Breeding the Aryan Supermen Or Resurrecting the "Fallen Angels" Part Two:  The Fuhrer's Satanic Mission by High Priest Jake Carlson

In part one of this sermon, we examined the Satanic birth of the Aryan race and the identity of Enki-Samael, who is Satan, the Father of the Aryan race.  In this second part, we will be addressing the assignment given to Adolf Hitler by Satan, himself, to usher in the Aeon of the Superman, the Man-God [666].  Like Satan and his Demons, Hitler and the Nazis lost a battle, but they haven't lost the war.  The second part of this sermon series also examines the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche on Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The author of Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible, Ben Klassen, praised Friedrich Nietzsche's attacks against Christianity, and he praised Nietzsche's Aryan Supermen, but Klassen's critique was for the fact that Nietzsche didn't quite clarify the necessary details on exactly *HOW* to produce the Supermen/women.  Likewise, Klassen's fault was his promotion of an atheism that picked and chose which elements of traditional Christian values to keep, while only discarding the Christian values that were liberal and inconvenient.  On the other hand, Adolf Hitler took the cue from Nietzsche's Superman, who is Satan, himself, who gave Hitler the instructions on how to create the Aryan God-Man.  If it weren't for the Nazis' temporary loss, due to being outnumbered by the enemy and those who work for the enemy, we all would be living according to Satan's and Nature's Laws by now, and the Jewish programs of Christianity, Islam, and Communism would be nothing more than a bad memory and a tragic lesson learned.

Personally, I feel that Nietzsche hinted at how to create the race of Aryan Supermen, but it was Adolf Hitler who personally met the Superman, face-to-face, who is none other than Satan, himself.  It was Satan who gave Adolf Hitler the clear instructions for the Satanic assignment of replacing the devastated Germany's loss of souls from World War One with exclusively Satanic Aryan Supermen to usher in the New Aeon of Satan.  Adolf Hitler and the Satanic Pagan SS picked up where Nietzsche left off, and with the help of Satan, they filled in the blanks of where Nietzsche didn't provide all of the necessary details.

Hitler revealed Satan's plans for Nazism, which is the restored and upgraded version of Paganism -- the kind of Paganism that was Satanism -- Aryan men and women's original religion.

"Hitler was talking one day to Rauschning, the Governor of Danzig, about the problem of a mutation of the human race.  Rauschning, not possessing the key to such strange preoccupations, interpreted Hitler's remarks in terms of a stock-breeder interested in the amelioration [or improvement] of German blood.

'But all you can do,' [Hitler] replied, 'is to assist Nature and shorten the road to be followed!  It is Nature herself who must create for you a new species.  Up till now the breeder has only rarely succeeded in developing mutations in animals--that is to say, creating himself new characteristics.'" [1]

"Whereas Nietzsche taught that the Superman is the imminent next stage in human evolution, Blavatsky announced that Supermen already existed, that they were the Hidden Masters who inhabited Central Asia, and that they could be contacted telepathically by those who had been initiated into their mysteries." [2]

"Hitler followed Blavatsky in believing that the Aryans had originated through a mutation in the latter days of Atlantis.  Shortly before the catastrophic floods submerged that fabulous civilisation, Manu, the last of the Atlantean Supermen, had led the Aryans across Europe and Asia to the Gobi Desert, and thence to the mountains of Tibet.  The descendants of these Aryans subsequently colonised the world and created civilisation anew, but were poisoned by the creed of Judeao-Christianity and by race-pollution, and lost their magical faculties, which it was the task of the Fuhrer to re-awaken.  Not all the Aryans had allowed their faculties to atrophy, however:  some had stayed in Tibet and their descendants had retained the ancient wisdom; these were the present day Hidden Masters and Unknown Supermen, who preserved the secrets of Initiation.  The Fuhrer's task, however, was a greater one than that of preservation:  it was that of co-operating with the evolution spoken of by Horbiger to bring about the New Age of the Aryan Superman. [3]

In the same way as when the planets Marduk and Tiamat clashed and Satan came to Earth to find and resurrect the lost souls, which "gold" was a code word for, Adolf Hitler and the Satanic SS had the mission to re-populate a devastated post-World War I Germany.  However, it goes much deeper than this, considering that Adolf Hitler took direct orders from Satan and his Demons.  Hitler and the SS were to create a new race of Aryan God-men made in the image and likeness of Satan and his Demons, and their lost occult powers would be restored and greatly enhanced.

Hitler wasn't only given the mission to re-store the Aryan race of Satan, but to make a new creation out of it.

As author Trevor Ravenscroft relates, "Yet Hitler's ultimate aim in biological mutation was not meant to pave the way for the re-appearance of the kind of hybrid God-Man mentioned in Genesis who once walked the earth in ancient Atlantis." [4]

"Creation is not yet completed.  Man must pass through many further stages of metamorphosis.  Post-Atlantean man is already in a state of degeneration and decline, barely able to survive...All creative forces will be concentrated in a new species.  ...This is the real motive behind the National Socialist Movement!" -- Adolf Hitler [5]

"'I am founding an Order,' Adolf Hitler confided to Gauleiter Rauschning, shortly before the latter defected to the West.  He was speaking on this occasion about his plans to establish the Burgs where the next phase in the breeding of a new race was to take place.  'It is from there that the final stage in human mutation will emerge--the MAN-GOD!  This splendid Being will become the object of universal worship!'" [6]

"The Aryan is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times."  "Creation is not yet an end...  Man has to be passed and surpassed...  A new variety of man is beginning to separate out...  Man is becoming God...  Man is God in the making...  Gods and beasts, this is what our world is made of." -- Adolf Hitler [7]

According to author Abir Taha, "It is indeed beyond doubt that Hitler perceived the Aryans as the Supermen, the "Master Race" of Nietzsche's prophecy; the Aryan, or Nordic, was the superior man in spirit and biology, in beauty and intellect, in moral and physical perfection.  It is as though Nazism was a will to create this Nietzschean Superman through biological and moral experiments, resulting in the ultimate verdict:  the Aryan is a Superman in the making, the ideal man worshiped by Nietzsche.  We feel as though Nietzsche was calling for the formation of an institution such as the SS racial elite, as an actualisation of his preaching..." [8]

Friedrich Nietzsche was chosen by Satan to be a scribe for the restoration of Satanism, first put into practice by the Third Reich, and later by Spiritual Satanists, who are making the foundation of the Fourth Reich.  Referring to the Jews and their race-mixing programs to destroy the Aryan race, Nietzsche stated the following:  "It is a comfort to know that above the steam and filth of human lowlands there is a higher, brighter humanity, very small in number (for everything outstanding is by its nature rare)." [9]

In contrast to Nietzsche's statement that the Satanic Aryan race should remain rare, it is Satan's will that we increase our numbers and expand our race to keep this planet civilized for every non-Jew's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Abir Taha states, "...Nietzsche leaves no room for controversy over the Aryan identity of his "Master Race."  Similarly, by praising the 'splendid blond beast,' he is not only referring to the blondness of the lion (an allusion to the aristocratic races), but also using the term 'blond beast' as a racial concept, an allusion to the characteristic blondness of the Nordic peoples; indeed, Nietzsche is crystal-clear when he specifically calls the 'noble Teutons' 'the fairest specimens of the blond beast...'"  "The 'magnificent blond beast' thus refers to the fair-haired "Aryan Master Race" that dominated European antiquity." [10]

While Nietzsche might not have personally met Satan and his Demons face-to-face, he was most definitely inspired by them.  Nietzsche's credentials for being a Satanist are provided when he states that he is a Hellene, a Pagan.  This Paganism was several decades before the fake and politically correct so-called "Paganism" of Wicca reared its ugly head.  I'd like to thank High Priest Don Danko for pointing this out to me.

While Nietzsche constantly put the emphasis on eternal self-overcoming, it was Adolf Hitler and the SS who knew how to put this into practice; the Aryan has to re-awaken the Vril life-force power within themselves individually and collectively, and become Lords of the Earth through the Satanic practices of racial separation, eugenics, and daily Satanic meditation and Serpent Yoga.  The Satanic SS put these means to physical and spiritual perfection to use on a daily basis.  The Jewish people and those who are allied with them were panicking because they knew that these Satanic Nazis were becoming the God-men and women that would bring about the end to the Jewish people and their crimes against humanity.  This is why the Jews and their supporters constantly nailed Nazi Germany with curse after curse, and this is why they are doing the same to the Joy of Satan Ministries because they know that the real living Satan has chosen us to be his spokespersons and leaders, and they know that we are in complete accordance with his desires.

Just so everyone understands, it wasn't just the physical sex act between Aryans that was employed in the birthing of the Aryan Supermen, but also spiritual practices, namely Satanic meditation and Serpent Yoga, as the racial pollution from the Jewish programs of Christianity and its Communist twin had to be purged from the Aryans in mind, body, and soul.  This is accomplished by dedicating one's soul to Satan and developing a strict routine of meditation and yoga, as this aids in the psycho-spiritual evolution of Aryan humanity.  This, in turn, has an effect on the physical plane of our existence.

As author Constance Cumbey states, "Nazism featured the quest for the 'Holy Grail' as a path to transcendental or 'higher consciousness.'" [11]

And, "The Nazis thought they had evolved into a new and superior species by means of 'spiritual disciplines' and 'consciousness evolution.'" [12]

The Holy Grail is an allegory for the coming race of Aryan God-men of Satan, led by Satan's Chosen One, our Satanic Leader, the Antichrist.  The coming Aryan race of God-men is another way of stating that we complete the Magnum Opus, become immortal, and take our rightful places as Lords and Ladies of the Earth.

It is either the Jews or the Aryans who become Lords of the Earth.  This eternal conflict between the Aryan race and the Jewish people over who will rule planet Earth is a war that has been waged ever since the Jews "hatched" from their reptilian "eggs," so to speak, and the Jews have been trying to exterminate us at every turn, and at all costs, and the Jews have always been the ones to make the first provocation and attack.  This is why the enemy created the Jewish people in the first place.  Aryans, who are the people of Satan, will have to wake up and fight these Jewish kikes and anyone else who stands in our way, or be destroyed and piled up among the Jewish trash heap.  This war is spiritual, but with the way the Jews have opened the flood gates for the non-Aryan races to invade Aryan Europe, it will be physical, as well, in just a matter of time.  This is about survival, not "discrimination."

Now is the time to protect yourselves and your loved ones and fight for Satan's victory and your freedom.

Regarding Satan and his Demons, who Hitler modeled the new humanity after, as well as the Immortal Aryans who still currently inhabit the hollow Earth, "The world will change:  the Lords will emerge from the center of the Earth.  Unless we have made an alliance with them and become Lords ourselves, we shall find ourselves among the slaves, on the dungheap that will nourish the roots of the New Cities that will arise." [13]

However, as far as the slaves and slavery go, Satan once visited me face-to-face and told me that "We [Aryans] ARE the Master Race, but we do not need slaves!"  The Jewish people and their reptilian creators rely on slavery and servitude.  Satan and his Demons are pro-humanity and fight for humanity's freedom.  The weak, the servile, and the cowardly, are abominations to Satan.  Such weaklings will be segregated and left on their own in much the same way as the Christians, Muslims, and Communists who cannot or will not renounce these anti-Satan creeds that make such individuals toxic to the point that they contaminate the souls of all who they come into contact with.

"...Hitler's God-Men would have been none other than the legions of Lucifer..."  [14]

We must wake our people up, and our people must wake the rest of worthwhile Aryans up.  Satan and the Antichrist are counting on us, and so is our future and our survival.  The coming Supermen/women are vessels for purely Satanic Aryan souls.


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