Regarding the Alleged Negative Statements About Homosexuality In Cornelius Tacitus' "Germania" by High Priest Jake Carlson

Something that is very pathetic is how non-Satanic neo-Pagans spread a disease which is the misinterpretation of Cornelius Tacitus' writings that supposedly state that the ancient pre-Christian Germanic Pagan tribes were "against homosexuality" like the Abrahamic [Jewish] religions are, and that they would "kill homosexuals" by drowning them in bogs.  The neo-Pagan Christians rely on these misinterpretations of Tacitus' writings in quite a similar way that their ugly Christian fundamentalist and fanatical Muslim cousins use the Bible and Koran's scriptures against homosexuality to condemn the third sex.  Despite some contradictory homo-eroticism in the Old Testament, as well as in the Jewish gospels that "god" didn't make the usual fuss about, and the hypocritical homosexuality found within the Catholic Church, overall, the Bible is quite rabid against the third sex and homosexual behavior in general, promising that the third sex who acts upon their inclinations is doomed to eternal punishment unless they admit that homosexuality is a "sin" that is in the same category as bestiality, and murder, and "repent" from it.  There are other Christians and Christian traditions, however, that believe that homosexuality is just as much of, or is even worse of an unforgivable "sin" than blaspheming the worthless and rotten, despicable Jewish piece of excrement, the "holy spirit."  Even though the third sex doesn't have it very good with Christianity or any other Jewish "religion," heterosexuals don't have it any better when all is said and done, and if you are a White Gentile, a subliminal message of Christianity is that the White Race of Gentiles are outside of reach for Christ's "salvation" because we come from Satan and it is Satan's bloodline that flows through our veins, which makes White Aryans being born in the first place, an unforgivable "sin" against the Demiurge [an inferior entity who claims to be the "ultimate god" and "creator of the universe"] who created the Jewish people, and who is behind Communism, and the Christian, Muslim, and all other Jewish religions.

Despite the wishful claims of Asatru and "Odinist" Christian fundamentalists, this sermon focuses on the fact that Tacitus' writings ultimately do not make any indication that the third sex or homosexuality were viewed negatively by the pre-Christian [Satanic] Germanic Pagans.  I know this truth is inconvenient for the Christians who think they are "Odinists," but, like Nature herself, reality is also cruel to those who cannot accept it.  Oh well.  Moving on....

In his book, The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations In Human Societies, James Neill states, "An observation of the Roman writer Tacitus has sometimes been used to claim the Germanic tribes condemned homosexuality.  Tacitus stated that the Germans drowned in swamps those who were ignavos et imbelles et corpore infames, usually translated as 'slothful and unwarlike and infamous in body.'  The latter expression has been taken by some to mean passive homosexuals, perhaps those above a certain age.  However, this seems to be a superficial reading which comports nicely with the anti-homosexual prejudice of its adherents...  To apply the phrase, 'those with infamous bodies' to homosexuals would not have made any sense to readers of the period in which Tacitus wrote, the Roman Empire of the first century A.D., where homosexuality was taken for granted, participated in by a vast majority of the population at some point in their lives, and where male homosexual prostitutes were so well established that their earnings were taxed and they had their own national holiday.  A description of homosexuals as corpore infames, in fact, resembles more the anti-homosexual preaching of ascetic Christian clerics of later periods.  The phrase more likely was meant by Tacitus to refer to the deformed, or those who avoided military service by maiming themselves, which would be consistent with the first two categories of individuals named by Tacitus, the slothful and unwarlike, and who would be people who would have no place in the rigidly ordered scheme of things contemplated by the Germanic military ethic." [1]

Although, effeminate "passive" homosexuals have always existed as part of the third sex, it is unfortunately true that Marxism has turned many of today's homosexuals into "slothful" and "unwarlike" creatures who don't care about anything but sex and how "fabulous" their hair looks, or "gay" fashion trends, not to mention petty gossip and Jewish celebrity worship, which is a huge contrast to the Satanic Warrior religion that the third sex originally were a part of.  This type of the third sex, however, still isn't what Tacitus was referring to, and like the Christians, some CAN be corrected.  Tacitus wasn't referring to homosexuals, active or passive in their sex roles, but he was referring to a form of eugenics that judged a person by their physical conditions, not their sexual preferences.  This doesn't stop "Odinist" Christian fundamentalists from stretching their imaginations to make this about homosexuality, though.  In Nazism, which is Satan's New World Order, it will be the Christians and related filth who wish that homosexuality could be eliminated that will be drowned in bogs instead of homosexuals who care about their race, but just have a different sexual preference from their heterosexual brothers and sisters.  Likewise, if homosexual Marxists want to survive in Satan's New World Order, they will have to get rid of the Marxism, adopt Satanism and an organic Pagan way of life, and learn to care about their race once again.  This may seem impossible, but in reality, it is much easier than it seems.

Neill continues, "The Germanic tribes who inundated Western Europe in the fifth and sixth centuries brought with them attitudes and social customs that appear to have been little different from those of the Celts or Romans in the area of sex and homosexual relations.  Like other peoples of the ancient world, the Germanic tribes were known for their homosexual customs which were documented in accounts of Roman writers.  The first-century A.D. Roman rhetorician and teacher Quintilian cited the Germans' high regard for homosexual love in one of his oratorical works.  In the late 4th century, Ammianus Marcellinus wrote of homosexual customs among the Taifali, a Germanic tribe related to the Goths, which involved formal homosexual relationships between warriors and young men undergoing initiation and military training.

...Among early Scandinavian warriors sexual relationships between warrior peers, called blood brothers, were formalized with a "blood brothers" ritual, and that such blood brother relationships were a significant enough element of early Norse society that they were enshrined in one of the Sagas.  Archaeological evidence indicates that such peer relationships may have dated back as far as 2000 B.C., to the time of the arrival of the first Indo-Europeans in Northern Europe.  In view of this evidence it would be hard to argue, as some have, that the Germanic peoples were unaware of male homosexuality, were opposed to it, or indeed, had any native reservations about it at all when practiced within social norms." [2]

It is quite ironic that "Odin" is one of Satan's names, and yet, neo-Pagan Christians who condemn homosexuality call themselves "Odinists," when even Odin, himself, engages in allegedly "shameful" homosexual practices on his own time, as he is shamelessly bisexual without apology.  The Gods of Hell appreciate the privacy of their private lives respected, but many of our Gods are open about having bisexual feelings, and they are even known to share both heterosexual and homosexual intimacy not only among themselves, but also with human companions.  This breaks the hearts of the Christos-Pagans who would desire that our Gods were only heterosexuals.

As we can see, Tacitus was not referring to the Germanic tribes having any reservations against homosexuality at all, but that the ancient Germans practiced eugenics and the survival of the best and brightest.  However, it is unfortunate that the Edda texts have been edited and altered by Christian monks, and these Christians made Germanic Paganism around the time of the Edda texts appear to have Christian reservations against homosexuality, although, the agricultural Gods and Goddesses of the Vanir, such as Frey and Freya, appeared more accepting of homosexuality than the Warrior Gods and Goddesses of the Aesir, such as Odin and Thor.  Regardless, despite Christian interpolations, reality still maintains that there is no such thing as a Pagan God or Goddess who is against heterosexuality or homosexuality because Nature dictates that as long as heterosexuality exists, homosexuality will also exist freely beside heterosexuality in the Fourth Reich and the eternal Kingdom of Adolf Hitler, the Anti-Christ.

As for the people who cannot accept the existence of non-heterosexual preferences, there is something to keep in mind....  
There have been tests that have been performed on men who are supposedly heterosexual.  Half of the test subjects were men who claimed to be against homosexuality while the other half of the test subjects claimed not to be in any way threatened or bothered by homosexuality.  The test results were that the more the men were against homosexuality, the more they responded sexually to homosexual pornography, while on the other hand, the men who were not in any way against homosexuality had very little if any sexual response to the homosexual pornography that was presented.  This particular test I am speaking of says a lot when it comes to people who are against homosexuality.  Regardless of what their reasons are, besides Christian values, for being against it, they oftentimes respond sexually to homo-eroticism, but it is one of their greatest-kept secrets.  This experiment on heterosexual disapproval of homosexuality has exposed these allegedly "heterosexual" men for their deeper unspoken fantasies, while revealing that people who are not against homosexuality are usually much more comfortable, and at home, so to speak, with their sexual preferences. 

Regarding the negative references to homosexuality that are found in the Eddas, author James J. O'Meara cites a Pagan author....

"[P]rohibitions against same-sex relations hence the fear of homosexuality comes from an alien desert religion...  Many traditions had a very different attitude towards same-sex relations prior to their infection by Christianity.  Japanese Buddhism had a strong homoerotic element as did the Samurai, it was only Christian missionaries that did away with such traditions.  Sadly many of the Eddic references to same-sex relations are negative but that is to be expected considering they have come down through the hands of Christian scribes!" [3]

The "alien desert religion," mentioned in O'Meara's citation, is the racial religion of the Jewish people.  It is unfortunate that many "Odinists" have Christian, Muslim and Jewish Torah values when it comes to homosexuality, but it is the Jewish people who are at the root of these problems, and it is the Jews who are to be held accountable the most of all, while the non-Jews--both heterosexual and third sex--are to undergo Satanic re-education.  The Jewish people get Jewish psychology and the Jewish propaganda machines aimed at communizing homosexuality and promoting a child-less society that will use non-procreative sexuality as a biological dead end for the White Aryan Race.  It is not homosexuality that is to be blamed, but the Jews who are using the society that condemns Aryan reproduction as a means to the end of our Race that are to be held accountable.

Through Jewish psychology, the media, entertainment, propaganda, and so on, the Jews subtly work to create a society that doesn't value White Aryan reproduction, the family unit or the responsibilities of being part of a family because of the Judeo-Marxist brainwashing that teaches that traditional, namely, Pagan family responsibilities are "too old-fashioned," "restrictive," and "repressive," thus spreading the lie that Jewish Marxism is a "liberating" alternative to family life.  This is genocide against the White Aryan Race, just like the Jewish exploitation of White humanity's deadly weakness--the emotion of compassion for others is used and manipulated by the Jews in order to enforce race-mixing and the inter-marrying with alien races; no race-mixing for the Jews, though.  When today's homosexuals who have been brainwashed with Marxism think of family, they usually feel as if they are being pressured to start and raise a family, heterosexually, against their will, in the closet, and against their natural abilities.  This is not how it works.  The third sex serves as mother and father figures for entire Nations, as well as the roles of sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters, for their already-existing families that they are a part of, as well as warriors on the battlefields.  Not every man was meant to be a biological father, and not all women were meant for biological motherhood.  It is through Christianity and all other sects of Judaism that the Jews have been wrecking the Aryan family unit, despite Christianity's claims that it "focuses on the family."  WRONG!  CHRISTIANITY DESTROYS THE FAMILY, HOMOSEXUALITY DOES NOT!!!! 


Luke 14:26:  "If any man come to Me and hate not his father and mother, and wife and children, and brethren and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple." -- Jesus Christ

Due to the dysfunctional families that the Jews have worked profusely to create, I realize that just getting over differences, disagreements, and hatred towards family members isn't something that is practical overnight, right away, or even in this lifetime, but it is something to strive for in the generations to come.  In the generations to come, there will be Satanic families, and Satanism will be the religion that blossoms, blooms, and takes root so that once the Anti-Christ--Adolf Hitler--returns, Satanism will be the religion of planet Earth.  I don't think most people realize just how important the family unit is to Satan.  Contrary to Christian imbeciles like James Dobson and his "Focus On the Family," the Jewish teachings of the fictitious Nazarene character teach to despise the family, heterosexual marriage, and the birthing and raising of children, due to the doctrine of "being born into a world of sin."  The Jewish diseases of Christianity and Islam are going to be completely destroyed, and then, the Satanic Pagan family life can once again exist in the generations to come.  I'm not saying that everything will always be Utopian perfect, as human nature permits tension to exist every here and there, but in the generations after the death of Christianity, Islam, and Communism, and the removal of the Jewish people and their race-mixing programs from this planet, the family will be able to exist naturally once again.

In contrast to the pro-family intentions of Satan, the Christian messiah makes "his" intentions quite clear in regards to the family unit.... 

Matthew 10:34-36:  "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth:  I came not to send peace, but a sword.  For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother and the daughter in law against her mother in law.  And a man's foes shall be they of his own household." -- Jesus Christ

While it is time for parents to stop treating their third sex children as if they are less than their heterosexual brothers and sisters, it is also time for the third sex to leave the "gay" ghettos and the multicultural, anti-White cultural Marxist lifestyle, and return home to their families, leaving the Jewish-designated communities of the so-called "gay life" that was invented to destroy the lives of third sex people through drugs, disease, and Communist brain-washing, all in the name of "gay liberation!"  The Jewish-invented double standards are beyond ridiculous.  This double-sided hypocrisy is the work of the Jews who always work towards the equation of Problem + Reaction + Solution = Jewish One-World, Global, Universal Communist Dictatorship with Jesus Christ on his throne, reigning from Jerusalem, the headquarters of the Jewish version of the New World Order, with his fellow Jewish brethren.  Luckily, Adolf Hitler, the Anti-Christ, has prevented the coming of the Christian messiah.  Contrary to what people who have lesser intelligence believe, the Christian messiah is the JEWISH messiah.  Both, the Jewish-Christian Bible and the Jewish-Islamic Koran are consistent in maintaining that the ANTI-CHRIST is NOT a Jew, but "The Assyrian," the ARYAN!  Nazism is Satan's New World Order.

The Jewish people know that they are fighting a battle that they are losing and a battle that they will permanently lose, but being the TRUE HATERS that they are, they aim at taking their winning enemies down with them.  This is a call to spiritual warfare until only physical warfare is optional.  You would be surprised at just how much Satanic spiritual warfare can do in regards to making things much less worse than they would be without the spiritual warfare.  Never take Satanic spiritual warfare for granted!  Through Satan, the Anti-Christ, and the Powers of Hell, we have the power to remove our enemies without physical combat, and the best thing of all is that Satanic spiritual warfare by using the powers of one's mind and soul, is perfectly legal and free!

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As far as the third sex [homosexuality] goes, the Nazism of the Joy of Satan Ministries is the only religion that accepts the third sex without being hypocrites, but like heterosexuals, homosexuals must be serious and dedicated to our cause.  Christianity and related Jewish religions still offer the death penalty for homosexuality in certain places of the world, and yet the inner doctrines of their faith are homo-erotic to some degree.  That is the height of hypocrisy.  Satanism just lets homosexuality exist without making any kind of a fuss about it.  Homo-eroticism for homosexuals.  Hetero-eroticism for heterosexuals.  We just let it be. 

It is the Nazism of the Joy of Satan that will be taking the lead because we have the Anti-Christ Leader of the Third and Fourth Reichs on our side, calling the shots for our every ultimate move and decision.  Every other legitimate form of Nazism will be following our lead when the time is right.  The biggest difference between our Nazism and the "Nazism" of non-Joy of Satan organizations and individuals, is we do what Satan and the Anti-Christ give direct orders to do.  Our days of being a minority will end as more of our people wake up.  Satanic Nazism will end up being the only Nazism.  This is the will of Adolf Hitler.


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