The Pending Noahide Laws and the End of the Third Sex Part Three by High Priest Jake Carlson

Speaking of the Christian myths about the homosexual orientation being a "disorder" of the soul that can allegedly be "cured," as if the Christians know the first thing about the human soul, the Jews at the top are very much aware of the nature of the positioning of the Gentile third sex MerKaBa star octahedron, and at the current moment, the Jews who promote the New Age Movement, are working on a reparative therapy for all third sex people who they can confuse about their sexuality, to make them feel that homo or bisexuality are "unnatural," "immoral," or "wrong," as if 2,000 or whatever years of Christian tradition haven't been enough torture.  They teach the third sex who wish to reverse their innate homo or bisexual nature to visualize their star octahedrons facing in the opposite directions, until Voila!  They are "cured" of their same-sex attractions! 

This is no different from how pedophilia works.  Like the effects of pedophilia, ANY kind of soul-raping therapy to reverse a Gentile's sexuality [that means for heterosexuals, too] can temporarily confuse their star octahedrons, but it never succeeds with any permanence of making a third sex into a heterosexual, or a heterosexual into a third sex.  The people who would experience the most "success" would be those who were already naturally bisexual who have a star octahedron that can face in either direction when stimulated by either gender, and even then, homosexuals only have a certain *type* for the same gender that they are attracted to, just like heteros or bisexuals do for the opposite or both genders.

The Jews are masters of confusion, and this form of therapy will bring about not only more sexual hangups and neuroses to stupefy the White Race, but also plenty more wrecked and wasted Gentile lives, suicides, and countless lawsuits.  Any "success" would be short-lived and temporary, as a person's sexuality is much deeper within them than something like this that could only scratch the surface for.  The Jews [an unnatural and alien race], like always, are taking advantage of the fluidity of the sexuality of their human enemies, in order to create as much confusion, chaos, tension, and discord as they can to destroy White Aryan Civilization and turn Whites against Whites, which is the climate that sets the stage for such destruction.

Not to stray too far from the topic at hand concerning this impossible-to-follow, anti-third sex Noahide law, but here are some excerpts from Dr. Judith Long, a hideous-looking Jewess of the New Age Movement, who plays both sides against the middle, as in, pro-third sex for some, and then, anti-third sex for others, with the attitude that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, but that there is something "better" for those who wish to "change;" typical Jewish kike head-games and psychology that resemble Christianity and Islam in their New Age forms...

"Quiet research into the reversal of homosexuality has been in motion for some time.  Experiments in the re-adjusting of the star tetrahedron and the human energy field are happening on our planet today.  The research has been kept quiet because of its far reaching implications.

Is the general public ready to know about these possibilities?  Again, my belief is that the truth shall set you free.  In the very near future, when the time is appropriate, the research will be made known.

Now, wanting to reverse the star tetrahedron and consequently change sexual attraction wouldn't be for everyone, but if you are homosexual and interested in the possibility of re-aligning your star tetrahedron [my note:  octahedron, if you are a Gentile], I'm sure someone on this wonderful planet could work with you.

The study of Sacred Geometry is a good place to begin your inquiry." [10]

For more information about the third sex star octahedron, see:

This therapy that the oh-so-loving fluffy bunny wabbit, Jewess, Dr. Judith Long, of the New Age Movement, speaks so favorably of, that can allegedly "reverse" one's sexual preference, is another Jewish hoax that violates Nature's Laws, in favor of the Jewish kingdom
of god and its requirements [like in the Jewish Old Testament, homo and bisexual orientations and behavior, doomed for eternal damnation, are *specifically* mentioned in the Jewish New Testament in Romans chapter 1, 1 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, and the book of Jude, all of which contain Jewish curses against the Pagan third sex].

If the Jews were to win, and then would be able to establish the Noahide Laws as the universal rule for planet Earth, globally, each and every out-of-the-closet third sex individual would be court-ordered against their will to go through this Jewish therapy that, as opposed to the Jews who *pretend* to be against a Christian fundamentalist or Islamic theocracy, is supposedly based upon "Sacred Geometry" that has been hijacked by the Jewish New Age Movement. 

Does this sound like real freedom for members of the third sex who are only looking for acceptance and a place within their respective Gentile race's family unit, rather than outside of it?  The Pagan family is the foundation of Satanic White Civilization, which is why the Jews created Christianity in such a way as to divide the family over unimportant things like homosexuality to alienate the third sex so they would either be kicked out of the family [due to Bible and Koran teachings against homosexuality], and/or leave the family and join the anti-White LGBT community. 

EVERY form of Christianity, however, despite so many "White" Christians, is just as anti-White as the Jewish LGBT Rights movement, itself.  I know that this pains certain individuals, but it isn't only Sermon On the Mount, Leftist, Jewish Christianity that is the problem, but also, conservative evangelical "White" Christianity [still Jewish] that some neo-Pagans have some unconscious sympathies for, that is also just as much of the problem.  Some retarded people feel that an Aryanized, Paganized Christianity that is "severed" from the Old Testament, as opposed to Sermon On the Mount Christianity, is the "lesser" of the two evils, but this is stupidity in motion.  Every last trace of Christianity needs to be DESTROYED before it destroys us!  The LGBT community who is only against the anti-third sex aspects of Christianity are going to have to crap or get off the pot, as well, because in order to truly be AGAINST Christianity [and Islam], you can't just pick and choose which parts to disregard, as the entire thing is Jewish, and Satan is the Adversary of the Jewish people and all things Jewish.

As the Jews of the Noahide Movement who are behind the Christian fundamentalist and related attitudes and policies towards homosexuality continue...

"For those for whom homosexual inclinations derive from physiological or mental sources, the public legitimation of homosexuality in fact converts these into a 'fate,' which can paralyze the struggle of homosexuals to deal with or overcome them.  For a significant number of individuals who are not 'driven' to it at a physiological or mental level, the indulgence of homosexual impulse is cultivated in them by a culture of acceptance."  "Under these circumstances homosexuality could reach the historically vast social proportions found in ancient Greece and Rome before their declines.

Lesbianism is also prohibited under Noahide law inasmuch as it is included among the practices of ancient Egypt, described as degenerate in the Bible." [11]

Notice how the Jewish people love to brag about their destruction of pre-Christian, Pagan, Satanic Greece and Rome.  Before Jewish infiltration and subversion, ancient White Aryan Greece and the White Aryan Roman Empire used to strongly promote and encourage bisexuality and male-bonding [mannerbunde] with a healthy balance of the attraction to both males and females as the ideal, for those in society whom homo and bisexuality were meant for, but this social norm was later corrupted by Jewish subversion into EXCLUSIVELY homosexual preferences and CELIBACY for the otherwise bisexual third sex, as a means to kill off the White Aryan population through non-procreation and the inevitable creation of sexual impotence between members of the opposite sex.  For exclusive heterosexuals and procreating bisexuals, Jewish-led race-mixing was the death of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.  The Jewish introduction of Christianity to the Romans helped to speed up this process, and the rest is history.  The third sex receives the blame for the Jewish destruction of these great Nations, more so than the Jewish people and their introduction of Christianity.  Occultists, such as Julius Evola [a closeted homosexual] and Dion Fortune, who should know better, are guilty of promoting the lie that the mentally-handicapped like to promote:  "It wasn't Christianity; it was homosexuality that destroyed ancient Greece and Rome."

Like for ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, after Jewish subversion and racial bastardization, it is obvious that the liberal Leftist Jews have been trying to legitimize and promote their own perverted, anti-third sex version of "homosexuality" since the 19th-20th centuries, via Karl Heinrich Ulrichs [Jewish-friendly Gentile who coined the term "homosexual"], the Judaeo-Marxist Frankfurt School, and Magnus Hirschfeld [the Jew who coined the term "transvestite"], who followed in Ulrichs' footsteps, in trying to subvert the post World War I, bankrupt, starving and dying German people with the Jewish decadent version of "homosexuality" and fake "sexual liberation" in general, but as I stated earlier in this sermon, the Jewish people do NOT in any way support the Gentile Pagan third sex who know about the Jewish problem and who refuse to sit idly by with the politically correct "LGBT community" while the Jews continue to destroy our White Aryan Race.  The LGBT community needs to stop being LGBTs and learn how to be Gentiles, which is all that matters when all is said and done.  Sexual preference is beside the point.  It is Jewish to make an "identity" and a "lifestyle" out of a sexual preference, just like it is completely Jewish to persecute hetero, homo, or bisexuality among legal, consenting adult members of the same race.

The Jewish people are known for using and abusing any and all freedoms that the Gentiles enjoy, so there will be backlashes to cancel out our freedoms.  The Jews legalized third sex marriage in all of the United States of America in June 2015, not because they were trying to "help" the third sex or demote heterosexual marriage, like the Christians believe, but rather, in order to make way for the "legitimization" of pedophilia at a future date, which the third sex would get the blame for. 

Since homo and bisexuality are just as natural and normal as heterosexuality, but Christian fundamentalism has been repressing the third sex by teaching that they are "unnatural" and "wrong," something needed to be done, but the Jews knew that with the Jewdaized LGBT community on their side, they could continue portraying the third sex as "sexual deviants," but as sexual "deviance" to be pushed into the aspects of Christianity's and Islam's faces that actively despise homo and bisexuality, so there will be massive backlashes against them, and so pedophilia could be the next "monumental" future change to be forced to be accepted as the next "natural" and "normal" sexual "orientation" like hetero, homo, and bisexuality are, but this time, the Jews are carefully calculating their moves to make sure that there isn't any room for dissenters against pedophilia being "the new gay."

Pedophilia, whether homo, hetero, or bisexual, is NOT natural or normal, nor will it ever be, as this is child abuse, whether consent is given or not, since it is the Gentile human MerKaBa star octahedron and kundalini that is being affected, prematurely, which results as psychoses, blockages in the chakras and trauma to the underage person's overall mind and soul.  The problem is that the Jewish people are using the same methods to decriminalize pedophilia and soften people's hearts towards it that they used for decriminalizing THEIR version of "homosexuality."  Of course, the third sex gets the blame for it, and the Jews are working to put the third sex back into the closet, and then kill us if we don't conform to the Jewish agenda like the LGBT sheep do.  Everything that the evangelical Christians say and do concerning homosexuality is controlled by Christianity's Jewish masters from behind the scenes, which is hard for those who carry the Christos meekness gene to see, because these people are brainwashed into seeing the irreligious Jews as "staunch opponents of religious theocracy and intolerance."   

The Noahide Movement's anti-third sex law resembles the first chapter of the book of Romans in the Jewish New Testament, where the Apostle Paul forbids new Gentile converts to Christianity from participating in homosexual behavior, but at the same time, the Christian god has "given them [third sex Pagans] over to 'vile passions' and 'unnatural affections'" that go against the Christian god's false, perverted view and Jewish interpretation of Nature's Laws.  I have heard confused individuals make misguided statements that the Christian [Jewish] god punishes the Gentiles *with* "homosexuality."  However, when looking at this realistically, such a viewpoint is entirely false and inconsistent with reality and True Nazism, because unless it is pedophilia, inter-racial sexuality, or the degenerate so-called "gay lifestyle," it is natural homosexual behavior between consenting adults of the same race that the Christian god makes the third sex pay the consequences for, for violating the Bible and Koran verses that forbid a man to lay with another man, since, apparently, the third sex MerkaBa star octahedron is somehow a threat to the Jewish people, including Jewish LGBTs, for whatever strange and currently unknown reason.  However, if homosexuality involves pedophilia or inter-racial relations, then the Christian god will tolerate it, as these destructive and unnatural "outlets" are the only loopholes that the third sex has to "homosexuality" under the Noahide theocracy.

To be continued in part four: