The Vril:  The Inner Circle of the Satanic Thule Society Part Two by High Priest Jake Carlson

In the mid-1990s...quasi-ariosophical lore of Aldebaran-German linkage penetrated the international UFO scene.  The best-selling books of the German conspiracy theorist, Jan van Helsing, recapitulated the...history of Vril flying saucers, the settlement of Aldebaran colonists in Sumeria, and the German mission to Aldebaran.  Through UFO conferences, Helsing's revelations have encouraged a new wave of Aldebaran channels.  In his new book Unternehmen Aldebaran [Operation Aldebaran] (1997), Helsing describes how a Bavarian family recalled their contacts with extraterrestrials, involving abductions and implants, while under hypnotic  regression.  Karin and Rainer Feistle describe a UFO commander showing them enormous 'embryo farms' for the breeding of a 'new race' that will secure mankind's future.  Helsing uses these hints to elaborate on human history.  Arriving on earth 735,000 years ago, Aldebaran colonists bred 'slaves' for menial tasks (Helsing uses Lanz von Liebenfels' term Tschandale), but [they] revolted and mixed with other races.  When the Aldebarans revisited earth much later, they saw that the race-mixing slaves had caused wars, revolution and political upheaval.  The Aldebarans decided to breed up the race on earth by means of the Germans as their closest relatives.  They therefore helped the Germans develop advanced technology during the 1930s, while the Fiestle's testimony indicates the ongoing Aldebaran project for a German master race.  This tableau involving the revolt of [the slaves], harmful race mixing and the creation of an Aldebaran-German elite reflect the updating of Ariosophy through a modern mythology of semi-divine extraterrestrial guidance." [4] 

Like Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, who founded the Order of the New Temple [ONT] and published the Ostara magazine, may have been a Christian mystic who combined Gnostic Christianity with Satanic Paganism, but I know for a FACT that despite his limited knowledge, due to the time in which he lived, he was at least at some point in time in touch with Satan and/or Satan's Demons, knowingly or unknowingly, because ANY White man or woman who prioritizes the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Race of Satan and his human offspring is following orders from Satan at some point in time. 

For the record, it is not required for a White person to have blonde hair and blue eyes in order to be an Aryan.  However, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryans have been the most endangered species of Satan, as well as the most defamed, persecuted, raped, hunted down, and discriminated against, in all of existence.  The Jews have a zero tolerance policy towards any person, place, or thing that reminds them the most of their Adversary, Satan.  Jewish venom against Gentiles applies to non-White Gentiles who turn against the Jews, as well.

As Liebenfels laments, but with a glimmer of hope...

"Only today, now that almost the whole world has succumbed to ape-nature -- right up to the Germanic countries which have not been fully spared either -- does the truth begin to dawn on us, that we are lacking a certain divine humanity in a general flood of ape-men.  But it will not be long before a new priestly race will rise up in the land of the electron and the Holy Graal ..." -- Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, 1905 [5] 

What this means, is, once the White Aryan Race of Satan, and Gentiles in general, can detox through Racial Loyalty, Racial Hygiene, physical and spiritual disciplines, such as yoga and Satanic meditation, and organize, we will be on the path to reversing our self-destructive trends and save our own collective Racial Soul with the guidance of Satan and the Anti-Christ.  Look at where treating the Jewish people the way we would like to be treated has gotten us!  RACE-MIXING IS JEW-LED, JEW-PROMOTED, AND JEW-ENFORCED!  THIS IS GENOCIDE AGAINST SATAN'S HUMAN BLOODLINE!  Lastly, unlike the Jews, we fight LEGALLY!  Like the White Race, non-White Gentiles are also entitled to the same freedom, but they need to turn against their true enslavers and persecutors--the Jewish people, who have tricked the colored races into turning against the White Race for the benefit of the Jews. 

Getting back to the Vril Society, here is where the dedicated Satanist--Dietrich Eckart--who initiated Adolf Hitler into the Satanic Mysteries comes into play...

"November 18 is the date of the ancient Aryan festival Ardvi Sura, the holy day of the Persian goddess Anahita, the 'Mother of Stars.'  On that date in 1925, Rudolf Hess and Rudolf von Sebottendorff met at Hess' apartment in Munich.  Around a table draped in black they, along with the astrologer Ernst Schulte-Strathaus and a young Germanenorden recruit named Conrad Buch, clasped hands.  With the lights lowered, they concentrated on the outside realms.  The goal of their seance:  to contact the spirit of Dietrich Eckart.  Eckart, weakened by morphine and the rigors of channeling spirits with Hitler, had sickened in prison after the [Beer Hall] putsch and died shortly after his compassionate release.

The medium [at this seance] was a beautiful blonde named Maria Orsic, a Croatian clairvoyant who had left Vienna in 1919.  In Munich she ran a circle of volkisch young women, the Alldeutsche Gesellschaft fur Metaphysik (All German Society for Metaphysics), who wore their hair unfashionably long as a solar rite.  She had selected the date and designed the ritual based on her own insights into Aryan lore.  This time around, her head lolled back and the familiar, coarse voice of Dietrich Eckart boomed from her throat:  'Follow Hitler!  He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune.  I have initiated him into the 'Secret Doctrine,' opened his centers in vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers.  Do not mourn for me:  I shall have influenced history more than any other German.'

Then he [Eckart's spirit] announced that he was obliged to open the way for another entity.  A strange, inhuman piping filled the room, and Orsic began scribbling frantically on sheet after sheet of paper.  When she fainted at last, breaking the contact, the group examined the writing.  Some of it was in a Templar code that Sebottendorff recognized; that portion implied a stellar connection (to Aldebaran or the Pleiades) for the material.  The rest was in an unknown script of vaguely Near Eastern appearance.  Hess knew reliable scholars among Germany's archaeological and Orientalist community:  the 'Panbabylonians' who argued that the Jewish scriptures were debased versions of Babylonian and Assyrian stellar chronicles.  Hess showed Orsic's manuscript to three Panbabylonian scholars:  the Grail poet and philologist Eduard Stucken, the linguist Wolfgange Schultz, and the pan-Germanist, volkisch philosopher Paul Schnabel.  They confirmed that the language was Sumerian, the earliest known writing, and thus quite possibly related to Aryan runes.  Oblique and elliptical, it nevertheless described the fundamental electrical-occult force of the universe:  vril." [6] 

In the last three paragraphs, Dietrich Eckart's account is slightly different from what is commonly available.  In the more available accounts, it is on Eckart's deathbed that he says "Follow Hitler...for it is I who have called the tune," but in this account, Eckart had already passed away, and it was the medium, Maria Orsic, who channeled Eckart's spirit.  Whichever account is the most accurate, we have proof that Adolf Hitler was initiated into Satanism.

Out of all of the secret societies in Nazi Germany, the Vril and its own inner circles and splinter groups were allowed to remain in the Third Reich, as all of the other secret societies that were banned, had tried to conspire against Nazi Germany.  That is the reason for the ridding of the Reich of many occult lodges.  World War II wasn't just a physical war against Nazi Germany, but a spiritual, occult war, as well.  Besides, many of the occult lodges that were banned were putting all of their energies into the "second coming" of Christ, in the same way that many volkish, racialist occult lodges that were in communication with Satan and the Powers of Hell, had worked to bring forth Adolf Hitler, the Anti-Christ, into the physical world.  The lodges that were working in favor of Christ were involved in Christian [Jewish] spiritual warfare against our Fuhrer, in hopes that Christ's so-called "second coming" would occur and destroy Adolf Hitler.

The Vril Society had groups within it, and one such group was 
the UdG.  "The Ueberprufung der Geheimwissenschaften (Survey of the Occult Sciences; UdG) studied other occult lore besides the runes, especially alchemy and thaumaturgy.   Himmler also encouraged the UdG to master goetia, the summoning of inhuman entities, believing that the word goetia derived from the name of the ancient Goths and that it was therefore ideal Aryan magic." [7] 

The Nazis who were involved with Goetic magick at some point learned that the "spirits" of the Goetia are, in fact, the extraterrestrial Nordic Ancestors of our Race, which means that this made the Nazis throw out the abusive and coercive methods of traditional summoning of Goetic Demons.  There was no use for names of the Jewish "God," his Jewish son Jesus Christ, the scumbag Jewish holy spirit, or the filthy Jewish "angels" for the Nazis who knew Satan.  In the Nazi war against secret societies that conspired against the Third Reich, it was the Vril and related inner societies of Nazi Germany that lasted throughout the Third Reich and beyond in the Satanic Nazi underground.  The Jews know that once we rise to the surface again, this time it will be the end of them.

To conclude this sermon, despite the so-called "atheism" of much of Communism, Marxism is the path of the "Lamb of God" in the same way as theistic primordial Marxism--Christianity.  On the other hand, Nazism is the path of the Serpent and the Goat--the Left-hand Path.  When Adolf Hitler was Pharaoh Ramses II in a past life of his, he believed himself to literally be a son of Ptah [Pan/Baphomet/Satan], also known as the "Goat of Mendes," and a mortal woman.  Now that Hitler [who many considered to be an incarnation of the Indo-Aryan God Vishnu] is immortal, he is nothing short of divine, and he adhered to the promise of the Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge, as opposed to Jewish religions, such as Christianity and Islam.  This truth tells quite a different story about Hitler than what his Leftist, anti-White enemies have falsely concocted and re-written as part of a false "history," which isn't any different than the false "history" that is given to the Jewish people in the Christian [Jewish] Bible and drummed into the minds of Gentiles, brainwashing them from the time they are born.  The Jews had to create the "holocaust" myth to uproot Gentiles from Satanic Paganism, and to re-open the Church doors with fearful, brainwashed slaves.

Astaroth was the Patroness of the Nazi Vril Society, and it is the Joy of Satan Ministries who have been reviving the teachings and the spiritual disciplines of the Satanic Thule and Vril Societies.  Satan has been with us every inch of the way, as this is Satan's New World Order.  If Adolf Hitler was a "Christian," like his critics try to claim, he would never have applied Satan's promise of divinity for Gentiles, as according to Christianity, worshiping Nature and Satan, as well as relating the White Aryan Race with the Gods of Hell are not only "idolatry," but Devil worship.  The God/Lord of Adolf Hitler is not the same "god" or "lord" as that of the Christians. 

Racial separation is a prerequisite for Gentile survival, but the Jews are the only race that Satan doesn't accept, and if they were to perform a dedication ritual to Satan, Satan will always reject them.  The Jews are NOT working to "end" Christianity, nor are they trying to protect the freedom of religion against a Christian fundamentalist theocracy, like many confused imbeciles believe with gullibility; the Jews are tearing their hair out and are trying to put an end to true Satanism, which is Nazism, the Nazi religion, and the Nazi Secret Doctrine.

"Ye will be as gods..." -- Satan

"Man is becoming God."  "Man is God in the making."  -- Adolf Hitler


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