The Truth About the Talmud Part Two by High Priest Jake Carlson

I have been told that part one of this sermon was like "cryptonite" for the people who can't let go of an "Aryan Christ," and cannot accept the fact that the Jewish Talmud is bashing Satan and his Demons [the Aryan PAGAN Gods] and not an "Aryan Christ" or "Pagan Christos."  Since this is way over some people's heads, what these people cannot admit is that the supposed "'Aryan Pagan' Iesous Christos" is the same hideous Jewish messiah, Ben Yehoshua/Yeshua, the seed of David, that the Jewish people, and the Christians who have sold their souls to Israel, whether willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, are still awaiting and laying out the welcome mat for. 

Becoming a "born-again Christian" = selling one's soul to Christ:  the true evil one--the Jewish Messiah--Israel and the Jewish people.  These are all bound up into the one unitary monotheistic "god" of Judaism, as well as the global oneness and equality of Communism that flies in the face of Nature's Laws.  Christianity, Islam, and Communism are extensions of Judaism, not separations or departures.  It is only through Satan that the "blood of the lamb" can be washed and completely destroyed.  This is what happens when a Gentile dedicates their soul to Satan and his National Socialist [Nazi] cause, as it is SATAN and NOT Christ who has the authority.  By performing the dedication to Satan, Gentiles become free, and they enlist in Hell's Army.

Even among the atheists and agnostics, in the community of researchers that have been exposing how the Jews stole from pre-Christian Aryan Pagan [Satanic] Gods, such as Osiris/Serapis, Mithras, Horus, Dionysus, Apollo, Odin, Baldur, and Krishna, etc., in the making of Christ, the Jews have even "bartered" with the souls of many of these gifted people, so to speak, by insisting that these Gods are "Pagan Christs" or that they are "the original Christ," and that "Christ has always been the chief Aryan Solar God long before he was hijacked by the Jews."  However, in Satanism, the ability to distinguish between what is right and wrong exists, and sometimes, Satanic spiritual revelations from Satan or Adolf Hitler [the Anti-Christ] contradict Jewish-approved "facts," such as the existence of a primordial Christos, Jewish or Aryan Pagan.     

Although Christ never existed, and the very idea of an "Aryan Christianity" is just as dangerous to our White Race as Jewish Christianity and Marxism, our Pagan Gods, known as Satan and his Demons, do exist, and they despise Christos the Aryan just as much as they despise Yeshua, the Jewish king. 

In Revelations 22:16 in the Christian Bible [New Testament], Christos claims to be Lucifer, the Morning Star.  The Aryan God Osiris-Dionysus was known as Lucifer, the Morning Star, but the Jews have tampered with this knowledge by merging his characteristics with both, a mythological "Aryan Christ" and a Jewish Christ.  However, this knowledge flies way over some people's heads who would rather believe that Christianity was originally Aryan Pagan before it was Judaized.  The point is that whoever buys into a Christos of ANY kind, including an Aryan version, are opening their doors wide open to the enemies of the White Aryan Race, and are forging ties and alliances with these human-hating enemy thought-forms and extra-terrestrial spooks, with or without being aware of doing so. 

The legends that most of the extra-terrestrial Aryan Gods left behind for us almost all have to do with the kundalini serpent power, how to permanently raise it, and how to obtain true physical and spiritual perfection and everlasting life.  These CONCEPTS, such as the ALLEGORIES of "crucifixions" and "crucified Saviors" were stolen from to create a literal, carnalized Jewish Messiah/Christian "savior," and "Aryan Christ," to serve as a distraction and a Trojan horse for the White Aryan Race of Satan to collect our energies for bringing about "the Second Coming of Christ."  Despite the erroneous beliefs and false "evidence" that certain scholars and researchers have about the followers of Serapis being "the original Pagan Christians," that doesn't make it so.  If these Pagans were the "original Christians" [in very much the same way that the history of the Cathars has been re-written, diminishing them to nothing more than "heretical Christians"], this entire sermon about the Jewish Talmud would be invalidated, pointless, and useless, and the Anti-Christ [Adolf Hitler] would not be the Anti-Christ, which is anything but the case, but people with unconscious ties to Christianity would beg to differ.  The Talmud isn't after an "Aryan Pagan Christ" any more so than it is after the equally fictitious Jewish Christ.  What the Talmud *is* against is Satan, his Demons, and the White Aryan Race, which is Satan's pride and joy.  The sloppy attempts to create a case for an "Osiris-Lucifer Christos" relies on blind faith in false "facts," the unconscious desire to stay true to "the faith," and a falsified and re-written "history" concerning the Pagan Gods and their etymologies.

In part one of this sermon, I covered how both Jews and Gentiles made Talmudic interpolations, mostly during the Middle Ages, to make it appear as if the Talmud is hostile towards Jesus Christ and the Christian religion.  I gave a couple of examples, including the popularly-held misconception that "Balaam" is a veiled reference to Jesus.  Although I knew that anything anti-Christian within the Babylonian Talmud is a much later forged addition, what I wasn't aware of at the time was how numerous such fake statements regarding Christ, Christianity, and even the New Testament, there were.

Here are a few more examples:

Abodah Zarah 27b: “It is forbidden to be healed by a Christian.”

Sanhedrin 90a, 100b: “Those who read the gospels are doomed to Hell.”

Shabbath 116a: “The Gospels are the falsehood of blank paper and the sin of blank paper.  The Gospels are to be burned; the New Testament is like blank paper.”

Gittin 56b: “Jesus was sent to hell, where he is punished by boiling excrement for mocking the Rabbis.”

Abodah Zarah 16b, 17a: “Jews should stay away from Christians.  Christians are allied with Hell, and Christianity is worse than incest.”

In Zohar (I, 28b) we read:
"Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field, etc. (Genes. III, 1.) 'More subtle' that is towards evil; 'than all beasts' that is, the idolatrous people of the earth. For they are the children of the ancient serpent which seduced Eve." 

50) This ancient serpent, the parent of Christians, that is, the devil in the form of a serpent, is called, Sammael (cf.
Targum Iobi, XXVIII, 7). Rabbi Maimonides writes in More (Bk. II, ch. 30) that Sammael took the form of a serpent and seduced Eve. He is also called the 'Angel of Death,' and 'the Head of the assembly of evil ones.' Debbarim Rabba (208c) calls him "Sammael the impious one, "the prince of all devils." Rabbi Bechai (in Mikkets) calls him "The Impious Sammael, the Prince of Rome." 

The thing to always remember is that any nasty references towards "Jesus" in the Talmud have absolutely NOTHING to do with Christ, and any unpleasant words regarding Christians, the Gospels, or the rest of the New Testament, are much later interpolations that were never part of the original Babylonian or Jerusalem Talmuds.  As for the Christian interpolations, the word "Christian(s)" replaced "Gentile(s)."  It should also be noted that when the Talmud curses and attacks the Gentiles, it is mostly referring to White Gentiles, as we are Satan's people.

Clearly, in the quote from the Zohar that states that Sammael [Enki/Satan] is the Father of the "Christians," as if "Christians" are a race, in and of themselves, the term "Christians" replaced Pagans, Heathens, or Gentiles in general, as these were Satanic Aryans before they were Christianized.  It is so clear that the term "Christian(s)," when used negatively in the Jewish Talmud, is a blatant forgery, considering that Sammael/Enki/Satan, the REAL Lucifer, is the Father of the White Aryan Pagan peoples who were forced to convert to Christianity, a Jewish-concocted "religion" that is as alien to the White Aryan peoples as any other form of Judaism.  

The Jews are very clever, and they use their natural abilities, i.e., lying, stealing, and confusing to get through to our Aryan collective unconscious.  By pretending to be enemies of Christ and Christianity, they form a powerful reservoir of psychic energy that is secreted from the Gentiles who feel the need to defend Christ and stay true to "the faith."
In regards to the Talmud's supposed references to Christ's death at the hands of the Jews, one Jewish rabbinical author admits the following: 

"On countless occasions, numerous Christian-scholar debating partners have cited both the Talmud and the Jewish sage Maimonides in an attempt to prove the Jews killed Jesus.  Based on the lines they cite, it would indeed appear their assertions are correct.  But if we look at these texts in context, the reality revealed is very different.  The Jesus whom the Talmud and Maimonides discuss cannot be the same rabbi and Jewish patriot...and whom Paul cites as the founder of Christianity.  In short, the Yeshu whose death is discussed in the Talmud is not Jesus of Nazareth." [1]

The Jewish people who pretend to "reject" Christ point to the 13th chapter of Deuteronomy as a "reference" for a Jewish king that would be a false prophet that Jewhovah/Yahweh would send to lead the Jews astray, in order to see if he could test the faith and loyalty of the Jewish people by sending this "enticer."  Claiming that Jesus Christ is that false prophet is a very clever trick that the Jews play on the Christianized Gentiles that suckers many of our more clueless people who are vulnerable to the enemy into feeling the need to defend Christianity and Christ from the Jews.  It is quite a frightening and disturbing sight to see a Christian pray to a Jew who they believe to be an Aryan to save them from the Jews. 

For all of the Talmud's alleged "blasphemous" references concerning Christ and Christianity, there are Jews who keep the game going by claiming that these allegations are, indeed, true.  However, this is how the Jews deceive the "goyim" through head-games.  The Jews, especially the Jews at the top who keep secret knowledge out of the hands of the lower-ranking Jews, know that Jesus Christ, whether Jewish or not, is their connection to the coming of their Messiah--the long-awaited manifestation of the REAL Christos.  Satan-Lucifer is not, never was, and never will be Lucifer-Christos.  Satan-Lucifer is Satan-Lucifer.  Lucifer-Christos is Lucifer-Christos.  Lucifer-Christos is a fictional character, but he does have an existence as a thought-form that exists on the astral plane; a thought-form that is waiting for the chosen Jew to be a vessel for in the physical world. 

The enemy is not playing games.  Adolf Hitler is the Anti-Christ, and the Jews are still trying to gather enough Christian psychic power and energy for the coming of Lucifer-Christos, the false "Lucifer," in hopes of destroying the Fuhrer once and for all.  We CANNOT let this happen!  Satan calls all of his Warriors to destroy the Jews, and rid all Jewish relics from Satan's Earth and make this planet beautiful again. 

"Yeshu" is the Hebrew name for Jesus.  Here is a quote from the Talmud that the Jews lie to the Christianized Gentiles about in regards to Christ being a false prophet who was killed by the Jews for practicing sorcery, witchcraft, sexual immorality, for mocking the rabbis and for idolatry, leading Israel astray:

Quote from the Jewish Talmud:  "On the eve of Passover they hung Yeshu and the crier went forth for forty days beforehand declaring that '[Yeshu] is going to be stoned for practicing witchcraft, for enticing and leading Israel astray.  Anyone who knows something to clear him should come forth and exonerate him.'  But no one had anything exonerating for him and they hung him on the eve of Passover.  Ulla said:  Would one think that we should look for exonerating evidence for him?  He was an enticer, and God said, 'Show no pity or compassion, and do not shield him (Deuteronomy 13:9).  Yeshu was different because he was close to the government.'" Sanhedrin 43a

In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mythology, the Christ of the scriptures wasn't close to any Roman government.  He was a Jewish enemy of Satanic, White, Pagan Rome.

"In Talmudic narrative, a number of students are put to death along with Yeshu.  These were his "five disciples, Matthai, Nakai, Nezer, Buni, and Todah."  With the sole exception of Matthai, or Matthew, which was (and remains) a common name, the students' names are completely other than those of Jesus' apostles.  In contrast, the New Testament says two criminals were crucified along with Jesus, and certainly none of his apostles.

The chronology is off as well, by no less than a century.  The name Jesus, or Yeshu in Hebrew, was very common in the Talmudic period." [2]

This shows that there were many Jesuses or Yeshus floating around during the Talmudic period, but there was no Christ being attacked by the Jewish people.  Osiris-Dionysus is not the "Aryan Christ."  Nobody and nothing is, except for that goddamned Jewish thought-form that is waiting on the astral plane for its chosen Jewish vessel.

Here is a brief account about another alleged "Yeshu/Jesus the Nazarene" that is supposed to be about the "real Christ," but, like all of the other Jesuses and Yeshus, this is far from being the Christ of Christianity.

"The Talmud identifies [Yeshu] as a student of Yehoshua ben Perachyah, a sage who died at least one hundred years before the Jesus of the New Testament was born.  The Talmud tells the story of how this Yeshu of Nazareth, later to be executed, began as a rebellious student of Rabbi Yehoshua:

Quote from the Jewish Talmud:  "R. Yehoshua ben Perachyah...came to a certain inn.  His hosts stood up for him in a display of great honor, and they continued to accord him with much honor.  He sat and was praising his hostess:  'How nice is this hostess,' meaning, 'how pleasing are her deeds.'  Mistaking his teacher's intent, one of his students [Yeshu] said to him:  'Rabbi, she is not beautiful, for her eyes are round!'  [R. Yehoshua ben Perachyah] said to [this student]:  'Wicked one!  In matters such as these you occupy yourself?!'  He took out four hundred horns, and excommunicated [the student].  Every day, [the student] would come before [R. Yehoshua ben Perachyah] to beg forgiveness, and [R. Yehoshua ben Perachya] would not receive him.  One day, when [R. Yehoshua ben Perachyah] was reciting Krias Shema [the prayer declaring the unity of God during which talking is forbidden], [the student] came before him yet again.  This time, [R. Yehoshua ben Perachyah] had intended to accept him, and pardon him.  Being unable to talk at the moment, he motioned to [the student] with his hand that he would receive him as soon as he finished reciting Krias Shema.  But [the student] thought that he was pushing him away yet again, and despaired of ever attaining his teacher's forgiveness.  So he went and stood a brick on end, and worshiped it as an idol.  Subsequently [R. Yehoshua ben Perachyah] said to him:  Thus have I received a tradition from you:  Whoever sins and causes others to sin is not given the opportunity to repent.  As the Master said:  [This student] practiced sorcery, and incited others and led them astray, and caused Israel to sin.'"  Sotah 47a

"The Talmud explains that this Jesus left the monotheistic path of Judaism and began serving idols.  Yehoshua ben Perachya died about one hundred and thirty years before the destruction of the Temple, which makes it impossible for Christianity's Jesus to have been his disciple.  Clearly, then, the Yeshu discussed in the Talmud is not the same Yeshu whom history remembers as the founder of Christianity.

Nevertheless, some historians insist that the Yeshu in the Talmud is Jesus.  Their proof?  In one manuscript of the Talmud he is called Yeshu the Notzri, which could mean Jesus the Nazarene.  However, only one of the approximately four distinct manuscripts of the Talmud available uses the title Notzri.  None of the other manuscripts contain that title, which means it could be a later interpolation, as medieval commentators suggest.

Not only that, but the word Notzri does not even necessarily mean Nazarene.  While centuries later it was used to refer to Christians, in the form of Notzrim or Netzarim, it could also have been a term used to refer to many strong communities.  The name "Ben Netzar" was used in the Talmud to refer to the famous chief of robbers Odenathus of Palmyra.

Between timing, chronology, and content, there is no way to align the Yeshu of the Talmud with Jesus of Nazareth, without interpreting far beyond the bounds of what the text allows." [3]

"The Toldos Yeshu ha-Notzri collection of stories was written [many centuries after the Jesus of the Gospels' death] in a time of oppressive anti-Semitism.  It was intended to instill pride in the children and adults who were abused by Christian powers at the time.  It had nothing to do with the historical truth of Jesus, and makes little sense to us today, pulled from its original context." [4]

In order to fool the Gentiles, the Jews claim to be victims of "Christian oppression," but the only grain of truth to such a false claim is that tribes of Jews have been expelled or massacred in Pogroms that were the result of Jewish Ritual Murder and usury.  Whether the countries that kicked the Jews out were Christianized at the time of such expulsions or not, hardly matters, as the Jews cry "BLOOD LIBEL!" and claim that they are being "persecuted" because they are "Christ-killers," anytime they have been caught red-handed in their crimes against humanity.  The "Toldos Yeshu ha-Notzri," like the rest of the Jewish Talmud, does not refer to the Yeshu/Yeshua, Jesus, or Christos of Christianity, but a Jewish game is being played in a conspiracy against the White Aryan peoples of Satan.  Through the use of Jewish psychology, sympathies are created for Gentiles to feel towards Christ and Christianity.  This pollutes the blood of the White Aryan Race in a spiritual way that eventually manifests physically, like all astral magick does, if it isn't properly destroyed.  The thought-form of Jesus Christ must be COMPLETELY DESTROYED before it can enter the chosen Jew who would destroy Adolf Hitler, the Aryan Anti-Christ, and rule the world from Jerusalem, the Jewish headquarters. 

"Yeshua says that "until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished" (Matthew 5:18, NIV)...  We are still awaiting the return of the Lord, the defeat of His enemies, and the complete establishment of the Messiah's Kingdom on Earth.  Heaven and Earth are surely still with us, meaning that any outright dismissal of the Law of Moses on the part of Believers is most unacceptable.  In the Last Days, a major expectation is that "the law will go forth from Zion and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem" (Isaiah 2:3; cf. Micah 4:2).  Does this sound like some kind of "abolishment of the Law?"  Not at all.  On the contrary, when Yeshua returns the Torah will be enforced as the Law of Planet Earth." [5]

The Law/commandments of the Old Testament/Torah is the Law of Jesus Christ, and if we don't stop this astral son of a bitch from destroying Adolf Hitler, the Aryan Anti-Christ, there will not be any hope for us.  The coming of Christ means the global enforcement of the Talmudic "seven" Noahide commandments, which contain laws within laws, adding up to a total of 620 commandments for non-Jews, including laws that are impossible to follow.  The deluded Christians who believe that Christ's fictional death on the cross "nullified" the the Torah have no idea as to what awaits them.  Christ hates all Gentiles, even if they strictly adhere to Christianity right down to the last detail. 

Like the outcasts, the sexual deviants [i.e., pedophiles and race-mixers], the rejects, and the marginalized "persecuted minorities," the Gentiles who are Christian or Islamic are temporarily under the protection of Christ until they are no longer needed, which is after they complete the task given to them by their Jewish Masters:  Replace White Civilization and Aryan culture with Christianity, and ultimately destroy Satan's Aryan Master Race. 

As far as the colored races go,  unlike the Jewish people, the Aryan Race doesn't rely on, or have any desire for slavery of any kind, as slavery is an abomination to Satan, as our Noble Race was destined to be independent and strong, and slavery always inevitably leads to the pollution of the White Race through race-mixing.  It has always been the Jews who have enslaved the colored races [which the White Man has received the blame for], and it will be the colored races who the Jews will enslave, en masse, once the White Aryan Race is exterminated by the heel of Christ and his Jewish people if that Jewish piece of excrement ever "returns" in the form of a human being. 

White Awareness and White Unity, along with re-education, thorough de-Christianization, daily meditation, along with the Reverse Torah Rituals, and a personal relationship with Satan, is our last chance.  Keep MAKING our people wake up and defend our White Aryan Race of Satan, the true God.

Sanhedrin 99a: “When Messiah comes, he will destroy the Christians.”

Even if Sanhedrin 99a really did originally read "Christians" and not "Gentiles," even though many Jews lie and claim that "Christ was not the Jewish Messiah," the significance of this passage is 1) YES, CHRIST *IS* THE JEWISH MESSIAH!  And 2) CHRIST HATES *ALL* WHITE GENTILES, EVEN IF THEY FOLLOW CHRISTIANITY AND RELATED PROGRAMS DOWN TO THE LAST DETAIL!  THE TIME TO WAKE UP IS NOW, NOT LATER!!!  BELIEF IN, OR SYMPATHIES FOR *ANY* CHRIST, JEWISH OR ARYAN, FEEDS AND NOURISHES ISRAEL, AND ALL OTHER HOTBEDS OF EXCREMENTAL JEWISH ACTIVITY...

Rescue yourselves, and those of your loved ones who are open to the truth today!  The future of the White Aryan Race depends on it.


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