The Vril:  The Inner Circle of the Satanic Thule Society Part One by High Priest Jake Carlson

"Vril" is a Babylonian word that means "like god" and it is the serpentine life-force, akin to "chi," "ki," "bio-electricity," "witch-power," "prana," and the "Odic force."  Although the Pagan Far East was stolen from in order to invent the fictionalized, Christian and Talmudic versions of the Garden of Eden fable, the deluded Christians credit Satan--the "Serpent" on the Tree of Knowledge--with "deception" that led to the "fallen" state of planet Earth.  However, the truth is that it was Satan who personally fathered the White Aryan Race, and it was Satan, in the allegory of the Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge story, that also proved that he is not only the true God, but the Aryan Race's first Yoga Instructor and Guru.  The Judaeo/Christian Bible has reversed the identities of "God" and "the Devil."  Satan--the Devil--was, is, and forever will be, the true God.

In the Biblical account, the dialogue between Satan ["the Serpent"] and the fictional character of Eve is as follows:

"Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?  And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:  But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.  And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:  For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil" (Genesis 3:1-5).

Many liberals who claim to "hate" Christianity love to try and claim that Adolf Hitler was a "Christian" and that Anti-Semitism is a "Christian" sentiment.  Newsflash:  Although a fictional character, Jesus Christ is Jewish and HaSatan, or "THE SATAN," literally means "THE ENEMY/ADVERSARY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE," IN THEIR LANGUAGE!

With Adolf Hitler's Satanic eugenics program leading Hitler to claim that "Man is becoming God" and that "Man is God in the making," it is quite clear that he was following the Serpent's [Satan's] promise that the Gentiles will be Gods and Goddesses, while he was rejecting Jesus Christ's universalist, egalitarian lies of "equality" between men.

The Jewish New Testament lays out the racial "equality" lie of both Christ and Paul.  While Paul advocates that ALL races, including both Jews and Gentiles, are ultimately "equal," Christ claims that the Jewish people are the master race and that all of the "inferiors," Gentiles, regardless of caste or color, are all equal.  Nature's Laws, which are Satan's Laws, have promised that there is no such thing as "equality," regardless of what Jewish-approved, kosher "science" has to say.  This is why both Christ and Paul's teachings are abominations that are loaded with curse after curse against the Gentiles.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28).

Galatians 3:28 in the Jewish New Testament has been the doctrine that is more responsible for the mixing of races than any other doctrine in the history of humanity.  Christianity is primordial Marxism.

On the natural and Satanic contrary, Adolf Hitler had the following to say...

"We do not want to do away with the inequalities between men, but on the contrary, to increase them and make them into a principle protected by impenetrable barriers." -- Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's methods of restoring Satanism to a Christianized White Race had to be subtle or else he wouldn't have been able to make the necessary Satanic connection with the people at all without massive backlashes from people protesting and revolting against a Pagan Nazi Germany, in defense of Christianity.  Even with all of Hitler's humanitarian subtlety that was gradually weeding out all traces of Christianity, Hitler had the secret police make sure that the Satanic Swastika replaced the cross of Jesus Christ.

The focus of this sermon is upon the Goddess Isais, also known as Ishtar, whose Demonic name is ASTAROTH, as she was the Patroness of the VRIL Society, which is the Satanic inner circle of the THULE Society.  The teachings and practices of the Vril, Thule, and related Nazi secret societies that were loyal to Adolf Hitler and were allowed to remain in the Third Reich, were not only completely ANTI-Christian, but were pure Satanism.

Here are some quotes:

"In August 1917, according to Jurgen-Ratthofer and [Ralf] Ettl, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, Karl Haushofer, the medium Maria Orsic from Zagreb and the pilot Lothar Waiz held a meeting with the old prelate Gernot of the Societas Marcioni at a cafe in Vienna.  Their discussions turned on astrology and apocalyptic predictions in Indian, German and Babylonian traditions.  Gernot was highly impressed and invited Sebottendorff to visit the secret estate of his Templar order known as the 'Die Herren vom Scharzen Stein" (DHvSS) [Lords of the Black Stone] at Marktschellenberg in Bavaria.  The DHvSS was supposedly founded by the Knight Commander Hubertus Koch in 1221 as a Marcionite Templar order.  Its dualist and Gnostic 'Babylonian' doctrine told of the dominion of evil on earth and the battle between light and El Shaddai [Jehovah-Yahweh] based on the revelations of the goddess Ishtar.  The Black Sun is the divine source of energy accessible to initiates through a hierarchy of spiritual intermediaries.  Through the DHvSS, Sebottendorff understood that Marcionite anti-Judaist teachings ultimately came from the much older Babylonian doctrine common to all Aryan peoples.  The cosmic  challenge of the age demanded the defeat of El Shaddai and the Jews." [1] 

Note:  In the early days of Nazism, there were some individuals who tried to combine Marcionite Gnostic-Christian mysticism with Satanic Paganism because they didn't know any better at the time, due to a lack of knowledge, but Astaroth, herself, has told me that she, as well as Satan and other Demons, have set the record straight for such individuals.   Marcion was a Gnostic-Christian of the second century A.D. who believed that the Jehovah-Yahweh/El Shaddai of the Jews is "Satan," that Christ and the New Testament have no relation to him, and that Christ is the "true Lucifer" who promised to take the Jewish privileges of being "God's Chosen" away from the Jews and give it to the Gentile Christians, instead.  This blasphemy against Satan and abominable crime against the White Race is just as criminal as Talmudic Judaism itself.  According to the language of the Jewish people, SATAN is THEIR Enemy/Adversary.

The Vril Society learned many things from Satan and Astaroth, including Satanic doctrine, spiritual disciplines, eugenics, racial laws, and advanced UFO technology.

"In Jurgen-Ratthofer and Ettl's account, this group of esotericists concerned with Atlantis and free energy becomes a powerful UFO research agency.  Between 1917 and 1919, Sebottendorf built up the Germanenorden and the Thule Society as true to secret Aryan-Babylonian doctrine.  When the Thule was involved in the Bavarian revolution of May 1919, a separate section for spiritual and esoteric studies was founded as the Vril Society.  In December 1919 an inner group of the Thule and Vril held a joint meeting at Ramsau near Berchtesgaden, where the medium Maria Orsic presented transcripts in an old Templar script of communications she had received telepathically.  These proved to be written in Sumerian, the language of the founders of the oldest Babylonian culture.  These channeled communications allegedly came from the planet Sumi-Er in the solar system of Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, sixty-eight light years away from earth.  Jurgen-Ratthofer and Ettl claim that the DHvSS and its modern successor, the Vril Society, received mediumistic confirmation that the Sumerians were a colony of superior beings sent from Aldebaran 500 million years ago.  The Aldebaran language not only resembled Sumerian but also German, since both peoples shared the same Aldebaran ancestry.

With mounting excitement, the Vril Society was supposed to have examined the old archives of the DHvSS and concluded that Hubertus Koch and his followers had established esoteric contact with the Aldebaran people back in the Middle Ages.  

The apparition of the Babylonian goddess Isais was possibly even a visit by an Aldebaran woman.  The grand seal of the DHvSS showing a winged bull clearly reflected Aldebaran's location in Taurus, while Isais was the Aldebaran emperess.  All Aldebaran traditions indicated 'a kind of National Socialism on a theocratic basis.'  The Vril Society concluded that this exclusive contact between the German Marcionite order, themselves and Aldebaran signified that the Aldebaran people were 'the Germans in the sign of Taurus' and thus allies in the great cosmic battle against the Jewish forces of darkness.  In fulfillment of this esoteric alliance across the galaxy, Maria Orsic next received channeled instructions for the construction of a time-travel machine.  A leading member of the Vril, Dr. W.O. Schumann, pioneered the development of electromagnetic fields through rotating disks, and a prototype was constructed near Munich in 1922.  Over the following decade, this research and development led to an entire range of German flying saucers based on the principle of anti-gravitational levitation." [2] 

I was once attacked by a liberal Marxist because s/he/it couldn't handle the truth that Adolf Hitler is a Satanist, whose God Almighty is not only Nature personified, but Satan, himself, as well as the fact that Hitler is the Anti-Christ, and that Satan and his Demons communicate with him.  These idiotic scum who hate Hitler expect the Anti-Christ to be a liberal Marxist leader.  However, it was both Hitler and Satan, themselves, who told me FACE-TO-FACE that they work together.  Satan gave Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, immortality.  The escape of certain Nazis at the end of World War II is because of divine intervention.  Whether they escaped by U-boat or by aircraft, these Nazis escaped mostly to subterranean cities or South America with the help of channeled instructions and personal visitations from Satan, Lilith, Astaroth, and other Nordic Demons.

"We are Nazis." -- Lilith

"Through their elaborate mythology of Sumero-Aldebaran links, Jurgen-Ratthofer and Ettl attribute German flying saucer technology to semi-divine guidance from extraterrestrial civilization.  They also claim that National Socialism and anti-Semitism are closely bound up with channeled communications from a highly advanced society ethnically related to the Germans and following a political model similar to the Third Reich.  According to these communications, the population of the Aldebaran solar system has long been organized on racial lines.  The master race of 'light godmen' (Alpha-Aldebarans) lives on the planet Sumi-Er, while the lesser races are confined to the planet Sumi-An.  [...]  The idea that the Germans are the direct descendants of Alpha-Aldebarans simply translates the 'ario-heroic' godmen of Lanz von Liebenfels' Ariosophy into the modern science-fiction idiom of planetary colonization from a distant star.

Jurgen-Ratthofer and Ettl also articulate a sci-fi millenarianism, whereby the Nazis are supposed to have sent flying saucer missions to seek extraterrestrial support for the Axis against the Allies, even years after the latter's victory.  On Christmas 1943, the Vril and Thule held a major conference at the Baltic resort of Kolberg (now Kolobrzeg), where desperate military measures were discussed.  Vril staffs were now working on a spaceship that could switch into another dimension and thus reach Aldebaran, sixty-eight light-years away.  After discussions with Hitler and Himmler, the Vril group launched an advanced Vril-Odin (Vril-7 or Vril-8) saucer in early 1945 into the 'transdimensional canal,' which enables travel at 900,000 kilometers/second (three times the speed of light).  After a voyage lasting only several weeks (on board), Vril-Odin is supposed to have reached the Aldebaran solar system in 1967." [3]

In the last two paragraphs of citations, we learned that Anti-Semitism and blood and soil religion, are, in fact, NOT Christian, but Satanic, and that they come from Satanic entities and forces.  As far as Satan and his Demons fighting the Jewish forces of "darkness," Satan and his Demons are the Shining Ones.  The Reptilian creators and ancestors of the Jewish people, have had access to spiritual power ["light is power"] while Satan and his Demons have been outnumbered and deprived of power, but it doesn't change the appearance of our bright, shining Nordic extraterrestrials versus the Greys and the Reptilian attributes of the extraterrestrial progenitors of the Jewish people.  In the Jewish doctrine of Christianity, the Jews teach that in the "last days," Satan will "transform himself into an angel of light."  It's too late.  Satan isn't an "angel," and he never was one.  Satan is God.  The Christian [Jewish] and Islamic [Jewish] god is the imposter and the Father of Lies, as well as he who was "a murderer from the beginning."

See Exposing Christianity for irrefutable proof:

The fact that both, the Nazi Vril Society, and Satan and his Demons practice the same politics and racial laws, and have the same views towards the shams of Democracy and "equality," says a lot.  We have also been alerted to the fact that although the Jew, Zecharia Sitchin, may have provided some kernels of truth by deciphering the Sumerian clay tablets, he was willingly deceitful with the Jewish-invented distraction, planet "Nibiru."  The false aspects of the "Sitchin theory" have spread like a plague among so-called "conspiracy theorists."  Satan and his Demons come from Orion and Aldebaran, not "Nibiru."  The headdress of Isis, who is Astaroth, is in the shape of Taurus the Bull, the constellation of her at-the-time Aldebaran homeland.

Channeled writings from Demons through the medium, Maria Orsic, also prove that "racialism" [the awareness and philosophy that such a thing called RACE exists] is DEMONIC and NOT "Christian."   The war between the White Aryans and the Jewish people who have enslaved other races in their war against Satan's White human bloodline, has been an ongoing war for thousands of years before the coming of Christianity, which is a JEWISH religion that nothing even remotely good can ever come from in the first place.  Despite scholastic re-writing of Pagan history, there NEVER was an Aryan Christianity or an Aryan Christos.  To believe otherwise is to indirectly support Judaism and Israel, or even...Jew York City, or Jewdney, Australia, for that matter. 

The Vril-Odin flying saucer that Demons told the Vril Society how to construct is named after the Norse God ODIN, who the Nazis knew to be SATAN.

This sermon will be concluded in Part Two.


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