Breeding the Aryan Supermen Or Resurrecting the "Fallen Angels" Part One:  Background Information by High Priest Jake Carlson

All Gentiles [non-Jews] are of Satan.  However, with that being said, the purpose of this sermon is to serve as a wake up call for White Gentiles, as it is our Aryan race who is the direct descendants of Satan, that is the world's most endangered species of the human races.  This is not about any race being better than any others, but it is a necessary reality check.  This is an open letter to the Christians who are holding our race back by poisoning our racial soul with Jewish excrement.  All Christianity, including traditional, conservative Christianity that is racially-conscious and is against Communism/Marxism, is just as lethal to the spiritual soul of our race as race-mixing is to the physical bodies of our race.  Like race-mixing and Communism, Christianity, which was invented by the Jews in order to destroy the Aryan race, must be abolished permanently or else we will not have a future.

The following are excerpts from "Ark of the Christos" by William Henry.  My copy is on CD-ROM, not a hard copy/book.

"Throughout my more than ten years of study of what may be regarded as the Sitchin Hypothesis I have pondered several questions concerning the Shining One’s quest for gold and their creation of humanity as [initially] a slave race in order to acquire this element. First, why travel all the way to Earth for an element that is reputed to be plentiful in the asteroids of space? Secondly, why travel all this way only for gold? Why not many of the Earth’s other abundant resources? Water, for example.

Thirdly, instead of doing some risky genetic engineering and combining their own DNA with that of the proto-humans already inhabiting the Earth, why did the Shining Ones not simply build machines or robots to do the work? If they were technologically able to build space ships, why not robots too?

I have questioned why a metallurgist and ‘gene smith’ of E.A.’s [Enki's] reputed mastery would need to mine gold at all. As the father of alchemy he surely had the ability to manufacture gold from base metals. In fact, so attached is he to the art of alchemy, that this art may be thought of as the Mystery religion of E.A.

Gold, for example, symbolized by [a circle with a dot in the middle], is an alchemical pun or symbol for soul, and for Sol, the Sun. Sol is an alchemical term for the essence of life hidden in gold. This essence is called the tinc-tura rubea (red tincture), red like the alchemical sun (and Planet X).

This sun-substance drips from the Sun and produces lemons, oranges, wine, and, in the mineral kingdom, gold. In humans it is the “shining” or “lucent body..." Accordingly, it is the prima material, the gold, of which we are made, and the gold E.A. was likely in search of.

Another key to deciphering the alchemical meaning of E.A.’s mining activity is provided when we remember that water, the element from which E.A. first attempted to mine gold, is often used as a metaphor for “mother” and “souls.” The ancients, particularly the Hermetic magicians, claimed that the maternal waters in combination with the maternal Earth created souls.

Tiamat’s oceans were described as a womb full of the fluid of creation. If, symbolically, water represents souls as the fluid of creation, and gold represents soul, Tiamat’s, and Earth’s, seas were full of souls.

Another candidate for the fluid of creation is blood/DNA. A third possibility is Sol, the essence of life.

In this light, when Planet X split or divided the stone of Tiamat in two she released an ocean of souls, blood or cosmic essence into the cosmos.

My premise is that the beings from Planet X are interested in saving souls. One of E.A.’s original titles was “House-Waters”. Allowing for the interchange of water and souls renders E.A. as “Lord of the Souls.” Substituting soul for gold, as do alchemists, it is conceivable that the alleged planetary crisis Planet X was facing was not material but spiritual. Gold making or acquisition aside, the quest of the alchemist is the quest to transmute their soul into a higher form, apotheosis, or God making.

Simply, I ask, what if the decaying “atmosphere” of Planet X that E.A. was attempting to repair with gold was actually a soul atmosphere in decay? Suppose Planet X was experiencing a soul crisis and E.A. came to Earth in search of souls to replenish his home world.

Further suppose that the souls he intended to retrieve were once resident on Tiamat and were now embedded in the Earth.

E.A.’s partner Ninharsag’s title Nin-ti-nugga, ‘lady life’ or ‘She Who Gives Life to the Dead’, may in an eerie sense, simultaneously reinforce my thesis and point to her special role as a representative of Planet X.

In the story of Tiamat we learn of a planet and a group of souls that sank in the night, of which there were survivors, who engaged in a long march to regroup, and reclaim a collection of power tools to assist in rebuilding their civilization so that the souls might return home.

Most ancient words for soul are feminine: psyche, pneuma, anima, alma. This is because the ancients believed every man had a female soul derived from the Mother Goddess (Tiamat) through Mother Earth. This makes perfect sense if Earth is Tiamat reincarnated.

The story of Tiamat, the former Pleiadean homeworld, is the Atlantis story in the stars." [1]

Marduk and Tiamat battle/clash

"Planet X" was known to the ancient Sumerians, as well as Adolf Hitler and the highest-ranking Na
zis as "Maldek" and "Marduk," the planet that was named after Satan's son Marduk.  History has recorded the clash of Planet Marduk and Tiamat.  In art, this clash is depicted with Enki/Satan's son Marduk shooting arrows down the dragon Tiamat's throat.  This depiction is a metaphor for this clash.  The Jewish people stole from Tiamat to create the Jewish allegory for the Jewish kundalini power, the dragon of chaos, "Leviathan."  This is why the Joy of Satan Ministries has never met a Demon named "Leviathan," but some people who are either Jewish or sympathize with the Jewish kikes, claim to have met Leviathan "face-to-face."  Depictions of Leviathan adorn many Jewish synagogues.  The so-called Church of Satan chose the Hebrew letters that spell "Leviathan" to bind the inverted pentagram of Satan, the Baphomet.  This is inexcusable, as this curses Satan and exalts his enemies, the Jewish people.

I agree with some of William Henry's assertions that are stated above, but I know for sure that Enki/EA created the different Gentile races, but chose to breed with the White humans, the humans who are the most like Satan and his Demons, in physical, mental, and emotional character, as well as the most spiritually advanced human
s, due to Satan putting the most spiritual knowledge into the souls of the White race, thus making the success of the White man and woman the most civilized of humanity.  When Satan created the different Gentile races, he worked with Nature and evolution, not against it.  This is why both the creation and the evolution of the human races are fact, not fiction.

As a side note, for people who are curious, I don't personally believe that sexual orientation comes from Satan and his Demons, but comes from a force of Nature that randomly chooses which Gods, humans, and animals, alike, will be heterosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual.  Like heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality, are also common among Satan and his Demons.  The thing to remember, however, is that it was Satan who gave humans the ability to have sex, and he gave the ability to procreate, in the case of the order given to heterosexuals and bi-sexuals, "Be fruitful and multiply," which the Biblical version was stolen from the Epic of Gilgamesh.  It is Christianity, Islam, and the Jewish Communizing of human sexuality that has created the sexual imbalances and the sexual psychosis that we have today, including the unnatural prejudice against homosexuality.  These feelings do not come from Satan.  They come from the Jewish manipulation of human psychology.  Jewish religions, such as Christianity and Islam, have made Gentiles much more easy to manipulate and keep "in line" for the Jewish agenda of Globa
l Communism.

What William Henry notes above is that the clash of Marduk and Tiamat caused the loss of some of Satan's Demons, and Satan and his Demons came to Earth to resurrect these lost souls.  That was the purpose for the creation of humans; the mixing of Satan's DNA with that of planet Earth's natives.  This led to the creation of t
he different Gentile races, and the Satanic birth of the Aryan race.

The following narrative from The Lost Book of Enki details the birth of the first Aryan human with white or blonde hair and blue eyes, the perfect image and likeness of Satan and his Demons.

"In the Edin Lu-Mach was the work
master, quotas to enforce was his duty,

The Earthlings' rations to reduce was his task. 

His spouse was Batanash, the daughter of Lu-Mach's father's brother she was.

Of a beauty outstanding she was, by her beauty was Enki charmed.

Enki to his son Marduk a word did send:  To your domain Lu-Mach do summon,

How by Earthlings a city to build there him teach!

And when Lu-Mach to the domain of Ma
rduk was summoned,

To the household of Ninmah, in Shurubak, the Haven City, his spouse Batanash he brought,

From the angry Earthling masses protected and safe to be.

Thereafter Enki his sister Ninmah in Shurubak was quick to visit.

On the roof of a dwelling when Batanash was bathing

Enki by her loins took hold, he kissed her, his semen into her womb he poured.

With a child Batanash was, her belly was truly swelling;

To Lu-Mach from Shurubak word was sent:  To the Edin return, a son you have!

To the Edin, to Shurubak, Lu-Mach returned, to him Batanash the son showed.

White as the snow his skin was, the color of wool was his hair,

Like the skies were his eyes, in a brilliance were his eyes shining.

Amazed and frightened was Lu-Mach; to his father Matushal he hurried.

A son unlike an Earthling to Batanash was born, by this birth greatly puzzled I am!

Matushal to Batanash came, the newborn boy he saw, by his likeness amazed he was.

Is one of the Igigi the boy's father?  Of Batanash Matushal the truth demanded;

To Lu-Mach your spouse whether this boy his son is, the truth reveal!

None of the Igigi is the boy's father, of this upon my life I swear!  So did Batanash him answer.

To his son Lu-Mach Matushal then turned, a calming arm on his shoulders he put.

A mystery the boy is, but in his oddness an omen to you is revealed,

Unique he is, for a task unique by destiny he was chosen."

"Enki the child greatly adored, to read the writings of Adapa him he taught,

The priestly rites how to observe and perform the boy as a young man learned." [2]

And who is Enki/EA according to the literature of his enemies, the Jewish people?

"Gentiles are children of the serpent that seduced Eve." Zohar I, 28b

"Eve had sex
with the devil conveying lust to Gentiles." Abodah Zarah 22a

"...Thus the Zohar again explains that the words of the Scripture 'Jehovah Elohim made man', mean that He made Israel. The seventeenth-century Rabbinical treatise Emek ha Melek observes: 'Our Rabbis of blessed memory have said: 'Ye Jews are men because of the soul ye have from the Supreme Man (i.e, God). But the nations [non-Jews] of the world are not styled men because they have not, from the Holy and Supreme Man, the Neschama (or glorious soul) but they have the Nephesch (soul) from Adam Belial, that is the malicious and unnecessary man, called Sammael, the Supreme Devil.'" [3]

"When Adam, the earthling, was created by Enki and Ninkhursag, Lilith was appointed his consort, but she refused to submit to the wifely role and fled from Adam to beco
me the bride of Enki himself.  ...Enki-Samael and Lilith were jointly regarded, in the Talmudic tradition, as being the epitome of the Tree of Knowledge." [4]

Samael is Enki/EA/Satan, and he is the biological Father of the White Aryan race.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God ["Fallen Angels/Demons"] saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown" (Genesis 6:1-4).

Note:  After the King J
ames version of the Bible, politically correct versions of the Bible were published that eliminated the racial elements of Genesis 6:1-4, replacing the word "fair" with "attractive" or "beautiful."  This is a Jewish assault on the collective Aryan soul that tries to make race-mixing appear to be "acceptable" in the Jewish attempts to destroy us and all traces of us, as we belong to Satan.

According to Satan, The Lost Book of Enki is a detailed allegory that states how the White Ar
yan race used to be Demi-Gods and Demi-Goddesses, but that we lost our immortality, due to racial compromise:  race-mixing.  With the Aryan race came the most advanced civilizations, and all of the original Satanic Pagan religions that taught how to return to our immortal state of Godhood.  This is the objective of Spiritual Satanism, which is Pagan Satanism, not reverse Christianity.

As we have already seen, the Nietzschean-Nazi Supermen are Satan and his Demons, but in part two of
this sermon, we will see how Nietzsche was the prophet of these Aryan Supermen, and how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were given orders by Satan to create the leap from Man to Man-God, and to usher in the New Aeon of the Aryan Superman [666], ruled by Satan and his Chosen One, the Antichrist.


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