The Pending Noahide Laws and the End of the Third Sex Part Five by High Priest Jake Carlson

Here is an example of how Christianity and the Noahide movement really aren't all that different, and how both agree that homosexual activity should be punished with the death penalty, since traditional Christianity does, indeed, teach that the third sex are in the same category of sinners as adulterers, fornicators, murderers, thieves, and etc.

"If more of the contemporary Church actually did believe that the Law of Moses were valid instruction, there would be no debate at all over whether homosexuality, pre-marital sex, or abortion were sins -- or even if they should be tolerated.  The Torah plainly denounces these things as sin, and for most cases this level of offense originally merited a capital death penalty." [16]

Although homo and bisexuality will always exist among Gods, humans, and animals, the Jewish Noahide movement is still vainly working for the end of the third sex who refuse to treat this aspect of themselves like a deep, dark, dirty secret, while at the same time, they exalt the LGBTs who push their sex lives into everyone's faces, but I don't want to give out the wrong idea.  Unlike the LGBT community, the third sex, living as out-of-the-closet individuals, doesn't mean "flaunting" their sex lives in everyone's faces.  There is a difference between being unashamed and free versus flaunting and being obnoxious.

The Christians complain that the Noahide Laws, which are the fulfillment of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, supposedly forbid the worship of Christ under the law that forbids idolatry.  I will be writing a sermon specifically for Christians who can't see that it is Christ who enforces the Noahide Laws, instead of supports his Gentile fan club.  Whether the Christians can admit it or not, the Jewish Noahide movement is the answer to their prayers for the Christian [Jewish] god to put an end to out-of-the-closet third sex people.

Something that my fellow White brothers and sisters must never forget is that in the end, for the White Aryan Race of Satan, in Satanism [Nazism], the question isn't if you are heterosexual or of the third sex, or any other divide and conquer, "us" versus "them" crap that the Jews have invented to get Whites to kill each other over.  The question is if you are White, and if you are willing to live White, love White, fight White, and if necessary, die White, under Satan's red, white and black Swastika Banner of He who was Chosen, the Aryan Anti-Christ, with pride and honor, forever.  The same applies for the non-White Gentile races who are living and fighting for Satan, as long as the races separate and quit mixing.  If you are already mixed, there is no excuse to give a "but many of us are already mixed" cop-out to try to make race-mixing "okay."  You must stick with your predominant race, and develop a daily practice of Satanic meditation to clean out your DNA of racial confusion, as such a spiritual cleansing will manifest in physical cleansing.  The separation of the different races is something that Satan and Lilith require, and it is something that those who are infested with the Christos meekness gene vehemently resist.  The Gods of Hell will not let this trash stand in our way.

To sum everything up, the Jewish people are planning for the coming of Christ, as he is their "universal king" who will exterminate the White Race if we don't keep fighting this Jewish pestilence.  Despite the hypocritical bisexuality of the Christ character [which the Jews stole from bisexual Aryan Pagan Gods in order to give him a more "Greco-Roman" character to appeal to the third sex-friendly Romans and Germans], he puts his Jewish racial religion first and foremost, and that religion calls for the extermination of the White Aryan Race of Satan.  The Jewish people control everything that is Christian, regardless of whether the Christianity is liberal, inclusive, universalist, Sermon On the Mount, Leftist, and fit for the mentally retarded, or fire and brimstone, anti-third sex, Patriotic, conservative, evangelical versions that some neo-Pagans who unconsciously sympathize with this seemingly "White" Christianity, erroneously consider to be Christianity's "more intelligent" wing and the "lesser" of the two evils, when in reality, there is no portion or aspect of Christianity that is any less evil than the other, as the Jews concocted the Christian "religion" to be able to survive, even "pro-Gentile" and "anti-Semitic Christianity."  As Adolf Hitler once stated, "Christianity is the biggest lie the Jews have ever told humanity." 

There never once existed an "original" primordial Aryan Christianity, nor an "original" Aryan Christ.  Christos is just as Jewish and fake as rabbi Yeshua/Jewsus.  For the record, the Aryan Atlantean God, KRIST, is *not* Christ.  The two are completely different and unrelated.  Unlike Christos, Krist exists and he is the Satanic Aryan God who ruled Atlantis, the birthplace of Aryanism.  Likewise, the term "Chrestus" doesn't mean "Christ;" the two terms are only related etymologically and nothing more.  Christ is a Jewish character of Jewish fiction; he is the worthless Jewish savior of the Jewish people, and he is the Jewish destroyer of everything of Satan and his Gentile peoples.  Also, despite false letters that call the followers of Serapis [Osiris-Dionysus] "Christians," "Christiani," and the "Bishops of Christ," ad nauseum, that some scholars admit that Hadrian never even wrote in the first place, and that even if such letters did exist, they were forged around 395 CE, as opposed to the alleged 134 CE, some researchers still try to stretch their imaginations and wishful thinking to make a case for an "original" Aryan Christianity, but the truth still reigns supreme, which means that Christianity, in ALL of its forms, including an "original" Aryan Christianity, is nothing but kosher "Paganism," which exists to appeal to, to win over, to enslave, and then, to exterminate the White Aryan Race.  This is why Diarrhea Verawitz, filled with contempt for the White Race, White Civilization and Aryan culture, states on her so-called "theistic Satanism" website that "Most White people are Christians," when she badmouths Nazism, and therefore, the real Satan.  She is either part-Jewish, despite her denial of Jewish ancestry, or she is a carrier of the Christos meekness gene, like everyone else who is against Nazism by their very nature.  Like it or not, people who have studied true Nazism from the most unbiased of sources, and should know better, but still remain enemies of Nazism, are enemies of the real, literal, flesh and blood SATAN, and his flesh and blood Demons.   

In closing, Satan wants Gentile families to stop dividing themselves over homosexuality.  Satan wants mothers and fathers to accept their third sex sons and daughters, just like their heterosexual sons and daughters, and thus, return to the way things were for the Gentile family during pre-Christian Pagan times.  It is chaos within Gentile families that makes the perfect climate and atmosphere for the coming of Christ who will exterminate the White Race, and enslave the colored races, in the name of "peace," "love," and "unity," if the Jewish diseases of Christianity and Islam aren't permanently eradicated.  With harmony restored within Gentile families, there will no longer be any reasons or excuses for the third sex to leave and join Jewish-invented, Marxist "persecuted minority" special interest groups, such as GLSEN, PFLAG, GLAAD or the "Human Rights Campaign," etc., nor to "buy" the Jewish "package" of a worthless "gay identity" and a destructive "gay lifestyle," thus, no more reasons or excuses for betraying Satan and our Aryan Race, in favor of pure selfishness.  Satanism DOES advocate individuality above the HERD, but in order for individuality to fully be appreciated, one must first realize their part in the bigger picture.  

The politically correct LGBT community that exists as a "marginalized," Christ bitch "persecuted minority" will be history in our Satanic future, as it will be replaced by the Pagan third sex, the natural Gentile Pagan family, racial community, friends, and White Aryan Civilization and culture, rather than the degenerate, multicultural, artificial "families" that the would-be third sex who buy into the LGBT identity create in a similar manner that Christ did in the Jewish gospels, replacing biological family with anyone who does the Jewish work of god.  The Jewish kingdom of god is the destruction of all things Gentile, and therefore, of Satan, the God of Light and Eternal Truth, and the Adversary of the Jewish people.  Satan doesn't hate homosexuality or disapprove of the third sex, but he despises the Jewish-controlled LGBT+ community who have been brainwashed with Marxism and other Jewish politics that are geared towards destroying Satan's human offspring:  the White Aryan Race.  The Jews created the LGBT community as an "Island of Misfit Toys," so to speak, in the same way that Christ gathered together all of the worthless "marginalized, persecuted minorities" and made them feel worthy of life, in the Jewish gospels.  These are the LGBTs that Satan is against, but he is not against third sex people who are contributing members of White Civilization and Aryan culture.  In the White Aryan Race's first religion on planet Earth, Satan was also a patron for third sex Warriors and Leaders.

Satan teaches his Chosen Ones that it isn't Gentile homosexuality that divides the family, but Christianity.  Christianity makes room for the JEWISH version of "homosexuality," which has no place in Gentile societies or Satanism.  The third sex are homo and bisexual people who reject the Jewish-invented "gay lifestyle," "gay identity," and so-called "gay culture," in favor of the Gentile culture that they racially belong to.  The liberal and Reformed rabbis claim that the Jewish version of the "third sex" -- the LGBTs with their "gay/queer identities" and destructive "gay lifestyles" -- are under the protection of "Lord" Christos and Jerusalem, and that the Gentiles who are against this decadent destructive element of society are cursed by god.  This is how Liberalism and the psychotic "liberal" mind function.  

"Gay Christians" are a perfect example of the meekness gene at work.  Such people are so pacifist that they are afraid to own a single gun, even just to keep it within a safe, a bedside table, or under their bed, simply for protection.  I remember one debate that I once had with a "Gay Christian," and I totally bashed the "turn the other cheek" doctrine of Christianity, and the idiot said that it's "better to turn the other cheek, because the offender expects you to fight back, and this way, if you turn the other cheek, you will catch them off guard by not sinking to their level."  No, this suicidal attitude that comes with the meekness gene only sets these people up to be nailed to a cross and walked all over as a perpetual victim and wimpy bitch of Christ.  Many of these pacifist, Leftist, anti-White LGBTs of this generation will disappear along with the Christians and Muslims, and they will be replaced with the real, Satanic, Pagan third sex Leaders and Warriors in the future decades from now.  

The parents and family of third sex individuals must treat their third sex family members as a natural and normal part of the family, just like everyone else, but since there will no longer be an LGBT+ community or separate "gay culture" to leave the family and ditch family responsibilities for, the third sex of the future must return to Pagan living and do their part to contribute to the natural Pagan family and racial community.  Because of the Jewish attempt to create and enforce a conservative Christianity from the Right that is designed for "White" people, most people are totally blind to how much of an anti-White, Jewish liberal that the Christ character of Biblical fiction really is.

If the Pagan family is divided over homosexuality, the welcome mat is laid out for the Jews to break the doors down and destroy the family and recruit would-be third sex Race-traitors for the LGBT community of social misfits.  The Jews are currently pushing, promoting and enforcing the perverted, Jewish version of "homosexuality" at every turn, but if the Noahide movement were to win, the ultra-Orthodox Jews would have the final say in the matter of the allowance for sexual expression among their Gentile, human enemies, and if these pending Noahide Laws get passed, homosexual expression among legal, consenting adults will be abolished.  This is because what has been labeled as homosexuality is one of the many ways to activate the kundalini serpent, as well as the unique spiritual energy and shamanic abilities that come with the third sex energy field.  

The Christians can whine and complain about having their heads put in a guillotine for their faith in Christ [ironically, it is the Christ thought-form who is the enforcer of the Noahide Laws], but as for the Christians who are against homosexuality, the Noahide Laws are the answer to their prayers, as one of the most forbidden of forbidden relations under these laws is homosexuality among Gentiles.  I cannot put enough emphasis on the fact that this is because of the spiritual energy that accompanies the third sex, which creates unique shamanic skills.  This doesn't mean that these abilities are "better" than the innate abilities of the heterosexual energy field; it just means that no one is equal in the Laws of Nature, and that the differences between male and female, heterosexual and third sex, are strengths, not weaknesses or inferiority.

Just to clarify, when I speak against the "gay lifestyle," and the Marxist LGBT community, I am not attacking the homo or bisexual third sex, or safe sex between legal, consenting adults of the same race, but rather, Gentiles who don't care about their Gentile Pagan Races and Nations, but prefer to be slaves to the Jews, knowingly or unknowingly, whether this slavery comes in the form of dangerous and unsanitary, disease-ridden sexual practices--practices that I will not mention here--drug addiction, multiculturalism, inter-racial relations, and a "gay culture" that counters White Civilization and Aryan culture.  As the rabbis admit, the third sex, in particular, has been poisoned with the meekness gene--hence the Marxist LGBT community.  The purpose of the meekness gene is to make the perfect slave for Jewish interests.  Nonetheless, the Jewish Talmud states, "Kill the best Gentiles!"  The Jews will use you only until you have served your purpose.  Then, they will kill you.  The question for you is, "Is it worth it?"  Many would-be third sex people who are currently under the Jewish LGBT curse, are in a perpetual "ignorance is bliss," oblivious "I don't care" state of mind.  However, these slaves of international Jewry must wake up, or else they will have the same fate as their Jewish masters.  

The reason why I write so much about homosexuality is because I care about my third sex brothers and sisters just as much as my heterosexual brothers and sisters, and I don't want to see would-be third sex Gentiles have the same fate as the Jews, nor the Gentiles who choose not to wake up.



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