The Pending Noahide Laws and the End of the Third Sex Part Four by High Priest Jake Carlson

In the following quote, see how the Jews admit that their Jewish-Christian-Muslim god is the source of sexual perversions.  The third sex isn't one of them, and the Gentiles have never been punished by the Christian [Jewish] god *with* homosexuality, as certain misinterpretations of Paul in Romans chapter 1 might appear to imply, but rather, the Gentiles get punished FOR homosexuality.  To believe otherwise is to agree with a bizarre "anti-Christian" mutation of Christianity and/or Islam that is clutching onto certain neo-Pagans in its death grip to survive.  Remember, "birds of a feather flock together."

"While God has made countless sexual perversions possible, He restricts, by His law, the range of the sexually permissible.  He condemns incest [not according to the Bible]..., acts of male homosexuality, and adultery as brutalizing, godless, soul-destroying crimes, which corrupt human society and defile the very earth." [12]

"All these prohibitions, concerning adultery [and] homosexuality...apply equally to the person who initiates the illicit contact as well as the person who receives it." [13] 

"The practice of male homosexuality is a choice, like other choices, conditioned by law and social norms.  Under the Creator's law, it is a crime, a felony.  Society may devise whatever mechanisms it thinks best, in law and justice, to defend itself against it." [14]

Unlike what the "White" superstitious beliefs of evangelical Christianity claim, these Jews of the Noahide movement are not trying to rid homosexuality from among their own ranks when they say they wish to defend society against it, as is commonly believed within many anti-third sex, Christianized "Nazi" and "White Nationalist" circles
[even if they *claim* to be Pagan and/or anti-Christian, but still have values that resemble certain forms of Christian fundamentalism concerning the third sex].  The truth is stranger than fiction.  The plain, unpainted truth is that the Jews are trying to immunize Gentiles against future births of third sex males and females, due to the unique shamanic abilities that come with the third sex energy field.  While this is impossible to do, the Jews believe that they can accomplish this unnatural, impossible feat for Gentiles by creating backlashes against the "homosexuality" that they, themselves, promote, and a hostile atmosphere towards the third sex, in general, so that Gentiles who are born with a homosexually-inclined energy field can never accomplish for our people what the homosexually-inclined Jews can accomplish for their people.  With the way the Jews publicly endorse their perverted version of "homosexuality," most people who have at least a little bit of Christianity in their souls would never guess that this could ever be the case, of course.  

This level of sabotage to prevent the Gentile third sex from reaching their full physical and spiritual potentials is also why the decadent, Jewish-invented "gay lifestyle" and politically correct LGBT community exist in the first place:  to recruit third sex White Race-traitors and turn them into LGBTs, instead of the White Aryan third sex, who are devoted to Satan and our Race.    

Do not misunderstand what I am saying.  The third sex has its natural talents, but so do heterosexuals.  I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea and think that I am saying that homosexuality is somehow "better" than heterosexuality.  That is not what I am saying.  However, most available writings on human sexuality are heterocentric and/or politically correct, and chock full of Jewish psychology, which is why I am putting an emphasis on the third sex from a Nazi perspective in this sermon. 

As for the Jewish laboratory invention of AIDS being the "wrath of god" for the third sex and those who accept them, how many times have evangelical Christian televangelists during the 1980s made statements such as, "The gay plague is sweeping across our Nation.  God is not mocked!  If you break God's laws, then God Almighty will judge you!"  The Christian [Jewish] god never punishes the Gentiles *with* homosexuality, but rather, *for* breaking the prohibitions against it.  The Jews are only putting on a show when they appear to be against homosexuality for their own people and supportive of it for the White Race.  These are all Jewish stunts, trick photography, and smoke and mirror head-games.

Although some Nazism claims to be neither Leftist or Rightist, it is a shame that because of the Christianization of so much of the so-called Right wing, many third sex individuals who are legitimately inclined towards Nazism and/or White Nationalism, appear to have a "death wish," due to the Christianized "Whites" who hate us and have us on their excrement list.  Even Pagan Nazis who are against the third sex AND Christianity don't realize that they are still tying into certain Christian energies when they are against the third sex.  It also doesn't help that many would-be third sex males are only into "Nazism" because they have a sexual fetish for Nazi uniforms, and the alleged "sadomasochism" and related sexual role-playing games that supposedly come with Nazism and White Nationalism.  Such individuals need to thoroughly study White Aryan History and put our Race first, and everything else second, or else they will suffer the consequences of being White Race-traitors who could only think with their privates and not with their hearts and souls.    

It goes like this:  The third sex who are drugged by Leftism [Communism] need to prove themselves to our White Aryan Race that they are willing to renounce Marxism, and the Jewish package of a decadent "gay lifestyle" that matches a false "gay identity" that has replaced one's racial identity.  They need to stand up to the Jewish kikes and their "LGBT" crap and prove that they are not White Race-traitors, but rather, White Aryan third sex Warriors and Satanic Leaders.  Likewise, the heterosexuals who have been tainted with traditional "White" Christian values concerning homosexuality, need to renounce all ties to Christian values and the LIE that the Bible's prohibitions against homosexuality were "copied from surrounding White Pagan Nations" as an "excuse" to hold on to some of the values that condemn the third sex that the Christian and Muslim fundamentalists have in common with them.  This is an obvious lie, because, before Jewish subversion and re-written "history," there never was any phenomena of anti-third sex attitudes among the White Race in Pagan society that existed prior to the Jewish-led introduction of the Christian "religion."  This hostility didn't come until later.  Like I have already stated, the Eddas have been altered by Christian monks to make homosexual attraction look "decadent," "degenerate," "unmanly," "repulsive," and finally, "sinful" to the Christianized, Nordic White Man.  Satan and his Demons are the Ancestors of the White Nordic Race of humans, and they have absolutely no issues with, or reservations against hetero, homo or bisexuality, with the exceptions already mentioned in this sermon.  

Once again, not to stray too far from the topic at hand, but as for whether the Jewish people's, and then, Christianity's and Islam's anti-homosexual laws were one of the things that was stolen from neighboring White Aryan nations or not, it is true that the Jews cannot create and that they steal and corrupt everything they can get their hands on, but there is something that cannot be denied, either.  Like in the same way that the Jewish fascination and obsession with urine, vomit, feces, and genocide come naturally to the Jewish people, the fear of, and prohibitions against Gentile homo and bisexuality, unless they come in the form of pedophilia or the Jewish-advertised and promoted "gay lifestyle," is also native to the Jewish people.  Prior to Jewish influence, there were no rules against the third sex among Aryan Pagan tribes, as long as the third sex respected "mating season" and the Pagan family, which isn't too much to ask for from those who are meant for parenthood.  To be a third sex parent and married husband or wife in an opposite sex marriage in the pre-Christian Pagan world didn't require the third sex to renounce or repress the homo or bisexual aspect of their existence or live a "closeted" life, like they are expected to do in this day and age, due to the Jewish pestilence of evangelical Christian "morality" and its hypocritical version of "traditional family values."  Before the Jews created these rigid, but false boundaries between the sexual preferences, sexuality among Gentiles was much more fluid, and this was accepted as a fact of life, not a threat to life.

The Code of Hammurabi doesn't have any specific prohibitions against homosexuality in its natural form, and more importantly, where everything of the White Man of Satan originates from, the Far East, doesn't condemn natural, normal homosexual behavior, either, but the Dharmashastras put a strong emphasis on the importance of birthing and raising many male sons.  This wasn't an anti-third sex sentiment, however. 

The one Far Eastern verse that has been considered to be "anti-homosexual" is Manusmriti XI:175, but this prohibition didn't exist before Christian and Islamic invasions of the Far East, and their re-writing of sacred, Aryan Pagan texts.  The fingerprints of the Jewish people and their exclusively Jewish, alien, anti-human superstitions are all over this prohibition because, according to this scripture, homosexual intercourse is compared to a man having sex with a woman while she is menstruating, or sex during the daytime.  The Torah-like superstitious punishment for this Jewdaized scripture involves bathing with clothing on, fasting for a night, and eating and drinking specific cow milk and URINE-related products.  The failure to perform these "purifications" can result in the demotion to a lower caste.  This is Judaism-Christianity-Islam 101, not Sanatana Dharma [Aryan Satanism].  Anything anti-third sex in Paganism wasn't part of the picture until *after* the so-called "ethics" and strange superstitions of the Jewish people merged with the ethics of the Satanic Aryan peoples.  So no, primordial Satanism/primordial Nazism has never even once frowned upon homosexuality any more so than heterosexuality, as long as the third sex contributed towards the survival of our Race during "mating season," or served as Warriors and/or Leaders. 

However, there is a vocal minority of third sex individuals who are *only* sexually attracted to the same gender.  Since children are never born from such unions [but this sex act is still completely natural and normal when the proper hygiene is attended to], in Gentile societies, these individuals are to be mother and father figures, including Satanic Leaders, for entire Pagan Nations, instead of biological parents.  If some of these homo-only individuals decide to pitch in and also start a biological family, then all the better, but this can never be forced.  It would be the same as trying to force someone to concentrate or meditate at gunpoint.  Another thing is that since the LGBT meekness gene has infected the third sex, it must be thoroughly bred out and replaced with Satanic meditation, and/or other physical and spiritual disciplines such as Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, which will erase any and all traces of the "les-bi-gay" meekness gene that the Jewish people have unleashed upon this portion of the White population, in the same manner that the Jews unleashed the AIDS virus upon this unsuspecting population of enslaved, third sex people. 

With special thanks to JoS member, Johnson Akemi's insight and wisdom, regardless of sexual preferences, but especially among the third sex, the easiest way to tell if a person is infected with the meekness gene is if they have a general tolerance towards the Jewish people and make ANY excuse for ANY Jew, even after all of the irrefutable facts and evidence concerning the Jews are presented before such individuals, as well as passive, effeminate, Leftist, multicultural, Marxist LGBT rainbow flag-waving, pro-equality, universal brotherhood attitudes, not to mention, favorable attitudes towards, or at least indifference towards Liberalism and race-mixing, and a strong aversion to racialism and Nazi Satanism, which is the only real Satanism, and the only real Nazism.  Satanism = Nazism.  Although Christ and the gospels are fiction, these effeminate, Christ-like traits and attitudes are some of the symptoms of the Christos meekness gene that certain rabbis believe that LGBTs are carriers for.  It is unfortunate that the majority of the third sex population are currently under this Jewish curse, but such individuals are not without hope.  Satanic Nazism and a healthy, Pagan, physical and spiritual lifestyle are the antidotes. 

Using the Hammer of Thor, the next quote from the Hasidic University's website drives the final nails into the hands and feet of my Christian and related enemies who believe that homosexuality is only forbidden for the Jews, but not for Gentiles, for the reasons already mentioned within this sermon, namely, the plummeting of our White Aryan birthrates, and the harvesting of the effeminate, Leftist, liberal, anti-Nazi meekness gene.  However, the quotes below clearly spell out the plans that the Jews have for Gentiles who are even suspected or accused of homosexuality, if Christ were to arrive and establish the Torah as universal global rule.  Christ, itself, was a bisexual character, but as the Jewish king from the seed of David, it puts its Jewishness and its Jewish nation first and foremost, like all other Jews do.  This is a lesson to be learned for White people who put anything but the well-being of our Race first, including sexual preferences.  To put anything but our Race first is to turn us in for our genocide and damnation that the Jewish people have in store for us.  If you are a non-White Gentile, then I suggest that you take the same measures to protect your race against the Jewish menace, as well, due to the fact that once the White Race is exterminated, the Jews plan to use their god-given "right" to enslave all of the colored and mixed non-White races.

This quote proves everyone wrong who believes the "born-again," Bible-believing CHRISTIAN superstition that the Jews are "working for the White Aryan third sex, but never for the homosexuality among themselves."

From the Hasidic University website:

"Regarding no homosexual relations:  Application to gentiles:  Required.  Mandated punishment for violation:  Death penalty.

Brief description:  For a man not to have intercourse with another man. Relations between two women are not considered true intercourse, and thus female homosexuality would not be enforced with capital punishment under this commandment. Nevertheless, lesbianism is a violation of the rules against immodesty (see commandment -353), and is therefore also forbidden.

Category:  Adultery Commandments

Biblical source(s) (Rambam):  Lev. 18:22; Deut. 23:18

Biblical source (Sefer HaChinuch):  Lev. 18:22

Number in Sefer HaChinuch:  209

Sources explaining relevance to gentiles:  Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Issurei Biah 14:10; Melachim 9:5-6  Homosexual relations prohibited for gentiles with death penalty." [15]

Clearly, the above Noahide law against homosexuality applies to the Gentiles, even if some Whites who betray our Race by being Christians don't want it to apply to our people, as there would no longer be any excuse to be against the third sex, since to be against the third sex is to unconsciously support Christianity, Islam, and the Jewish Noahide movement.  Always remember that there is a strong difference between the Jewish version of "homosexuality," which the Jews are always pushing, and the Gentile third sex. 

As for the other Noahide Laws, and how the Jews have it outlined as to which laws apply only to the Jews, only to the Gentiles, or to both, one example of another Noahide law that exists, but in this case, neither Jews nor Gentiles are obligated to follow, is the law that "forbids" cruelty to animals.  Being the unnatural, alien abomination that they are, animal cruelty is a trait that comes naturally to the Jewish people.  In the Christian Bible, the book of Leviticus consists 99% of detailed, horrific, gruesome treatment of, and sacrifices of animals, that the Jews commit at the instruction of the Jewish-Christian-Muslim god.

To be concluded in Part Five: