodily or psychic personality of the human being, one has not thereby described the essential person, but rather phenomena with which the essential, the higher, person--the soul--has to deal.  The moral status of homosexuality is not established by whether it appears as a bodily demand, but in terms of whether G-d (and the soul) deem it as right or wrong.  Where, by the standard of the soul it is deemed as something wrong, it becomes a "false capability of being" (to use the term of a student of Frankl), an abnormality with which the human must grapple..." [8]

"In terms of homosexual inclination...Dr R. Bulka establishes the criterion that a 'homosexual' as a dominant, physically conditioned disposition, is one who cannot have an erection with a woman, or is incapable of 'heterosex.'  [Heterosexual] marriage for this person might be a very difficult, or even an inappropriate, option, in terms of this disorder.  Nevertheless, such a person is required by Noahide law to refrain from homosexual activity.

There are then those who have less compelling impulses towards homosexuality and are physically capable of a heterosexual relationship.  Their difficulty in establishing such a relationship parallels the neurotic in psychological illness, who is to a degree 'driven,' but capable of cure.  Aside from other therapy, such individuals are in profound need of the transformative resources of the human soul, such as the spiritual knowledge of an ethical norm, to emerge from their condition." [9]

Now we know where the Christian teachings that a third sex can "break free" from their homo or bisexual attractions come from:  the Jewish people who have taken their somewhat ironically, homo-friendly masks off, and have revealed their true anti-third sex intentions.  Many people cannot see behind the pro-homosexual mask that the Jews put on, nor can they see past the protection that the Jewish people are temporarily granting the would-be third sex who have been lured into the politically correct LGBT fold like sheep.

The Jews who are behind enforcing the global Noahide Laws for Gentiles, clearly are not working in favor of the third sex, like those who have souls that are tainted by traditional Christian values concerning homosexuality, like to believe.  These Jews are working for just the opposite against the third sex.  So many Gentiles with Christianized souls [even if some of these individuals are Satanists] cannot seem to stop thinking of the third sex in any other way than HOW they have sex
--who is the "man" and who is the "woman," etc.  While to the untrained eye and Christian blood poisoning, homosexuality appears to be an anatomic impossibility, but like heterosexuality, the anatomy of a third sex individual's soul can be diagrammed, as this is much more spiritual than who does what in bed, which is unimportant, as long as it is safe and between legal, consenting adults of the same race.


The "les-bi-gay" meekness gene is definitely in line with Christ's Sermon On the Mount pacifism and Christ's intentions to destroy the White Aryan Race of Satan through the Jewish New Age of "peace" and "love," but the meekness gene is much more the fault of one's environment and social conditioning, rather than the third sex's fault who came out of the womb the way they did.  If their hearts are in the right place and if they are destined to become Satanists, even homosexuals who are naturally more of the effeminate type can still offer their assistance to the Satanic White Aryan community and our cause, more so than non-effeminate, hard-headed "White" Patriotic evangelical Christian fundamentalists who think they know what's best for Nazism and White Nationalism.  Being a Christian of ANY kind cancels out the good intentions that such individuals may have, at least as long as they remain Christians, since to be a Christian is to be a White Race-traitor.  The truth hurts.  I have seen certain "Satanists" defend Christians with good intentions, but the truth is that if such Christians are destined to become Satanists in the future, then their pro-White intentions are stored away until the Christian who is to convert to Satanism knows how to use them.  Every White person has to choose between being White or being a Christian because you can't be both.

To be continued in part three: