Christian Replacement Theology: The Jewish Foundation of the Christian Identity Hoax by High Priest Jake Carlson

With the way the Jews always play both sides against the middle, it is always
played out in a game of "tug o' war," so to speak. When one side weakens, the other side strengthens, and it goes back and forth. Whenever the Jews act as though they are against Christianity because of the Paganism that they stole from in order to invent that so-called "religion" for the Gentiles, the other side of Jews "tugs" by making Christianity look as "credible" to the Gentiles as possible, thus giving it more power. Regardless of which side the Jews "tug" from, both sides move forward in enforcing the Jewish Communist agenda, never caring how many of their own they have to sacrifice in the process.  Every square inch of Christianity is Judaism, no matter how much organic Paganism it has assimilated over time.

For the past several centuries, with strong Jewish encouragement, Christians, including many modern Christian Identity adherents of today, have been telling themselves the following Jewish lies about where the Christian [Jewish] "God" allegedly stands with the Jewish people, namely the Jews who say that they "reject" Jesus Christ, the Jewish messiah:

1) The Christian Church is the new and true Israel which has replaced the Jewish people.

2) The Jews are no longer the people of God, as Christian believers have taken their place.

3) The destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem in AD 70 was
Jewhovah/Yahweh's public demonstration of his rejection of the Jews as his
people for their "rejection" and "killing" of Jesus Christ.

4) The people who call themselves Jews today are the enemies of the Gospel and the Church.

These lies have been the foundation of Christian "Replacement" Theology, which is the Jewish backbone of the Christian Identity Movement. The Jews, who are skilled at lying and acting, have been encouraging and enforcing Christianity [as well as Islam] by convincing large numbers of Gentile Christian believers to accept these lies that totally contradict what the Jewish writings of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Talmud actually state. Like Islam, Christianity lives off of a lack of intelligence and the inability to reason.

Especially with the fictitious Jewhovah/Yahweh and Jesus Christ being Jewish themselves, it should be obvious to any thinking person that ANY so-called "Christian Anti-Semitism" not only requires complete ignorance of what the Christian Bible actually says, as well as a lack of understanding of the fundamental premise of the Christian faith, but a complete rejection of the pro-Jewish scriptures that are on nearly each and every page of that goddamned curse of a Bible, including the New Testament. What "Christian Anti-Semites" fail to understand is that any and all forms of the Christian faith serve the Jews day and night [as well as gives them a form of insurance], and that includes "Anti-Semitic Christianity.” It should also be obvious to any thinking person that "Anti-Semitism" and Christianity totally contradict each other to the point of canceling each other out. So-called "Anti-Semitism" comes directly from Satan and his Demons, themselves. In the days that lay ahead, Christians who are fed up with the Jewish people and their crimes against humanity will have to decide between Christianity or "Anti-Semitism," as it is only one or the other.

Satan is the Enemy and Adversary of the Jewish people. "SATAN" MEANS
"ENEMY" AND "ADVERSARY" IN HEBREW... I can always tell when a
"Satanist" is really a Christian and/or Communist at heart, as they are afraid of or are made uneasy by so-called "Anti-Semitism.” NEWSFLASH: USING THE VERY NAME OF SATAN INVOKES "ANTISEMITIC" ENERGIES, AS HE IS THE ENEMY OF ALL THINGS JEWISH!!! No amount of mental gymnastics and escapism can ever make this truth go away.

As Christian-Zionist Joel Richardson puts it, "...What sense would it make for the nations of the earth, driven by Satan, to go to war against Israel, a nation that [supposedly] no longer has any special relevance to God whatsoever? If God is done with Israel, then why would Satan have such a specific and focused intention to destroy them? If supersessionism were true, then Satan's rage would be almost exclusively directed at Christians, not Israel. Not only is this contrary to the present global reality, but it is also not at all the story that the Scriptures tell." [1]

The Jews who have invented and are the driving force behind each and every sect and denomination of Christianity, have cleverly crafted this Jewish lie to be able to bend, mold, and assimilate in the same way a lethal virus does in order to survive. The reason for the existence of the Abrahamic "religions" [Judaism, Christianity, and Islam], as well as their religious and political offshoots, i.e., Communism, is to divide and conquer the White race who are the direct descendants of the one known as Satan, and to trick us into annihilating each other while the Jews sit back and take complete control of this world. It is written in the Christian Bible and other Jewish literature, that the Messiah/Jesus Christ will give this world to his Jewish people for them to rule over, once the White race is annihilated, and the non-White peoples are enslaved. For the Jewish people, the "land of milk and honey" is all of the earth, all of its peoples, and all of their private property, wealth, land, and possessions.

Since the "God" of the Bible is fictitious, the question I ask my readers is in
theory. Has the Christian Church of Gentiles really replaced the Jewish people as the "Chosen of God?” The Christian scriptures, as well as the commentary from various Christian Zionists make the answer very clear for those who are able to see.

"...Gentiles should thus show honor where honor is due and not look down upon those Jews who were "broken off [unbelieving Jews].” To not do so is to be "arrogant," "conceited," and ungrateful for the undeserved grace that has come to them [Gentiles]. It puts one at risk of being "cut off" from Christ..." [2]

What this means is that if one wants to be a Bible-believing Christian, so-called "Anti-Semitism" causes Gentiles to be cursed by Jesus Christ, as he is the Jewish messiah.

Gentile Christians are deluded into thinking that their faith in Christ combined with "repentance" from some so-called "sins" offers them "salvation" and a pleasant afterlife. However, Paul says something quite different about non-Jews.  According to Christ and Paul, the Gentiles are:

1) "Vessels of wrath prepared for destruction (Romans 9:22), and

2) Were excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the
covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world" (Ephesians 2:12).

While the Jews continue to lie and pretend to be the "Arch-enemies" of Christ and the "right-winged," conservative version of Christianity, the Christian Bible states that ALL of Israel [the Jewish people] will be saved, whether they believe in and accept Christ or not, while calling Gentiles who disagree "arrogant" and "conceited.” The Bible goes on to say that Gentile Christian believers who look down on un-believing Jews risk being cut off from Christ. There is no such thing as a "saved" Christian, as this promise the Jews make in their filthy Bible is another lie, and a very seductive lie for many Gentiles who are deluded with this nonsense. The Gentiles who have made "testimonies" about "heavenly miracles" and related deceit, are in fact, dealing with pure evil.

In the following verse, Paul shows how the believing Jews and the un-believing Jews fool the Christian believers and play both sides against the middle:

"For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery--so that you will not be wise in your own estimation--that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; and so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, "The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will remove ungodliness from Jacob [Israel]. This is my covenant with them, when I take away their sins.” Romans 11:25-27

In other words, the Gentiles are only good until their psychic energy towards the coming/return of Christ is fulfilled. In the meantime, every Jew remains "innocent" of all of their lies and crimes against non-Jews. If one is Jewish, not only are they "saved" by Christ just for being Jewish, but the "Synagogue of Satan," who are in truth, Gentile believers [Gentiles belong to Satan], are outside of Christ's range for "salvation.”  It is time for every Gentile to wake up. Satan has been trying to get through to so many of us for centuries, but we rarely listened. And when we did listen, we attributed Satan's efforts to fictitious Jewish characters who are in Jewish literature to serve as a subliminal message of Jewish victory over the Gentiles.

The followers of Christian Identity are following a form of Christian
Supersessionism which has its roots in Christian "Replacement" Theology.
Despite the failed attempts at "Anti-Semitism," this is still Christianity, which
means that any "Anti-Semitism," no matter how strong, goes right down the
drain. Despite the belief among Christian Identity adherents that the White race is Jewhovah/Yahweh's people, thus the "real Jews," and that today's Jews are the "false Jews," or are the people of "Satan," Jewish literature, such as the Christian Bible, make it very clear as to how the true Evil One, who is NOT "Satan," but Jewhovah/Yahweh, feels about the Jews, whether they are the fictitious Biblical Israelites, or the Ashkenazi Jews of today, regardless of their skin color.  In closing...

"The Scriptures thoroughly testify that the geographic heart of Satan's rage and resistance against the unfolding plans and purposes of God will be the land of Israel, and specifically, Jerusalem.  The fact that it all happens there is proof that the Lord is not done with His people Israel and is still faithful to His covenant promises.  The very simple reason that all the nations of the earth will gather against Jerusalem is because Satan is committed to resisting God's plans to reestablish a glorified Jewish kingdom through which He will vindicate and glorify His own name...  Satan wishes to annihilate the very people through whom God will vindicate Himself among the nations.  Therefore he is going to vent His full wrath against the very people the Lord has chosen and the city He will establish as the global capital of His coming kingdom." [3]

Christian Identity is nothing short of an abomination.  Underneath the claimed desire for the survival of the White race, there is Judaism, and therefore, what has become "White Zionism.”  Satan wants his people to triumph so that Jesus Christ will not come to this earth in the form of a human being and conquer its Gentile nations with his Marxian creed.  It is time to wake up.  The clock is ticking.

The salvation for the Gentile peoples is true National Socialism and Satanic
Power Meditation, which unlike Christianity, are very positive and life-loving.
These are gifts from our Creator, Satan. Both lead to true everlasting life and
eternal freedom.

Save your own soul today and read



[1] When a Jew Rules the World by Joel Richardson

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